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GENERAL KATUMBA, MIND YOUR AGE: Stop Threatening Ugandans That You Will Go Back And Fight Those Who Want To End The Peace You Brought, Allow Free And Fare Elections – Actor Ashraf Semwogerere…



Actor Ashraf Semwogerere has warned the Minister of Works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala to stop threatening Ugandans that they will go back and fight those who want to end the peace they brought.

Recently, Katumba Wamala warned that they will not sit back and watch some people, especially those who wear red berets, destroy the peace they brought.

Ugandans have started throwing plastic bottles at musicians who support the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) at concerts as a way of showing dissatisfaction. They say that most of these musicians decided to turn a deaf ear when their brother Bobi Wine’s concerts were stopped. Some even say that these musicians are the cause of Bobi Wine’s woes.

Today, Ashraf wrote a missive cautioning Katumba and his cohorts to stop their threats. “I’m angry with General Katumba, when he claims that he will go back and fight those who want to end the peace we are enjoying today. GENERAL KATUMBA I BEG YOU MIND YOUR AGE IN THE BUSH AGAIN. You very well know that it is the rebels who disturbed the peace wherever they raided. Otherwise we would have remained peaceful with stolen elections if they had gone to court like Besigye and Mbabazi did in the previous elections. If I may ask the General; Are you going to pick PLASTIC BOTTLES or live ammunition to fight back?” Ashraf wrote.

Below is his letter:


Why I should be angry with General Katumba and be happy with harmless “bucupa throwing”.

After the 1980, elections those who were not satisfied with the results decided to fight the UPC government. It was alleged that UPC rigged (stole) the elections. The UPC government was so weakened that later it was ousted by its own army led by the late General Tito Lutwa. Lutwa was in turn forced out by NRM/NRA rebels led by General Museveni.

During that war which brought NRM into power many innocent people lost their lives. The killings were done by both sides, that is of UPC government and the various rebel groups. The government forces killed those whom they suspected to be rebel collaborators, and in turn the rebels murdered many UPC supporters, which included village UPC chairmen, youth wingers, Miruka and Gombolola chiefs. At my village Namulonge the UPC chairman Mr George Bukomeko was murdered with six members of his family in a night. The muluka chief Sabadu was shot as he moved to his office. The Gombolola chiefs of Busukuma and Kira were shot in their offices, same time on the same day in broad day light. It was a well coordinated attack to kill these two innocent supporters of UPC. In Kasayi kyagwe Mr Muwuluzi and Mukasa the UPC supporters, who were 2km apart were beheaded and their heads exchanged onto their bodies. At my ancestral village Kabonge, late Sali was caught and carried to knock at Buruhan a fellow UPC supporter. Only both of them to be slaughtered as their families watched. It was a nasty scene as the members of the families narrated. In Kasawo, one of the rebel groups approached parents to allow their sons and daughters to join them. Most parents refused, two days later that village was raided and over 25 homes lost their parents in a night. Tho the raiders wore government uniforms, it was later found obvious that it was the rebels act. Many young men and and women of that area, joined the struggle. It was another tactic, to force the Wanainchi join the rebels. Meanwhile, whenever the rebels killed UPC supporters, the community were silently jubilant. WHY????. Because they were tired of the government atrocities. Hence supporting the rebel’s nasty activities and killings. The UPC government reacted with impunity, losing all the support. Insecurity became too much. NGA TEWALI KWEBAKA KU TULO. plus the daily “panda gaali” especially in Kampala.

Like in 1980, again the 2016 elections were disputed. Mr Mbabazi went to court, but FDC went offensive and declared defiance, Dr Besigye swore himself as a president. Comparing this situation with that of 1980, it was like Besigye had declared war against the NRM government. In 1981 when NRM declared war over stolen elections other rebel groups like UFM, FEDEM etc, also went to the bush.

Today when Besigye (FDC) declared, Kyagulanyi (people power), has joined the struggle.

“FORTUNATELY, UNLIKE IN 1981, WHERE UPC SUPPORTERS WERE SHOT AND KILLED, TODAY THE SUPPORTERS OF NRM ARE PELTED WITH HARMLESS PLASTIC BOTTLES”. The young generation of today who are struggling for change are a bit “civilised” they haven’t picked guns to kill, but plastic bottles to humiliate. And mind you the tired population is silently happy.

Having lost many Ugandans during that 5yr war, why shouldn’t I be happy to see flying harmless plastic bottles other than killer guns, machetes, and “Bundoyas?”.

Its this very reason why I’m angry with General Katumba, when he claims that he will go back and fight those who want to end the peace we are enjoying today. GENERAL KATUMBA I BEG YOU MIND YOUR AGE IN THE BUSH AGAIN. You very well know that it is the rebels who disturbed the peace wherever they raided. Otherwise we would have remained peaceful with stolen elections if they had gone to court like Besigye and Mbabazi did in the previous elections. If I may ask the General; Are you going to pick PLASTIC BOTTLES or live ammunition to fight back?. I think the answer is as good as mine.

In the 80s wherever the rebels raided to fight, the UPC government, responded by opening up a detach of notorious special force units plus the notorious roadblocks. The raided area would became a danger zone. This is how the so called Luwero triangle was created.

Our family from Namulonge we relocated (internal exile) in Busoga Namwendwa. There was some relative peace and businesses were running normally because there were no rebels to disturb the peace. That is why I totally disagree with General Katumba when he claims that its the population that disturbed the peace. It was the then rebels now in government who disturbed our peace. Because wherever they invaded the government responded by deploying and raiding the particular areas. So for those who are pelted with plastic bottles for supporting NRM just thank God. Otherwise in 1981-86 you wouldn’t even have a chance to talk about it. You would be dead already.

