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    How Do You Leave Shs.700 Million On Your Personal Account And Borrow Shs. 450 Million? Judge Grills Nabillah Over Baryamureeba Loan, Court Halts Sale Of Husband’s House…



    Prof. Baryamureeba (L), Nabillah (C) and Husband Sempala (R)

    High Court commercial Division judge Stephen Mubiru yesterday grilled former Kampala Woman Member of Parliament, Nabilah Naggayi Sempala over loans she acquired from former presidential candidate Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba.

    Nabillah acquired a loan from Prof. Baryamurreeba of Shs.450m in 2013.

    In March 2021, Baryamureeba revealed that even before repaying any installment on the UGX 450M, Nabillah and the husband asked for a second loan of UGX 400M to acquire a home in Canada where they wanted to relocate the family.

    After a long battle between the couple and Baryamureeba, the former Makerere University Vice Chancellor decided to take their Buziga home, which was given to him as collateral, to repay himself.

    Mr. Sempala ran to court to stop Baryamureeba from taking his home claiming that he never gave permission to his wife to get money from Baryamureeba.

    Baryamureeba also petitioned court asking them to grant him permission to sell the house to recover his money.

    Nabillah contended that Sempala gave him permission to get the loans from Baryamureeba.

    Yesterday, court wanted to establish whether Nabillah sought her husband’s consent while getting the loan.

    While in the dock, Nabillah told Justice Mubiru that her husband gave her permission to get a loan from Baryamureeba.

    Nabillah disclosed that Baryamureeba first gave them Shs.450 million, after, he gave them another 400 million which makes a total of Shs.850 million.

    Justice Mubiru asked Nabillah why the documents she put on court record are conflicting what she is telling court.

    He told her that neither is there document or letter on court record showing that her husband gave her permission to acquire the loan, nor a signature of her husband on any document.

    Nabillah told Mubiru that she signed the loan agreements on behalf of her husband.

    Justice Mubiru then asked Nabillah the purpose of the money she borrowed from Baryamureeba.

    She replied that they wanted to use the Shs. 450 million to buy a house in Canada where the family was going to relocate to, since her husband was already in Canada.

    Nabillah however said that she quickly used the money to finance her campaigns since she knew that she already had Shs. 700 million on her account, which she could send to Canada later.

    Justice Mubiru then asked her if she already had Shs. 700 million on her account, why then did she have to borrow from Baryamureeba.

    She failed to answer the question sought for a bottle of water.

    Justice Mubiru then asked Nabillah whether she has any document, that is not on court record, signed by her husband Sempala asking her to get money from Baryamureeba using their house as collateral.

    Nabillah said that she signed the agreements on her husband’s behalf, since they are married.

    Justice Mubiru stated that all the documents show that Baryamureeba gave the money to Nabillah without her husband’s involvement.

    He asked her whether she is ready to repay Baryamureeba’s money because her husband never took any money from Baryamureeba.

    Nabillah insisted that they have to pay the money together as a couple.

    Mubiru ruled that the sale of the house should be put on hold until the case is determined.

    He gave November 17, 2022 as the date when he will deliver his final ruling.


    By Hope Kalamira



    Namuganza Slapped With Shs86m Court Costs For Abusing Her Office As Lands Minister…



    Minister Persis Namuganza f

    Justice Jesse Rugyema of the High Court Civil Division Kampala has slapped Shs.86m Court costs on junior lands minister Persis Namuganza for abusing her office and trespassing on land belonging to 90-year-old Joyce Naddaba Galabuzi.

    In his judgment, justice Rugyema revealed that minister Namuganza together with Betty Nakaggwa, Hassan Sengendo, Namugera Kasekende and Jonathan Sebaddawo were served with the plaint and intentionally refused to file defense against the suit.

    “The defendants were duly served with summons to file defense and hearing notices several times as per affidavits of the service on record dated 2/12/2019 and 16/12/2022 including substituted service but none of the defendants filed a defense save for the second defendant who was in court on different occasions with various advocates for interlocutory application M.A N0 1854/2019 and M.A N0 1855/2019 seeking for injunctions arising from the suit but failed and refused to file defense. As a result, this court directed that the suit proceeded under 0.9 r.10 and 11 CPR,” the judgment reads in part.

    The judge based his judgement on the testimony from Naddamba who told court that she has been the registered owner of the said land situated on Busiro Block 489 plot 2708 formerly comprising Busiro Block 489 plot 166 at Nakawuka measuring 25 acres.

