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I Have Never Stolen Anything From Anyone That Is Why I Will Be The First To Stone A Corrupt Person – Physically Fit M7 Warns The Corrupt…



President Museveni has warned Ugandans who accept bribes that he will be the first one to stone anyone implicated in corruption tendencies.

The president made these remarks at a function organized by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema’s State House Anti-corruption unit after the anti-corruption walk that took place today morning.

The walk was organized to highlight the negativity of corruption and also to show the need to end the vice in Uganda. Museveni said he is ready to deal with Ugandans who practice corruption and pretend to be holy.

“Many people are corrupt but pretend to be holy. When you ask anyone who has never stolen, pick a stone and throw at the corrupt, I will be the first to pick it because I have never stolen anything from any one and I am not corrupt,” president said.

The President further revealed that even though he has never chewed a bribe, he is still not poor. “I am not corrupt and I am not poor,” Museveni said.

He further noted that corruption is both spiritual and moral and that it is a practice that makes someone a parasite. “A corrupt person is like a parasite that feeds on people’s blood, you earn what you have not worked for,” he said.

He warned those who got wealth through corruption to be kin because wealth from corruption does not last long. “It seems wealth from corruption does not stay longer, I have never seen corrupt people sustaining their wealth,” he added .

He further revealed that he knows some of the corrupt people but it’s not yet time for him to disclose them to the public.

“I know some of the corrupt people, I will not mention their names but I will expose them when time comes,” he promised.

He urged the public and the anti-corruption agents to corporate and fight against corruption in Uganda. “Corruption can be ended through unity of the public and the anti-corruption agents, we need to work together to end corruption in Uganda,” he said.

The President also took time to answer social media critics who question how he acquired his herd of cattle at his farm in Kisozi.

Museveni said, “I got them cows from my grand and God has kept them. UNLA soldiers wanted to steal the cattle but failed. They even blew up the house of my mother using an RPG but they didn’t steal them because they were hidden in the savanna.”

Museveni asked three government bodies including the Inspectorate of Government (IGG), State House anti-corruption unit and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to ensure that they don’t recruit employees only on the basis of qualifications but they should also consider their integrity.

By Josephine Kauma



NEW CABINET RESHUFFLE: Bakabulindi, Nantaba, Nadduli, Muloni Dropped As FDC’s Anywar, Nabakooba Eat Big….



After over three years without making a cabinet reshuffle, President Museveni has released a new cabinet list dropping ministers who include: Janat Mukwaya (Gender, Labour and Social Development), Abdul Nadduli (without portfolio), Irene Muloni (Energy and Mineral Development), Eng. Monica Ntege Azuba (Works and Transport) and Alex Onzima (State Minister in the Office of the Vice President), Aidah Nantaba (State Minister for ICT and Communication) and Charles Bakkabulindi (State Minister for Sports).

Museveni has also rewarded some of his loyal cadres with promotions and some like his Principal Private Secretary Molly Kamukama have been appointed State Minister for Economic Monitoring.

Gen. Katumba Wamala who has been the State Minister for Works is now the cabinet Minister for Works and Transport replaces Monica Ntege Azuba.

Mary Kitutu, who has been the State Minister for the Environment has now been appointed as Minister for Energy and Ministers to replace Eng. Irene Muloni and Judith Nabakooba, the former Police spokesperson has been appointed minister for Information, ICT and Communications replacing Frank Tumwebaze.

Former  Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) member Beatrice Anywar, the Kitgum Municipality MP is now the Minister of state for Environment.

In Exercise of the Powers vested in the President by Articles 99(1), 108(2), 108A(1), 113(1) and 114(1) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has, in pursuance of the goals of the NRM and Ugandans in general, made minor changes to the Cabinet.

He has appointed persons listed below as Vice President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State and Senior Presidential Advisors:

1. H.E. the Vice President ─ HON. KIWANUKA


2. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister ─ DR. RUHAKANA


3. 1stDeputy Prime Minister ─ GEN. MOSES ALI;

& Deputy Leader of Gov’t

Business in Parliament

4. 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and ─ HON. KIRUNDA

Minister without Port-folio KIVEJINJA;

5. Minister of Education and ─ HON. MUSEVENI


6. Minister of the Presidency ─ HON. MBAYO ESTHER


7. Minister in Charge of ─ HON. BUSINGYE

General Duties/Office of MARY KAROORO

The Prime Minister OKURUT;

8. Minister of Disaster

Preparedness &

Refugees ─ HON. ONEK HILARY;

9. Government Chief Whip ─ HON. NANKABIRWA


10. Minister of East African Affairs ─ MAJ. GEN.KAHINDA


11. Minister of Security ─ HON.GEN. ELLY


12. Minister of Defence and ─ HON. MWESIGE

Veteran Affairs ADOLF;

13. Minister of Foreign ─ HON. KUTESA


14. Minister of Internal Affairs ─ GEN. JEJE ODONGO;

15. Minister of Trade, ─ HON. KYAMBADDE

Industry& Cooperatives AMELIA ANNE;

16. Minister of Finance and

Economic Planning ─ HON. KASAIJA MATIA;

17. Minister of Energy and

Minerals ─ HON. KITUTU MARY;

18. Minister of Tourism,

Wildlife & Antiquities ─ HON. BUTIME TOM;

19. Minister of Local ─ HON. RAFAEL MAGYEZI;


20. Minister of Works and ─ GEN. KATUMBA

Transport WAMALA;

