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    HAS KIRUDDU BECOME THE NEW NALUFENYA: MPs Threaten To Force Government To Let Their Colleagues Go For Proper Medication Abroad



    Members of parliament have added their voice to that of the people of Kamwokya who this morning went to the streets protesting the blockage of bedridden MPs Robert  Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine (Kyadondo East) and Francis Zaake (Mityana Municipality) from going abroad for treatment.

    The angry MPs have vowed to fight tooth and nail to see that government and police okays their colleagues to get proper medication abroad.

    “Our colleagues must enjoy their inherent right to medical health. Fellow MPs, the plight of Bobi and Zaake, is our own plight as citizens of Uganda. We can’t afford to sit back, relented and intimidated. They must get medical attention,” Gerrard Karuhanga (Ntungamo Municipality MP) rallied his colleagues.

    Karuhanga wondered how inhuman And heart breaking this regime is. “These two were terribly tortured, how inhumane can this regime be? We should be heartbroken that this regime can break you down. The more you subject the flesh to torture, the stronger you make the spirit,” he added.

    Theodore Ssekikubo (Lwemiyaga County  MP) condemned the arrest and stopping of  the dual from travelling outside the country saying that the right to health care is a constitutional right.

    “Whoever ordered for interception of MPs is very unprofessional, unacceptable and unethical,” Ssekikubo noted.

    Ssekikubo wondered why president Museveni is acting desperate in this whole saga, “He is a coward, these are already brutalised persons. They’re simply seeking for medical health. MPs can’t run away from bogus charges, Museveni has belittled treason charges. Such bogus charges can’t make MPs to run to exile.”

    He attacked fellow MPs who are giving a deaf ear to what is happening to their colleagues. “If Chief Justice came out to spoke, how about MPs, their silence is questionable.  If you can’t defend the defenseless, you’re doomed. I call upon public to account for their silence,” Ssekikubo said.

    It should be recalled that on Tuesday this week, only a small section of members of parliament tasked the speaker Jacob Oulanyah to send the legislators into recess until president Museveni responds to Kadaga’s letter regarding the torture of MPs. The rest of the Mps especially those from the ruling party NRM did not add a voice.

    “I know some are running away to villages. We demand that government releases the MPs unconditionally,” Ssekikubo said.

    Meanwhile, John Baptist Nambeshe (Manjiya County MP) confirmed that Bobi Wine and Zaake have been locked up in their hospital rooms and denied access to any medical person despite being on life support machine  (for Zaake’s case).

    “I was shocked to hear Minister Kiwanda praising SFC for torturing MPs in Arua. No one has right to end someone’s life. They were only granted bail, but not sentenced to death,” the angry Bududa legislator warned.

    “Sick people aren’t meant for court, but hospital. Someone who is heartless like that should have resigned yesterday. His track record is dubious, he has a criminal record.”

    Mbwatekamwa Gaffa (Kasambya County MP) also named fellow MPs who have tried to be mute about the suffering of their colleagues. “The matter which is pertinent, we are looking at the whole nation. Let us stop being myopic. We can’t sit in constituencies when our colleagues are being blocked,” Mbwatekamwa said.

    “Our colleagues who are struggling, looking for their own money are denied their rights to access treatment. If this is happening to an MP who has an official passport, what then is the essence of having an official passport? We are not going to accept to lose any life, because we are all Ugandans. Let us not keep quiet, we need to liberate this country,” the Kasambya legislator warned.

    Francis Mwijukye (Buhwenju county MP), said that this is an attack on Ugandans, “It’s SFC Vs Ugandans. You can’t torture someone, I want to condemn this beastly and inhuman act. It’s ashaming that some leaders are condoning this. It is going to come to them. We can’t allow this to continue. People think they’re still in the Bush, they’re behaving like they’re in the bush. We must ask, has Kiruddu now become a detention center. The new Nalufenya is Kiruddu. Are doctors being used to inject MPs with poisonous substances!” Mwijukye wondered.

    Early this morning, a combined force of police and UPDF soldiers was deployed in Kamwokya, a Kampala city suburb, where residents were protesting the alleged re-arrest of Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament, Mr Robert Kyagulanyi.

