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    How Kabaka’s Top Minister Saved Justice Tuhaise As Drama Strikes Supreme Court Again, Mabirizi Attacked…



    Lawyer Male Mabirizi

    Five senior Supreme Court Justices have ganged up against Lawyer Mabirizi For  supporting Justice Dr Kisakye over Chief Justice Dollo.

    The act has led to many people finally concluding that the Supreme Court has turned into comedy they’re after witnessing today’s dramatic series between five Justices of the supreme Court against Controversial City lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi.

    It all started Tuesday afternoon of when appeared before a panel of five Justices lead by Justices Rubby Opio Aweri, Justice Mike Faith Mwondah, Justice Paul Mugamba, Justice Percy Night Tuhaise and Justice Mike Chibita in his Appeal against Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi land case victory.

    The case was scheduled for the morning but because of the many cases and the way panels has been changed, the appeal was called in the afternoon and immediately after Buganda Kingdom’s Attorney General, Christopher Bwanika introduced the respondent’s legal team led by himself, counsel Sarah Kisubi, counsel William Kakembo, counsel Sharot Nalumansi, Kabaka’s Attorney Juma Bashir Kizito, Danial Ssenyomo from Buganda land board and the appellant Mabirizi.

    Justice Mugamba before allowing Mabirizi to give any opening remarks swung in action, directing him to leave the bar.

    “Mabirizi leave the bar! Have you dressed like your friends of the other party? you’re not an advocate, don’t sit where lawyers sit,” tough speaking Mugamba said.

    Before he could finish another statement, counter terrorism commandos commanded by a one Bwambale also swiftly swung in action – and a one Kaggwa grabbed Mabirizi’s hands, as others surrounded him.

    “But I have been sitting here, why today?” Mabirizi pleaded as Justice Opio directed commandos to evict him with his books to the back.

    “And this is the last warning! Next time when you sit on the bar, you will be charged with contempt of Court and you will be detained” Opio warned as Mabirizi, shocked, look on.

    Before the ugly incident, a senior Court clerk had warned Mabirizi that Justices were preparing for him for being stubborn and always attacking them in public. If he not being careful, he was going to end up in Kitalya prison.


    Mabirizi immediately applied for an adjournment to reconstitute himself because of the way he was manhandled and inhuman mistreatment when he was evicted from the bar.

    “I am not feeling myself and I cannot proceed to argue this matter, am praying for adjournment to reconstitute myself,” Mabirizi submitted.

    Justice Opio laughed out so loud, tasking Mabirizi to prove that he was mistreated.

    “Mr Mabirizi, how have you been mistreated? If telling you to leave the bar is mistreating you, are you an advocate? Or, when you reconstitute yourself you’re going to become an advocate?” Justice Opio said.

    Mabirizi responded to Justice Opio that fairness is very crucial in giving justice and should be given time to reconstitute himself.

    His submissions were strongly opposed by Kabaka’s legal team claiming that he just wanted to waste Court’s time and ask Court to dismiss his application.

    Bwanika told the Court that the Appeal was made in 2018 and they have been waiting for the day it will be which has come and the Appellant doesn’t want to prosecute his Appeal which is creating a case backlog and Mabirizi’s application was dismissed.


    After losing the reconstitute application, Mabirizi applied for recusal of the entire panel from his Appeal.

    Mabirizi told justices that he doesn’t expect any justice and fairness from them since he lodged a complaint against them in the Judicial Service Commission seeking for them to be dismissed from their judicial offices for being a disgrace to the Judiciary.

    Mabirizi said that his complaint resulted in the actions of the entire panel when the discriminated Justice Kisakye in Bobi Wine’s presidential petition.

    He told the Justices that they are going to use his case to punish him since he wanted them to be fired from their juice jobs.

    Justice Opio strongly object Mabirizi’s application saying that he took oath to give justice to Uganda and for the last 38 years he never put judiciary’s image into bad reputation.

    “Tell me, you said that I put judiciary’s name in bad light, have you ever seen me or heard me snatching people’s wives? I have been promoted from the lowest rank of the judicial officers to the top judge on the land, am not going to recuse myself from this case,” Justice Opio said.

    Justice Opio further insisted that he has never discriminated Justice Kisakye as Mabirizi alleges. He tasked him to prove it through an affidavit sworn by Justice Kisakye.

    He insists that he is a respected judicial officer who cannot be intimidated by Mabirizi’s allegations.

