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    Government To Review Food Allowances For Government Sponsored Students At Makerere From Shs.4500 To Shs.10000…



    Makerere University Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe

    Government has pledged to review food allowances for government-sponsored students at Makerere University from Shs.4500 to Shs.10,000.

    This decision was made today in the office of the deputy speaker, Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa together with the leadership of Makerere University led by the Chairperson of Council Mrs. Lorna Magara and Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe.

    During the meeting, they discussed issues affecting the institution and how best parliament can collaborate with the institution.

    Vice Chancellor Nawangwe requested Parliament to review the food allowances for government-sponsored students from the current Shs.4500 to Shs.10,000 a day.

    “This has been discussed by the Parliamentary committee on the Ministry of Education and Sports for several years and it was even a subject of riots for several times,” Nawangwe said.

    He added that the figures they give students of Shs.4500 per day was allocated 10 years ago.

    He added that the committee proposed many years ago to raise the amount to Shs.10,000 so that the students are able to have two meals a day.

    “Unfortunately, we have not succeeded in getting that allocation over the years and we will be happy if parliament takes interest in this.”

    In response to the matter raised, Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa pledged to look into the funding of meals for the students.

    “You cannot feed at Shs.4500 three times a day, adding that the money is not enough even for ‘kikomando’.

    He added, “As parliament, we welcome the proposal you have given us and we are going to meet as the leadership of parliament with a view of signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with you so that you can always support Parliament in its Legislative role,”

    Among other issues that were discussed was that the university had to take a central position in the implementation of the Parish Development Model (PDM) through collection and provision of vital data.

    The senior leadership also highlighted possibilities of support from Makerere to Parliament which include; providing policy input through policy briefing papers, review of legislative proposals and expert testimony in the policy process before Parliamentary Committees.

    “Data and analysis on key development aspects and on the performance of government programmes to inform policy and legislative interventions. Provision of Library services including access to the e-library resources for MPs and Parliamentary Staff and the retooling of Parliamentary Staff.”

    During the meeting, Parliament also committed support of Shs. 50 million towards the Makerere At 100 celebrations.


    By Kalamira Hope



    St. Peter’s SSS Naalya Dragged To Court For Suspending Female Student On Allegations Of Selling Marijuana, Matchboxes To Fellow Students…



    St Peter’s Senior Secondary School Naalya has been dragged to the High Court Civil Division Kampala for suspending a female student on allegation of selling marijuana and matchboxes to fellow students.

    In his suit, Tracy Bamanya Natukunda, a senior six student accuses the school of denying her a fair hearing when they decided of indefinitely suspend her.

    However, the presiding Judge Musa Ssekaana, the head of the Civil Division of the High Court dismissed Natukunda’s application where she was seeking a Court order directing the school to allow her to continue with her studies as Court proceeds with the hearing of the main suit.

    In their defense, the school confirmed that the applicant was admitted in February 2020 to study the combination of Divinity, Entrepreneurship and Literature in senior five.

    The school divulged that after months of admission, they established that she was indiscipline and disobedient to the extent of selling cookies with marijuana and matchboxes to fellow students.

    The school said that when she was caught red handedly at first, she was given the opportunity to defend herself through recording a statement over the allegations and her parents were summoned and informed of their child’s behaviour.

    The school told Court that even though the applicant committed a grave crime, she was allowed to stay in the school because her parents pleaded with the school administration.

    However, she abused the opportunity given to her when she started physically attacking and harassing students and teachers who testified against her thus becoming a threat to the entire school community.

    It was overwhelmingly agreed to indefinite suspend her.

    In his ruling, Ssekaana agreed with the school authorities that the applicant is a threat to other students and teachers because she even physically fought with them when she was handed over to the school’s disciplinary committee.

    Ssekaana said, “The school should be given a benefit of doubt in exercise of its disciplinary powers against the student until the Court finds otherwise. The rights of the applicant against the entire school community should be a factor to consider and the likely danger of the applicant returning to the school and the entire school atmosphere in such circumstances.

    “In result for the reasons stated herein above, this is hereby dismissed and the costs shall abide the outcome of the main cause. It is so ordered.”

    The hearing of the main suit is still ongoing.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    MPs Propose Sign language To Be Adopted In Schools…



    Members of Parliament have proposed that Sign language should be adopted and integrated in most of the schools.

    During plenary today which was presided over by Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, MPs noted that it can be done by increasing sign language teachers and ensuring that children are introduced to sign language at early stages of learning.

    The decision follows the upcoming commemoration of International Deaf Awareness week scheduled to take place between 19th to 23rd September 2022.

    The celebrations for the International Deaf Awareness week will be held at Iganga Municipal Primary School grounds, in Iganga Municipality, on Friday 23rd September 2022.

    According to the 2014 Uganda National Housing and Population statistics, there were over 1,083,649 deaf people in Uganda.

    “This has since increased to 1,290,000 of the current Uganda’s population,” Asamo said.

    State Minister for disabilities, Allen Asamo said that the International Deaf Awareness Week draws attention to the accomplishments of people who are deaf, raises awareness of their unique needs and also promotes their human rights.

    “During this week, state and non-state actors publicize many activities and informational campaigns to educate people about deafness and hearing loss,” she explained.

    She added that the International Deaf Awareness Week seeks to increase awareness about deaf persons, their challenges, and their culture.

    “It helps in motivating the community to learn and appreciate the importance of sign language, address grievances, and promote the human rights of deaf persons.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Ministry Of Education Sets Strict Rules On Nursing Course; Bans Admitting Nurses Below 18 Years…



    Minister Muyingo addressing nurses who graduated yeaterday

    Ministry of Education has set strict rules on the nursing course and banned admissions of nurses below 18 years.

    During the release of the 2022 nurses and midwives examinations results at the Office of the President yesterday, State Minister for Higher Education, John Chrysostom Muyingo announced that government has banned nursing and wives institutions across the country from admitting students below the age of 18.

    Muyingo noted that all institutions should adhere to the set minimum standards and observe the set age limit.

    “They should admit only adults above the age of 18 because only adults should work in health centres, not children,” he added.

    He further asked institutions to respect the capacity of learners requirement set by the ministry.

    “Those who want to start nursing and midwifery institutions must first get the licenses and should respect the capacity. If you are licensed to admit only 500 learners, you should not exceed that,” he maintained.

    Muyingo also asked the Permanent Secretary of the ministry to enforce this and apprehend administrators who will defy it.

    According to the executive secretary of the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Board (UNMEB), Ms. Helen Mukakarisa, the reason why children below 18 years have been banned is because expectant mothers in hospitals have been complaining and were not comfortable with children taking care of them.

    “As a profession, we cannot take children of 16 years. Mothers won’t respect them so ethically, we need to admit learners above the age of 18,” Ms Mukakarisa said.

    She added, “Those learners who will complete Senior Four before turning 18 will have to wait until they reach the required age to apply for courses.

    Efforts to speak to the State Minister for Education, Muyingo were however futile as he did not pick up our calls.


    By Kalamira Hope


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