    The security operatives who were engaged in running battles with the protestors, extinguished several bonfires that were ignited by the rioters in the middle of several roads.

    Security Forces on Thursday evening arrested Kyagulanyi at Entebbe Airport after blocking him from boarding a flight. The MP was reportedly headed to the United States for treatment.

    Earlier in the day, Francis Zaake had also been arrested at the airport while trying to board a flight to India.


    By Stella Mugoya



    Attorney General, DPP Oppose Anti-Homosexuality Bill



    The Attorney General and the deputy director of Public prosecutions (DPP) have opposed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023.

    While appearing before the parliamentary committee on legal affairs on March 18th, the Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka said the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is a duplication of existing laws.

    “Our criminalisation of homosexuality clause 9 of the new is a duplication since it is catered for in CAP 120 of the penal code,” he said.

    The Attorney General said the penal code is supposed to be the main penal law of the county, adding that it is hard to detect, investigate, prosecute and sentence homosexuals since the act is done in private.

    The deputy director of Public prosecutions James Odumbi was in agreement with the Attorney General.

    However, officials from the Ministry of gender labour and social development supported the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

    Hellen Asamo (state Minister for disability affairs) and Rose Lilly Akello (state Minister for ethics and Intergrity) both agreed that it was important to have the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023.

    These argued that the Bill, if passed, will protect the cherished cultural values of Uganda and protect children against the acts of sexual minority rights activists.

    Abdul Katuntu told the committee that, though homosexuals do the act in private, crimes are not only committed against individuals but society.

    President Museveni said Thursday that he needed a scientific opinion on homosexuality and that the subject would be discussed conclusively another time.

    The parliamentary committee on legal affairs is currently scrutinising the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 that was spearhead by MP Asuman Basalirwa.


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    Hoima District LC5 Chairman Dies In Car Accident



    Police in Kiboga registered a fatal accident on March 17th that claimed the life of the Chairman LC5 Hoima District Kirungi Kadiri.

    Kirungi, brother to Tumusiime Amlan (RDC Kikuube District), was involved in an accident at Mataagi village, Bukomero Town Council along Kampala – Hoima highway.

    Kirungi and his escort Police Constable Otim Bosco died on spot during the incident.

    The accident involved motor vehicle registration number UAH 053Q (Prado Land Cruiser) and UBB 059Z (Fuso fighter).

    According to traffic police spokesperson Faridah Nampiima, the incident was caused by a driver who was trying to dodge a pothole.

    “It is alleged that motor vehicle Reg No UBB 059Z which was travelling from Kampala to Kiboga side and being driven by a yet to be identified driver on reaching Mataagi bridge, tried to dodge a pothole. The vehicle swerved off from it’s Lane on to it’s right hand side, and met motor vehicle UAH 053Q which was heading to Kampala side from Hoima,”Nampiima said.

    The bodies of the deceased (Karungi and Otim) were taken to Kiboga hospital mortuary for postmortem.




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    SMACK SAGA: Archbishop Dragged In Bro. Mpanga’s Woes – More People Complain about Bro.Mpanga After IGG Dossier…



    Bro. Simon Mpanga and Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere

    The noose on St. Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK) headmaster just keeps getting tighter.

    Following a recent petition to the Inspectorate of Government (IGG), which we published here, several other complaints, mainly from the Brothers of Christian Instruction of the Catholic Church to which he belongs have come out to pin Bro. Simon Mpanga on a litany of cases.

    The Brothers are not happy that Bro. Mpanga and his scheming cartel have dragged the Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere into their deals.  They say, the 66-year-old Bishop is naively being dragged into the selfish cartel’s schemes without really understanding their underlying motives.

    “We respect the hierarchy of the church but Archbishop involving himself on which brother should head our schools is wrong. That should be left to the religious superiors of brothers and sisters because they know their people better and their opinions should be respected. Likewise, you can’t ask a Brother or a sister to appoint a parish priest for the parishes. As we respect the church we can’t talk everything there are many other things the man of God has done that we can’t bring them at table,” they state.

    According to a source who called us with additional information, Mpanga’s crooked ways of doing things started long time back.

