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    Gen. M7 Assigns His Brother Gen. Saleh, Lt Col Nakalema To Settle Buganda Issues, Princes Wasajja To Mediate Fresh Talks Between M7 And Kabaka Mutebi…



    L-R: Buganda King Ronald Muwenda mutebi, State House Anti-Corruption Unit's Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, President Museveni and Gen Saleh

    President Yoweri Museveni has assigned his most trusted brother and chief adviser Gen. Salim Saleh and nonsense commandant of the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema to settle Buganda issues after his terrible loss in the recently concluded 2021 general elections.

    Credible sources in State House have intimated to theGrapevine that Gen. Museveni is not willing to leave the Buganda region issue unresolved and in the hands of the opposition without putting up a spirited political fight.

    The source supposed that the old man from Rwakitura still has big political ambitions and fears that if the Buganda issue is not resolved fast, other regions may do the same in future and vote against him.


    Another source revealed that Museveni wants Gen. Saleh to replicate what he did in other former hostile regions like Kasese, West Nile, Acholi and Lango.

    It should be remembered that immediately after the 2016 elections, Gen. Saleh spent months in Kasese meeting a number of influential leaders and sanctioned a lot of business proposals for different youth groups.

    Gen. Saleh through Operation Wealth Creation dispatched farm items to different farmers, and some youths were given government jobs.

    A source added that when Museveni finished stabilizing Kasese, he moved to Acholi and Lango.

    “Do you remember that when Gen. Saleh wanted to appear on the famous capital gang talk show on capital radio, the presenter Semweyama Musoke and other panelists who included Ofwono Opondo and Andrew Mwenda had to fly to Gulu in an army chopper to meet the General to discuss issues related to the previous elections!” a source said.

    He added that Gen. Museveni wants Gen. Saleh to handle Buganda by financially facilitating youth groups through their SOCCOs to develop themselves and create employment.

    The source held that the President is very sure that the reason why the youths in Buganda didn’t vote for him is because they are unemployed and frustrated with overwhelming poverty.


    The source added that one of the assignments given to Gen. Saleh is to meet Buganda Prince David Kintu Wasajja, the brother to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II to see how they can handle any queries from the Mengo establishment.

    The source disclosed that the only person Museveni trusts in Mengo is Wasajja, “When Mzee meets Wasajja at a personal level, they speak Runyankole. He one time asked him in Runyankole what his brother (Kabaka) talks about his government.”

    The source added that Museveni wants Wasajja to mediate the meeting between the Kabaka and Museveni directly after a number of people approached him to broker the meeting between the two leaders.

    He added that Museveni realised that Kabaka indirectly has a hand in his loss in Buganda especially after the venomous speeches he always gave during campaigns.

    Another source said that the president is wondering and concerned why up to now, the Mengo administration has not yet sent him a congratulatory message for winning the 2021 presidential elections.

    National Unity Platform (NUP) party led by former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine swept the whole of Central Uganda in the recently concluded polls.

    Museveni is also willing to return more Buganda properties which are still in the hands of the central government, especially land and buildings before the next general elections.


    Another source divulged that the big man is not happy with the conduct of Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga.

    The source said that during the re-opening of CBS radio after the 2009 Buganda riots, government warned the station not to allow Museveni’s critics back on air.

    This is the very reason people like Kira Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, Lubaga North MP Moses Kasibante, Mukono Municipality’s Betty Nambooze, Busiro East’s Medard Ssegona and others were suspended from appearing on CBS radio on any show.

    However, some government officials and NRM diehards claim that during the 2021 campaigns, Mengo broke this agreement and top politicians who eat from criticizing the government were given more airtime to overwhelmingly criticize Museveni.

    The source alleged that they have information that Mayiga’s cronies ordered Buganda’s media houses like CBS radio and Buganda’s BBS TV to popularises NUP’s Bobi Wine thus undermining Museveni.


    The source also told theGrapevine that Museveni has assigned Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema to handle frequent land evictions in Buganda since it is one of the reasons some of his men gave him for the massive defeat in the region.

    “Museveni received intelligence reports before the elections that the people in Buganda were not happy with his government because they think the rich people from western Uganda who are evicting them use State House as an excuse and they are not punished,” the source said.

    The source added that Museveni directed Lt. Col. Nakalema to handle with an iron hand any person who illegally evicts bonafide tenants from their ‘bibanja’ in Buganda.

