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HELP! South African Investor Wants To Grab My 16,000 Acres Of Land – Capt. Roy Cries To Museveni For Help As He Fights To Save His Multi-Billion Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary



Captain Joseph Charles Roy (JCR) and his family trading as Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch (ZRWR) are restless after a South African investor they partnered with turned against them to the extent of wanting to grab their 16,000 acres of land.

The investor in question is Angella (Angie) Genade, the Executive Director of Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU), who accuses Capt. Roy of wanting to remove the Rhinos from the ranch yet RFU has nowhere to take them.  The rhinos are kept at Capt. Roy’s ranch on concessional terms with Angella’s husband Genade.

Apparently, Angie as she is commonly known has been mobilizing the local community, international community and the government to intervene in this matter which is threatening the endangered species of Southern White Rhinos, only found at ZRWR in the whole country and only two at Entebbe Zoo.

However, Roy argues that it is a deliberate effort to tarnish his image as a person threatening Rhinos and tourism in Uganda because of the conflict between Capt. Roy family and RFU.

We have obtained his letter dated 7th February 2019 to President Yoweri Museveni seeking his intervention over the matter.

The Grapevine understands that this letter titled ‘Matters of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary (The Conflict)’ to the President has since been blocked by a conflicted State House official from reaching him.

Angella Genade alias Angie, the Executive Director of Rhino Fund Uganda


According to Roy’s letter, in 2002, a lady in the name of Yvonne of RFU approached capt Roy and his family with the idea of re-introducing Rhinos into Uganda and have them housed at his Nakitooma Ranch based in Nakasongola district.

She persuaded JCR to become a conservationist and he accepted.

He bought another Ranch at Kiryana, Masindi and moved over 7,000 animals he had at his Nakitooma Ranch based in Nakasongola district, at his cost.

Roy spent over Shs7bn in relocating his business, says the letter.

Nakitooma Ranch is the current home of these Rhinos.

The letter adds that Roy subsequently built a perimeter fence at Buruli (Nakitooma) ranch together with Yvonne.

“His daughter Wendy Roy, himself and Yvonne organized international fundraising for the electric fence and the cost of trans locating the initial 4 Rhinos from Kenya and another 2 from USA,” the letter to the President adds.

It is understood that Roy gave his 16,000 Acres of land for the good of the country and wildlife.

He and family were part and parcel of the initial Board, recruited the previous 4 Executive Directors of RFU and was key in the decision making process on the RFU and Rhinos.

He also constructed all the houses at the sanctuary, drilled boreholes and water dips among other enormous contributions.

Tourist viewing the Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch


Documents obtained by the Grapevine indicate that in 2010, JCR gave a 25-year Concession Agreement to Angella’s husband Genade to operate a lodge at the Ranch (D & D International).

Under the Concession Agreement, D&D International, a company owned by Angella and her family, were to pay 10% of gross income from the lodge, 10% from the Restaurant to JCR from 2010.

It was also to pay another 10% from accommodation and 10% from Restaurant to RFU as JCR’s contribution to the welfare of the Rhinos.

However, Roy’s letter to the President claims that not a shilling has been paid by D&D International or Angella’s family to JCR and family.

He also accuses D & D International of committing several crimes including dodging paying taxes to the Government of Uganda and mobilizing the Local Government and Community with a view of grabbing Capt. Roy’s land among others.

“All the above and the issue of non-payment forced JCR in November 2017 to terminate the Concession with both RFU and D & D International,” the letter says.

However, Angella refused the termination and run to Arbitration as provided by the Agreement.

Ziwa Rhino Lodge and Restaurant

“She immediately put a caveat on the 16,000 Acres without any interest knowing; she was merely a tenant and a foreigner who cannot caveat Mailo land,” reads the letter.

It is also understood that she attempted to convert the tenancy to a lease Agreement.

Further, she denied Capt. Roy and his family access to the land and the right to upgrade their lodge and Ranch.

It is also understood that Roy sought the intervention of RFU to remove Angella from RFU Executive Director but he didn’t succeed as she holds a lot of powers.

“Their actions and failure to act by the terms of the two Concessions is what is a danger to the Rhinos,” the letter says.

The sanctuary attracts close to 100,000 tourists a year.

In the letter, Roy requests President’s intervention “to reign on the police leadership of Nakasongola to stop protecting the land grabbers but instead protect the animals and his land.”



GUILTY AS CHARGED: You Kidnapped And Killed Her – Court Finally Convicts Pine Car Bond Businessman Sebuufu On Katushabe’s Murder



It was tears and jubilation as pine car bond businessman Muhammad Sebuufu and seven others were convicted on the murder of businesswoman Donna Betty Katushabe, a former Centenary bank employee. 

“I found out that state has proved beyond reasonable doubt all the ingredients in the three counts of murder, kidnap with intention to murder and armed robbery which were charged against Muhammad Ssebuufu, Phillip Mirambe, Steven Lwanga, Shaban Odutu, Paul Tasingika,  Dameseni Ssentongo, Godfrey Kayinza  and I  convict them,” High Court Judge Flavia Anglin Senoga said. She said that the prosecution team led by senior state prosecutor Michael Ojok  and Winfred Ahimbisibwe placed Sebuufu and his co-accussed on the scene of crime at pine car bond in Kampala where the deceased was tortured from and later died at the entrance of  Kampala central police station.

