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Fresh Kid Needs To Be Investigated, He Is A Threat To M7’s Chair – Tamale Mirundi Warns



Tamale Mirundi has warned security over baby rapper Patrick Senyonjo alias Fresh Kid.

Mirundi, who is the presidential adviser on media cautioned that security organs need to start investigating the baby rapper’s rapid rise to popularity because he is quickly becoming a threat to M7’s chair.

According to Mirundi, there must be a certain group of mafias both in government and in opposition who are behind Fresh Kid and are briefing him on whatever he does and says in public.

The former press secretary to president Museveni wondered the level of intelligence fresh kid exhibited during a televised interview with Sanyuka TV. Mirundi said that the TV host asked Fresh Kid what he can tell president Museveni when he meets him.

Mirundi said that Fresh Kid surprised the nation when he answered that the only questions, he would ask the president once he meets him is why he poorly governs Uganda and when is he thinking of retiring.

“The problem we have in this country is that our security is money minded and lack intelligence. But if it was like us who eat food and get satisfied, that boy would be investigated, that boy must be used by mafias and one time he will mobilize people to pour on the streets. People will carry him to state house, I am telling you,” Mirundi warned.

The maverick journalist boosted that he tried to advise government officials against fronting musicians to do their campaigns but they refused and branded him a drunkard.

He said that now musicians have realized that they are very powerful in the nation’s politics and it’s the reason why they want to stand for a political office.

The renowned book author further revealed that some musicians are now using their musical fame to threaten president Museveni that they are going to challenge his party so that he gives them money.

He cited Kipepewo singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon who he said wants to stand for Kampala mayorship to get money from president Museveni.

Mirundi said that what Chameleon is exactly what veteran actor Charles Ssenkubuge Siyasa did in 2001 when he tried to stand for presidency. He said that Museveni and his NRM party paniced because they realize that Ssenkubuge’s photo was going to be last on the presidential ballot paper.

He revealed that this was going to be bad news for Museveni because his voters especially in the villages know that he (Museveni) is always at the bottom of the ballot. He disclosed that Ssenkubuge was given a lot of money to leave the presidential race.

By Jamil Lutakome



Stop Blaming Mafias, Pay Your Debts And Surround Yourself With True Friends Not Parasites – SK Mbuga Stings Bryan White…



City socialite Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga alias SK Mbuga has asked Bryan White to stop blaming the mafia for his debt woes.

While appearing on a local TV, Mbuga said that Bryan White should stop blaming the Mafia and look for money to compensate his creditors.

“Byran White is just broke but there are no Mafias against him, he used to dish out cash to people without minding (those who he owes), it is time for him to pay,” he said.

Mbuga challenged Bryan white that if indeed he has proof that it is the mafia fighting him, let him expose them before police.

“Let him come out and expose the Mafias to police if he is not lying. He brags that he has money, let him use the money to attack them back,” he added.

“We used to see him posting photos with the president, can’t the president help him out?” he asked.

He further advised Bryan white to always save instead of dishing out money because he cannot sustain it.

“What I can advise Bryan White is to save instead of dishing the little money he has. He should select true friends not parasites,” he advised.

Bryan white was recently arrested and detained for failing to pay his creditors who included Cpt. Mike Mukula, Yassah Matovu and his land lord.

By Kauma Josephine


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I Will Make A Historical Wedding For Zuena That Will Run For A Year On TV – Bebe Cool….



Musician Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has vowed to make a memorable wedding for his lover Zuena Kirema.

While Speaking to a local TV Station, Bebe Cool announced that he is planning to make a massive wedding for Zuena, the mother of his five kids in 2022.

 “Zuena has been so patient with me, I was still building a future for our kids but now that everything is set, I promise that I am going to wed her before the end of 2022,” Bebe Cool revealed.

Bebe bragged that their wedding will be historical because it will attract many prominent people in Africa and worldwide.

“First of all Zuena is good mother to our children and to me so she deserves being recognized and awarded, I am now a prominent person and I promise to make a historical weeding that will run on national TV for more than a year,” he bragged.

He further promised to follow the right traditional norms during their introduction and wedding ceremony.

“I will not change clothes while at the ceremony because it’s against our cultural values,” he promised.

When asked his say on the president’s decision of offering cows to some young musicians, Bebe Cool said he is happy with the president’s decision and encouraged more Ugandan youth to go and ask for whatever they want because the president is ready to listen to their problems.

“I thank president Museveni for supporting our youth and I encourage other youth to use the available routes to approach the president because he is good person who understands every person,” he added.

By Josephine Kauma


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I Want To Meet Hamza And Officially Handover My Wife And Family To Him – Kenzo…



Musician Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has revealed that he is ready to meet the man who snatched his woman from him so that he can officially hand her and his family over to him.

While appearing on NBS TV’s “Akatebe”, Kenzo said he would like to meet Ssebunya and thank him for caring for his family and officially handover to him.

“I really want to meet Hamza and handover my family to him, it may sound funny but Rema went with my child Amaal so I want to thank him for taking care of her and give him the overall control over my family,” Kenzo said.

Kenzo added that he misses bonding with his daughter as a father. He further revealed that he was aware of Rema’s departure because they discussed it with her earlier.

“I knew that with time Rema will move on because we had our own disagreements so it was not a surprise to me though I was hurt so much,” a disappointed Kenzo said.

When asked why he appointed himself ‘Love Nigga’ president, Kenzo said he was deeply moved by the term and according to him, a ‘Love Nigga’ means a black man with love.

However, Kenzo said he is still waiting for president Museveni’s promise of supporting him and the Ghetto upcoming artists and once the promise is fulfilled, he will be happy and grateful.

“I met president Museveni and I am now waiting for the results from the meeting since he promised to support my career and also those in the Ghetto who have talents but are struggling to breakthrough because of financial hardships,” he added.

When asked his political party, Kenzo said he has no political party but he is a supporter of Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s people power movement.

By Josephine Kauma


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