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Honestly Museveni Has Overstayed In Power But He Is Not The Worst President On Earth – As Kyalya Blasts Bobi Wine



Former presidential candidate Maureen Kyalya has blasted Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and praised president Museveni saying he is not the worst president Uganda has had as Bobi Wine is trying to portray him internationally.

In her rant on social media, Kyalya said, “Honestly Museveni has overstayed in power but that does not necessarily mean Uganda has the worst president on earth. I personally wish to publicly disassociate myself with anything to do with people power leaned opposition and even if I am stoned and booed and chased like a dog if I have no one to stand with me I will stand with YK Museveni until the last day.”

She further stated that even when Obote’s regime shot everyone dead in Museveni’s presence, he never made a fuss about humiliating Uganda as a country by washing the country’s dirty linen in public as Bobi Wine is doing.

“So much was done to him (Museveni) in fact he was shot by the Obote regime and everyone around him died but he never made such a fuss about humiliating Uganda as a country by washing all our dirty linen in public.

I am expecting insults but I will either stand alone or with YK Museveni for now if I must choose between NRM; FDC and People Power.

I do not subscribe to the NRM leadership but neither do I identify with popularism and insensitivity towards the protection of the sovereignty of our mother land Uganda,” she writes.

Kyalya gained fame during her antigovernment propaganda while still a member in Kizza Besigye’s Forum for Democratic Change until the ruling party chairman Yoweri Museveni appointed her as a presidential adviser.


By Adadi Kanyike



TOUGH GUIDELINES ON MASKS: No Politicizing The Issue, Gov’t Bans Branded Masks, 17 More Companies Given Permission To Help Nytil…



Bobi Wine wears the People Power mask

Government is set to ban all branded masks in a move that will stop the politicizing of the mask issue.

Just like it was at the beginning of the Covid19 crisis, when politicians seized the opportunity of delivering food and relief items to the vulnerable people to drum up support in their areas, there is fear from government that the mask issue is also being politicized.

However, in a move to put a stop on this, new guidelines have been issued on the nature of masks that will be allowed.

It should be remembered that when President Museveni announced that everyone will be required to wear a mask when they are going outdoors; individuals, companies, political parties and pressure groups started manufacturing their own branded masks.

However, a letter shared by Impact Media Agency alleges that Uganda Manufacturers association (UMA) held a meeting with officials in the Prime Minister’s office and they agreed to contract more companies to make enough masks to meet the high demand.

In a letter dated 19th May, 2020, signed by UMA Board Member, Mr. Richard Mubiru, tough guidelines have been issued to the 18 companies that have been selected to manufacture masks.

“Reference is made to the meeting that you chaired today at the OPM Conference Hall that featured manufacturers of Masks with the view to galvanizing the national capacity to produce the 35 Million Masks necessary to ensure that all Ugandans above six years are able to wear Masks before the further opening up of the country from the current lockdown, due in two weeks’ time from yesterday’s Presidential address,” the letter reads.

The letter adds, “Rt. Hon Prime Minister, arising from the meeting and the further consultations that ensued between Masks manufacturers and the Scientists deputed by the Ministry of Health, the following resolutions emerged:

(1) That the specification acceptable for Masks shall be two ply of cotton fabric, with an opening that can be used to insert a filter by the user, where possible;

(2) That the Masks color shall be any color other than red, blue, green and yellow associated with political organizations in Uganda;

(3) That individual potential suppliers were to contract as individual entities to ease traceability and accountability for public funds involved to ensure good value for money;

NRM mask

(4) That samples shall be shared with UMA who shall in tum submit the samples to Ministry of Health by Wednesday, 20th May 2020, the procuring entity as guided by the Ministry of Finance during the meeting;

(5) That no form of branding shall be applicable to the Masks to ensure that production capacity is not compromised;

(6) That a Representative Committee was constituted, chaired by a UMA Board Member, Mr. Richard Mubiru that shall be responsible for coordination of the procurement and production activities alongside UMA to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible;

(7) That UMA reaches out to non UMA members that have capacity to produce Masks so that such entities capacity is added onto the UMA based capacity for Masks production;

(8) That the confirmed daily capacity is in the region of at least 1,120,300 Masks per day for the participating entities is contained in the capacity Annexure hereto attached.

UMA later tweeted, “UMA is coordinating the manufacture of masks by our members. UMA so far has 18 companies lined up to produce the said masks and is working to ready more manufacturers for this task. So far capacity stands at 1.12 million masks per day.”

By Sandra Mukisa

For Comments, tips and feedback WhatsApp: +256772098226


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Museveni Is Hoodwinking The Public, He Has Money To Conduct 2021 Elections – MP Tinkasimire….



Hon. Tinkasimire and President Museveni (inset)

Controversial Buyaga West County MP Barnabas Tinkasimire has said that President Museveni is hoodwinking the public, he has compromised parliament with money.

While debating on Nxt radios, the nxt big talk, Tinkasimire warned that it was wrong for the president to condemn the Shs.10bn given to legislators because he has always used money to get gis way in parliament.

“MPs are morally reprehensible. However, should he be talking about morality in the first place? Legislators were already compromised by the UGX 200 million to tamper with article 102(b) from the president. He can’t talk about issues of morality,” Tinkasimire said.