    She further told court that in June 2019, the defendants teamed up together and disrupted her activities on the suit land by deploying armed personnel on the directive of Minister Namuganza.

    She told court that Namuganza and the co-accused destroyed her properties by cutting down her poles and fence, crops and her workers were seriously beaten.

    She added that she got the land from her late husband Gabriel Birigwa Ssenkandwa Galabuzi who died of testate.

    Court also received a testimony from Mark Daniel Ntambi who is the youngest son to the plaintiff whose testimony corroborated with that of the plaintiff and was not challenged.

    In his judgment, the judge noted that it was illegal for Nakagwa to register a caveat on Naddamba’s land which she doesn’t own and it was wrong for the minister to deploy security personnel on the plaintiff’s land.

    “In the instant case, the plaintiff adduced evidence regarding the defendant’s obstinate conduct, they employed armed personnel who participated in the destruction of the plaintiff’s properties on the suit land on the orders of the 1st defendant who was abusing her political office. This is reflected in the tone of letters she wrote to RDC, DPC directing them to ensure that the other defendants access the contested land,” the judgment reads.

    The judge directed the defendants to pay general damages of Shs.50m to the plaintiff, Shs6m as manse profits, and Shs25m as punitive damages which carry interest of 24% per year from the date the judgment was issued.

    He further issued a permanent injunction against the defendants and their agents from further trespassing on the plaintiff’s suit land.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    WAS OLAXES A DOUBLE SPY? Blogger Iculi Murder Investigations Take New Twist…



    Fallen blogger Ibrahim Lubega Tusubira alias jjajja Iculi

    The country’s investigation agencies that were assigned to investigate the gruesome murder of blogger Ibrahim Lubega Tusubira alias jjajja Iculi are looking into a shocking new twist in his death tale.

    One of the seasoned investigators who is among those leading Iculi murder investigations revealed to theGrapevine that they are following a new clue that the deceased could have been a spy for the rebel outfit Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) even though he was also simultaneously taking on special security assignments for President Yoweri Museveni’s people.

    Investigators established that Iculi was among the deadly Tabliq  radical youths in early 1990’s who stormed Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) under the leadership of Jamil Mukulu Kyagulanyi, the founding ADF commander currently detained at Luzira Upper Prison.

    Iculi was among the few who survived arrest and went into hiding; others joined Mukulu and declared war on President Museveni’s government.

    If the clue is correct, Iculi is not going to be the first ADF sympathizer to be killed. Sources claim that a number of Muslim sheikhs who were recently gunned down had links to ADF leadership.

    Intelligence disclosed that when Sheikh Musa Bakulu took over ADF leadership after the arrest of Mukulu, a decision was taken to cut off communication with former operatives and if possible eliminate them on suspicious grounds.

    Sheikh Bakulu entered a multibillion deal with top terrorist groups like Al-shabab and Al-Qaeda who are facilitating fresh recruitments inside Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) where they are camped.

    Iculi was shot dead early this month on his way to his home in Kyanja on the outskirts of Kampala City.

    At the time of his murder, Isma was working as a security informer for the state, to the extent that senior presidential adviser on security, Gen. Proscovia Nalweyiso gave him a new vehicle although it is publicly claimed that it was donated to him by a city businessman.

    Isma’s vehicle was among the three which the president bought for his defenders on the social media platforms. The other was given to music promoter Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo.

    This website has exclusively been told that investigators are now trying to ascertain claims that Iculi could at one time have been an undercover agent for ADF, before he disagreed with them and dubbed them pigs.

    President Museveni claims that ADF has been behind the top profile murders in the country including the murder of sheikh Hassan Ibrahim Kirya, sheikh Mustafah Bahiga, former police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Maj Muhammad Kiggundu, former Arua Municipality legislator Yusuf Ibrahim Abiriga, attack on works senior minister Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala were he survived with injuries, her daughter Brendah Natongo Katumba and driver Sgt. Haruna Kayonda killed.

    ADF has since 1996 carried out terrorist activities in Uganda.

    Its bases are in eastern Congo where the Uganda army, UPDF, is currently pursuing them.


    By Levi Yasha


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    Mafias Have Infiltrated Your Security Organs – Former ISO Boss Warns M7; MPs Want IGP Ochola, Top Police Leadership Sacked…



    Charles Rwomushana (R) and President Museveni

    Former Internal Security Organisation (ISO) operative, who is also doubles as security commentator Charles Rwomushana has warned President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to be very careful while analyzing the current gun violence that is sweeping the country.