    Justice Mugamba, Justice Mwondah amd Justice Chibita declined to recuse themselves on grounds of being biased against Mabirizi.


    Mabirizi insisted that Justice Tuhaise should recuse herself from the Appeal because she wrote the lead judgment dismissing the same case when she was still at the Court of Appeal.

    Justice Tuhaise in response said that she made a number of judgements in the Court of Appeal and she needs time to read the said Judgement before making her final decision on recusal.

    However, Justice Opio kept on softly talking to her not to recuse herself.

    “No, there is no evidence against you, don’t recuse yourself, we took oath we are going to determine this case,” Justice Opio insisted.

    But Justice Tuhaise kept on praying to Justice Opio to give him time to study her decision at the Court of Appeal and he kept a deaf ear untill Kabaka’s Attorney General Bwanika stood up and raised a serious concern.

    “Let me guide this Court as a senior officer of Court, my lordship let give Justice Tuhaise time to read the said Judgement before making her final decision,” Bwanika told Court.

    Justice Opio agreed with Bwanika’s advice and adjourned the matter to next week.

    Mabirizi lost against Kabaka both in the High Court and in the Court of Appeal on technicalities. He still challenges Kabaka Mutebi’s status on Buganda’s land claiming that he is not the owner of the said land but just a custodian and he doesn’t have the right to evict Baganda from Buganda official Mailo.

    This is not the first time such drama is being experienced at Uganda’s highest Court of the land. The Supreme Court has turned into a theater of drama as Justices, litigants and lawyers become acts and spectators.

    The first serie started last year when former presidential aspirant Ivan Ssebadduka was sentenced for three years imprisonment on a manufactured charges of contempt of Court signed by Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo for declaring Justices of the Supreme Court a Council of fools who are ignorant about the laws but only implementing president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s wishes.

    The second and very important time was early this year when Justice Dr Esther Mayambala Kisakye accused the Chief Justice Dollo of confiscating her file containing a dissenting ruling against president Museveni in the presidential petition filed by National Unity Platform (NUP) former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine).

    Justice Kisakye confessed to the media that her file was forcefully confiscated because she refused Chief Justice Dollo the vet it before being read to the parties.

    She insisted that Justice Dollo directed fellow 8 justices of the Supreme Court who were on the panel not to be with her when reading her rulings, he ordered that microphones be switched off and not be allowed to enter the tents where the proceedings took place.

    Justice Dollo through Judiciary’s senior communications officer Salongo Solomon Muyita denied the allegations.

    By Alirabaki Sengooba



    Who Is Milly Babalanda? From Humble Village Girl To Minister, New Minister For Presidency Narrates Her Journey….



    Hon. Milly Babalanda with President Museveni recently

    President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday evening named a new cabinet in which he appointed Mrs. Babirye Milly Babalanda as Minister for the Presidency.
    The appointment came as a miracle although not a surprise for the “humble village girl” from Kamuli.

    Our reporter caught up with Babalanda to speak about her new appointment

    Q: Congratulations upon landing this appointment!
    Babalanda: Thank you! I thank God, and His Excellency the President for this trust in

    Q: What is your background?
    Babalanda: I was born on 5th December 1970 to Mr. Sosani Magunda and the late Namuwaya Ruth of Nalinaibi Village, Nawantumbi Parish, Nawanyago Sub-County, Buzaaya County in Kamuli District. I am married to Pastor Samuel Babalanda of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I have two biological children.

    Q. How did you feel after receiving the news of your appointment?
    Babalanda: As a loyal, dependable, reliable and tested cadre who is a believer in God, this did not come as a surprise.

    Q. What do you mean by being a tested cadre?
    Babalanda: This is based on my background. I started off as a humble village girl from a very poor family in Nalinaibi in Kamuli district. My parents could not afford to pay for my education. Instead, I gambled my way out at all levels.
    This miserable background drew me to knowing and trusting God and to depend on Him for everything.

    I sat for my Primary Seven in 1985. I sat for my Senior Four in 1989 at Busoga High School in Kamuli where I did not perform well due to a difficult life.
    I became a village political mobilizer, gaining popularity amongst the villagemates who included the late Alhaji Kirunda Kivejinja and the Rt. Honorable Rebecca Kadaga. These two hail from my sub-county.
    I used to admire them to the extent of gaining their confidence and friendship. This interaction gave me a lot of hope and it was out of my determination that I secured an opportunity to attend a cadre-ship course at Kyankwanzi. I am cadre 31. Some of the products I was with in this training have served in positions as Ministers and RDCs. I did not get chance of deployment at this time. Instead, I remained in the village to change the mindsets of the communities.
    Overall, the Kyankwanzi cadreship training changed my life. Indeed, the engagement with Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga and the late Rt Hon. Kirunda Kivejinja was very productive for my political career.

