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    How About You Just Donate Your Armoured Car To Gov’t? – Prof. Ndebesa Advises Bobi…



    Makerere University lecturer, Prof. Mwambutsya Ndebesa has advised National Unity Platform (NUP) principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine to “give up” up his armoured car to the government as another way of freeing himself from witch-hunt.

    Ndebesa made the remarks today, following Uganda Revenue Authority’s (URA) directive that Bobi Wine pays over 300 million Uganda shillings to secure his controversial car.

    “If I were Kyagulanyi I would simply make a pronouncement at a press conference that I have “donated” my new controversial new car to government,” Ndebesa said adding that otherwise, the whole saga about URA re-evaluation of the car’s tax is nothing but political witch-hunt.

    He queried; “If NRM government was serious about following up on tax justice why didn’t it follow up on taxes that Danze the NRM business company had evaded and recovered the money in public interest?”

    Bobi Wine termed the while process “another shameful move” by government to frustrate him.

    “URA wants me to pay for the vehicle which came into the country legally and was cleared by all relevant agencies,” Bobi Wine ranted before further arguing that;

    “The vehicle was taken to the Directorate of Interpol in Kololo and they cleared it. It was then taken  to the forensics department of Police in Naguru, and they too cleared it. Then we took it to URA and they did their own independent verification and levied the relevant tax which we paid.”

    Bobi Wine states that the whole clearance process was entirely smooth for one reason that his name hadn’t come into the picture, citing that for several months no authority did raise any concern about the same car. He insinuated that indeed, if the car belonged to any other citizen, there wouldn’t be any issue.

    “It was only when we transferred the car into my name that they began looking for fault and did not find any. At first they claimed that armoured vehicles require clearance by the Ministry of Defence. But there was no law to back their outrageous claim,” Bobi Wine said.

    “That is how they said it was undervalued. We understand they quickly moved and sacked, demoted or persecuted all URA, Interpol and Police staff who did their job and cleared this vehicle. For no reason whatsoever, they punished them for not knowing that the car would end up in Bobi Wine’s name! Others were summoned by CMI for interrogation,” he added.

    Bobi Wine blamed the “irregularity” on the incumbent government presided over by Yoweri Museveni. The opposition leader strongly believes he is being witch-hunted by the state.

    He said; “All public institutions are personalized by Gen. Museveni who does with them whatsoever he pleases. As I have consistently said, when you take on Museveni, you have taken on all government institutions and they will gang up against you. The God who defends the weak against the strong is on our side. In the end, we shall look back to these trials and tribulations and make a pledge never to repeat the same mistakes.”



    Inside Speaker Among Fight To Save Police Bosses M7 Ordered To Be Slapped With Criminal Charges Over Dusty Bukedea By-Election…



    Speaker Anita Among

    Evans Ochieng, the Criminal law giant and also personal lawyer to flamboyant Speaker of Parliament Annet Anita Among has confirmed to the mighty Grapevine that he has filed a bail application at Soroti High Court for police officers who President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ordered to be slapped with criminal charges over dusty Bukedea district chairperson by-election.

    In June 2023, president Museveni directed Brig. Gen. Henry Isoke the commandant of the State House Anti-Corruption Unit to investigate allegations that government officials were involved in the dirty by-elections which resulted into injuring a one David Stephen Omagor who was denied the opportunity to participate in the by-election and was robbed of Shs163m.

    The by-election was won by National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Mary Akol who was supported by speaker Among.

    However, after the election, Museveni was told that Akol’s victory was as a result of violence orchestrated by party big wings in Teso region.

    Among the government officials who were arrested include; Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Wilberforce Tukei, the District Police Commander (DPC) Charles Okoto, the Gombolola Internal Security Officer (GISO) Mahmoud Oluka and Dan Malinga, the District Councilor representing Bukedea Town Council.

    Upon arrest, they were charged with offences of neglect to prevent a felony and were released on Court bail.

    However, other officers who include; Alex Enguloit, the officer in charge of criminal investigations at Bukedea Central Police Station; Police Constable Onesmus Akankwasa; D/C Simon Peter Oriokot; Police Constable Difas Kamakoin and Police Constable Born Naibei were charged with offences of murder, aggravated robbery and aggravated torture.

    State alleges that the accused persons participated in the murder of Paul Anguria and Alex Enguliot.

    They were arrested from Kachumbala in Bukedea district.

    Highly placed sources at the Office of the Speaker revealed to theGrapevine that their boss directed his lawyer Ochieng together with Caleb Alaka to make sure that the accused persons are released explaining that they are being persecuted by her opponents in Teso region because of their allegiance to her.

    Among trusts Alaka and Ochieng so much because they were the ones who saved her from one of her competitor for Bukedea district woman Member of Parliament seat Hallen Akol who fought up to the Supreme Court challenging Among’s unopposed win.

    Akol accused late Wilson Masalu Musene of conniving with Among and denying her the opportunity to contest for the same seat in 2021 parliamentary election when a court order issued to Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama not to nominate her on allegation of not having the required academic papers.

    Sources explained to theGrapevine that two top government officers including one army general persuaded President Museveni to take a directive to apprehend the said security officers with the aim of weakening Among’s political ambitions.

    Sources claimed that the female politician who reported Among to Museveni for fueling violence in Bukedea is very sure that with Among’s popularity, her chances of retaining his top government job in the coming years is limited.