    Lt. Col. Nakalema was also assigned to follow up on the money dispatched by the government to help the vulnerable people in Buganda and the youth.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki   



    It’s Not Over Yet: Justice Kisakye Writes Tough Letter To CJ Dollo Demanding For Her Confiscated File, Threatens To Take The Matter Further If Not Heeded To…



    Justice Kisaakye (L) wants CJ Dollo (R) to return her confiscated file

    Practical Supreme Court Justice, Dr Esther Mayambala Kisakye has written a protest letter to the Chief Justice, Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo demanding for her confiscated file.

    Sources at the Supreme Court have revealed that last week, the office of the Chief Justice received Dr Kisakye’s letter formally demanding for her file containing three of her dissenting rulings in the controversial Supreme Court’s presidential petition filed by National Unity Platform(NUP)’s former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) against president Yoweri Museveni.

    Sources revealed that in her letter, Kisakye told Dollo that all efforts to meet him were frustrated by his personal assistants and his heavy security which forced her to formally write to him demanding for her file which was confiscated on his orders.

    Sources added that Dr Kisakye threatened Dollo that if he desists from giving her her file, she will proceed with legal actions including petitioning the Judicial Service Commission.

    Last month drama ensued at the Supreme Court when eight justices of the Supreme Court refused to appear with Justice Kisakye as she read her three dissenting rulings on a case filed by Bobi Wine; Including the extension of time to file more evidences, allowing him to amend his petition and the application for recusal against Chief Justice Dollo and put aside proceedings of Bobi Wine’s petition filed by maverick city lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi.

    Dr Kisakye alleges that Dollo ordered for the confiscation of her file, and commanded that power and speakers be switched off because she had refused him to vet her rulings. However, the Chief Justice through Salongo Solomon Muyita, the senior Judiciary Communications officer denied the accusations.

    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    INSIDE STORY: How Sheikh Ndirangwa Resigned To Avoid Impeachment Over Underground Deals With M7, Why Prince Nakibinge Pushed Him To The Wall….



    Prince Dr. Kassim Nakibinge (R) Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa (L)

    Yesterday, Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa verbally announced his resignation as the Supreme Mufti of Kibuli-based Muslim faction with immediate effect.

    Ndirangwa was appointed Supreme Mufti of the Kibuli-based Muslim faction on December, 16, 2015, replacing Sheikh Zubairi Kayongo who died in April 2014. Mahmoud Kibaate and Sheikh Habib Kabasa have been his deputies.

    Our earlier report indicated that Ndirangwa’s abrupt resignation was prompted by endless fights within the Kibuli establishment.

    theGrapevine has further established that it was a very well calculated move by the embattled Sheikh to resign from his position as the Supreme Mufti to save his dignity and keep his curriculum vitae clean as a Muslim scholar.

    Sheikh Ndirangwa’s resignation news broke at 9:40PM, and his decision was televised live from Masengere building which houses Buganda’s Central Broadcast Service (CBS) radio and Buganda Broadcasting Services (BBS TV).

    In his resignation message which was not written, Sheikh Ndirangwa said that it was infighting that forced him to resign.

    “I would like to tell you that I am no longer going to serve Islam as leader. I have resigned as the Supreme Mufti of Uganda. I have taken the decision for the good of Islam. I have resigned to keep Islam in peace because I am sure that Islam is bigger than me as an individual,” Ndirangwa said.

    In his words, the soft-spoken Muslim scholar from Bukomansimbi district added,” To maintain peace within the religion, I have decided to step down because I won’t keep on fighting with fellow Sheikhs in Islam all the time. I am sure that there are those who can serve better than me. So let me give them the room to serve Islam and perhaps accomplish what I might have not finished during my reign.”

    The former Kampala district Khadhi said, “I thank Almighty Allah for giving me a chance to serve the Muslim community and I am glad that I have done my part. I also take this opportunity to thank those who have been working with me, especially the district Khadi’s from different parts of the country.”

    Ndirangwa was announced as the Supreme Mufti by late Sheikh Anas Kariisa on behalf of the eminent Sheikhs after the death of Sheikh Zubair Kayongo, the first Supreme Mufti in 2015, deputized by Sheikh Muhamood Kibatte and Sheikh Habib Kabasa as the second deputy Supreme Mufti.


    Multiple credible sources in the office of the Supreme Mufti have revealed that there was a deadly move orchestrated by top prominent Sheikhs and district Khadis to impeach Ndirangwa over incompetence and abuse of office. One of the sources told theGrapevine that when Ndirangwa was was tipped on the deadly move, he consulted a number of his confidants including his family members who advised him to throw in the towel because even prince Dr. Kassim Nakibinge, the titular head of the Islam faith in Uganda was not on his side.

    Hajji Ntale hastily mobilized a few journalists and told those who were far to jump on  boda bodas to Masengere where the supreme mufti was going to make a landmark announcement.