    Q. How did you meet with the President? He has always praised you in public.
    Babalanda: I met the President in December 2010 in Jinja when I was a mobilizer in Kamuli. He picked interest in me basing on the submissions I made on matters of poverty alleviation in Busoga sub-region. He made a commitment to fund my initiatives.
    After the 2011 general elections, I received a telephone call from His Excellency appreciating my submission on poverty alleviation and also asking me if I could work with him in addressing the issue of chronic poverty in Busoga. I looked at this as a turning point in my life.
    We agreed to form Busoga Rural Development Agency – BRUDA which he funded. It was my first time to manage a big budget. I remember some individuals advising me to divert the money to other causes other than the issue at hand. They indeed tried to persuade me citing my impoverished background. I fervently prayed about this for three days and the Lord gave me Romans 10:11 which talks about the power of faith and belief in Him. I
    chose to be patient and focused.
    Around 2014, he appointed me as Deputy RDC Busia. Later in 2015, he deployed as the Assistant Head of the NRM National Chairman’s office at Mbuya, headed by Hon. Molly Kamukama Nawe. Later, after the 2016 elections he appointed me as Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs and head of the NRM National Chairman’s office assisted by Mr. Kirunda Faruk. This is the office where I served until my appointment as Minister in Charge of the Presidency.

    Q. Why do you think the President chose you for appointment as Minister in Charge of the Presidency?
    Babalanda: I think the appointment was based on my character, method of work, loyalty and to assist him in implementation of the NRM manifesto.
    As you know, I have been heading his official political office. I have been key in taking record of his pledges, implementing programs, assessing manifesto implementation and coordinating his political activities. This has given me very good experience and as a member of the national task force, I think it was a good choice by the President to appoint a person who understands his political agenda at this critical time when we are talking of securing the future.

    Q. Is this office not too big for you?
    Babalanda: In the Book of John, Chapter 6:29 talks of our cardinal role as believers – to believe in the one He sent – and to leave everything else to Him. It reminds us that leaders are ordained by God.
    Leadership is all about sacrifice, understanding the interests of the appointing authority, understanding your roles and limits and respecting the team members. You don’t need to be a PHD holder to deliver. This is a political posting which takes passion and deep understanding of the mission at hand.
    My Ministry is quite diverse covering areas such as the Vice President’s Office, Security, Economic Monitoring, Patriotism, Anti-Corruption, Manifesto Implementation, Science and Technology, Uganda AIDS Commission, KCCA, RDC Secretariat and Presidential advisors.
    As a senior Presidential Advisor on Political Matters and Head of NRM National Chairman’s Office who has been working under direct supervision of the principal, I have gained enough exposure due to working closely with majority of the heads of government agencies. The only difference now is that I shall be their supervisor, if all goes well in the appointments committee.

    Q. What challenges do you anticipate in your new role?

    Babalanda: Being a cadre, I anticipate many expectations from our mobilizers.
    Secondly, ensuring that our Manifesto is implemented as planned and within the expected time frame is likely to be a challenge especially during the COVID-19 crisis. The fight against graft is an ongoing but quite challenging endeavor. Also, addressing the intelligence gaps in our security systems and the challenge of some sleepy RDCs.
    If all goes well, I will share my detailed work plan in tackling the above challenges.

    Q. When was your best moment in life?
    Babalanda: I can say that this was the time when His Excellency the President offered me parental advice to return to school to complete my education on 8th May 2016 at Rwakitura. Returning to class as an adult was not easy given my other pressing responsibilities. The day I presented my A’ level certificate with 13 points for admission to Bugema University completely washed away my sorrows and depression.

    Q. What comments do you have on the new cabinet where you are a member pending Parliamentary approval?
    Babalanda: I call upon my colleagues to understand the NRM priorities in our mission to secure the future. Our impact will be felt by our sacrifices and contributions. This is not a reward but a call for duty as servants of the people. The culture of in-fighting and cliques should end forthwith to promote teamwork. This is not a tournament but a service.
    It will be very sad if we fail our principal and the party leadership who sacrificed day and night to come up with a good Manifesto which gave us victory in the general elections.

