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I Dropped Out Of School And Went To The Bush To Fighter For Freedom Now You Joking With My Sweat! – UPDF Officer Swears To Die With Land Registration Officer Over Cancellation Of His Land Title….



Lt. Paul Bukenya

A retired Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) Lieutenant has sent a serious warning to Robert Opio, the commissioner land registration in Uganda Land Commission over the cancellation of his land title in Wakiso district. 

Lt. Paul Bukenya said that he is not going to fold his hands and look on while people who don’t own a land title in their family play with his hard-earned wealth.

“I got that land title eleven years back, now Opio comes with his stories that he has canceled it, on what basis? He is just joking, I dropped out of school in senior six go to the bush to fighter for freedom now you joking with my sweat! I will never accept such fraud,” Bukenya vowed.

He told the commission of inquiry into land matters that he fulfilled all the requirements to get that land title and it was Sarah Kurata, the former commissioner land registration who approved the issuing of his title after verifying all his documents. He attacked the land registrar for conniving with land brokers to defraud with the intention of grabbing people’s land titles upon receiving bribes.

He cited Wakiso district land office where security personnel’s block people from accessing the registrar’s office but allow brokers who ask people for bribes if they want to see the land registrars or process their land titles.

Bukenya also told the commission that land registrars have opened up a broker’s office at Namaganda plaza in the city where their agent, a one Ali Kayima solicits bribes from people who want to process their land titles.

Bukenya revealed that it was Kayima who fraudulently connived with land title registrars to issue another land title on top of his in the names of Sam Kironde.  However, the commission’s lead counsel Ebert Byenkya told him that Opio testified before the commission that he cancelled his land title on 22 October 2019 after he discovered that he obtained it fraudulently without following the proper legal procedure.

Byenkya further told Bukenya that Opio testified before the commission that he cancelled the land title after getting advice from the Attorney General that the land title was fraudulently obtained with a mission to swindle the government over shs8bn.

Byenkya attacked Bukenya of masquerading as a family member of the late Alexander Gabunga, the first owner of the land yet he was not. Byenkya said that there was connivance between him, officers from the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development, officers in the Ministry of Finance and officers from Uganda Free Zone Authority (UFZA) to fraudulently process the land title after landing on an advert in the news where UFZA was looking for land in that area.

In his defense, Bukenya told the commission that after buying the 102 acres of land at Shs102m from the Galiwango family, he asked his fellow retired UPDF captain Dick Lutaya to give him some money to buy another piece of land on Busiro Block 535 plot 584 Zika Kasanje Wakiso district. 

Andrew Besigye Atwine, one of the directors of Bika Associates limited

He admitted that in 2018, he escorted Galiwango’s family members led by the widow Marida Nambwere, her daughters Cissy Nakazi and Esther Nankya Namirembe to the administrator general’s office to do a follow up on their land title. He admitted that he did so because he had interest in the land and he wanted the process to be quickened. He also admitted that he was paid shs8bn by UFZA after selling to them over 300 acres of land, he testified that on that payment, he got Shs1bn, Shs1.34bn was paid to ‘bibanja’ holders who were 68 in number, 28 ‘bibanja’ owners were not paid and the remaining money (Shs 5.66bn) was taken by his lawyers of Katende Ssempebwa and company Advocates.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire the chairperson of the commission told Bukenya that he is a land speculator who bought the land after knowing that government was looking for land in that place. She reminded him of when he was paid over shs5bn from UNRA during the construction of Entebbe express highway.


On the same matter, Justice Bamugemereire ordered the arrest of Andrew Besigye Atwine, one of the directors of Bika Associates limited, a real estate and broker company based in Nasana for failing to explain how he was paid Shs1bn in this deal.

Besigye lied to the commission that he was paid by Katende Ssempebwa and company advocates yet the commission has evidence that he was paid by some officers in the Ministry of Finance whom he connived with to defraud the government. 

State Minister for Finance petitioned the commission to investigate how the government lost over shs8bn in a fraudulent land transaction when the government wanted to establish an investment center.

The commission is still investigating the matter.

