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    FUFA Gives Aucho Another Chance To Play For Uganda Cranes: Did Bobi Wine Lie? Or Is Magogo Under Pressure?…



    Khalid Aucho donning the famous Red Uganda Cranes jersey with his favorite No.8 shirt number

    The Ugandan football governing body, FUFA has stated that they will not hesitate to give midfielder Khalid Aucho another chance to don the national team colors as a Cranes player, should he be humble enough to be remorseful and apologize for his misconduct.

    “The player has been dismissed from the current Cranes camp but may be considered for future National team engagements,” FUFA announced.

    The super efficient, hard tackling midfielder, Khalid Aucho was indefinitely suspended by FUFA for misconduct.

    Aucho is still on suspension having acquired a red card two minutes before a Tito Okello goal saw Uganda Cranes suffer a set-back in the TOTAL Afcon 2021 qualification campaign, losing 1-0 to South Sudan during a group B duel at Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi.

    It was a a tactical decision from the Cranes technical team to summon Aucho given his experience. He was set to miss the encounter with Burkina Faso at St Mary’s Kitende but was eligible and would most probably be fielded to play a vital role in the middle of the park away to Malawi.

    Uganda Cranes will now play two crucial matches in one week against Burkina Faso on Wednesday 24th before going away to Malawi on Monday 29th.

    The Cranes are 2nd in Group B with 7 points one below leaders Burkina Faso with Malawi and South Sudan collecting 4 and 3 points respectively in four matches.

    Aucho’s suspension justified, but hurried;

    FUFA condemned Aucho for refusing to board the official means of transport organised to pick him from Entebbe International Airport to the team camp at Cranes Paradise Hotel-Kisasi when he landed from Egypt.

    FUFA reported that Aucho had refused to even report to camp since his arrival in the country, but the soft spoken player told theGrapevine that it was only a few hours since he had landed into the country and needed some necessary private time before he reporting to the camp.

    Aucho says he landed at Entebbe Airport towards 3pm, and less than 4 hours later, he got an e-mail notification of his suspension.

    “I reached at a half past 2, then I told the person they had sent to pick me that I was not feeling well and immediately needed to see a doctor to ascertain why my body was not functioning well,” Aucho narrated.

    “I knew I had to go to camp, I mean, that’s why I traveled here in the first place, but I also needed to atleast briefly see my family. I have to see my kids to bless me whenever I’m home because I take so much time away from them,” he added.

    No excuses! No one is above the law;

    FUFA stressed that it’s its sole duty to duly enforce regulations with all its 9 National teams just like it was for goalkeeping coach Fred Kajoba who was no exception when he was asked to leave camp for breaching Covid-19 regulations as the Uganda Cranes prepared for the CHAN tournament.

    Further rectifying about the rurrent Uganda Cranes camp preparing for two AFCON Matches against Burkina Faso and Malawi, FUFA re-echoed that;

    “All Uganda Cranes Players and Officials are bound by the National Teams Code of Conduct formulated way back in 2017,”

    “When players were invited for National team duty two weeks ago for the two matches vs Burkina Faso and Malawi; an air ticket was sent and a circular dated 4th March 2021 attached reminding players and officials of their obligations in line with National Teams’ Code of Conduct. Permission for players to miss from camp is only granted by the Head Coach, in this case, the player had to follow the same procedure. Unfortunately, player Aucho Khalid didn’t” FUFA emphasised.

    Bobi Wine: Aucho was dismissed because of me, FUFA: It’s A Lie!

    Unlike earlier serious reports about Aucho was being witch-hunted for his varrying political affiliations, unpopular with the federation’s president, Moses Magogo, FUFA strongly maintained that the decision against the player totally has no political inclination, despite the fact that Moses Magogo is a senior cadre in President Yoweri Museveni’s ruling NRM government, and Aucho oftentimes and openly supports Bobi Wine, a key opposition figure at the moment who condemns Museveni’s government.

    FUFA was forced to release an immediate response to dispute Bobi Wine’s claims that Aucho was not merely dismissed for misconduct but other hidden political reasons.

    He claimed with evidence that; “The midfielder has in recent times distinguished himself as an athlete who is conscious of the injustice orchestrated against his fellow citizens by the State and its institutions.”

