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    How Women Crippled M7 Aide Moses Byaruhanga



    By Otim Nape

    In his hey days, Moses Byaruhanga was a very powerful political assistant to the President and many took him to be defacto 2nd PPS in Kaguta M7’s palace. He was very powerful, connected and feared in the public service sectors outside state house.

    This was so because he was influential and trusted to both M7 and Mbabazi who were the two most powerful leaders in NRM and government. Mbabazi liked him because he is intelligent and hard working. Moses was in Mbabazi’s inner circle which had other intelligent leaders like Adolf Mwesige, Daudi Migereko, Kiwanuka Kiryowa, KAA lawyers and others. Byaruhanga freely accessed the president because he was in very good terms with powerful PPS Amelia Kyambadde who liked him for being hard working and knowledgeable. He joined M7’s service right from Makerere political science class where his source of income was using the Yashika cameras to take photos.  While he always worked with Mbabazi on M7 missions, when Amama stood for president the haters used this to deceive M7 that Byaruhanga was also in the Mbabazi camp whereas not.

    Moses Byaruhanga campaigning for his friend Peter Sematimba

    Faridah Mayanja with President Museveni at a function recently

    M7 never took these rumors seriously but haters targeting Byaruhanga used that to justify why they would never invite him for sensitive meetings in Entebbe, Kisozi and other places. They would tell M7 we can’t invite that man Byaruhanga because he is for Mbabazi. M7 would keep quiet and when they saw he was still trusting Byaruhanga, they resorted to concocting money scandals to spoil his name. Incidentally some of these false accusers are people Byaruhanga mentored and guided on the workings of State House. Sources say one of the things that helped and saved Moses mostly was his connection to the first lady Janet through marriage. After Amelia left, Miriam Kankunda who now heads the SGR project took over as defacto PPS and filled the vacuum. Kankunda had been very close friend of Moses but turned against him when Moses became too busy and was no longer available to guide and advise her on the very tough administrative office work as defacto PPS. Kankunda started using her proximity to Mzee to accuse Moses of all sorts of things plus those concerning the NAADS equipment procured during the days of Slim Nandy as head NAADs. It turned out some of these were assignments Moses did on Mzee’s instructions and Kankunda didn’t know this. Moses was investigated by a group of ISO operatives put in place by Mzee himself. The ISO men went to all city divisions and discovered that Kankunda’s rumors were not true. It turned out Moses worked very well with the groups of NAADS beneficiaries and used those coordinators to mobilize the high votes M7 got in Kampala in 2011 in Kampala unlike 2016 when he got very few votes and Besigye walloped him like a kid.

    The ISO report showed that the vacuum created by Moses’ disappearance from Kampala mobilization after haters accused him falsely was responsible for Mzee’s decline in Kampala in 2016. The ISO teams spoke to all the leaders Moses was working with in NAADS and it was confirmed he never diverted any money and never used the NAADS network to market Mbabazi as M7 had been told by his female aides who just hated Moses for totally other things with nothing to do with Mbabazi or loyalty to M7. In the end, Kankunda left State House and even reconciled with Moses having realized beef wasn’t good between two old friends. She now works with Standard Gauge Railway project in Nakawa finance controller and very powerful that even Kasingye who is the overall coordinator is under her control. Some haters went to M7 and claimed Moses was using State House money to start his mega milk business which tuned out false. However, the powerful babes in State House continued fighting him. After Kankunda, there came a one Faridah Mayanja whose father used to be the driver to M7 in the bush war. She was put in charge of Kampala mobilization and Moses was pushed in the background because haters had lied M7 he was for Mbabazi. It seems Faridah feared Moses might come back with a bang. She started fighting him and reporting him to Mzee as a bad man each time she got chance to meet Sevo but little did she know Moses’ shoes were too big for pretenders like herself.  In her hands, mobilization in Kampala fell flat and Besigye defeated M7 like never before.   The blame then turned to Jennifer Musisi yet Faridah’s vindictive approach of mobilizing turned away many NRM supporters who were revenging Moses’ mistreatment hence the decline in Mzee’s Kampala votes. In that period Moses got a lot of stress and was recently diagnosed with diabetes which resulted from the stress and false Accusations State House women piled on him.

