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    HEARTLESS: We Found The Late Katushabe’s Blood in Sebuufu’s Office – Detectives Tell Court




    Pius Chadimo (54), a senior police detective with twenty-five years of experience in finger print examination, crime scene forensic examination and exhibit forensic examination testified before high court judge Flavia Senoga that he found drops of blood in the vehicle which was used to kidnap Katushabe and in the offices of city tycoon Muhammad Sebuufu at pine car bond.

    Chadimo testified that on 24/10/2015, he was instructed by his boss deputy CIID director Godfrey Musaana to go to Central Police Station (CPS) in Kampala and examine the crime scene and exhibits.

    “My Lord, Afande Musaana told me that there was a homicide case at pine and I was supposed to examine the exhibits,” Chadimo said. He said that when they reached CPS together with his assistant Richard Opoli, they moved directly to the office of the OC CIID CPS police Afande Safari. Chadimo said that Safari told them he was not conversant with what had happened regarding the murder of Katushabe. They told him that they have been instructed by Musaana to examine the exhibits including the vehicle which was allegedly used to kidnap and murder Katushabe.

    Chedimo said that Safaari called a certain police officer named Milly  Tusiime who explained to them that Katushabe was seriously beaten by ‘kanyamas’ from pine and by the time she was brought to CPS, she was unconscious.

    They took her to the parking yard of CPS into a Toyota Premio number UAP 155T white in colour.

    Chedimo said that he examined the vehicle and discovered that it had different numbers plates on the windows from the one in front and at the back of the vehicle.

    He said that Afande Safari open the vehicle and during the examination, they discovered drops of blood inside the vehicle. “My Lord, an officer Alex Osegeyi, who I found at CPS CIID department was taking photos, we collected all the needed exhibits including soil from the carpet inside the vehicle and on the tyres,” Chadimo said.

    He said that on that day, they left and came back the following day to take clear photos of the vehicle and after went to the crime scene at pine car bond along Lumumba avenue in Kampala. Chadimo said he was leading the team of forensic examiners and Afande Monday was leading a team of CIID officers. They were directed to Pine car bond by a lady called Rachael because they didn’t know the right place. The place (pine) was fenced with barbed wires and chains, the building which was identified as the office of Subuufu was closed and had two metal doors. They opened the two doors and found another wooden door, which they also opened. Inside the room, they found two three-seater sofa chairs and an office chair, they started examining the exhibits and discovered drops of blood on the ground and on the wall.

    “Using my experience in forensic examination of exhibits my Lord, I discovered that the victim was trying to stand up with her fingers stained with blood because the walls were labeled with prints of blood stained fingers,” Chadimo testified.

    He said that they tried to open another room next to Sebuufu’s office but failed since they didn’t have the keys.

    He drew a sketch map of the place inside the room where the exhibits were collected from and made a forensic report. Chedimo added that all the exhibits were labelled, measured and taken to police laboratory at Naguru for examination.

    The presiding judge Senoga set 7/5/2018 when court will inspect the crime scene at pine and also inspect the said vehicle used to kidnap the late Katushabe.

    The state alleges that Sebuufu and seven others plus others at large, on 21/10/2015, kidnapped and murdered Katushabe after she failed to pay Sebuufu a balance of 9m shillings for a Toyota premio vehicle she purchased from him.


    By Jamil Lutakome



    THIS IS WAR! Don’t Think You Are Big Because You Are Wearing A Colonial Wig On Your Head – Bobi Wine Stings D/Speaker Tayebwa, Applauds Zaake…



    NUP boss Bobi Wine (R) and D/Speaker Thomas Tayebwa (L)

    National Unity Platform (NUP) leaders have stung Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa noting that he is seated with his ‘idiotism and emptiness.’

    Their statements follow a scuffle that happened on Tuesday, 29th, November during plenary where Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament, Francis Zaake fell out with Tayebwa.

    Appearing at the party headquarters in Kamwokya, Kampala, NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine furiously noted that they are not stupid and that history will tell.

    “Hon.Zaake, wherever you are I want you to know that me as an individual am proud of you, NUP is proud of you and all Ugandans. Thank you for not conforming to the nonsense of Parliament. Thank you for not shutting up. Thank you doing what exactly you were elected to do,” he said.

    Bobi Wine added, “To all of you leaders, we are elected to represent our people, stop this nonsense of talking about policy, there is no policy in Uganda. The only policy is to maintain the freedom of our people. We have been reduced to seeking rights to be human beings. We don’t have the right to be a human beings.

    “To you leaders, before you discuss anything else, before you talk about how much money they are going to give to Roko, before you discuss how much money is going to be stolen, before you discuss the increment of the Members of Parliament, let us discuss about the liberty and freedom and the human rights of our people.”

    Bobi Wine adduced that he was in shock of how he saw Tayebwa respond to Zaake’s issue that he raised during plenary.

    He divulged, “But on the other side, I shouldn’t have been shocked because this very Tayebwa Thomas, on the 28th, August, 2020, he was filmed torturing an employee of UMEME who caught him stealing power.

    “So to you Mr.Tayebwa wherever you are, we are not fools, you can pose off, you can feel so powerful, with that stupid colonial wig on your head. But we want to tell you that you are being watched and history will treat you exactly the way you treated Ugandans.

