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    God Is Going To Punish Kayanja, Namutebi, Ssenyonga And Serwadda – Brother Ronnie Makabai Curses Top City Pastors



    L-R: Pastor Serwadda, Ssenyonga, Ronnie Makabai and Kayanja


    Brother Ronnie Makabai of ETM church and Holy City along Entebbe Road has warned 10 top pastors that they are going to face the wrath of God for fighting him.

    These pastors include: Robert Kayanja (Rubaga Miracle Centre), Jackson Ssenyonga (Christian Life Church), Joseph Serwadda (Victory Christian Centre), David Kiganda (Christianity Focus Centre), Imelda Namutebi (Liberty Christian Centre), John Bunjo, Isaac Kiweweesi (Kasanga Miracle Centre), Michael Kimuli, John Mulinde, Alex Mitala and Simon Kayiwa (Namirembe Christian Fellowship).

    The Grapevine can authoritatively report that in a meeting held at his ETM church offices in Makindye, a Kampala suburb, brother Ronnie wondered why a man like pastor Kayanja who he has been respecting all this time can enter childish battles of fighting a fellow minister of God.

    “I have realized these pastors have nothing to do. They have been fighting me and I’ve wasted a lot of time fighting back instead of concentrating on the ministry that God sent me to do. I was surprised that even Kayanja who I have been respecting has stooped so low and has joined those who are fighting me,” Makabai was heard telling his visitors on Tuesday this week.

    “I tell you God is going to punish them,” brother Ronnie said.

    Brother Ronnie told his visitors that these pastors are fighting him because they have failed to grow their congregation while his is growing. He told his visitors that when he built his holy city church along Entebbe road, they sent spies to make sure people don’t go there but failed. They went to plan B which involved fighting him and maligning him in their evening gatherings especially in Ssenyonga’s P5 where they even brought people to give wrong testimonies on him from people who claimed to be from his church and in the media. He told his visitors that he has now decided to keep quiet and let God punish them.

    Brother Ronnie said, at the beginning of this month, Pastor Wilson Bugembe organized a ten days crusade where he called these pastors who Bugembe called ‘God’s top generals’ to minister under the theme ‘Release them’. Brother Ronnie told his visitors that this gathering targeted him but it flopped.

    Recently, Augustine Yiga came out and warned pastor Ssenyonga to stop fighting him because he does not feed him and he is not the one who called him.

    A poster of the gathering that pastor Bugembe called where he invited all the top pastors. Makabai says they were targeting him but it flopped


    At the beginning of last year, top pastors led by Kayanja, Ssenyonga and Sserwadda started evening and lunch hour fellowships and meetings in which they vowed to fight and get rid of all false prophets.

    Among the people who they termed as false prophets incude: Pastor Samuel Kakande (who they call the false ‘ku bbiri’ preacher), Brother Ronnie Makabai (Who they call the false preacher along Entebbe road) and Augustine Yiga (the false Kawala preacher) among others.

    Ssenyonga, through his P5 evening gathering that is held every day at his Bwaise based church and aired live on his Top TV channel, brought men and women from all walks of life testifying against the three alleged false preachers.

    Ssenyonga was joined by Sserwadda, Kiganda, Bunjo and others who also vowed not to rest until all the false preachers have run out of Uganda.

    We don’t know where this war will end but as usual, we will keep you posted…


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    We Want Our Money, We Are Tired Of Sleeping Hungry; Ebonies Actors Cry Out For Help – Dr. Bbosa Speaks Out…



    Some of the senior actors in ebonies

    Ebonies actors and actresses have cried out for help claiming that they are sleeping hungry and being chased out of houses for failing to pay rent.

    One actor who preferred to remain anonymous revealed to theGrapevine that the Ebonies management has spent close to three months without paying some of them.

    “We are tired of sleeping hungry, they are chasing us from houses of Shs.30,000 because we don’t have money to pay yet we keep working and entertaining people,” he said.

    She further revealed that on complaining to their boss, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Ebonies, told them to be patient with him because, at the moment, the company doesn’t have money.

    “He called us to a meeting where he started telling us how the company doesn’t have money. He told us to give him time to borrow money to pay us.”

    When theGrapevine reached out to Mr. Sam Bagenda alias Dr. Bbosa, one of the senior members of Ebonies who has spent many years in the acting industry, he refuted the allegations noting that it is not true that actors and actresses are not paid.

    “I already put out my statement on those issues a longtime and like I said, it is false,” he said.

    Bbosa added that their business is moving on so well that people are even enjoying the different plays at National Theatre.

    “People are just trying to get likes and subscriptions so they create information from nowhere but you should know when you are excelling in a certain field, you always have the negative energy trying to pull you down,” he divulged.

    Bbosa furthermore told this website that if one is not strong enough, only that can disorganise the whole progress.

    He then insisted that their business is moving on well and no one is complaining.


    By Kalamira Hope and Joel Wansaale


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    I’m Going To Celebrate My Rank Down On Kampala Road – Muhoozi Vows After His Father Promotes Him To Rank Of General…



    The First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba welcomed the rank of General given to him by his father President Yoweri Museveni.