    “Even his demeanour was telling a lot, he was panicking, he was not reading from anywhere, he wanted to tell the public that he has resigned so as to silence the deadly impeachment plot against him,” the source said.


    Sheikh Ndirangwa occupied the office of the Supreme Mufti during the 2016 presidential campaign battle between president Yoweri Museveni of the NRM and John Patrick Amama Mbabazi who stood on the Go Forward ticket.

    Both presidential candidates were fighting for Kibuli Muslims’ votes since it was very clear that Old Kampala faction, which is headed by sheikh Ramathan Mubajje was behind Museveni.

    Prince Nakibinge invited Mbabazi and Museveni, who was always represented by the government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa and announced publicly that Kibuli would not publicly side with any of them.

    Museveni’s team quckly started strategizing on how to defeat Mbabazi from Kibuli.

    Credible sources intimated to theGrapevine that after investigating, Ndirangwa, secretly went with controversial Sheikh Kamulegeya to meet Museveni at State House-Entebbe without informing his boss Prince Nakibinge.

    Our source further revealed that Prince Nakibinge only learnt about the development in the news when State House leaked photos of Sheikh Ndirangwa and Kamulegeya meeting Museveni.

    Another source intimated to theGrapevine that Ndirangwa apologised arguing that his meeting with the president was purely faith based not political.

    He maintained that his discussion with the president was solely about how to develop the Muslim community in the country.

    Another source however explained that both Ndirangwa and Kamulegeya pocketed fat envelopes which later led to a misunderstanding between the two top Sheikhs.

    Eventually Sheikh Kamulegeya left Kibuli and even stopped pledging allegiance to Prince Nakibinge. theGrapevine has learnt that Prince Nakibinge was very bitter with the two because he felt betrayed, but the matter was temporarily settled when two top Sheikhs together with the late Kariisa, late Musa Katongole and the late Muzaata Batte intervened.


    Towards the 2016 general elections, Museveni awarded Sheikh Ndirangwa’s Saudi Arabia-bound pilgrimage company a multi-billion deal.

    Safa and Marwa Company was given billions of shillings to facilitate a trip of over 1000 pilgrims which also created a sharp division amongst Ndirangwa and other top Sheikhs, they felt it was unfair that such a big deal was only given to Ndirangwa and other travel companies were sidelined.


    During his political consultations, National Unity Platform (NUP) principal and former presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine publicly met Kibuli leadership led by prince Nakibinge to mobilise for support.

    He even started attending several Kibuli functions something that sent Museveni camp in panic.

    Sources revealed to theGrapevine that Museveni was then prompted to secretly meet Ndirangwa again without the knowledge of Prince Nakibinge and other officials in the supreme Mufti’s office.

    According to a source privy to the details of the meeting, Ndirangwa requested for cars to help ease transportation of districts Khadis.

    The source said that Museveni directed that Kibuli be given 11 cars, a promise which was implemented before the general campaigns for presidency.


    When the cars touched base at Kibuli, a bitter Prince Nakibinge questioned the intention behind the donation and the beneficiaries.

    The source narrated that Prince Nakibinge directed that the said cars be taken to Hotel Africana and be parked there until all his question regarding the cars were answered.

    The source added that Prince Nakibinge told Ndirangwa that the donation was going to put the Kibuli Muslim faction in bad light because the public would easily take the donation for a bribe by Museveni to vote against their “own son” Bobi Wine.

    Inside sources intimated that since then, cliques were formed among the top leaders between those supporting Ndirangwa (most of who were beneficiaries of the cars) and those supporting Prince Nakibinge.

    Ndirangwa was then branded a Museveni mole.


    A source said that Museveni through Lt. Gen. Proscovia Nalweyiso, the senior presidential advisor on security pressurised Sheikh Ndirangwa to reveal when he would deliver the cars to the owners.

    theGrapevine has learnt that Museveni clearly wanted the cars to be given to the beneficiaries before the presidential elections which was not done. Under immense pressure, Ndirangwa made an effort to explain that they were waiting for Nakibinge to give them the green light.

    A source intimated to theGrapevine that two weeks back, Lt. Gen. Nalweyiso phoned Ndirangwa and asked him why the cars were not given to the rightful owners.

    She made it clear to him that the president wanted to calm a storm by donating these cars that is why he  wanted the cars to be given to the owners before the end of March.

    Ndirangwa apparently ran into panic mode after Nalweyiso’s phone call to him.

    Hastily, without informing his team and Prince Nakibinge, Ndirangwa organised a ceremony and the cars were given to the beneficiaries.