    “To all our fellow leaders, what should be priority now, are our leaders, they are abducting our people and killing them and you know that, that should be on your lips and all TV stations and radios.

    NUP deputy spokesperson, Waiswa Mufumbiro also sarcastically noted that now that Tayebwa is happy, he should take his family for holiday.

    “Some of you behave like you have habits of eating dead people. People like Tayebwa, I think you find fun because you beat up a person, I think you even eat dead bodies,” he said.

    Mufumbiro contended, “You give ultimatums because you are working for someone who compelled to cross from your former ideologies to necessitate yourself to feel comfortable in that small position of robbery and thuggery where you are seated with comfort of maximum idiotism and you think that your going to shape this country with your emptiness, Mr.Tayebwa. We know you have no respect for humanity but it is very unfortunate.”


    During plenary yesterday, Zaake raised an issue of increased abductions where he cited Rule 78B and C, Rule 85 and part 5 of Appendix F of the Rules of Procedure.

    He said, “Mr.Speaker I raise on a procedurial matter under Rule 78B and C, Rule 85 and part 5 of Appendix F of the Rules of Procedure which requires us as MPs to base our conduct on full publication of the public interest.

    “The abduction of citizens especially here in the Central Region has reached a crisis level. The victims are mostly supporters of the Opposition.”

    He further cited cases of former presidential candidate, Joseph Kabuleta and Sheikh Ramathan Yahaya who were arrested on Monday in broad daylight by armed men.

    He added, “For 24 days now, NUP supporter, Kavuma Jamshid who also doubles as my president’s bodyguard was also abducted with three other youths and only this month alone, 100s of youths have been abducted and are nowhere to be seen.”

    It is here that Tayebwa stopped Zaake from speaking and asked him to sit down so he could be guided.

    Zaake however insisted and kept speaking until the microphone was turned off. He later caused commotion in Parliament.

    “If you (Zaake) want to do drama, go and do it in your constituency, you can’t do it on this floor. If you want pictures of people holding you up and how you were arrested to use during campaigns, we can organise for you, we are near national theatre,” Tayebwa warned.

    The Deputy Speaker later adjourned the session and ordered it to resume after 30 minutes.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Former Presidential Candidate Sent To Luzira Prison, Charged With Sectarianism…



    Joseph Kabuleta

    Court has constrained from hearing bail application for National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) boss, Joseph Kabuleta and remanded him to Luzira Prison till 14th December, 2022.

    The former Presidential candidate was today presented before the Chief Magistrates court in Nakawa and charged with sectarianism.

    Court however constrained to hear his bail application and remanded him till 14th, December, 2022.

    It should be remembered that Kabuleta was picked from his NEED offices in Bugolobi on Monday and was arrested by a group of men dressed casually who drove him away in a drone.

    Police however revealed that it is alleged that on 30th May 2022 in Kampala District, Joseph Kabuleta and others held a press conference under their Political Party, National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED), where they alleged that social service delivery in Mbarara is based on ethnic lines of the Tutsi, Bahima, Bakiga and Banyakore.

    “Kabuleta and others shall be charged with Promoting Sectarianism C/S 41(1) of the PCA CAP 120,” police said.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Parliament To Censure Minister Namuganza On Grounds Of Indiscipline…



    The Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline Hon. Charles Onen (L) tables the committee report on Hon. Persis Namuganza (R)

    Parliament is set to censure State Minister, for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Persis Namuganza on grounds of indiscipline.

    Appearing before plenary today, the Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline, Charles Onen tabled a committee report on the alleged misconduct and misbehaviour of Persis Namuganza.

    This comes after reports from the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline indicating that Namuganza attacked Parliament that it is powerless and does not have the powers to censure her.

    Namuganza’s attack came in relation to her involvement in the Naguru-Nakawa land allocations.

    Parliament indicted Namuganza in May 2022 following a report by the Adhoc Committee on Naguru-Nakawa land where she was faulted for falsifying a presidential directive that saw Uganda Land Commission allocate land to certain entities.

    MPs during the plenary that sat on 13th, July 2022, noted that Namuganza went on and ridiculed Parliament and its leadership in relation to the findings of the committee.

    Bukooli County Central MP, Hon. Solomon Silwany however noted that such an attack on the leaders of Parliament affects the integrity of Parliament.

    “She should explain her conduct to us on why she would go out on social media and TV and bash the way Parliament is working,” he added.

    Namuganza however denied allegations and tasked her accusers to table evidence pinning her.

    Mr.Onen informed Parliament today that it is alleged that Hon Namuganza also went on media questioning the powers and integrity of the presiding officers to form Adhoc Committees to investigate the Nakawa-Naguru land allocation.

    “In its observation, the Committee found that the conduct and behaviour of Hon Namuganza constitutes gross misconduct and misbehaviour and is not befitting of a Member of Parliament, more so a Minister,” he said.

    Mr.Onen further revealed that the Committee on Rules, Privileges, and Discipline recommended that the House invokes Article 118(1) (b) of the Constitution and Rule 106 of the Rules of Procedure to censure Hon Persis Namuganza.

    Efforts to reach Namuganza were futile as she failed to pick up our phone calls.


    By Kalamira Hope


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