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    Heartless Thug Beaten To Near Death After Stealing From Dying Accident Victims Along Jinja Road…



    A yet to be identified thug was clobbered to pulp after he tried to steal money and mobile phones from two people who died following a nasty accident that occurred in Kireka, along Jinja Road, on Thursday.

    According to ASP Luke Owoyesigire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy publicist, the police are conducting investigations into the fatalities involving  two motorcycles and one van.

    According to eyewitnesses, two boda-boda riders, who both eventually died, collided while riding from opposite directions, whereby a Toyota Noah van rammed into them uncontrollably after they had crashed on the tarmac following their collision.

    Only one of the two victims has since been identified as Akram Sejjemba.

    Owoyesigire said that; “The police have confirmed that the van driver identified as Rashid Kigenyi, is in custody to help with investigations.”

    He added that; “The bodies of the deceased persons have been conveyed to city mortuary Mulago for postmortem.”

    However, tragic drama ensued at the scene when one of the supposed rescuers dug into the pockets of the victims to steal money only to be pounced on by other rescuers who taught him a lesson.

    Other rescuers on the scene, most of them boda-boda riders noticed it, immediately nabbed him and started  interrogating him but each question came slaps, blows in his face, kicks and all sorts of battering.

    The unidentified thug was later whisked away by Police to save him from the angry mob. But by the time police arrived, he had already been beaten to pulp. He looked so helpless and senseless after the thorough beating.

    The citizens were however so bitter with the police for reaching the scene so late to save the victims who didn’t die on the spot, yet they arrived in time to save a thief from being lynched.


    By Baron Kironde



    VIDEO: Chinese Man Strangled, Robbed Of Millions By A Woman And 3 Men, They Disguised As NWSC Workers…



    Police in Kampala is investigating a robbery incident reported at Kyambogo Police station where a Chinese was robbed after being strangled and tied.

    D/ASP Nuwamanya Samuel BINUZIRE, the O/C CID Kyambogo Police Station said that on  Saturday at around 8 in the morning, four people (three gentlemen and a lady) dressed in attire of National water and sewerage cooperation went to Kyambogo Lower Estate, Endinburg Avenue to a residence occupied by Chinese, they knocked at the door pretending to be workers of NWSC, upon entering, the assailants held the cook who was the only one at home captive, tied him up as they executed the Robbery mission, the House maid who also came minutes shortly was also held captive as the robbers also tied her up and locked her up in the washroom.

    Reports have indicated that after the robbery took place, cash over 85M was stollen, 4500USD that was inside the safe was also taken (the thieves broke the safe)

    Surveillance cameras are mounted in the residence and the footage shows the action as it took place outside, but the assailants had their faces covered with helmets.



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    Gen Kayihura’s Exiled Blue Eyed Boy Baroza Sneaks Back Into The Country, M7 Pardons Him As He Waits For Rehabilitation And Deployment…



    Former IGP Kale Kayihura (L) and his former assistant Jonathan Baroza (R)

    Multiple credible State House sources have intimated to theGrapevine that Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the president of Uganda has pardoned embattled exiled former assistant to former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen Edward Kale Kayihura and his blue eyed boy, the former Assistant Commissioner of Police Jonathan Baroza.

    Sources revealed that after accepting Gen Kayihura’s plea to pardon all his assistants including Baroza and friends arrested on accusations of treason and murder, Gen Museveni last year directed Joseph Ocwet, the Director General of the External Security Organisation(ESO) to look for Baroza and interrogate him to establish the allegations levied against him.

    Immediately, after the gruesome murder of former Police spokesperson, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Museveni received a number of intelligence reports implicating Baroza of participating in his murder. Reports indicated that before running to exile, Museveni had directed Baroza to be arrested and added on Kayihura’s aides who were already in security detentions including  Lt Col Peter Musherure, former deputy Director of Crime Intelligence in Police, Herbert Muhangi, former Flying Squad Commander, Senior Superintendent of Police and former head of Cyber-Crime Richard Ndaboine, former Director of Crime Intelligence in police Col Ndahura Atwooki.

    However, sources in State house have revealed that early this year, Museveni received Ocwet’s report exonerating Baroza and recommended that he be allowed to come back to the Country.

    The president directed Ocwet to bring to him Baroza and he was here two weeks back. After narrating his ordeal, Gen Museveni directed that he be given some money, and be rehabilitated after spending years in exile, our source said.