By Jamil Lutakome



Ugandans Who Will Refuse To Sign On ICC Petition To Have M7 Indicted Will Be Committing Treason – Besigye…



Four-time presidential aspirant, Col. Kizza Besigye has warned Ugandans who are planning to dodge the signing of the petition entitled: “Uganda people’s petition to International Criminal Court” that they will be committing treason according to Article 3 of the constitution.

According to Besigye, all Ugandans are held responsible to fight for their fundamental rights and other rights granted by the constitution.

“Every person has a responsibility of protecting his or her rights, if you see someone abusing your right then you have to deal with that person in courts of law, since the constitution under Article 3 allows you to fight for your rights, Ugandans who have declined to sign on the petition are committing treason,” Besigye said.

He said this at the people’s government offices along Katonga road in Kampala where he officially lunched the signing of the petition that is aimed at compelling ICC to summon president Museveni.

In a meeting attended by Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Ken Lukyamuzi, Leader of Opposition Betty Aol Ochan and other the opposition members, Besigye said that the petition is a universal petition that caters for all Ugandans both in Uganda and abroad who have been victims of Museveni’s torture and his poor governance.

“The petition is for all Ugandans, its intended to bring peace to all, we need Museveni out of power with the help of ICC since he cannot handover peacefully,” he insisted.

“Anybody aggrieved with Museveni’s policies of violating our rights like freedom of speech and expression, freedom of assembly and right to life should provide evidence and join in the signing of petition,” he said.

He further urged all police persons and military to abandon violating commands that are given to them by their Commander in Chief.

“The police should work for Ugandans, they should abandon the violating commands that are given to them by Museveni because everyone is accountable for the crimes they commit, no one will ask for who ordered you. Look at Kayihura now, he is suffering alone though he was working on Museveni’s orders,” Besigye added.

He revealed that the petition will be wired online for all Ugandans both in Uganda and abroad to sign.

“Our petition is going to be wired online and links are going to be circulated for those outside Uganda,” he said. He further urged NRM members who have known the weaknesses of President Museveni to join the petition for a better tomorrow.

“Members from the NRM party who understand the weaknesses of their president should join us because this is about Museveni not NRM. Members of other opposition parties and movements like Hon: Kyagulanyi, Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Nobert Mao and other leaders, join us and we defend our country from dictators,” Besigye rallied.

According to Besigye, the process of signing the will take long period of time since they plan to spread it country wide.

By Josephine Kauma


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Sipapa, Full Figure Are Using M7’s Money To Kill Us: Music Promotors Bajjo, Abitex Cry Out ….



Abitex and Bajjo addressing journalists

Events promoters Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo events and Abbey Musinguzi alias Abitex have pinned socialite Charles Olim alias Sipapa and Jennifer Nakaguubi alias Full Figure of using the millions of money given to them by president Yoweri Museveni to kill them.

Bajjo told journalist in Kampala that on Wednesday evening, he survived being killed by armed hooligans holding machetes at Makindye, a Kampala suburb.

“I have audio recordings of that fool Sipapa and Full Figure strategizing on how to finish our lives. I heard Full figure tipping Sipapa to tell his gangs to locate us and kill us using stones,” Bajjo said.

He revealed that when he received an audio from a friend, they decided to run away from Baba TV where they had been hosted for a talk show. He said that when they reached Makindye, a group of people attacked them with machetes and stoned his car. Abitex said that he received credible information from state house that both Sipapa and Full Figure told Museveni that they know Abitex and Bajjo and that they will help him silence them at all cost.

Abitex warned that the act of giving people free money will increase criminality in the country because people will start thinking that they don’t have to work but can always be given free money. Both promotors filed their complaints at Katwe police station. Full figure was not reached for comment since she was not picking our calls.


Earlier, lawyer Erias Lukwago, who was  representing the two promoters pleaded with High Court judge Lydia Mugambe Ssali to save his clients from losing billions of money and jobs in the coming 2019 festival season. Lukwago submitted that the directive issued by the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola stopping his clients from organizing musical concerts will deny them employment since their source of income are the music shows.

Lukwago told court that his clients lost over Shs200m when Ochola stopped their concerts at Busabala, Gulu Lira and other places yet they had already paid all the necessary requirements including security.

