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    Government Did Not Create COVID-19, Parents May Lack Money But They Have Life – Education Minister Janet Answers Parents Who Say They Don’t Have Fees And Why They Had To Open Schools…



    The First Lady who also doubles and the education Minister Janet Museveni has answered parents and Ugandans concerning some of the most critical questions on re-opening of Schools for candidates.

    Below is the conversation from the minister:

    Good morning fellow Ugandans, I received a number of comments on the decision by the Government to re-open schools and I have replied some of them below:

    Question: Denis Natukunda: With opening up of Candidate Classes ie P7, S4 and S6, what consideration has Ministry of Education put in place to address the gaps in syllabus coverage caused by COVID_19 since Late March to date. There will be no much benefits to Candidate’s due to the lost Education Calender in the Pandemic. Parents should think twice.

    Reply: This is 2nd term to cover work for that period. The third term will be January to April and the syllabus will be covered

    Question: Doreen Nakayiza: Ministry of education think about our children you are putting into your mess. Going for exams when In fact they are half baked. Syllabuses not finished, what’s the pressure for?? Can’t it be cancelled to a dead year country wide??

    Reply: We considered declaring a dead year but realized, even next year COVID-19 may still be here, therefore, we decided to at least let the candidate classes go back late but prepare to finish. I request that you partner with us

    Question: Emmanuel S Mukasa Omuzzukulu: Diffinitely many won’t be able to re-open,gov’t will grant them loans,some will fail to pay back,and proprietors will lose their assests. Govt will confiscate the schools

    Reply: I am Sorry, the Government did not create COVID-19 so let us all try to do what we can. The government is only trying to save the situation.

    Question: Andrew Akatuhurira: I’m personally disappointed with the first lady and ministry of education officials, why the rush,, already alot of time is wasted!! What will happen to other classes if candidates resume? Actually most teachers have resorted to other things than teaching.

    Reply: I am sorry you are disappointed with me, just remember, like you, I have no power to control COVID-19 and this is what we can do at this moment

    Question: Kinene Edwin Douglas: Now what were they hiding why were they downing the year plan , and now parents have to look for lots of money on short notice to take their children back to school because of poor planning and poor leadership of this country.

    Reply: We were hiding nothing, we were hoping the COVID-19 Pandemic would clear and schools would open, instead it is getting worse, that is why we thought of trying with a small group first.

    Question: Ocaya Innocent: Stress continues but it will be a dead year bcoz we are doing exams for this year next year but they should leave studies aside and first finish politics then studies next year bcoz we are tired of stress an no school has started making arrangements bcoz they are confused as everyday they are getting new confusing stories so I can now say they are more confused than students.

    Reply: The year has been stressful admittedly, but this is the time both for politics and school. Let us agree to do it the best way we know how.

    Question: Akugizibwe Irriplacible Mathius-Rutaaba Tha-Boss: Me am confused now. Then what happens to a senior one and five groups who had not covered even a what is History.
    Are they going to senior two and senior six respectively??? Or they are going to wait for the now primary seven and four candidates to sit their papers and join them so they can now start together. The ministry must therefore come out with a substantial dossia

    Reply: We are continuing with learning at home for S.1 to S.5 when S.6 moves on then S.5 will move to S.6 and when S.4 moves away S.1 and others all move on automatically.

    Question: Lawrence Tamale: Well to avert the confusion we would have had S.4, S.5 and 6 till mid-November. Schools would ensure all the study material they need is given to them within that time for personal revision when they break off for holidays. In mid-November we would have S.1, 2 and 3 till mid-December and take them through the same. Immediately after candidates finish national examinations, these would also sit for promotional in February. Uneb marking can expedited so that by April, S.1 and 5 can start. I think this could solve the problem.

    Reply: Thank you for your constructive ideas but since we are already set, let us have some confidence in this plan. With all of us giving it all our support it will work.

    Question: Muwanguzi Edgar: Opening schools has no problem.
    But financially both parents and some schools are highly strained.
    1: what if the parent of that candidate is a bar attendant or operates a bar. Where will that parent take care of the child.
    2: No explanation on the grant. All in all let us be on the move
    I pray that everything comes to normal.

    Reply: Thank you for a positive attitude, knowing that there is no one to blame for the mess that came because of COVID-19. Let us just agree to unite around this problem with God’s help we will overcome.

    Question: Ampumuza Innocent: But why should schools open?
    Some parents own bars, gyms and other businesses that are still unopen, so with this poverty where do the government expect the parents to get the school fees?

    Reply: Schools are opening because there are many who want schools to open, please do understand that Government did not close these businesses in bad faith, it was to save the lives of many. And yes many lack money but they have life.



