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    How Levixone Beat Phaneroo Pastor To Win Desire Luzinda’s ‘Kitone’; Gospel Musician Told To Pay 15 Cows To Legally Bonk Desire…



    Musicians Desire Luzinda and Levixone

    Legendary musician Desire Luzinda (37), famously known for her viral nude pictures that revealed her “ekitone” allegedly officially introduced Gospel musician, Lucas Lubyogo alias Levixone (29) to her parents.

    Levixone visited Luzinda’s parents and made his intentions to marry the “Nina Ekitone” hit maker known to her parents.

    The secretive low key traditional ceremony was held at the home of Mrs. Imelda Byanyima Luzinda and Haji Jamada Luzinda in Katalemwa, Kawanda, Wakiso district on 13th, July 2022.

    The event was attended by Salt Media CEO Aloysious Bujjingo (L) and wife Suzan Makula (C) who acted as Levixone’s parents

    Luzinda and her parents reside in the US, but they had to fly back into the country to attend the ceremony.

    The occasion was attended by a spoonful of guests who included, Proprietor for House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI), Pr. Aloysius Bujjingo and his wife, Suzan Makula, who acted as Levixone’s parents, western musician Ray G who was Levixone’s best man, Worship House Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi, NTV journalist Solomon Kaweesa among others.

    There was tight security at the introduction ceremony and most people were not allowed to enter with their phones.

    The two love birds had their personal camera person who was ordered to take pictures and immediately hand over the card.

    Insiders revealed to theGrapevine that the occasion was a traditional ceremony known as ‘Kukyala’, however the introduction and wedding are not far from now.

    During the occasion, Levixone’s side came with baskets of meat, a calf and other items.

    Levixone was later asked to bring 15 cows as dowry during the second introduction known as “Kwanjula”.

    The home where the kukyala was held


    Ono Bwino, a Luganda bi weekly newspaper revealed last year, in their edition that came out on 19th September, 2021 that the two musicians were secretly dating with plans to make it official.

    Ono Bwino disclosed that after Desire got tired of walking in a life sin, she got saved and started the journey of getting married and starting a family.

    Through her new life in Christ, Desire was love struck by Levixone who he met at Apostle Grace Lubega’s Phaneroo Ministries International at UMA show grounds in Lugogo.

    Levixone’s neighbours in Mengo disclosed how they frequently spotted Luzinda going to Levixone’s home near former Prime Minister Apollo Nsibambi’s residence.

    After a period of time, Luzinda flew out of the country to the US where she spent a long time without returning, but kept communicating with Levixone.

    L-R: Former minister Miria Matembe, Phaneroo senior pastor Grace Lubega, Desire Luzinda and former minister Amelia Kyambadde during the launch of Desire Luzinda Foundation International (DLFI)


    A story is told of how one of the senior pastors at Phaneroo who tried to vibe Desire with intentions of walking her down the aisle.

    However, Desire boldly told off this pastor that he is seeing someone who she plans to marry.

    This pastor got information that the man after Desire’s heart was Levixone. The pastor vowed to make life very hard for Levixone and for over two years, Levixone and this pastor were not seeing eye to eye.

    Levixone had to even stop attending prayers at Phaneroo because of the torture from this man of God.

    Later, friends at the church calmed this pastor down and pleaded with him not to make Desire Luzinda an issue since Uganda is gifted with many endowed women from whom he can choose a wife.

    Desire Luzinda with daughter Mitchell Heather Kaddu recently


    When Ono Bwino contacted Desire last year, about her alleged intimate relationship with Levixone, she said, “Can’t a female species have a male friend? Those are just people’s rumours.”

    She added, “I’m praying for my country Uganda to come to the realisation that a male specie can have a female friend with no strings attached.”

    When the paper reached out to Levixone about the same, he trashed the allegations insisting that they are just friends.

    “Now what should I tell you, my friend? The problem is that when people see a male person with a female, they think that they are in love. Those allegations are not true. I will explain more later because you have found me in the middle of an online service,” Levixone told the paper last year.

    Last weekend’s event means that Desire Luzinda’s daughter Mitchell Heather Kaddu now has a man to call daddy at home.


    By Kisekka Ronald



    PHOTOS: I’M IN LOVE WITH LEVIXONE: Desire Luzinda Reveals How She Almost Missed out On Hubby’s Concert…



    Renowned musician Desire Luzinda revealed how she almost missed out on lover Levixone’s concert.