    Security agencies had claimed that Baroza was acting on Gen Kayihura’s orders to collect soil from the crime scene where Kaweesi was murdered from. The latest, according to our sources is that Baroza is still in security hands as he waits for Museveni to summon him together with his former boss Kayihura and other former aides to be told the way forward.

    According to credible inside information, Museveni has directed the Makindye based Court Martial to drop treason charges against Gen Kayihura as he waits for his retirement from the army in a few months to come, to be deployed in president Museveni’s new government.

    Background: Why Baroza Was Wanted Dead Or Alive

    Around 2017-2018, the most wantedan in Uganda by security agencies was Baroza. Baroza’s work during Kayihura’s tenure was mainly to protect witnesses on high profile cases.

    According to security sources, Baroza was wanted to answer some vital questions in connection to Kaweesi’s murder. Among them include why he sent his bodyguard to collect blood and soil from Kaweesi’s crime scene yet he wasn’t a scene of crime officer. Detectives had also discovered that when police arrested the operative he had sent at Kaweesi’s crime scene, Baroza ordered for their release but Fred Yiga refused. When Yiga rejected Baroza’s orders, Baroza called his boss and the operative was released.

    After the Kaweesi murder and the arrest of some suspects, Baroza was moved to Algeria as a police attaché. When CMI, ISO and JATT started arresting Kayihura’s close associates like Nixon Agasirwe, Abel Kitagenda among others, Baroza was also put on the wanted list to answer some key questions.

    At the time, he was asked to fly back into the country to record his side of the story, but he lied to the agencies that he was to return soon but instead took the next flight to Canada. Detectives then wanted to know why he rejected the order.

    Detectives were also so interested to find out where Baroza got Kaweesi’s phone from after his murder, yet it had went missing for some hours.

    Kaweesi was assassinated on 17th March 2017 as he left his home in Kulambiro, a Kampala suburb. Investigations into his murder took almost a year with no clear report despite the numerous arrests of Muslims.

    President Museveni later ended Kale Kayihura’s reign as Inspector General of Police and ordered fresh investigations into the case.

    By Alirabaki Sengooba


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    She Wants To Kill Us All To Get Rich – Sure Deal Runs To Court To Save Herself From Her Angry Sisters Who Want To “Finish Her” For “Using Witchcraft To Kill Their Parents”…



    Photo collage: Sure Deal (top left) is being accused by her sisters (all in shades) of plotting to use witchcraft to kill them all to enrich herself

    Relatives to controversial businesswoman, Prossy Marry Namwanjje, the proprietor of the famous Sure Deal Company dealing in cosmetics have accused her of plotting to kill them all. They allege that she is using her illuminati acquired spiritual power to kill their parents, sisters, and brothers to enrich herself.

    Early this year, Namwanjje alias Sure Deal ran to Kakiri Police Station and opened up a criminal case of threatening violence,  Contrary to Section 81)a) of the Penal Code Act against her sisters. In her police statement recorded on 30/12/2020, she claims that on the Boxing day of 26/12/2020 at their father’s home, the late Bakulu Mpagi of Kikajjo in Wakiso district, she was attacked by her biological sisters led by Samali Naluyiga, Milly Namirembe, Alice Namujju, Prossy Nalubowa all threatening to kill her.

    Sure Deal as she’s commonly known narrated that, “On arrival, they attacked me where I was seated. I didn’t even react tot their intimidation. What they did was abuse me as others were making threatening calls as if they were inviting more people to come and beat me.”

    “They were threatening my life with baseless accusations, they went an extra mile to assert that it was me who killed my parents,” she added, narrating that her attackers further acused her of killing her sister Milly Nakintu on 10th of April 2020aided by her illuminati spirits.

    According to Sure Deal, she was only rescued by Kakiri Police which came and put the situation in order and directed the suspects to report to police which they did and they were all released on a police file.

    Sure Deal accuses her relatives of damaging her properties including a laptop which was being used to mix music because she was attacked when she organised a christmas party. The file was sanctioned by the prosecutor and the matter is before Wakiso Chief Magistrate Noor Ssajabi.

    This is not the first time Sure Deal is being dragged in controversies, she was recently prosecuted by UNBS on charges of forging a quality standards stamp on her deadly substandard cosmetics, the matter was settled out of Court.


    By Alirabaki Sengooba


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