    New PPS Changes things-But things started changing when Molly Kamukama became PPS and refused to listen to rumors and said she would judge each officer on their own merit as opposed to rumors spread by people motivated by malice and personal vendetta. Moses these days is back with his original powers as Molly ensures he attends all important meetings for Mzee because he has institutional memory of M7’s office having worked with him for over 20 years. He is always the secretary to many M7 meetings in State house especially those related to political mobilization and Togikwatako issues. Apart from Faridah Mayanja, the other babe that fought Moses a man known for his quiet nature was Susan Rubogo from Busoga. The ISO report exonerating Moses on the NAADS cash and the Mbabazi connection was verified by a group of State House operatives headed by Mr. Kiwuwa who is Mzee’s personal secretary on agricultural matters.  Before the malicious babes destroyed Moses, M7 was even considering making him NRM Secretary General after he declined the ministerial post of Microfinance and recommended Haruna Kasolo along with IGP Gen Kale Kayihura. Such unfounded rumor mongering is the reason why M7’s brother Saleh wants total restructuring of workers in State House so that mediocres are eliminated for serious cadres like Moses Byaruhanga and his team can have the space to serve.


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    Intelligence Picks Interest In Social Media Demands For Kabaka Mutebi As Section Of Baganda Organise Allergy Run…



    One of the country’s intelligence organizations has picked interest in the ongoing social media frenzy concerning Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II the Kabaka of Buganda.

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government has been silently watching to see how Mengo administration will handle allegations spread mostly by Ugandans in the diaspora over Kabaka’s health and his whereabouts from the day he landed at Entebbe International Airport upon returning back into the country from United Kingdom where he had traveled to get further medical attention.

    Buganda Kingdom administration led by Charles Peter Mayiga rubbished the allegations and assured Kabaka’s subject that their king is still abroad receiving medication and he will appear at the right time.

    They further explained that it is not a Kiganda tradition norm for Baganda to demand for the Kabaka’s public appearance.

    He added that Kabaka is being taken care of by his immediate family members and friends and he is in Namibia resting while following advice from his doctors in Europe.

    However Baganda including the National Unity platform (NUP) Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) encouraged Baganda to continue asking for information concerning their Kabaka because he is their cultural leader and no person has monopoly over him to the extent of silencing them.

    However, highly placed sources in intelligence told theGrapevine that the demand on social media has now led to organizing of social events to pressure Mayiga’s administration on Kabaka’s absence which is threatening the country’s security.

    This website established that a group of youth in Buganda led by Mubiru Njuuki have organized a run branded allergy Run 2024.

    Njuuki exclusively told theGrapevine that the aim of the run is to show solidarity with their King who is going through a very challenging situation.

    “The Kabaka is our pillar and without him, Buganda cannot stand, we cannot look on as people he gave positions of leadership enjoying life while they are deceiving us,” Njuuki said.

    He added that the money they are going to collect from the run will be used in sensitizing the public on the dangers of allergy.

    He explain that at first, people took allergy as a simple infection but the way it has threatened Kabaka’s life to the extent of being referred abroad for further treatment means it is a very dangerous disease which people should be aware of.

    He added that the organizing committee which includes members of Buganda Kingdom clan heads is expecting more than 10,000 participates and the run will start from Kabaka’s Mengo palace.

    They will run around Kampala and come back to Kabaka’s palace where experts in allergy will talk to the people and advises them on the dangers of allergy, how to avoid it and cure it.

    He added that the money collected from the run will be given to one of the big hospitals in town to establish a well-equipped allergy department and clinic.

    Njuuki revealed that among the guests that the organizing committee plans to invite include; President Museveni who they want to be the chief runner, Annet Anita Among the speaker of parliament, Owiny Dollo the Chief Justice, Mayiga and other Buganda Kingdom Royal family members and clan heads.

    The organizers have already printed t-shirts and fliers which the participants are going to put on and use with caps and they plan to put them on the market at Shs.20, 000 each.

    “When polio broke out in Buganda, many thought it was just a simple disease but they started fearing it when it attacked one of the princes in the Kingdom. Sir Edward Walugembe Mutesa, the Buganda Kingdom fallen King declared it a deadly disease and rallied his subjects to fight it by all means to save their loved ones because if the disease could attack one of his family members, it means that other people were in more danger,” Njuuki said.

    Njuki explained that Baganda no longer trust and take Mayiga’s statements serious when it comes to matters of Kabaka Mutebi’s health seriously because he has mastered the art of deceiving them.