    Exclusively speaking to theGrapevine, Rwomushana claims that there are forces that want to destabilize the country through security agencies.

    “It is high time for president Museveni to come out and tell the truth. The Museveni I know cannot be fooled that his minister, a former military officer, was killed by the bodyguard because of pay. No, he knows very well that there forces who want to use his security to overthrow him,” Rwomushana said.

    He advised the president to be very careful with people commanding his security because it might turn out that they have been infiltrated by foreign elements.

    He boasted that he has studied the situation in security agencies and reached a conclusion that the forces that are involved in gun violence have been building and now they have reached maturity to strike.

    He added that the forces that killed former junior labour minister Charles Okello Engola, Indian city businessman Uttam Bhandari, the proprietor of TFS Financial Services and Vlogger Isma Tusubira alias jjajja Iculi were the same forces that killed muslim sheikhs including sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya, Mustafah Bahiga, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Maj Muhammad Kiggundu, Yusuf Ibrahim Abiriga, Joan Kagezi among others.

    Rwomushana rubbished allegation that Pte. Wilson Sabiiti shot minister Engola because of pay insisting that there was a motive behind the incident.

    He thanked Museveni for establishing a special team to investigate the matter.

    President Museveni told mourners at Kololo airstrip last week that he has put up a select committee led by Col. Abdul Rugumayo whom he praised as an experienced operative capable of leading investigations and uncovering the truth concerning minister Engola’s death.

    Museveni also asked police leadership to come up with a detailed explanation on policeman Ivan Wabwire who shot and killed Bhandari who was demanding him a loan of Shs.2,130,000.

    Rwomushana also disparaged police allegations that Wabwire is mentally sick claiming that what the police wanted to do is to frustrate the investigation because of the fear of being exposed.

    Using his security expertise, Rwomushana insists that Wabwire killed Bhandari knowingly that’s why he did not kill  other people and returned the gun to CPS where he picked it from and took off without harming anyone else.

    “Those people know very well that you cannot try a person who commits a crime when he is not in his right mental senses. So they wanted to divert Ugandans from discussing serious issues to small issues of mental illness of the suspect,” he said.

    Rwomushana’s Narrative was supported by former Interpol boss AIGP (Rtd) Asan Kasingye who blasted his former collegues of trying to frustrate investigations by declaring Wabwire a mad man.

    Kasigye said, “I am sorry to say this. This line by the KMP/PRO that No. 67029 PC Wabwire Ivan is mentally sick, complicates the work of CID to pin him of murder and his subsequent conviction if charged. The PRO should have promised an investigation that would also focus on medical examination…”

    Rwomushana contends that if Museveni doesn’t handle the situation very fast, Kampala city and Buganda region is going to become ungovernable with gunmen taking over the control of the city.

    He cautioned that president Museveni can no longer tell Ugandans that Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) are the ones behind the ongoing killings like he has kept telling them because the truth is now is plain sight.

    He added that Uganda is heading towards urban warfare and he is not sure whether president Museveni has the capacity to manage it.

    During Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura’s tenure as the Inspector General of Police, president Museveni revealed that police was infiltrated with weevils and tasked Kayihura to clean up his house.

    Gen. Kayihura was later fired and is battling with treason related cases at Makindye based military court martial with his blue eyed boys.

    Rwomushana’s analysis was further supported by Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda who wants president Museveni to sack the top police leadership for sleeping on the job.

    “In other countries, the shooting of the minister, Iculi and Bhandari, would lead to the resignation of the police leadership, the army and the internal affairs minister,” Ssemujju said.

    He wondered why the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola and his men are not using the intelligence and violence they used on opposition politicians on gun men are killing innocent Ugandans.

    He revealed that he will never forget the situation he went through when former police boss Siraje Bakaleke arrested him for demonstrating against president Museveni’s government.

    He said that when he was driven to Naggalama police station where he was supposed to be detained, as they passed Gayaza, Bakaleke ordered the police vehicles which were transporting him to stop, he was very furious because they were so soft on him that he ordered that they put him in another car, where he was badly insulted and beaten.

    Ssemujju was supported by Mityana South’s Richard Lumu who told theGrapevine that the security situation in the country is out of Ochola’s hands because he has nothing to add or to remove and the only gift he can give to Ugandans is to resign.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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