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    GENERALS AT WAR! Battle For Digital Number Plates Ranges On As Gen. Otafiire Narrates How He Planted Spies In Gen. Muhwezi Camp To Expose Multibillion Russian Deal…



    Gen. Kahinda Otafiire (L) and Security Minister Jim Muhwezi (R)

    The battle for digital number plates has deepened after controversial Internal Affairs Minister Rtd. Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire narrated how he planted spies close to Security Minister Rtd. Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi to help him gather information which he used to expose the multibillion Russian deal.

    Otafiire revealed that he got to know about the digital number plates deal when he was still Minister of East African Community Affairs in 2019.

    When he was later appointed Ministers of Internal Affairs, he asked his people to brief him over the project and they informed him that they know nothing about it.

    He added that when the members of parliament started the move to impeach Maj. Gen. Muhwezi, he understand that the issue was very serious and he ran to former Security minister late Gen. Elly Tumwine to brief him on the matter.

    Gen. Tumwine told him that he was not aware of the project. He further explained to him that by the time he was fired by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, he was overwhelmed by the pressure from the people who were driving the project.

    Otafiire said that he based on Gen. Tumwine’s explanation and he decided to keep quit over the matter until recently when city businessman Gordon Wavamunno wrote to him complaining over the decision from the Ministry of Works terminating his company GM Tumpeco from manufacturing vehicle number plates and giving the tender to Russian company Joint Stock Global Security Company after it entered a public-private partnership with the government of Uganda to manufacture digital number plates.

    He narrated that when he received Wavamunno’s complaint, he picked up a pen and wrote to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni advising him not to terminate the contract of the local companies; Arnold Brooklyn and GM Tumpeco but allow them to work with the Russian company.

    He revealed that he not only stopped writing to President Museveni, he also physically met him and explained to him the danger of giving the number plate deal to a foreign company and the president promised to return back to him after investigating the matter.

    Otafiire said he was surprised that State House staff hid the letter he wrote to the President as reference over the matter.

    However, Presidential Private Secretary Dr. Kenneth Omona rubbished the allegations and explained that there is no one who hid Otafire’s letter to the president.

    Otafiire narrated that he kept on following the development over the number plate deal and when he established that Gen Muhwezi, in cahoots with other government officials were travelling to Russia to do due diligence, he ordered police operatives to also to travel covertly with them to Russia.

    He explained that when the team reached Russia, they established that the Russian company did not have a manufacturing plant which processes digital number plates as they alleged when signing the deal with the government of Uganda.

    Otafiire said that officials from the government of Uganda including his police operatives asked the Russians to give them information about any other country they have worked for before coming to Uganda but they failed to name any.

    He added that after receiving a brief from his team that traveled to Russia, he kept quiet until he received a phone call from Naguru police headquarters informing him that Russians had come to their headquarters with two laptops and they wanted to install the said digital number plates technology using police technology which he protested and stopped.

    Otafiire explained that he told police officers that allowing Russians to use the technology and system which Huawei technologies was contracted to provide will be a breach of contract they signed with them.

    He insisted that police should be leading the project, not the Ministry for Security, because police have the constitutional mandate to oversee the implementation of law and order in the country.

    Otafiire further blasted fellow UPDF General Edward Katumba Wamala, the senior minister of works for telling the public that the said deal was discussed in the cabinet.

    He rubbished allegation that he is fighting Gen. Muhwezi and Gen. Katumba over the number plate deal explaining that the reason why he came out and talked about the deal was to warn the country over this very dangerous deal.

    He challenged Gen. Muhwezi for proof showing the public that the system he is defending is genuine.

    Bukoto Central Member of Parliament Richard Ssebamala said that on Wednesday, the deputy speaker of parliament Thomas Tayebwa told the parliamentary Committee on Physical Infrastructure to halt the investigations on the digital number plates project.

    He explained that the directive was made after a high level meeting attended by the deputy speaker, the security minister Muhwezi who pleaded with the committee chairperson Dan Kimosho that he needs time to verify the allegation made against the project by internal affairs Minister Otafire.