    “He has been using his social media channels to speak out against this injustice, and to sympathise with the victims. It is unfortunate that he is now the latest victim of the State’s persecution of those that stand with the people,” Bobi Wine claimed.

    The player himself argued that; “But even if I support any political party, it’s not criminal but constitutional. Me supporting Bobi Wine and is simply a matter of choice, every Ugandan is entitled to. Like we can be members of the same family but you can support one soccer team and I choose to support another.”

    No Panic: Goodluck Uganda Cranes…

    After his shocking dismissal, Aucho said he accepted FUFA’s “harsh” decision on him and will take it in good faith.

    “I love my county and I wish the team good luck in the next two very important games,” he said.

    Cranes head coach, Abdallah Mubiru affirmed that there’s no panic whatsoever in the Cranes camp.

    “We have no pressure at all. The only difference this time round is because it’s a local coach taking full charge but like the last attempt, I can assure you we are going to the AFCON,” Mubiru confidently stated before adding;

    “I have worked with most of these players right from school, and their junior levels of playing the game. I have ideally been part of their journey, it’s very easy for me to work with each one of them. And for the senior players, they already know what we’re upto,” Mubiru said.

    “For me it’s bussiness as usual. The team I’m working with is highly experienced, Mbabazi, Massa, Kajoba and the whole technical team is of great positivity to our aim. They’re all very cooperative,” he added.

    Team Update;

    On the initial list FUFA produced of the 31-man squad, comprising of 4 goalkeepers, 10 defenders, 11 midfielders and 6 forwards, upto 13 players (all foreign based) are absent, including team captain Dennis Onyango.

    The summoned 8 local based players all trained today at St. Mary’s Stadium Kitende, joined by other 10 foreign based players. Left back Ochaya is the latest to join the Cranes camp, and pacy forward, Abdu Lumala is among the available 18 players.

    By Baron Kironde



    Travellers Left In Shock After City Businessman Dies On Ethiopian Airlines Flight From Dubai…



    Travellers and staff at Entebbe International Airport were on Tuesday afternoon left in panic mode after a businessman identified as Yusuf Kulembera died aboard Ethiopian Airlines plane minutes after it landed at Entebbe International Airport.

    Without revealing the cause of his death, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCCA) spokesperson, Vianney Luggya, noted that doctors confirmed Kulembera’s death upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport.

    “The passenger arrived aboard Ethiopian airlines that touched down at 1:47 pm. The doctors checked and confirmed his death. The body was then taken to City Mortuary Mulago, Kampala for postmortem,” Luggya confirmed.

    According to reports, Kulembera, a resident of Nkumba, Katabi Town Council in Wakiso District was flying to Dubai for business.


    By Kobusiinge Monica


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    Why Money Lender Is Auctioning Bitature’s Multibillion Posh Hotels, Tycoon’s Lawyers Reveals Next Step…



    Tycoon Bitature (Top R) and some of the properties that the money lender wants to take

    Vantage Mezzanine Fund 11 Partners, a South Africa money lending company through their lawyers of M/S Kirunda & Wasige Advocates have hired the services of Quickway Auctioneers & Court Bailiffs to auction properties worth billions belonging to city tycoon Patrick Bitature, the proprietor of the Simba Properties Investments Companies Limited.

    In an Advert placed in Wednesday’s Daily Monitor newspaper, the Court Bailiffs informed the debtor Bitature that he has only 30 days to pay the amount of money with interests borrowed from their client otherwise his properties will be sold off through auctioning.

    Among the properties which the set to be sold include Protea Hotel-Naguru (Skyz Hotel), Elizabeth Royal Apartments and Moyo Close Apartments.

    Bitature’s troubles started in 2014 when he secured a $10m loan from Vantage Mezzanine and he used the said properties as security.

    However, Bitature’s lawyer Fred Muwema rubbished the said auctioning claiming that it is illegal and violates the laws governing the auctioning process.

    The advert in today’s Daily Monitor auctioning Bitature’s properties

    The furious lawyer even threatened to sue the Daily Monitor for advertising illegal and malicious information against his client claiming that the matter was settled in Justice Musa Ssekaana’s ruling.

    He insisted that High Court judge Ssekana refused to allow the auctioning and advised both parties to wait for the pending judgement before the High Court Commercial Division in Kampala.