    Q. Who is your role model?
    Babalanda: This is a challenging question to me. However, I admired the work methods of my supervisors at State House when I was a Senior Presidential Advisor. Madame Lucy Nakyobe and Gen. Nalweyiso Proscovia have had a great impression on me. Both ladies are scandal-
    free, practical, uncompromising and result- oriented. They are frank in their dealings with people. I enjoyed working with them and I hope to pick a leaf from their methods of work to guide my next step of service.

    Q. What is last message to the public?
    Babalanda: This commitment will be made after going through the appointments committee of parliament. Nonetheless, I promise to maintain my method of work, which is accommodative and principled.


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    Lawyer Mabirizi Parades 10 Witnesses To Pin Justice Sekaana Over Incompetence: Why Lord Mayor Lukwago, Journalists Top List…



    Controversial City lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka has paraded ten witnesses to pin the head of the High Court Civil Division Justice Musa Sekaana over incompetence, misconduct and misbehaviour.

    Mabirizi dragged Justice Sekaana to the Judicial Service Commission accusing him of unfair treatment when he threw him out of court and even warned to cause his arrest blaming him for submitting rubbish that he is a biased Judge.

    This was after Mabirizi asked Sekaana to recuse himself from his case where he wanted Court to declare that Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama is illegally holding the office of the chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC).

    Mabirizi further claims that Byabakama declined to resign from the judiciary as a Judge of the Court of Appeal.

    Mabirizi insists that Justice Sekaana was incompetent when he declined to excuse himself from the case after admitting that he was still an Advocate, and has represented the Electoral Commission in several cases.

    Mabirizi said that this alone shows that Sekaana is biased and cannot deliver justice in a case against a former client.

    Sources at the Judicial Service Commission told theGrapevine that among the witnesses paraded by Mabirizi include Kampala Capital City Authority Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago and a number of journalists who once covered proceedings where Sekaana represented EC.

    “He mentioned a number of people to support his case but much emphasis was put on the Lord Mayor because he was present in Court and he was on his side,” a source added.
    Mabirizi also protested and withdrew his suit where he was seeking a court order restraining the process of recruiting new judicial officers by Justice Benjamin Kabiito’s Judicial Service Commission until his main case challenging the process was determined.

    On February 1, 2021, the Judicial Service Commission issued an external advert in which it sought to fill positions at the Supreme court, justices of Appeal, High court judges, deputy registrars, assistant registrars, chief magistrates and Grade One magistrates, a process Mabirizi wanted to be declared illegal.

    Last week, High Court Judge Emmanuel Baguma declined to hear Mabirizi’s case and refered the matter to the deputy registrar to be allocated to another judge. Justice Baguma stated that he observed that a similar case was recently filed twice by Mabirizi on different occasions and also withdrawn twice in May 2021 after being allocated to Sekaana, who heads the civil division.

    He added he did not see any reason for withdrawing those cases and there were no minutes to show why the matters were withdrawn. He advised that the said file be given back to Justice Sekaana to avoid duplication which Mabirizi protested and withdrew his matter.

    Mabirizi told this website that he will never appear before Sekaana again.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    How Does Rebecca Kadaga Be Answerable To Nabbanja? Mixed Reactions Over PM Nabbanja Appointment…



    Hon. Robinah Nabbanja and Lord Mayor Lukwago

    The Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has expressed dissatisfaction over the appointment of Robinah Nabbanja as the leader of government business.

    In the new cabinent list released yesterday evening, President Museveni appointed former state minister of Health for general duties, Hon. Robinah Nabbanja, Prime Minister, a move that has attracted both backlash and praise from a section of Ugandans.

    “With all due respect, you cannot choose Hon. Robinah Nabbanja to lead government business, that is rewarding mediocrity. How does Rebecca Kadaga(1st Deputy Prime minister) be answerable to Nabbanja?” Lukwago said.

    However, former Aruu County legislator Odonga Otto praised the appointment of the woman from Kakumiro saying the President made the right move.

    “Make no mistake, the choice of Hon. Nabbanja as Premier is no joke. Acting more often as a semi literate village belle, Hon. Nabbanja is a woman of action she will even remove food from a minister’s mouth if one is eating during work hours. Finally the ministers have got a watchwoman,”Otto tweeted.

    A one Deborah Haboya said, “Atleast not Nabbanja, there are much more smarter and intelligent women if at all Museveni wanted to please women.”


    By Hope Kalamira


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