    Judiciary Cautions Law Interns Who Recorded Viral Video Twerking Infront Of Commercial Court…



    The judiciary has cautioned three female law interns from the Law Development Centre (LDC) who were seen a viral video twerking in front of the Commercial Court.

    Ann Kakidi, Zeridah Mary, Kallen Kalungi all doing internship at the Commercial Court and Pearl Katusiime also an LDC student but doing internship in a private city law firm were seen dancing to the popular ‘Tumbiza Sound’ vibe.

    In the statement signed by His Worship Jameson Karemera Karemani, the public relations officer of the judiciary, the actions of the law students were unprofessional, unethical and an abuse of the integrity of the Judiciary as a whole.

    “Clad in their professional suits, the law students on a four-month Clerkship programme with the Court, recorded themselves dancing on Monday (January 4) at about 10 am. The video later made its way to Social Media,” Karemera said.

    The statement further reads, “To the Court, this was unprofessional and unethical conduct and an abuse of the integrity of Judiciary as a whole,” said Commercial Court’s Judge on Duty, Lady Justice Anne Mugenyi Bitature, who summoned and met the four students on Tuesday. She “seriously reprimanded” them. Clerkships are learning experiences for students studying and training to be advocates.”

    “They are a first-hand look at how the legal system is portrayed in the eyes of court. Ms Kakidi Ann, Ms Nabirye Zeridah Mary and Ms Kalungi Kellen are part of the 18 LDC students on Clerkship at the Commercial Court (December 2020 – April 2021), while Ms. Katusiime Pearl, the fourth student, is also on Clerkship with a private City law firm. She participated in the dance video while on a visit to her colleagues.”

    Immediately after seeing the girls, Justice Anne Mugenyi Bitature summoned them to her chambers and seriously reprimanded them.

    According to her statement, the students apologized to the judge and asked for forgiveness for their bad behaviour, the judge accepted their apologies which were put in writing and they were cautioned.

    However, theGrapevine has established that LDC has also summoned the said students for disciplinary action. Lawyers who are standing with the said students insist that there is no cause for disciplinary action.

    Lawyer Eron Kizza noted that there was no crime committed by said students to dance around court premises.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Police Warns School Owners, Teachers And Parents Against Discriminating Pregnant School Going Girls…



    Following the announcement by UNEB, allowing pregnant girls in candidate classes to register for their final exams, police has issued a cautionary notice to school owners, teachers and parents against acts of discrimination and stigmatization of pregnant school girls.

    Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga stated that every pregnant student has the same education rights as every other girl student.

    Enanga said that the COVID-19 period has been burdensome for girls more than boys especially in unsupervised/uncontrolled settings, and as a result, girls were vulnerable to sexual abuse, pregnancy and even child marriages.

    He disclosed that even with the new developments, girls with early pregnancies are still facing challenges of returning to school citing fear of being ridiculed, discriminated against, shyness, low self-esteem, fear of being frowned at and being labeled young mothers, harassment from peers.

    “In addition some of the parental attitudes and the insensitive school environments and other public space may work against the furtherance of education for these pregnant girls. Already on social media, we can see people making fun and mockery of pregnant pupils,” he said.

    Enanga advised that instead of discriminating against them, the public needs to instead let the girls know the prospects of returning to school, and that they have the potential to excel and overcome the challenges they are facing.

    Enanga, on behalf of the Police force called upon all Head teachers, Parents, Guardians, LCs and other stakeholders to ensure students who are with early pregnancies, are protected and continue to participate in class and extracurricular activities. He also advocated for those in advanced pregnancies to be facilitated with reasonable adjustments in the learning environment and allow time for missed work in their homes.


    By Baron Kironde


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    She Is Mentally Disturbed – Gayaza High School Speaks Out On Female Student Who Was Caught Night Dancing Naked…



    Ms. Kizito Robinah Katongole, the headteacher Gayaza High School has in a public statement clarified on the incident where a girl from the same school was reportedly caught night dancing at the school premises.

    “Gayaza High School has learnt and noted with concern the sociall media publications of a video clip and photographs posted yesterday alleging the improper conduct of one of our students,” partly reads the awareness statement.

    The letter from Gayaza HS headteacher

    The Gayaza High School headteacher strongly repudiated popular reports making rounds on various media platforms that the incident happened at the school’s premises.

    She however also acknowledged that the pictures and video evidence of the accused female are indeed those of a figure synonymous with the school, having once studied and left the same school over years ago.

    “Gayaza High School would like to clarify that the incident did not happen at the school. We have also established that the pictures show a former student who finished S6 in 2014 and has since her University days suffered mental health challenges,” described the statement by the high school’s headteacher.

    She added that the school is stringing together efforts to get in touch with her parents to ensure that she gets the necessary medical attention.

    “We deeply sympathize with the family and pray that all efforts to restore her mental health materialises,” she added.

    By Baron Kironde


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