    He disclosed that Baganda would rather take President Museveni’s word on the Kabaka’s health than Mayiga’s.

    In 2020, Mayiga told Baganda that Kabaka was suffering from allergy which was caused by flowers, a claim that was vehemently contested.

    Former Buganda Kingdom Premier Joseph Mulwanyamuli Ssemogerere assured Baganda that their king is recovering and he talked to him via zoom.

    Ssemogerere added that Kabaka Mutebi confirmed to him that he is following whatever is being said on social media and whatever is going on in his Kingdom and he promised to address everything at the right time.

    But intelligence operatives told theGrapevine that Mayiga and Mengo administration have failed to handle Kabaka’s sickness properly given that it has started threatening the country’s security because any bad person can use it to incite the public into demonstration and rioting as it was in 2009 when Kabaka was stopped from visiting Bugerere County.

    “Look at the way how Kabaka appears in the public, he has always been badly dressed. Now how can you assure the public that he is not under someone’s control! They should start from addressing the issue of his dress code, otherwise the State will come out and address the matter in its own way because the Kabaka is a very important person in the country and if anything happens to him, it affects the whole country,” he said.

    The development comes days after the army declared that Kabaka’s Chief security officer Capt. Edward Ssempijja abandoned his job without permission from his bosses.

    However Mayiga defended him and confirmed that he went to South Africa for further studies.

    theGrapevine has also established that Kabaka’s absence has created a lot of internal fights and misunderstanding within the Kingdom administration and Mayiga is under a lot of pressure.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Ukrainian Investor Cited In Grabbing Former IGP’s Land As Family Reports Gen. Otema, Relatives To New Police Boss…



    Nancy Oryema (L) and Lt. Gen. Charles Otema (R)

    Ukrainian investor Maxim Shevchuk has been cited in the grabbing of part of the big Estate of the family of the first former black Inspector General of Police (IGP) Lt. Col. Wilson Erinayo Oryema.

    Highly placed sources in the family of the late Oryema revealed that Maxim, with the help of armed men, and without the permission of the family has started trespassing on their land claiming that he is going to establish a factory on it.

    Family members claim that Maxim and his agents told them that he bought the land comprising LRV 778, Folio 23 land at Purongo, Kilak County, Acholi currently Nwoya district from Lt. Gen. Charles Otema Awany.

    They added that Maxim trespassed on their land following Justice Phillip Odoki’s controversial judgment in which he dismissed their case against Lt. Gen Otema and others on technicality.

    In her petition to the newly appointed IGP Abass Byakagaba, Nancy Oryema, the granddaughter to late Oryema claims that Gen. Otema’s agents together with Maxim are abusing the court process.

    She revealed that after losing a court case against Gen. Otema and others at Gulu High Court, they instructed their lawyers to appeal against it in the Court of Appeal claiming that Justice Odoki had erred in law and facts while making his final judgment.

    She insisted that as a family, they need urgent intervention in the unlawful activities defying court proceedings on their ancestral land.

    “I am compelled to bring to your attention a grave situation that demands immediate action from the Uganda Police Force, an institution that has consistently upheld the rule of law and maintained order in our nation under your esteemed leadership and as I write, I have been informed that my female farm manager has been hit by one of the armed private guards from PSG private security in Gulu,” she said.

    Nancy made the petition after her farm manager Prossy Ajok reported a complaint of aggravated robbery against Alex Awany a relative to Lt. Gen. Otema on Police Reference Number SD Ref: 36/22/05/2024 at Nwoya police station.

    In her petition, Nancy explained that despite an ongoing appeal process challenging Justice Odoki’s judgment on Oryema’s estate, Gen. Otema and others have chosen to disregard the lawful procedures and are forcefully taking possession of land without a valid court decree or order.

    She claimed that their opponents and their agents have been circulating an unclear printed judgment along with a letter from their lawyer, claiming that court has awarded the land to Otema Awany and Beatrice’s Achola.

    However, they have no official communication, decree, court order, or clearance from the police headquarters authorizing the eviction.

    She further claimed that the accused persons led by Awany and Thomas Lapyem have resorted to hooliganism, primarily during nighttime hours, commanding armed private guards from PSG Gulu and UPDF soldiers from Lt. Gen Otema’s residence.