    Desire made these remarks yesterday at Kololo Airstrip during Sam Lucus alias Levixone’s concert dubbed ‘Mbeera Genesis.’

    Desire revealed that the devil almost stopped her from attending the concert because they were chased off the first flight after they were told that the aircraft had issues.

    Speaking about her relationship with Levixone, Desire confessed that it is true the two are in a relationship insisting that whatever they saw in the video and pictures was true.

    Asked about her daughter’s relationship Michelle with Sam Mayanja alias Chameleon’s son, Abba following allegations that the two had some chemistry, Desire refused to speak about the allegation and immediately got into her car.

    During the performance, Levixone was the first on stage and later invited his lover, Desire Luzinda who later led the congreggation in a worship session.

    “Allow me introduce to you the most important human in my life, I welcome the woman of God, Desire Luzinda,” Levixone said.

    Stunning Desire however left many excited with the way she was dressed and how she powerfully led them in worship.

    The concert also attracted a number of Gospel musicians who included; Betty Namaganda, Carol Budhuwike, Sseku Martin, Pastor Miriam Warugaba, Desire Luzinda, Pastor Jeff Komagum- Dj Languna from Gulu.

    Other musicians included; Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Bebe Cool and Wendi from Malawi.

    Towards the end of the concert, Levixone asked revellers to stretch their hands and pray for the proprietor of Salt Media and House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) lead pastor, Aloysuis Bujjingo.

    Pr. Bujjingo went on his knees as revellers stretched their hands towards him and prayed for God to bless him.

    Pr. Bujjingo is Levixone’s spiritual father and it is alleged when he (Levixone) fell in love with Desire, he told Bujjingo who vowed to support him until the two walk down the aisle.

    By Joel Wansaale


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    PICTURES: I Have Not Come To Steal Muzaata’s Wealth: How Kluthum’s Introduction Left Many In Awe; New Lover Warns Haters…



    Muzaata's widow Kluthum introducing her new husband Akram

    Dr. Kulthum Nabuunya, the widow to the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata introduced new lover Akram Gumisiriza in colourful introduction ceremony that was attended by a number of socialites and dignitaries on Saturday.

    Kulthum’s introduction was at her big sister’s home in Kungu, Kyanja, a Kampala suburb.

    Speaking to theGrapevine during the introduction, Dr. Kulthum’s new lover Gumisiriza trashed allegations that he accepted to have Kulthum because of her wealth that was left for her by late Muzaata.

    Akram disclosed that he is an engineer who owns two companies that deal in gold in South Africa.

    He added that the reason why many are talking ill about his bride is because they are jealous of her, being that she is beautiful and well educated.

    Ministers and socialites who attended the introduction included; Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for Kampala, Amina Lukanga, Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Buikwe, Hawa Ndege, Sheikh Abdul Lwahuman Sserunjogi, Sheihk Guggwa, Presidential advisor on media, Tamale Mirundi among others.

    Others included; Victoria University Vice Chancellor, Dr. Lawrence Muganga and other leaders in Kampala.

    Speaking to insiders on how much money was spent, they revealed that in total the function took over Shs.100m and more.

    An insider intimated that the groom, Akram Gumisiriza’s outfit cost Shs.15m while Kulthum’s outfits took Shs.30m.

    Service providers at the function revealed that they were paid half of the money with others revealing that they didn’t receive their balance after the event like the couple had promised.

    One of the service providers who was in charge of feeding the guests revealed that she was paid Shs.6.8m to feed 700 visitors with snacks and coffee.

    However, the number increased to 1000 and she was ordered to feed all of them and promised that she would be paid at a later date.

    One of the decorators intimated to theGrapevine that she was told to decorate for 400 VIP visitors.

    However, the guest were more than what they had budgeted for and so they had to add chairs and promised to be paid later.


    During the introduction, Sheikh Guggwa advised Kulthum not to priotise education since she already has a PhD but rather feed her husband with whatever he wants as and when he wants it.

    Akram gifted Kulthum with a brand new Hyundai car.


    By Hope Kalamira and Omulangira Ddembe


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    MISS CURVY AFRICA ’22: Who Is The Curviest Of Them All? Plus Sized Women Confess The Good, The Bad And The Ugly…



    Curvaceous plus sized women are set to tussle it out at the ‘Miss Curvy Africa’ competition that is due to take place this Friday 25th November, 2022 at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala.

    theGrapevine managed to catch up with some of the contestants from different parts of Africa who confessed how happy they are to finally have a competition that recognises them for who they are.