    Sources added that the female politician from Teso directed that the officers who are still in prisons be imprisoned in Soroti not in Bukedea fearing that they can be released without her knowledge and she is seriously following the bail application filed by Ochieng.

    But Among is also using her contacts which she used to release the Bukedea district RDC and the DPC to help the remaining officers secure their freedom.

    Sources added that Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s visit to Bukedea relieved some pressure off Among because her enemies were moving around the entire region telling voters that she is in bad books with the first family.

    In Bukedea, Among declares support for Gen. Muhoozi as the next President of Uganda replacing his father. She explained that in Bukedea, they believe in father, son and the holy spirit.

    Henry Peter Adonyo, the Soroti Resident High Court Judge has not yet announced the day to entertain the officer’s bail application.

    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Troubled Businessman Ham Kiggundu Supporters Beg M7 Save His Empire; Spill Secret Plans To Auction His Properties…



    Businessman Ham Kiggundu

    Supporters and sympathies of troubled businessman Hamis Kiggundu the proprietor of Ham Enterprises Uganda Limited and Kiggs International Uganda Limited want President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to save their man’s empire which is under threat after the Supreme Court judgment.

    Last week, Supreme Court justices; Owiny Dollo (Chief Justice), Justice Faith Mwondha, Justice John Mike Chibita, Justice Percy Night Tuhaise and Justice Steven Musota unanimously dismissed Kiggundu’s appeal against Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) in the Shs120bn case.

    The Justices declared that the Shs41bn loan which Kiggundu secured from DTB Kenya was legally issued.

    They directed the Commercial Division of the High Court judge who is going to try the matter again to only concentrate on facts not legality.

    However, sources close to Kiggundu’s lawyers claim that the controversial businessman has instructed their lawyers to file a constitutional petition in the constitutional court challenging the Supreme Court decision insisting that it contradicts with the national constitution especially on grounds of fair hearing.

    Even though Kiggundu is still very determine that he is going to save his multibillion empire through courts of law, his supporters led by senior presidential advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi, who also claims to be a relative to Kiggundu, have pleaded with president Museveni to save the youthful businessman’s empire.

    “I pray that President Museveni’s attention will be drawn to this young man’s troubles. He has to save him like he has been saving other people even those in the opposition like late John Ssebaana Kizito, businessman Mukwano and James Mulwana when their empires were threatened by mafias,” Mirundi said.

    He added that he has recorded audio evidence when mafias in business and legal circles from Uganda and Kenya are strategising on how to finish Kiggundu and his properties once they are put up for sale.

    Mirundi claims that the people he branded as mafias are targeting Kiggundu’s properties, especially the newly completed Nakivubo stadium.

    Highly placed insiders at K&K Advocate who represented DTB Bank revealed that they are done with summation of the court costs that the Supreme Court awarded them which are in billions of shillings.

    The justices of the Supreme Court awarded DTB bank with 50% of the total costs at the court of appeal and at the Supreme Court.

    K&K Advocates whose founding partners are Kiryowa Kiwanuka, the country’s Attorney General and Edwin Karugire, a commercial law giant and also son-in- law to President Museveni, is currently one of the expensive law firms in the city and their instruction fee are high and most of the times they charge in dollars.

    Kiggundu’s lawyers led by Fred Muwema, who is currently out of the country on special legal duties and Robert Friday Kagoro are also strategising on how to finish DTB Bank even though they suffered a setback at the Supreme Court.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Bad Black Finds Her Match In Acram And Kulthum Battle, Forced To Go On Vacation…



    Bad Black with lover Usher (L) and Kulthum with husband Acram (R)

    Socialite Sharitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black became popular for the wrong reasons and has tried staying in the lime light through giving uncalled for opinions, insulting others and spilling her own secrets.

    Black has successfully been at it until she poked her nose into Acram Gumisiriza and Kulthum Nabunya’s marriage.

    After Acram appeared in a TikTok video crying and asking for forgiveness. Bad Black shared on her social media words of advice asking him to remove his relationship from the media.

    “My opinion is that small misunderstandings doesn’t make you appear in all TV interviews unless you’re dense… You can solve the matter out of cameras, not everything should be known by the public. Acram’s reasoning capacity is for a P7 drop out. Relationship is not a public toilet you are adults,” Black posted

    Unlike other people who have kept quiet after her attacks, Acram responded to Black’s post and in the process, attacked Bad black’s lover boy Usher alias Slim daddy by calling him a doll made from Banana fibers.

    Black responded with a Facebook live filled with vulgar insults towards Acram and Kulthum. To calm the situation, Kulthum warned Black off her marriage and threatened to take her to courts of law if she throws her vulgarities at them again.

    The couple on Saturday followed the words with action when they reported Bad Black to Central Police Station (CPS). The case files read Cyber harassment, false allegations towards their family and insulting the modesty of a woman under file number 1303/06/2023.

    Unfazed with their move, Black said that the cases filed against her are bailable and she has a good team of lawyers who will help her overcome them.

    Black also did the same, she filed a case against Acram at Kira Police Station under file number 44/03/06123. She is accusing Acram of IT violence.

    Scared for her freedom and money, Bad Black fled out of the country with her boyfriend on Sunday for a vacation. She claims that she doesn’t have time to spend on crimes that have no money involved.


    By Rahma Zawedde


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