    On the same day, President Museveni met Ministry of Internal Affairs officials led by Gen. Otafiire, his junior minister Gen. David Muhoozi, the deputy Inspector General of Police Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Tumusiime Katsigazi, officials from the ministry finance planning and economic development led by their senior minister Matia Kasaija, the ministry Permanent Secretary Ramathan Ggoobi and the Ministry of Information and National Guidance Minister Dr. Chris Baryomunsi and officials from Huawei Technologies at State House Entebbe over the digital number plates deal.

    Through his X handle, the president explained that the National Backbone infrastructure and CCTV project remain very fundamental to the development and security of Uganda.

    The president stated that he met the group to get a brief from ministries, however sources claim that he was sharing information with them over the digital number plates.

    Recently, the president told the country that digitising vehicle number plates was going to help in smoothening the fight against terrorism especially when terrorists use motorcycles to assassinate top government officials.

    The President said that Ugandans are supposed stomach the cost of installing the digital technology on their number plates and parliament was told that each new car will be installed with the technology at a cost of Shs735,000.

    Parliament was briefed that replacement of already existing number plates will cost the owner of the car Shs150,000.

    However, Minister Muhwezi explained that the amount can be reduced as negotiations continue on the matter.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Leaders Of Traders Panicking After M7 Directs Investigation Over Allegations Of An Invisible Foreign Hand Fueling Their Strikes To Sabotage Economy…



    L-R: Some of the leaders of traders: Godfrey Katongole, David Kabanda and Thadeus Musoke

    Kampala Metropolitan Senior Minister Hajjat Minsa Kabanda has exclusively confirmed to theGrapevine that president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has directed the country’s intelligence organs and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to investigate the alleged invisible hand behind traders’ leadership.

    She explained that preliminary investigations have established that some leaders of traders who are advocating for endless strikes are biased in their decisions because there is an invisible hand pushing them with an agenda of sabotaging the country’s economy and creating an ungovernable situation.

    “We know whatever they are planning. Our people are on ground, so they should stand warned,” Kabanda said.

    She revealed that President Museveni was shocked to establish that in Kampala city alone, traders have more than 30 associations and each one of them has command.

    This has created suspicion and the need for an investigation to establish their true motives.

    The development comes at a time when traders are threatening to go into a two months strike without opening their shops in the city center if president Museveni doesn’t address their demands including the banning of the Electronic Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS).

    On 7th May 2024, Museveni directed Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to sit down with leaders of traders and sort out their differences.

    The President guided that once these leaders and URA agree, they should make a joint report which they should read to him and other traders on 20th of June 2024 at Kololo independence grounds.

    However, before that meeting, Minister Kabanda has disclosed that Museveni is set to meet leaders of traders in the State House to have some issues sorted out noting that government is doing everything in its power to make sure that what happened on 7th May 2024 never happens again.

    She explained that it was bad for traders to shout at the President and embarrass senior government officials to the extent of accusing some of corruption insisting that traders’ behavior sent a warning signal to government that there must be an invisible hand influencing and facilitating them.

    theGrapevine has established that the leadership of Kampala City Traders Association(KACITA) led by Thadeus Musoke Nagenda, Federation of Uganda Traders Association(FUTA), Katukazane Shoe Dealers, Kampala Arcaders Advocacy Forum, United Arcarders Traders Enterprenuers Association,  Uganda Needy and Squatters Association have resolved to join hands and strategise on how to come up with a common voice before the President.

    Highly placed sources in intelligence have revealed to theGrapevine that all eyes are on David Kabanda who is being investigated for working for some opposition bigwigs who promised him support in the coming elections.

    Sources said that Kabanda wants to become the city councilor on Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago’s council.

    However, veteran journalist and the Senior presidential advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi advised Museveni not to take lightly statements made in the United Kingdom’s House of Lords that King Charles’s leadership should influence regime change in Uganda.

    He explained that the western powers are going to use all the available means to sabotage Museveni’s leadership insisting that there is invisible hand in traders’ frequent strikes.

