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I Am Not Lukwago’s Level, Nambooze Should Stop Using Scarecrow Tactics Against Other Politicians – Abed Bwanika In Bitter Exchange With Nambooze



Three times presidential candidate Dr. Abed Bwanika has dropped his early ambitions of standing against incumbent Kampala lord mayor Erias Lukwago in the 2021 elections.

In April this year, Bwanika boasted on different political platforms and in the media that he was given the people Power DP Block flag for Kampala Lord mayor ship. The city pastor claimed that his victory against Lukwago was going to be smooth since city dwellers were not happy with Lukwago’s  double standard kind of politics. The veteran doctor said that Lukwago was not going to survive the people power wave led by Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi alis Bobi Wine unless he denounces FDC strongman Kizza Besigye whom he claims is against political change in the country.

Other DP Block members like former Makindye East legislator Michael Mabike, soft spoken Lubega Mukaku moral boosted Bwanika that he has high chances of defeating Lukwago.


Appearing on ‘palamenti yaffe’, a political talk show on Buganda kingdom’s CBS radio, Bwanika disowned his early political ambitions to challenge Lukwago while answering hard questions put to him by Lukwago’s henchman and reknown radio aller Makolo Kavuma.

“Let me clear the air please Mr Makolo Kavuma, I don’t know why you are labouring to defend Mr. Lukwago’s seat in the upcoming General election.  Let his achievements speak for him if you think that he has performed to the expectation of his voters. By the way for your information I don’t have any ambition to challenge Lukwago even though I have the ability because I am not at that level. For me I am going back to my area in Lwengo to stand there, I don’t need this malice politics of yours here in Kampala,” the outspoken PDP President said. 

Bwanika’s submissions forced jubilatant Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze to declare in public what Lukwago did to him to hate him so much so that his friends compensate him.  The former Bukedde newspaper correspondent in greater Mukono submitted that people especially here in Buganda are wondering why Bwanika always attacks Lukwago even if he is not the one responsible for the said problem.

Nambooze openly told Bwanika that Lukwago is among the politicians who are promoting Buganda interest and he must be handled sensitively. The highly charged Bwanika blasted Nambooze and warned her to stop claiming that they (Nambooze and Lukwago) are true Baganda who are fighting for Buganda’s interests.

“ Nambooze, please stop that nonsense and blackmail, I never applied to be on this programmer which you and Lukwago are using to intimidate people who try to challenge your weaknesses. I am not going to be intimidated by your words because I am also a muganda like any person here including Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga,” a furious Bwanika said. Bwanika wondered why Nambooze and Lukwago didn’t use their strong influence to force government to give Masaka municipality city status but had to wait for the Kabaka of Buganda to comment on the matter.

He blamed Nambooze for using scarecrow tactics to fight any true Muganda who tries to fight for the Kingdom that is why the kingdom is losing its share on the national cake. The charged Bwanika was cooled down by program moderator Meddie Nsereko Sebuliba who comforted him.

By Jamil Lutakome



SAY NO TO KUJOOGA! I’m Going To Lead The Battle To Save Kampala From M7 Take Over At The Expense Of The Urban Poor – MP Nambooze….



Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke has vowed to lead the battle to stop President Museveni’s takeover of Kampala.

In a post on her Facebook page titled ‘People’s Battle For Kampala n’emiriraano-2020….Temutujoga Kampala City Yaffe…. Tukooye Ejjoogo!’, Nambooze said that, “Mr. Museveni tried to win votes in Kampala and other Metropolitan constituencies but failed. He turned to buying off opposition political leadership of Kampala but the converts failed to influences masses to go with them, the opposition only became stronger.”

She added, “He moved Parliament to amend the Constitution to give himself a law granting him power over the City and brought around a callous woman Jennifer Musisi but the Battle hardened Lord Mayor Lukwago fought this move both legally and politically and soon Museveni got to acknowledge that he was failing….. He bought a machinery in the hence to opposition “Princess” Beti Kamya and a number of councilors to use their expertise in City Affairs made another move to amend the law to abolish the adult suffrage elections for the Lord Mayorship and other issues in relation to extend the boundaries to cover the neighbouring districts of Wakiso, Mpigi and Mukono but lost it in Parliament.”

Now Mr.Museveni through his Ministers has allotted to themselves powers over Kampala thanks to Covd19. Imagine a Central Government Minister taking over the role of assigning taxis stages. Why doesn’t Katumba Wamala if he is really organising public transport also call Gulu, Kabale, Arua, Hoima, Masaka, Mbarara taxis to register and be assigned stages by his Ministry?” Nambooze asked.

She said, “Since the unfortunate outbreak of Covd19, the junta moves day in day out to take over Kampala at the expense of the urban poor, the ordinary city dweller and it seems, they want to see how far they can go before they get anyone to challenge them.”

Nambooze disclosed that on Monday, she is going to address the press in her capacity as the Alternative Minister for Kampala.