The late Katushabe’s lawyer Annet Kyomugisha (2nd R)

The judge refuted the alibis which Sebuufu based on to defend himself that on the day Katushabe was tortured, he was at Mwanga 2 court in Mengo not at pine as the state witnesses testified. The judge stated that the convict had malice forethought to murder the deceased because after planning the move to kidnap her from her home in Bwebajja on Entebbe road instead of driving her to Kampala central police station. The soft-spoken judge said that the act of taking Katushabe to pine car bond showed that the suspects wanted to negotiate with her on how to pay the remaining shs9m on the purchased Toyota Premio from pine car bond. 

She based her judgment on the postmortem report which indicated that Katushabe was first tortured before she died. The learned judge wondered why the convicts instead of torturing the deceased didn’t file a civil suit so that their balance is paid through civil courts. She noted that the suspect participated in committing the crime according to the testimony of Peter Tumusiime, a lawyer who was sent to pine to rescue Katushabe from Sebuufu’s hands.

Tumusiime told court that he saw with his necked eye Sebuufu and Odutu undressing and beating up the deceased while squeezing her breasts and private parts. The judge further pointed out the star testimony was from Annet Kyomugisha, a lawyer to Katushabe, who told court that it was Sebuufu who called her on phone and put Katushabe on the loud speaker. Katushabe was crying and begging her lawyer to look for money because her captors had promised to kill her if she did not get the money.

Katushabe’s relatives jubilating

However, the judge put Steven Lwanga, a special hire driver at pine on charges of associating with the convicts who murdered Katushabe because when he was hired to drive Katushabe to police, he drove her back to pine where she was seriously tortured. State prosecutor Michael Ojok asked for an adjournment to prepare his submission on the sentencing because the convict deserves a maximum punishment of death. Sebuufu’s lawyer Evans Ochang told journalists that he is not happy with the judgment and he has to first read the entire judgment before advising his client on the way forward and whether to appeal in the court or not.

Katushabe’s relatives celebrated after the judgment and applauded the judge for standing by the truth adding that Sebuufu bribed all the people who were handling their case since 2015. Robert Muhindo, a brother to Katushabe said that even though Katushabe is dead and they can’t return her life, she will feel very contentedwherever she is. The convicted will know their fate on 1st July 2019.

By Jamil Lutakome


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It Was A Stage Managed Robbery – Rwomushana Punches Holes In Fang Fang Hotel Roberry



Former State House operative cum political commentator Charles Rwomushana has punched holes in the robbery at Fang Fang hotel in Nakasero over the weekend.

On Sunday night, a joint team of Internal Security Organisation (ISO) and other security personnels allegedly arrested two soldiers and their driver in a foiled armed robbery at Fang Fang Hotel near Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

The security forces identified the suspects as Cpl Abbas Majid, Lance Cpl Ivan Asiimwe and their driver Ivan Opio.

They say the suspects were armed with two Sub-Machine Guns loaded with 300 bullets. They allegedly attacked the hotel at midnight but were intercepted by security operatives from ISO and SFC. The fourth suspect is still on the run.

Rwomushana, who is a security operative himself says, “Four Museveni soldiers are said to have been involved in a foiled robbery at Fang Fang.

This story breaks on the heels of the Nansana attack. I have argued before and I will still do that the Nansana attack was not a robbery. I wouldn’t consider the NRA attack on Kabale Bank of Uganda currency centre a robbery. This Fang Fang operation appears interesting. The targeted available amount of money was five million shillings. Gross profit for each soldier involved in the operation was averagely one million shillings.”

Rwomushana adds, “Most of these operators are noncommissioned officers (NCOs)…whose salaries are way above Museveni LDUs. ..above 300,000.

Expenses would include money for the informer insider, surveillance operations etc. Take home would be around 500,000. That is two months’ salary.

So what would be the motivation for Museveni military unit to indulge in such a silly robbery? I don’t see money being the motivating factor.

Did the purported robbery take place? Or its merely stage managed as propaganda to show that yes soldiers are involved in robberies but ISO and SFC are very efficient in curtailing them? I’m sure Fang Fang has a cctv camera system. Kindly upload those motion pictures so that the Thomas in me confirms the resurrection. Otherwise I will hold its another episode in a complex movie.”

By Doreen Menezer


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Sheikh Charged With Killing Maama Fiina’s Husband Released On Bail, Ordered To Avoid Preaching Inciting Sermons



High court International Crimes Division Judge Duncan Gaswaaga has released Tabliq sect acting Amir sheikh Ramathan Mwanje on bail from Luzira prison where he has been since 2016.

The judge was very convinced with the four sureties that Mwanje presented and he agreed with the lawyers of the applicant that Mwanje has a fixed place of abode in Makindye Division. The prosecution did not present any evidence that Mwanje’s release would interfere with the state investigations. “It’s fair and just to grant him bail on grounds that his continued detention infringes his fundamental rights,” the Judge stated.

He was released on a non cash bail of shs20m while his sureties were ordered to execute a shs10m non cash bond to ensure that they compel Mwanje to report back to court when he is need. The sheikh has further been forbidden from preaching while making statements that are deemed to incite other Muslims to engage in criminal acts. He was also warned to always be humbled and disciplined to and co-operative with security agencies who may approach him in respect to this case.

He was also ordered to report to court every Tuesday of every month until he receives further orders from court. Mwanje is charged with Muhammad Buyondo, Adbul Wahaab Ssendegeya, Musa Ssekandi and Yusuf Nyanzi of killing major Muhammad Kiggundu and his body guard captain Steven Mukasa, aiding and abetting terrorism and confessing that he belonged to a terrorist group of ADF between 2010 and 2017.

By Jamil Lutakome


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