    But a section of KACITA leadership told theGrapevine that there are people in President Museveni’s government who are facilitating the creation of endless traders associations with the aim of benefiting from them and fighting the unity among traders.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    INSIDE STORY: How M7 Grilled CMI Boss After His Wealth Shocked Him…



    Before President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made the latest changes in the top command of military intelligence agency where he changed from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) to Defence Intelligence and Security (DIS), he was shocked at how one of the top commandant was accumulating a lot of wealth in a very short period.

    Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda recently revealed that Museveni was shocked recently while driving in a certain part of the country when he saw a mega farm sitting on land measuring more than one and half square miles.

    Ssemujju narrated that the farm was newly established with modern equipment and thousands of very expensive breeds of cattle which forced him to ask his private operatives to investigate which tycoon owned the farm

    He was shocked to learn that one of the CMI commandants is the owner of the farm.

    Ssemujju disclosed that immediately, Museveni summoned the said CMI boss and quizzed him on where he got all the money he used to establish the said modern farm at his young age.

    Ssemujju explained that Museveni was very bitter with the said senior operative and accussed him of mismanaging public funds which are supposed to be used in gathering information to protect the country and its citizens.

    He added that because the seasoned operative was aware that before Museveni summoned him, he had made thorough investigations and was equipped with information, he decided to tell him the truth to survive.

    The senior operative told the President how he got the billions he used to buy the land, compensate the tenants who were occupying it, modernizing it and buying high breed cows from a Chinese.

    “He told him that he got the man from a Chinese investor. The president is very aware that most of his government officials get rich from getting bribes from investors and other corruption deals. So don’t be deceived that he can fight corruption because even in the case of that military officer, he left him to go without directing any prosecution against him,” Ssemujju said while appearing on Radio Simba’s Olutindo program hosted by senior political journalist Peter Kibazo.

    On several occasions, Museveni has disclosed that that he knows how his government officials are getting bribes from Chinese investors.

    Ssemujju explained that when Museveni’s government officials get information that a certain person is deployed in an office which is well facilitated with billions money, they make sure that they fight him and that is what they did to former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, former Inspector General of Police Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura and others because they controlled fat budgets.

    He revealed that even with the ongoing political turmoil against Annet Anita Among, there might be government officials fueling her troubles because she had become a threat to their political careers much as there are those also who want to be speakers of parliament.

    He confirmed that like Mbabazi and Kayihura, Among is currently the second most powerful person in the country next to President Museveni which has fetched her trouble.

    “They only fear Gen. Salim Saleh because he is a brother to Museveni but if it was not so, he would have also been fought like Kayihura, Mbabazi and others,” Ssemujju said.

    He made the statements days after the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates issued sanctions against Among on allegations of corruption.

    President Museveni directed the Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka to follow up the allegation and force the United Kingdom government to provide evidence.

    The Office of the Inspector General of Government confirmed that Among did not declare the alleged properties in the United Kingdom and United Arabs Emirates.

    Among also assured the country that she owns nothing in the foreign countries claiming that western countries are targeting her because of the Homosexuality law.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Lawyer Kalali Justice Nkonge Clash Over Court Case File…



    Lawyer Steven Kalali (R) and High Court judge Alexandra Nkonge Rugadya (L)

    Controversial lawyer Steven Kalali has clashed with High Court judge Alexandra Nkonge Rugadya over a Court Case File.

    The disagreement resulted from Kalali’s prayer where is was asking the presiding officer not to kick off his case because she was not going to conclude his entire case.

    He submitted that Justice Nkonge is set to retire early this year and the time she has left in public service is to clear the cases on her desk not to get fresh files like his.

    However, the judge disagreed with Kalali insisting that she has to hear the matter at all cost which forced Kalali to threaten to file a recuse application against her.

    This is not the first time that a retiring judge feel bad when asked to leave the matter to another judge because of their remaining time in the public service.

    Justice Joseph Mulangira faced off with lawyers led by Arthur Ssempebwa of Katende Ssempebwa and Company Advocates in the divorce case filed by city Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo of House of Prayers Ministries International against their client Teddy Naluswa Bujjingo.

    Justice Wilson Musane Musene was forced by the principal judge to hand over the office and officially go into retirement.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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