I urge the General to talk to his fellow freedom fighters to allow free and fare elections. It is the only way peace will prevail other than threatening that you will go back and fight with guns. As General Katumba you accept that “ENO UGANDA NDALA”, you should also accept that time has changed, and people are different they fought by killing then, today they don’t kill but humiliate with plastic bottles. Lets forget the Bush and the gun. Allow everybody to campaign freely including people power. I tell you General the throwing of PLASTIC BOTTLES is a sign of rebellion, don’t act like UPC in the 80s, and use guns to assert authority. Restrain yourself, pray for and play peace. We should urge the bottle throwers to act peace too.

I’m confident General Katumba you will be the happiest retired Soldier for having ushered in the peace, you say we are enjoying.

For God and my country.

Asalaam alaikum.



Is It Illegal For A Private Citizen To Discuss Political Issues With Veterans: Gen. Tumukunde Runs To Constitutional Court Challenging Judge Ssekaana’s Decision….



Tumukunde (L) in court today

Former Security Minister Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has run to the Constitutional Court challenging High Court Civil Division Judge Musa Ssekaana’s decision favoring AIGP Grace Akullo the Director of Criminal Investigations in Uganda police.

Through his lawyers led by Anthony Wameli, Lt. Gen. Tumukunde wants the Constitutional court to interpret whether it was legal for the presiding judge to refuse to remove the Attorney General from his case so that he pursues Akullo in her personal capacity.

He insisted that he also wants court to pronounce itself on whether it is legal for the Attorney General to represent a public servant who has been dragged to court in her personal capacity.

The presidential aspirant also wants court to interpret whether it is illegal for a private citizen to discuss political issues with veterans as Akullo claims in her criminal summons he served him.

The former spy chief based his argument on an affidavit sworn by city lawyer Geoffrey Turyamusima who told court that he was present in court when the Attorney General represented Akullo when she was accused in her personal capacity of violating the human rights of a private citizen.

He added that the presiding judge based on the arguments of the Attorney General to dismiss with costs Lt. Gen. Tumukunde’s application of a temporary injunction stopping the CID from summoning him to record statements on charges related to treason.

Lt. Gen. Tumukunde ran to Court challenging Akullo’s criminal summons issued against him where he is being accused of meeting security veterans and discussing political issues stealthily.

Court has not yet set the date to hear Lt. Gen. Tumukunde’s petition.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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I WILL NOT SPARE ANYONE: Angry Bobi Wine Knifes Top NUP Registrar For Soliciting For Bribe From Party Members Who Wanted Party Flag…



NUP Principal Bobi Wine

National Unity Platform (NUP) party Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has started biting by knifing party Electoral Commission bosses who have been implicated in bribery.

The first to test Kyagulanyi’s wrath was Saul Nsongambi the NUP Electoral Register Jinja who was accused of asking for a bribe of between Shs500,000 and Shs1m from members who wanted the party flag for various positions in the looming 2021 general elections.

“It’s true Nsongambi was directed to step down after being implicated that he was involved in corruption tendencies as investigations continue. Such acts undermine our core values of Democracy which NUP stands for,” Alex Waiswa, the NUP Electoral Commission Coordinater confirmed the development.

This website has established that Nsongambi was arrested and detained at Jinja Central Police Station on Tuesday on charges of bribery and receiving money by false pretense but he was later released on police bond.

Waiswa further revealed that the party has suspended the screening exercise until all the complaints filed before the party top Electoral Commission are resolved.

This website has also established that over 200 complaints have been filed by disgruntled party members to the party leadership challenging the manner in which the vetting exercise was handled.

Many of the complaints are implicating Kyagulanyi’s family members and his closest friends of influencing the vetting exercise and favoring their friends.

During the Monday meeting held at Kyagulanyi’s home at Magere in Wakiso, the bitter NUP Principal told the top NUP Electoral Commission bosses led by Mercy Walukamba that he is going to take disciplinary action against any person who was involved in illegal acts during the vetting process because it has put him and his party in bad light.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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God Will Ask You How A Good Musician Went Bankrupt – Museveni Launches National Intellectual Property Policy, Inventors To Be Fully Protected By The Law…



President Yoweri Museveni has today presided over the launch of the National Intellectual Property Policy at State House.

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. Intellectual Property rights grant the owner of the work exclusive rights to exploit and benefit from his/her creations.

The National Intellectual Property Policy will therefore give Ugandans full protection from the law and enable them to earn from their toil and sweat.

The IP plan is a visionary tool looking forward to a Uganda where innovation and creativity can efficiently stimulate sustainable development.

The strategy is aimed at creating a robust IP value chain that fosters innovation and creativity as pillars of sustainable development in the country.

At the launch, President Museveni commended that it is crucial that individuals are rewarded for their innovations. He however cited that IP rights cannot be talked about without addressing the issue of funding for scientist who are behind most of the innovations.

On the same occasion, Museveni also noted that the National IP Policy doesn’t only cover the work of scientists, but also protects the creative work of artists like songs, paintings, among other artistic works.

“It is also a calling from God because God will ask you how a good musician went bankrupt,” he humorously commented.

“It is not good to betray the people you serve. When you serve, you should make sure there are no stones left unturned,” he added.

“For many years, African literature was oral. We now have an opportunity to preserve our rich African literature through copyright. It is important that the government creates an environment where creativity and innovation can thrive,” Museveni said.

President Museveni said that the NRM is committed to supporting innovations aimed at increasing the profitability of Ugandans engaged in different enterprises because one of the leading factors contributing to effective policy implementation is the political commitment and will from the highest level of government.


By Baron Kironde


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