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How Former Kampala Mayor Al-Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala Died…



Former Kampala Mayor Al-Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala (2006-2011) alias Seya is dead.

It is alleged the Seay, a presidential adviser fell in his home in Munyonyo on Monday night on 07 Sept 2020,  he was rushed to IHK hospital, Muyenga with abdominal complications.

At IHK, he was diagnosed with intussusception; a condition in which one segment of intestine inverts within another, causing an intestinal obstruction (blockage).

He was subjected to an emergency surgery which was successfully performed by Dr. Kiyingi but he did not recover well, a few days ago he put on exygen and today he was pronounced dead.

At the time of his death, Seya had announced that he had joined Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s National Unity Platform (NUP) party and had expressed intention to stand for the mayoral position on NUP ticket.

Seya was born on 15 November 1947 and following the expulsion of Asians by Idi Amin in 1972, Nasser Ssebaggala acquired a supermarket called UGANTICO on Nkrumah road the lower entrance to current CHAM towers on Kampala Road, the main thoroughfare in Kampala.

His business interests grew over time. In 1998, he began his political career by running for the position of Mayor of Kampala. Ostensibly a member of the Democratic Party, Ssebaggala won the first direct elections for mayor of Kampala in 1998, beating two government-sponsored candidates.

However, he was arrested in the United States two months later, in June 1998, on eight counts of fraud and lying to U.S. customs officials. In February 1999, he received a 15-month sentence but was paroled in December 1999. He returned to Kampala in February 2000 to a warm welcome and considered a bid in the 2001 presidential elections.

In mid-December 2005, he broke with the Democratic Party (DP), after he came third in the party presidential primaries, which was won by Ssebaana Kizito, and registered himself as an independent.

A week later, he reversed himself, withdrawing his candidacy and announcing his support for Ssebaana. When he lost the Democratic Party nominations to Norbert Mao in 2010, he quit the DP and formed his own party.


By Grapevine Reporter



WE DON’T WANT HIM HERE: Bunyoro Kingdom Rejects Police Boss Who Fired Tear Gas At Top Buganda Officials And Catholic Bishop Over Bobi Wine…



Bunyoro Kingdom premier Andrew Byakutaga (L) and Alex Mwine (R)

The Bunyoro Kingdom administration has strongly rejected police boss who fired tear gas at top Buganda Kingdom officials and Catholics clerics ovbecause of the presence of National Unity Platform (NUP) party supreme leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

Bunyoro Kingdom premier Andrew Byakutaga protested the deployment of Alex Mwine as the new police commandant Hoima because of his questionable discipline.

“As the Bunyoro Kingdom, we have written to the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola requesting him to rescind the transfer of Mr. Mwine to Hoima and instead deploy befitting disciplined officers,” Byakutaga stated.

Mwine is accused of commanding police in Mityana to teargas and disperse mbogo clan meeting upon getting information that Kyagulanyi, who is one of the prominent members of the clan, was going to attend.

Among the top senior citizens who were affected include retired Masaka Diocese Bishop John Baptists Kaggwa and mbogo clan leader omuttaka Kayiira Gaajuule.

The ceremony was to commemorate the good work done by the mbogo clan in Buganda kingdom especially when Kayiira successfully served his king as the kingdom clans head.

Police bosses are currently on a tour publicly apologizing to everyone who was affected by Mwine’s lugubrious  actions, they have so far apologized to Buganda kingdom and the Catholic community.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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I’m Like Jesus, If They Abused The Son Of God, Who Am I Not To Be Abused? – M7 Commissions Sugar Processing Plant In Atiak, Says He Is A Man On A Mission…



President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has commissioned Atiak Sugar Factory in Amuru District. The factory is owned by entrepreneur Amina Moghe Hersi, while government holds 41% shares through the Uganda Development Corporation.

Museveni noted that a country needs labour, natural resources, capital, knowledge and entrepreneurship to be industrialized.

He singled out entrepreneurs as the most visionary people who have the spectacles to see opportunities which others do not see, citing that the stock of entrepreneurs in Uganda is growing.