    Vantage Mezzanine dragged Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB), Simba Properties Investment Company Limited, Simba Telecom Limited, Linda Properties Limited, Elgon Terrace Hotel Limited to court for failing to transfer the mortgaged properties into their names.

    When Bitature failed to pay his loan, Vantage started the process of transferring the shares of the mortgaged properties but URSB refused to implement the process that is why they were also sued.

    In their suit, Vantage wanted a Court declaration that it was illegal for URSB to refuse to register documents lodged to transfer the mortgage.

    However, Bitature through his lawyers wants Court to declare that it was illegal for Vantage to register the transfer until the completion of the Commercial Court matter.

    An affidavit from Moses Muziki, on behalf of the applicant stated that on 18th June, 2021, the applicant lodged documents relating to the transfer of shares in Simba Properties Investments Company Limited, Simba Properties Limited, Linda Properties Limited and Elgon Terrace Hotel Limited.

    He added that the respondents did not comply with the law and did not provide the applicant with a satisfactory reason for not registering the shares and their lawyers learnt that the respondent’s lawyers were requesting to halt the process.

    “This Court would have issued an order of mandamus compelling the applicant’s request to consider the registration of their documents on merit or advance reasons for denial or refusal to register the same in accordance with the law,” the judge ruled.

    Muwema based on the above ground to protest the process of auctioning their client’s properties.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Kabaka Mutebi, Tycoon Ham Kiggundu Kigo Land War Deepens As BLB Boss Faces Prosecution Over Conflict Of Interest …



    Tycoon Ham Kiggundu (L) and Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi (R). Inset is Bashir Juma

    Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s Kigo Land war with city tycoon Hamis Kiggundu, the proprietor of the Ham Enterprises Limited has deepened after Ham’s lawyers called for the prosecution of Buganda Land Board (BLB) boss Bashir Kizito Juma over conflict of interest.

    Kabaka through his lawyers led by Buganda Attorney Christopher Bwanika, lawyers from K&K Advocates and S&L Advocates petitioned the registrar Land Registration John Karuhanga seeking the cancellation of land titles Comprised on Kyadondo Block 273 plot 23974, 23976, 23975, 23977 and Kyadondo Block 273 plot 87,99, 110 situated at Kigo in Wakiso district.

    Kabaka asserted that he is the rightful owner of the land and accused Ham of fraudulently conniving with officers at Wakiso district land board to grab his land which he inherited from his father and grandfathers.

    He added that Ham admitted that he illegally obtained the land and accepted the cancellation which he strongly objected to in his defense before Karuhanga.

    In his defense, Ham, through his lawyers led by Fred Muwema contended that he is the owner of the land after he legally obtained it from Wakiso district land board.

    He claimed that the survey report which Kabaka Mutebi based on to argue his case is fake since it is not even dated and that’s the reason why he appointed a private surveyor William Matovu to conduct another survey report which contradicted with that of the Kabaka. He promised to present it to the registrar.

    He pleaded to the registrar not to base on the testimony of Bashir Kizito Juma, the legal Attorney to Kabaka because he has a conflict of interest in the matter.

    “Our contention is that there is an actual conflict of interest in the duties of Bashir Kizito Juma acting both as a public officer and a private officer of the complainant,” Ham’s lawyers said.

    They added, “This type of conduct by Bashir Kizito Juma is against the Code of Conduct and Ethics of Public Service issued under the Public Standing Orders 2010.”

    They divulged that conflict of interest is a punishable crime in Uganda especially where a public officer holds a position in a private body whose operations are in conflict with his official duties.

    He added that the irony of the matter is that the freehold titles were granted by the Wakiso District Land, which employs Bashir Kizito Juma which means that he is both a witness and the architect of the complaint.

    “This tribunal can therefore not entertain this conflict of public officers to pursue a conflicted complaint which derogates all best practice in public law. In our considered view, entertaining this complaint as presently filed is to perpetuate illegality and a constitutionally prohibited act,” they stated.

    Ham pleaded with Karuhanga’s tribunal to dismiss the complaint and declare him the rightful owner of the said land.

    Bashir Kizito Juma is the head Corporate affairs, operations and business development at Buganda Land Board (BLB), a corporate body that runs the kingdom’s land.

    Karuhanga is set to declare his team’s decision this week.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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