“People’s Battle for Kampala 2020. Our Battle is legally correct and politically, socially and economically a must. Our right and justification to declare this battle is in Article one of the Constitution that provides that Power belongs to the People and they will exercise it through their democratically elected leaders,” Nambooze said.


By Sandra Mukisa


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Ugandans Will Kill You, Besigye Is Fooling You Not To Stand In 2021 – Mirundi Warns Bobi Wine…



President Yoweri Museveni’s senior advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi has warned People Power strongman Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine that Ugandans will kill him if he takes the advice of the four time presidential candidate Kizza Besigye not to stand for president in the 2021 general elections.

Joseph Tamale Mirundi said that he was reliably informed that last week, Kyagulanyi met Besigye and the main purpose of the meeting was to convince him not to stand for president in 2021.

He disclosed that Besigye told Kyagulanyi that Museveni has benefitted from the COVID19 lockdown and it will be very difficult to defeat him in an election.

Mirundi revealed that Besigye further told Kyagulanyi that even the playing ground is not leveled and Museveni will not allow other candidates to campaign around the country.

Mirundi said that Besigye told Kyagulanyi that Museveni is planning to tell them to use social media and transitional media to carry out campaigns which will be very difficult them.

Mirundi said that according to information he gathered from the meeting, Kyagulanyi is willing to take Besigye’s advice but warned him that Ugandans will kill him.

According to Mirundi, Besigye wants Bobi Wine to join him.

“Bobi Wine is like Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala, you people have led to the death of Ugandans claiming that you are fighting for them yet you have your personal agenda,” Mirundi said.

“No Bobi Wine, try it and join Besigye, people will kill you. They trust you because they know the people behind Besigye,” Mirundi said.

He added that Besigye is just fooling Kyagulanyi not to stand in 2021 because he has already cut a deal with former security Minister Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde to stand for President. Efforts to speak to Joel Ssenyonyi the spokesperson of people power movement were futile because he has been not picking our calls.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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TOUGH GUIDELINES ON MASKS: No Politicizing The Issue, Gov’t Bans Branded Masks, 17 More Companies Given Permission To Help Nytil…



Bobi Wine wears the People Power mask

Government is set to ban all branded masks in a move that will stop the politicizing of the mask issue.

Just like it was at the beginning of the Covid19 crisis, when politicians seized the opportunity of delivering food and relief items to the vulnerable people to drum up support in their areas, there is fear from government that the mask issue is also being politicized.

However, in a move to put a stop on this, new guidelines have been issued on the nature of masks that will be allowed.

It should be remembered that when President Museveni announced that everyone will be required to wear a mask when they are going outdoors; individuals, companies, political parties and pressure groups started manufacturing their own branded masks.

However, a letter shared by Impact Media Agency alleges that Uganda Manufacturers association (UMA) held a meeting with officials in the Prime Minister’s office and they agreed to contract more companies to make enough masks to meet the high demand.

In a letter dated 19th May, 2020, signed by UMA Board Member, Mr. Richard Mubiru, tough guidelines have been issued to the 18 companies that have been selected to manufacture masks.

“Reference is made to the meeting that you chaired today at the OPM Conference Hall that featured manufacturers of Masks with the view to galvanizing the national capacity to produce the 35 Million Masks necessary to ensure that all Ugandans above six years are able to wear Masks before the further opening up of the country from the current lockdown, due in two weeks’ time from yesterday’s Presidential address,” the letter reads.

The letter adds, “Rt. Hon Prime Minister, arising from the meeting and the further consultations that ensued between Masks manufacturers and the Scientists deputed by the Ministry of Health, the following resolutions emerged:

(1) That the specification acceptable for Masks shall be two ply of cotton fabric, with an opening that can be used to insert a filter by the user, where possible;

(2) That the Masks color shall be any color other than red, blue, green and yellow associated with political organizations in Uganda;

(3) That individual potential suppliers were to contract as individual entities to ease traceability and accountability for public funds involved to ensure good value for money;

NRM mask

(4) That samples shall be shared with UMA who shall in tum submit the samples to Ministry of Health by Wednesday, 20th May 2020, the procuring entity as guided by the Ministry of Finance during the meeting;

(5) That no form of branding shall be applicable to the Masks to ensure that production capacity is not compromised;

(6) That a Representative Committee was constituted, chaired by a UMA Board Member, Mr. Richard Mubiru that shall be responsible for coordination of the procurement and production activities alongside UMA to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible;

(7) That UMA reaches out to non UMA members that have capacity to produce Masks so that such entities capacity is added onto the UMA based capacity for Masks production;

(8) That the confirmed daily capacity is in the region of at least 1,120,300 Masks per day for the participating entities is contained in the capacity Annexure hereto attached.

UMA later tweeted, “UMA is coordinating the manufacture of masks by our members. UMA so far has 18 companies lined up to produce the said masks and is working to ready more manufacturers for this task. So far capacity stands at 1.12 million masks per day.”

By Sandra Mukisa

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