    She added that they have been conducting unauthorized surveying and planting mark stones on the land under the cover of darkness and they even attempted to break the gate and remove Nancy’s signposts.

    “Our gatekeepers were threatened with imprisonment for seven years if they remained at their posts. These actions have instilled fear among our investors and the local community engaged in farming under Gen Saleh’s Operation Wealth Creation projects,” she noted.

    She further narrates that Nwoya District Police Commander (DPC) Richard Amanya, is aware of the situation and confirmed that he has been informed by the Director Legal that no activities should take place on the land without clearance from the headquarters.

    Despite sending a team to the site, the DPC has failed to take any meaningful action, citing threats of legal action against him in his personal capacity if involved in stopping them from the alleged land grabbing.

    She added that the Regional Police Command (RPC) is also equally silent as Lapyem and Awany, accompanied by two soldiers from Lt. Gen. Otema’s residence, demanded access to the home of the late Oryema but the gates were locked.

    “The unlawful activities have created an atmosphere of brewing anger within the local community. I take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the exemplary leadership of the Uganda Police Force under your guidance. Your commitment to upholding justice and maintaining law and order has been a beacon of hope for the citizens of our nation,” she said.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    MASTERS OF CHAOS! Minister Mao Warns Bobi Wine To Prepare For The Worst From Mpuuga, DP Block Politicians…



    NUP boss Bobi Wine. Inset L is DP's Norbert Mao and R inset is Matthias Mpuuga

    Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister who also doubles as the Democratic Party President General Norbert Mao has warned National Unity Platform (NUP) President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) to prepare for the worst from Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba and members of the DP Block.

    Exclusively speaking to theGrapevine, Mao explain that when he saw Mpuuga and his friends who were formally members of Suubi, a political pressure group and DP party crossing to NUP, he envisioned what is happening right now.

    He added that the said people were a problem to DP and when they joined NUP, the DP problem crossed to Bobi Wine.

    Bobi Wine is under attack from members of his party who crossed from DP to NUP. They have even threatened to reveal their next political action next month at Mpuuga’s thanks giving ceremony where Charles Peter Mayiga the Buganda Kingdom premier is expected as the Chief Guest.

    Highly placed sources revealed that Mpuuga and his group are planning to reveal a new political pressure group which will tour the entire country getting views from their supporters concerning their next course of action after disagreeing with Bobi Wine’s leadership.

    George Musisi, one of lawyers for NUP accused Mpuuga’s blue eyed boy Samuel Lubega Mukaku of supporting the NUP faction led by Moses Kibalama.

    Sources allege that Mpuuga’s faction are confident that Court is going to declare Bobi Wine’s leadership at NUP illegal and the party will return into the hands of Kibalama a move they think will give them the opportunity to use NUP as a vehicle in the 2026 general elections.

    Other sources claim that Mpuuga and group are planning to use Buganda Kingdom leadership structures from the village level to mobilize support in Buganda come 2026.

    Mpuuga is confident that it was Buganda structures that helped Bobi Wine to defeat President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his NRM party in Buganda and without them, Bobi will lose.

    However, Nakaseke South legislator Paulson Lutamaguzi Ssemakula rubbished Mpuuga’s political calculations explaining that Bobi Wine will remain strong whether Buganda’s Mayiga supports him or not.

    He asserts that Bwanika and Mpuuga are working for President Museveni and he has always deployed them whenever election period approaches and help him to divide and disorganize the opposition.

    Ssemakula said that in 2021, when Bobi Wine was planning to work with Dr. Kizza Besigye, Bwanika abused Dr. Besigye and accussed him of working for Museveni to distract Baganda.

    He added that in 2006, Bwanika swore an affidavit in support of Museveni against Dr. Besigye before the Supreme Court and his evidence saved Museveni and stamped his win.

    However, Bwanika also accuses Bobi Wine of working for Museveni to stop the opposition from taking state power.

    The Bobi Wine/Mpuuga misunderstanding deepened when Bobi Wine ordered him to apologise to the nation and return the Shs500m bribe he admittedly received from the parliamentary Commission as a reward for being a good Leader of Opposition in parliament. Mpuuga was also told to resign from the office of the Commissioner of parliament which he declined to do.

    Bobi Wine also suspended Mpuuga from the office the national vice president in charge of Buganda region on top of sending him to the party disciplinary committee.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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