    UGANDA’S NASSUNA: Shirat Nasuuna (28), who won this year’s Miss Curvy Uganda competition held at Club Ambiance in Bukesa told theGrapevine that the reason why she was chosen to represent Uganda in the upcoming competitions is because of her confidence and her love for people.

    “We have so much to change here in Uganda as plus sized women especially the way people see us, which really matters,” she said.

    Nasuuna added that despite the fact that her opponents are very young compared to her, winning the competition will not be about age.

    “Because if someone tells me they are 10 years and yet think beyond their age, they are better than someone of 50 years, so it is not in any way about age.”

    She insisted that the crown has to remain in Uganda.

    Asked about allegations that plus sized women are expensive to look after, Shirat said that they are not expensive even though clothes for plus sized people are sometimes rare to to find.

    “Even eating, it’s not that we eat too much, but it is just one’s genes that make them fat,” she said.

    NAMIBIA’S MUSHIMBA: Michelle Mushimba alias Fine China (27) from Namibia noted that the reason why she joined the competitions is because the queen was not able to (compete) and since she is a Princess in Namibia, she had to fill the gap.

    “I represent all the plus sized women in Africa not just in my country. I feel I was born with the blood of being an African queen. The curves that I have show the pain that we have been through, the ups and downs that we have had in Africa. I want to inspire women across the world that it is not a shame to be fat,” she said.

    Michelle also revealed to theGrapevine that the roles that they have is what makes them fat adding that they are not even fat but curvy.

    She adduced, “I am not here to say that we are fat, am here to say that it is okay to be the way we were born. So, I’m here to tell women that its okay to be fat but also to tell them not to be too comfortable but work hard on your body. Sometimes even a five minutes walk could change alot. I would also like to represent mental health awareness because alot of women have burgages because they are stereotyped.”

    Michelle also emphasized that as a plus sized woman, she has faced alot of challenges like when she walks around the street and people make fun of her.

    “It sometimes makes me want to hide what I have but then I realise that a lot of people out there are paying a lot of money to have what I have.”

    TANZANIA’S TETA: Sarah Teta Susaki from Tanzania (26) told theGrapevine that she is excited to represent her country and Africa in the upcoming competitions.

    She added that to her, it is not expensive to be plus-sized. She advised women of her size to keep fit and maintain good health.

    She however narrated an incident where her size stopped her from achieving her long desired goal.

    “I remember one time I wanted to become a model and so I joined some competitions but to my disappointment, the judges plainly told me I can’t be one because I’m fat. This was the worst day of my life because I felt really embarrassed. I’m proud of who I am and what I have,” Teta said.

    BOTSWANA’S RAFLINE: Refline Dirent (22) from Botswana noted that she has faced many challenges with her body including people calling her imperfect because of her legs.

    “I have very black stretch marks so I have had so much criticism about that and even to this day people still criticise me,” she narrated.

    She divulged that the reason why she thinks she is the best candidate for Miss Curvy Africa 2022 is because she is working on a project that is mainly based on protecting animals especially Rhinos since they are also fat.

    She propounded, “In as much as I’m a plus size, I’m not telling people to be fat or eat whatever they want. Please be careful what you put in your body.”

    BOTSWANA’S LUDO: Ludo (28), from Botswana also disclosed that their country is full of beautiful curvy women that is why they couldn’t choose only one representative.

    BOTSWANA’S THIMELO: Thimelo Bridget (29), from Botswana, an Accountant by profession told theGrapevine that it has been her wish to be an Ambassador for plus sized women because of her love for elegance and good fashion.

    SOUTH SUDAN’S BRIKITA: South Sudan’s Brikita (19), is the youngest contestant. She told theGrapevine that it is difficult to be plus-sized in South Sudan because men are always vibing them.

    She narrated, “In South Sudan, people can even get to an extent of bewitching you because of your body size. So, when I’m there I wear big clothes. I have literally faced a lot of challenges being this size.

    “I remember one time I was moving and some people started criticising me and when I tried to respond to them, they almost beat me up but the good thing I had friends that backed me up.

    “That is why am here because I want people out there to know that it is very okay to have a big body and to be plus size.”


    By Kalamira Hope and Joel Wansaale


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