    “I thank Ugandans for loving me. I will wear this rank, we celebrate and work continues!” Muhoozi tweeted.

    “We are going to have a celebration down Kampala Road for this rank. I thank my father for this great honor!” he added

    President Museveni, who is Commander in Chief of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF), also dropped Muhoozi as Land Forces commander.

    In a statement released today by UPDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Felix Kulayigye, Muhoozi will continue with his duties as Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations

    The statement reads, “H.E the President and Commander in Chief of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces has promoted and appointed General Officers as follows: Lieutenant General Muhoozi Kainerugaba promoted to General and continues with duties as Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations.

    “Major General Muhanga Kayanja promoted to Lieutenant General and appointed Commander Land Forces. The Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs and UPDF fraternity congratulate the General Officers upon their well-deserved promotions and appointments.”

    Muhoozi’s promotion and demotion follows uncontrolled tweets from him with one stating that his army would capture Kenya within two weeks.

    “It wouldn’t take us, my army and me, two weeks to capture Nairobi.”

    “I’m happy that members of our district in Kenya, have responded enthusiastically to my tweet. It’s still two weeks to Nairobi,” he sarcastically said.

    Muhoozi further provoked tweeps that they (Kenya and Uganda) are going to be one country. Any war against them will end quickly.

    “The borders that were established by the colonisers mean nothing to us, revolutionaries. Nairobi.”

    His tweets forced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to clear the air on how they conduct the country’s foreign policy.

    According to a statement dated October, 4th, 2022, Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the debate on social media in respect to the relationship between Uganda and the brotherly neighbour, the Republic of Kenya, (initiated by Muhoozi), should not be taken seriously.

    “The Ministry wishes to emphasize that the Government and the people of the Republic of Uganda treasure the existing strong bilateral relations between the people and the Government of the Republic of Kenya based on our shared history, common values, mutual respect, trust and the desire to build a unified East African Community,” the statement read.

    “To this end, the Government of the Republic of Uganda wishes to reiterate its commitment to good neighbourliness, peaceful co-existence and cooperation.”

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs further clarified that the Government of the Republic of Uganda does not depend on social media sources in dealing with other sovereign Governments.

    “The Government of the Republic of Uganda, therefore, wishes to reiterate its cordial relationship with the Republic of Kenya and assure the people and the Government of the Republic of Kenya of our harmonious relationship that we value.”

    Minister for Security, Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi has distanced himself from the matter noting that he doesn’t want to talk about media reports because it is not authentic and not worth the energy to talk about it.

    “Someone asked about media reports (Gen Muhoozi’s tweets) and I don’t even remember what it was about but I don’t want to talk about media reports. It is not authentic and not worth the energy to talk about it. I have no comment about that.”


    By Hope Kalamira


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    Mwenda Narrates How Intelligence Advised M7 To Fire Kagame Girl Who Prepares His Bedroom….



    Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda (L) and President Museveni (R)

    Celebrated veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda has narrated how intelligence advised President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to fire president Paul Kagame’s girl to save his life.

    Mwenda revealed that when the misunderstanding between Rwanda and Uganda was at its peak, with each nation accusing the other of espionage, intelligence operatives advised President Museveni to fire all his assistants of Rwandan descent.

    Mwenda said that among the people that intelligence wanted to be removed from the state house was the beautiful Munyarwanda woman who has been in charge of President Museveni’s bedroom for a long time.

    He added that after reading a strongly worded intelligence report, Museveni took his time to interrogate the dossier and he took a strong decision which hurt his intelligence team by refusing to fire his assistants.

    While moderating ‘The hot seat’ talk show on KFM radio on Friday, Mwenda explained that Museveni trusts Rwandese more than Ugandans that’s why all the people surrounding him are Banyarwanda.

    It is on this note that Mwenda wondered why the President does not come out to rescue Rwandans from the ongoing harassment from country’s immigration department.

    He revealed that he has investigated and established that these people are facing a lot of hardships to get passports and National identity cards.

    He said that many of the people who have Rwanda like name are stateless because Uganda refused to give them passports and National Identity cards yet they cannot go to Rwanda because they were born in Uganda and all are parents have lived, died and have been buried in Uganda.

    Mwenda gave an example of Ritah Kanya, a news anchor with NTV Uganda and wife to senior investigative journalist Raymond Mujuni who is currently stateless because both her National Identity card and passports were canceled at the Immigration over her Rwandan roots.

    He insisted that Kanya was born in Uganda in Kisoro district and his grandfather was a sub county chief, so it is wrong to declare her stateless.

    He pleaded with President Museveni to intervene in the matter because National Unity Platform(NUP) supporters are also threatening Banyarwanda that when they take power, they will be sent back to their country.

    Land forces commander and also first son, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba led the Uganda-Rwanda negotiations which resulted in the reopening of the Katuna border which was closed by president Kagame in 2017 on allegations of mistreating Rwandese in Uganda.

    Lt. Gen. Muhoozi revealed through twitter that very soon, he is going to travel to Rwanda to meet his loving uncle.

    Efforts to reach Simon Peter Mundeyi, the immigration spokesperson, were fruitless because his known phone numbers were not going through.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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