The president stressed that once a factory is in Uganda, it’s a Ugandan factory irrespective of ownership.

“I hear some Ugandans talk of Indian factories, those are in India not Uganda. Previously, some people in Acholi were opposing these developments. This is terrible. Why would you reject progress? When I passed here in 1968, all I saw was grassland, fit for grazing cows. Then Amina Hersi came with different spectacles and here we are,” he said.

“You saw me hold a bag of sugar in the factory there. That is Atiak sugar. There is Kakira, Lugazi, Kinyara and now we have Atiak sugar. This factory adds to our capacity to produce sugar for internal consumption and export,” he added.

The president disclosed that the sugar factory employs upto 2,000 workers and impacts on more than 20,000 people and their families, pointing that neighbours who have sim sim, malakwang, potatoes and other things have got market for their goods from the factory workers.

“In Rwakitura, I sell a litre of milk at Shs600 yet my friend Prof Nsibambi, who had a farm near Kampala, would sell at Shs1,200 because he had a big market. Therefore, when you get a factory like this, please support it. Even if it does not directly employ you, there are many spill-over benefits. The nearby shops, schools, and other facilities will all benefit,” Museveni said.

Atiak will mainly be using out growers as the fulcrum. Much of the sugarcane will be grown by the local people, and each of the families engaged will have five acres ploughed and planted for them by the factory. The families will then be tasked to look after the cane and will each earn Shs18 million after 18 months.

The president pledged government’s continued to support this project. Museveni revealed how Amina Hersi took him to River Aswa and explained how the people of Lamwo are growing so much sugarcane but have to move 175km to bring it here, citing the need to build a bridge that would help reduce the distance by 36km to the factory.

He confirmed that the bridge will be built so that the part of the project which is on the Lamwo side will be directly linked with the one on Atiak side to help save the farmers’ money in transport.

“I thank the people of Atiak and Lamwo for making Africa proud because they have showed that even rural areas can receive the message of development and are able to reject the message of liars and malicious leaders,” Museveni pleasurably commended.

“I thank Amina for being a freedom fighter, she is like her uncle Museveni who does not give up even when I am abused. If they could abuse Jesus, the son of God, who am I not to be abused? But Jesus had a mission and was not deterred even when he was abused. He fulfilled his mission. That’s the same with me,” he added.


By Baron Kironde


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Mafias Wanted Kaka Killed In Angola – Former Spy Master’s Blue Eyed Boy Sobi Reveals How They Are Ready To Face Their Tormentors….



Sobi (L) and Kaka (R)

Embattled former commandant of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) Col. Frank Bagyenda Kaka’s blue-eyed boy Sobi has told theGrapevine why his former boss allegedly refused president Yoweri Museveni’s new assignment to become the Uganda’s ambassador in Angola.

Exclusively speaking to theGrapevine, Paddy Sserunjogi alias Sobi disclosed that the people behind Col Kaka’s new assignment are mafias who wanted him dead or wanted him taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and charged with different offences including crimes against humanity.

“Muzeeyi (Col Kaka) is going nowhere, those people wanted to kill him from Angola. This is not the first time he is fired from serving in a government office, he will not go there,” Sobi insisted.

He revealed that when they received the bad news that Kaka was fired, they sat down and started preparing how they were going to overcome the crisis that will come after since they had stepped in many toes, especially criminals.

He boasted that they are more than ready to face all criminal charges being fabricated by their enemies.

“We don’t want to be taken to the international courts, we have good judicial officers here in Uganda who can hear the case and give impartial judgement like that woman Justice Elizabeth Jane Alividza. She is a tough woman and everyone in Luzira prison fears to be before her but she delivers justice,” Sobi noted.

He insisted that all people who are threatening to sue them are biased against the former commandant at ISO because he broke all the channels they were using to get money like dealing with opposition politicians and criminals.

It should be noted that days after Col. Kaka’s dismissal, there was news that he had been appointed as Uganda’s ambassador to Angola.

Kaka was replaced with Col. Charles Oluka.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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