    While he was in the formation house at Kanywa training for brotherhood, he got involved in a well-orchestrated money scandal in which he duped Bro. Gerald Byaruhanga, who was then in charge of students in the training.  He convinced him (Bro. Byaruhanga) to hand over to him the entire students’ welfare budget after presenting him forged papers that the borrowed money was to make super normal profits. He however never received a penny back.

    “That was the end of the story.   The community suffered for a long time sometimes they could go to bed on empty stomachs because of Mpanga’s devilish actions,” they reveal.

    They further say that Bro. Mpanga kept convincing Bro. Gerald Byaruhanga that things were going to be okay until he couldn’t stomach the lies any longer. The matter was reported to the Provincial Superior and his council and they immediately recommended that Bro. Mpanga should be expelled.

    The source further adds that Bro. Mpanga pleaded for pardon and was given a second chance after Bro. Gerald interceded on his behalf with Bro. Superior. That wasn’t the last of his follies.

    This website has learnt that his money problem followed him while at Kasasa where the then Bro. Tony Lubwama headmaster by then put him in prison because of the money he ate from Tanzanian students. It was Bro. Mutebi who bailed him out.

    At St. Mary’s College Kisubi which he is now fronted to head, he is accused of eating money of the students who were going outside the country for debate and some have completed their S6 without getting their back. He purported he would process passports and visas for them to go attend debate in South Africa and USA whilst they were in s.3. Whereas some who pushed hard were refunded by the school. Others were not so lucky and left the school four years later without their money nor passports.

    They narrate that when the Brothers learnt the behavior of their colleague they vowed not to work in their schools and that’s when Mr. John Agaba former commissioner and former Brother got him a place in Trinity College Nabbingo.

    “Things didn’t go well at Nabbingo and Bro. Mwebe former provincial tried to get him a place at SMACK but Mr. Mwaka who was a caretaker of the school then refused him because he knew his dubious character through Bro. Edward Bukenya who had worked with Mpanga and chased him because of his actions.  When Mr. Mwaka left SMACK, Bro. Mpanga somehow sneaked back in” they detail.

    It is also revealed that while at SMACK, he deceived a parent that the school vehicle was stuck in a bond and that it required 7000 USD for taxes and the parent gave it to him while it was for his personal use. The parent has never been refunded to date.

    And when news started circulating that Bro. Mpanga was among the short listed for SMACK leadership, the college Chaplain went to provincial and shared his concerns about the impending disaster this would bring on SMACK.  He warned him that if you want SMACK to die give it to Bro. Mpanga. The Chaplain also warned the Brother Superior at SMACK a one Bro. Pius Ochwo about Bro. Mpanga.

    They also point out that the SMACK Entebbe House was renovated four years ago with tenants. He collects money that is never remitted on the school account it goes to personal use. They also say that he got shs30m from the school claiming that he was going to renew the lease for the SMACK Entebbe house which up to date has never been processed or even accounted for. Imagine this is the fellow now being put in charge of over 3 bn collected every term. He will devise means to steal the money. Little wonder that he involves himself in every procurement even for tomatoes.

    His greed is unprecedented for a man who is supposed to live a life of chastity. One wonders where does this money go? One theorizes that he is using the brotherhood to amass wealth and as soon as he is in position to live the life he craves outside brotherhood, he will then quit the institution.

    They also claim that during the Covid 19 days, he stood surety for an accomplice at Entebbe Police who was accused of stealing a motor vehicle. The accomplice jumped bond and  police was looking for Bro Mpanga who went in hiding until the issue was resolved.

    In the missive sent to the IGG, it was pointed out that during lock down, he embarked on a go fund me crusade to raise money from unsuspecting parents under the guise of collecting funds to give the teachers who were suffering from the ravages of the lock down. He collected so much money but ate all of it. His insatiable appetite for money and the length to which he will go to get his hands on money is astounding.

    It is theorized that being the con act that he is, the board members backing him have a perfect ally in whom contracts and other works will be lined up through their stooges and money will be siphoned. The brothers are shocked that old boys through their SMACKOBA group are looking on while a wolf is being put in charge of the sheep.


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