The presiding judge Ssali asked both applicants why they didn’t proceed with organizing concerts of other musicians because it seems the IGP only stopped them from organizing Bobi Wine’s concerts.

Lukwago with people power lawyer Shamim Malende tried to plead to Ssali to accommodate their matter before the Christmas festival because it’s the period when his clients work more.

This was after judge Ssali had told them that she was assigned to go to high court criminal division to handle very serious criminal cases.

However, after Lukwago’s plea, Justice Ssali changed her mind and asked Lukwago to take their file back to the registrar so that it can be allocated to another judge which Lukwago refused. Mugambe further advised the applicants to stop exaggerating their case. The judge ordered both parties to submit written submissions instead of oral as Lukwago was proposing. The matter was adjourned to 13 December.

By Jamil Lutakome


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Lawyer Mabirizi Asks East African Court To Halt 2021 Election Preparations Until Their Ruling Of The Age Limit Appeal



Mabirizi presenting his case before the East African court of justice in Arusha Tanzania

Controversial city lawyer Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka has asked the East African court of justice in Arusha Tanzania to issue a court order stopping Uganda’s Electoral Commission from conducting the 2021 general elections.

Mabirizi submitted to the five justices of this court led by Lady Justice Monica Mugenyi (Principal Judge), Justice Dr. Faustin Ntezilyayo (Deputy Principal Judge), Justice Audace Ngiye, Justice Dr. Charles O. Nyawello and Justice Charles Nyachae that his case is very serious because it raises questions relating to the governance of Uganda’s parliament, executive and judiciary.

The justices of the East African court of justice in Arusha Tanzania

“I will suffer irreparable damages if the application is not granted since Article 3(4) of Uganda’s constitution empowers me to defend the constitution from illegal amendments,” Mabirizi submitted. He told court that after resolving the grievances in his case, the electoral commission can conveniently resume its processes. 

In his defense, the solicitor general Francis Atoke put up a spirited fight and asked court not to allow Mabirizi’s application because it can cause instability in the country and erode constitutionalism.

Atoke argued that halting the 2021 elections will be so dangerous that he doesn’t want to be in Uganda to see what will happen if elections are suspended.

“My Lords, since the applicant pleaded for damages and interests, in my view, court should instead award him damages at the end instead of stopping the elections,” Atoke submitted. In his rejoinder, Mabirizi stated that halting the election process of 2021 cannot cause instability in Uganda as the solicitor general claimed but it will instead instill constitutionalism in the country. He insisted that there is no amount of damages that can adequately compensate the collapse of the rule of law, good governance and disrespect of human rights.

Mabirizi told court that during the passing of the controversial age limit bill in parliament in 2017, Members of Parliament were seriously beaten and their backs broken, and even if they are awarded with damages, their backs can never be healed.  The judges promised to give their ruling on notice. 

However, court declined to strike off the Attorney general’s defense as Mabirizi had applied claiming that his defense was filed out of 45 days’ time as prescribed by the rules of the East African courts of justices. 

William Byaruhanga told court that it was not their intention to file their defense out of time as Mabirizi claimed but the delay was caused by one of their staff who negligently without knowing that the matter was of public importance failed to do her job.

Court also refused the Attorney General’s affidavit sworn by senior state attorney George Kalemera who wanted court to strike out Mabirizi’s case claiming that he exhibited vexatious and frivolous behaviors in the conduct of his petition during the constitutional court hearing and at the supreme court.

Kalemera told court that Mabirizi abused and disrespected justices of both the constitution court and supreme court. In response, the justices agreed with Mabirizi that the AG’s affidavit was scandalous and irrelevant to the court.

The government team led by the Attorney General William Byaruhanga (L), his deputy
Mwesigwa Rukutana (C) and the solicitor General Francis Atoke (R)

Mabirizi ran to the East African court after losing in the constitutional court and supreme court of Uganda which decided that article 102(b) was properly amended and the lifting of the age limit was done legally. The government’s 15 team of legal brains was led by Attorney General William Byaruhanga, his deputy Mwesigwa Rukutana, solicitor General Francis Atoke, Director Civil Litigation Christine Kaahwa, Director commissioner  civil litigation Martin Mwambustya and others against Mabirizi and his assistant.

By Jamil Lutakome


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