He added, “This issue comes back to President Museveni who writes a letter to hoodwink the public. This is the highest level of hoodwinking. Is the UGX 40 million a lesser evil than the UGX 20 million he asked MPs to return? The major preoccupation of this government is to manage intergovernmental relations. Museveni has largely compromised parliament with money. Does UPDF deserve the UGX 458 billion that came alongside the #COVID19 funds? Which war are we fighting? What I don’t want M7 to run away from is that he is solidly behind this UGX 10 billion mess.”

“The public should also understand that it was unfair on the president’s side to bash. He is talking about the UGX 20 million, yet it is his minister of finance who pushed this proposal and argued it on the floor of the house. Squarely, whereas he portrayed himself as an angel in public, he is part of this mess. He survives on political bodies, this time around, he wanted to survive on political dead bodies of legislators,” Tinkasimire argued.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) legislator disclosed that president Museveni cannot extend the 2021 elections because he has the money to conduct them.

“President Museveni is only playing in the hands of the opposition, he is telling them what he is not going to do. He can’t extend the coming elections. If he was, he would not have supplied money to the Electoral Commission. He is dealing with the crisis but he found the money to give EC, they have all the money to run the elections.”


By Sandra Mukisa

For Comments, tips and feedback WhatsApp: +256772098226


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UNTOLD STORY: Why Busoga Celebrated Anita Among For Bringing Down Showy Busoga Kingdom Minister Namutamba Over Facebook Rant…



L-R: Namutamba, Kadaga and Among

Helen Namutamba, the Busoga Kingdom tourism Minister has now spent three days in Kiira police cells after MP Anita Among reported her to police for hiring Brian Kinene from Kamuli to open war on her using Facebook while claiming she is fighting Kadaga on behalf of the President.

Namutamba has been sleeping in the cells where she even feigned sickness by forcing herself to vomit profusely but the cops who were on high alert realized she was just faking it. Lawyer Asuman Basalirwa, Busoga Deputy Katikkiro and Judge David Batema have been trying to get her out on bond but it’s not easy because Amongi, who is the complainant, wants her to be taken to court and later on to Luzira like Stella Nyanzi.


On Saturday, Amongi, who is common in Busoga’s Buyende district these days campaigning for her friend Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) boss Eng. Magogo, got reports that Kinene had posted on Facebook cursing her for fighting Kadaga using big sacks of money.

She tried to talk to Kinene to understand why he was accusing her of things she hadn’t done but Kinene played hide and seek which forced flying squad operatives from Kireka to locate him through phone tapping. He was harvested from Kamuli where he was hiding and sources say he tried to threaten them using a panga but they overpowered him and drove him to Kireka at 10pm of Saturday.

After being thoroughly grilled, Kinene confessed that it was Namutamba who had hired him to destroy Amongi and many other big people before using Facebook posts.

The detectives started looking for Namutamba. They planned to grab her on Monday but she got to know about it the moment Kinene was arrested.

She escaped from her home in Namugongo, which she built during the days of Bamugemereire land probe and went to Kadaga’s home in Muyenga.

Detectives tried to grab her from there on Monday and Tuesday but Kadaga’s bodyguards chased them away.

On Wednesday, she went to Kadaga’s office in Parliament, detectives still tried to grab her from there but she ran to Kadaga’s room.

The speaker acted tough on them and advised them to write and summon her properly which they did.

When Namutamba went to Kira division as summoned, she was arrested.


Because some employees in Kadaga’s office hate her for rumor mongering, they even directed detectives how to squeeze her properly even when her boyfriend Rashid in Oman tried to protect her by calling some big people in security.

In Basoga there are some people who are happy to see Helen Namutamba, who they accuse of always bragging that she well connected to big people like Muhoozi, rotting in police cells.

Some accuse her of reporting them to Kadaga who never questioned her intelligence reports, with others accusing her of making the speaker lose many close people.

They accuse her of telling the speaker that her own sister Betty Kadaga who works for NWSC in Jinja was working for Amama Mbabazi to poison her.  Since then, Kadaga got annoyed and doesn’t trust her own sister anymore.

There are allegations that she once caused Kadaga not to trust her own old mother at Mbulamuti by saying the mother is too soft even to people who want to kill the Speaker.

At Mbulamuti, which is Kadaga’s home village in Kamuli, Helen is accused of always barking at family members arguing that she is the one who knows who means well or doesn’t wish well for the Speaker.

“Some members are happy and sent cocks, ducks and goats to her home in Ntinda to congratulate her for doing a good job,” a close family member disclosed.

In the Kingdom, many fellow ministers don’t like Helen because she is always telling Kadaga bad things about them. Even former MP Kafufu was very happy because she fought and removed him from the Kagulu Hill climbing challenge after President M7 put in money to promote tourism.

Still in Busoga Kingdom, Helen allegedly told bad stories to the wife of one of the big men there and the wife was so annoyed after she listed the names of beautiful gals in Kampala that the big kingdom minister was bonking.

Some of them can’t believe the poor gal from Bugiri who started from the Busoga Twegaite meetings in London is now very favored by Kadaga who even got her a job in State House after telling Kyabazinga to make her Minister.

At Parliament, some MPs from Busoga don’t like her because she always tells Kadaga what they call false stories about them.

In Buikwe, some of the residents were happy to see her in problems because they think it’s her rumor mongering and false stories that caused problems and misunderstandings between Judith Babirye and MP Sebulime when she came between them pretending to be a friend.


By Temusewo Mpoza

For Comments, tips and feedback WhatsApp: +256772098226


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