    He assured those who missed out that the president was going to give them more cars soon.

    Our source revealed that those Sheikhs who missed out started backbiting Ndirangwa, accusing him of “eating their money” which they speculated was given to them by the president, they even reported him to the Prince.

    The Prince was very bitter with Ndirangwa and immediately asked Sheikh Muhammad Lunanoba, the head of eminent Sheikhs to take action against Ndirangwa.

    Upon realising that things had gone bad Ndirangwa rushed to resign before he could be shown the exit.


    When theGrapevine talked to Sheikh Twaha Mubiru, the deputy general secretary of the office of the Supreme Mufti today, he revealed that the council of eminent sheikhs is going to sit and pave a way forward following Ndirangwa’s abrupt resignation.

    “The resignation was abrupt and we shall communicate our decision in a few hours,” Mubiru said.

    However, other sources revealed that Ndirangwa’s resignation was a result of incompetence, citing that he didn’t follow the rightful procedure, which includes informing the council of eminent Sheikhs.

    “He was not appointed by the media, we have not yet received his resignation letter, we don’t know what he wanted to achieve by not following the rightful procedure,” an insider said.

    He added that as per now, the office of the Supreme Mufti is being run by Sheikh Muhammod Kibatte the Deputy Supreme Mufti.


    However, a source in Ndirangwa’s camp intimated to theGrapevine that their man is likely to eat big in president Museveni’s next cabinet. The same source revealed that Ndirangwa is tipped to be appointed a Minister, an ambassador or a senior advisor to the president.

    If Ndirangwa is appointed minister, he would not be the first religious leader to be a minister, Fr. Simon Lokodo is currently a Minister in Museveni’s government.


    By Alirabaki Sengooba



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    NRM Is A Freedom Fighting Movement Trying So Hard To Become A Political Party – Prof PLO Lumumba…



    Prof PLO Lumumba appearing on the NBS Frontline show

    Distinguished Kenyan lawyer, Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba has stressed that it is about the right time the National Resistance Movement (NRM) headed by Yoweri Museveni took charge of the East African agenda to ensure that not just Uganda but the whole region moves in the right direction.

    Speaking on the NBS Frontline show, Lumumba stressed that the common problem of Africa is that countries around the continent are all poorly governed.

    “I believe that this is the time I would love to see a President Museveni looking towards East Africa integration,” Lumumba said adding that upto now, he only sees the NRM as a freedom fighting movement trying so hard to become a political party.

    “It is time that President Museveni takes on the East African agenda as the eldest in the region,” Lumumba emphasised.

    Referring to deceased Tanzanian leader, Lumumba noted that John Pombe Magufuli came and captured the hearts of Tanzanians and Africans of goodwill.

    He added that even after Magufuli’s death, he will still be remembered as an iconic Pan Africanist who showed the world that Africa can develop and it can be done with the very African natural and human resources.

    “If you have a leader with a vision, you will see change within a short time. The beauty of Magufuli is that he came from a political party with a tradition. I hope the next Tanzanian President may have a different approach but with the same vision and direction,” Lumumba stated.

    “The word democracy must be unpacked. Democracy is a buffet of ideas. I don’t expect that democracy in Uganda must be the same in Tanzania. Politics has become an enterprise. A typical Parliamentarian who didn’t have a house, car, or Rolex watch will have them within a year. This is why politics has become cutthroat where throats are actually cut,” he added.

    “We now have thieves. A friend of mine told me there is no corruption in Africa but theft and I agreed with him,” he added.

    To disagree with Lumumba, government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo argued that all MPs who have ill-gotten wealth are the ones that buy their way to Parliament. “In this country, we have people who say they want to be a minister, and indeed by next year, they are. They instead chase their petty issues instead of doing the work,” the government spokesperson explained.

    Lumumba further stressed that any administration needs a responsible opposition to force results. Ha advised that It is up to the people of Uganda through their Constitution to create funds for the opposition.

    Lumumba added that the problem with many African countries is if you have an alternative idea, you are immediately mistaken for an enemy by the government. He labeled it “sad and political immaturity

    He noted that in many African countries, it is as if the opposition is dealing with a different country, and the ruling party is also dealing with a different party.

    The government spokesperson partly agreed Lumumba’s claims on mishandling the opposition, but added that they (opposition) concentrates more on perceived failures of the government in power instead of formulating alternative policies.

    “I admit the failure of the NRM to handle the opposition by arm twisting them. We have begun funding the opposition but they are a typical African opposition with bad manners, they mishandle the money. The opposition in Uganda has lost it for a long time,” Ofwono Opondo stated.

    By Baron Kironde


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