21. Minister of Lands,

Housing & Urban ─ HON. KAMYA BETTY;


22. Minister for Kampala and ─ HON. AMONGI BETTY;

Metropolitan Affairs

23. Minister of Health ─ DR. ACENG JANE;

24. Minister of Public Service ─ HON. MURULI


25. Minister of Justice ─ HON. KAMUNTU

& Constitutional Affairs EPHRAIM;

26. Attorney General ─ MR. BYARUHANGA


27. Minister of Water & ─ HON. CHEPTORIS

Environment SAM;

28. Minister for Karamoja Affairs ─ HON. BYABAGAMBI


29. Minister for Science, ─ DR. TUMWESIGYE

Technology and Innovation ELIODA;

30. Minister of Gender, Labour ─ HON. TUMWEBAZE

& Social Affairs FRANK;

31. Minister of Information, ICT ─ HON. NABAKOOBA

&Communications JUDITH;

32. Minister of Agriculture, ─ HON. SSEMPIJJA

Animal Industry & VINCENT



Office of the President:

1. Minister of State for ─ HON. LOKODO

Ethics and Integrity SIMON;

2. Minister of State for ─ MRS. KAMUKAMA NAWE

Economic Monitoring MOLLY;

Office of the Vice President:

3. Minister of State ─ HON. KASIRIVU

Vice President’s Office BALTAZAH ATWOKI;

Office of the Prime Minister:

4. Minister of State for

Relief and Disaster ─ HON. ECWERU

Preparedness MUSA FRANCIS;

5. Minister of State for ─ HON. KIZIGE MOSES;


6. Minister of State for

Bunyoro Affairs ─ HON. KIIZA ERNEST;

7. Minister of State ─ HON. GALABUZI

for Luwero Triangle-Rwenzori DENNIS SSOZI;

8. Minister of State for ─ HON. KWIYUUCWINY

Northern Uganda GRACE;

9. Minister of State for ─ HON. AKIROR AGNES;

Teso Affairs

Ministry of Educationand Sports

10. Minister of State for Higher ─ DR. MUYINGO JOHN


11. Minister of State for ─ HON. NANSUBUGA

Primary Education, ROSEMARY SENINDE;

12. Minister of State for Sports ─ HON. OBUA DENIS


Ministry of East African Affairs

13. Minister of State for ─ HON. MAGANDA

East African Affairs JULIUS WANDERA;

Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs

14. Minister of State for


15. Minister of State for ─ HON. KIBAZANGA

Veteran Affairs CHRISTOPHER;

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

16. Minister of State for ─ HON. ORYEM

International Affairs OKELLO;

17. Minister of State for ─ DR. MATEKE

Regional Affairs PHELEMON;

Ministry of Internal Affairs

18. Minister of State for

Internal Affairs ─ HON. OBIGA KANIA;

Ministry of Trade and Industry and Cooperatives:

19. Minister of State for ─ HON. KAFABUSA


20. Minister of State for ─ HON. GUME

Cooperatives FREDRICK NGOBI;

Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development:

21. Minister of State for Finance ─ HON. AJEDRA



22. Minister of State for Planning ─ HON. BAHATI DAVID;

23. Minister of State for ─ HON. ANITE EVELYN;

Privatization and Investment

24. Minister of State for Micro- ─ HON. KYEYUNE


Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development:

25. Minister of State for Minerals ─ HON. ACHIENG SARAH


26. Minister of State for Energy ─ HON. D’UJANGA


Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities:

27. Minister of State for ─ HON. KIWANDA

Tourism GODFREY;

Ministry of Local Government

28. Minister of State for ─ HON. NAMUYANGU

Local Government JENNIFFER;

Ministry of Works and Transport:

29. Minister of State for ─ HON. LOKERIS


30. Minister of State for ─ MRS. KABATSI JOY;


Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development:

31. Minister of State for ─ HON. MUSUMBA

Urban Development ISAAC;

32. Minister of State for ─ HON. NAMUGANZA


33. Minister of State for ─ DR. BARYOMUNSI

Housing CHRIS;

Ministry of Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs:

34. Kampala Capital City ─ HON. NAMUGWANYA

Authority BENNA;

Ministry of Health:

35. Minister of State for ─ HON. NABBANJA

Health (General) ROBINAH;

36. Minister of State for ─ DR. MORIKU JOYCE

Primary Health Care KADUCU;

Ministry of Public Service:

37. Minister of State for ─ HON. KARUBANGA

Public Service DAVID;

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs:

38. Deputy Attorney General ─ MR. KAFUUZI


Ministry of Water and Environment:

39. Minister of State for Water ─ HON. KIBUULE


40. Minister of State for ─ HON. ANYWAR

Environment BEATRICE ATIM;

Ministry of ICT

41. Minister of State for ICT and ─ HON. OGWANG PETER;


Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development:

42. Minister of State for Youth and ─ MRS. NAKIWALA

Children Affairs FLORENCE KIYINGI;

43. Minister of State for Gender ─ MS. MUTUUZO

and Culture PEACE;

44. Minister of State for Labour,

Employment and Industrial ─ HON. MWESIGWA

Relations RUKUTANA;

45. Minister of State for the Elderly ⎼

and Disability

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries

46. Minister of State for ─ HON. BAGIIRE

Agriculture AGGREY;

47. Minister of State for Animal ─ HON. RWAMIRAMA

and Veterinary Affairs BRIGHT;

48. Minister of State for Fisheries ─ MS. ADOA HELLEN.










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‘KASUKAALI’ AGAINST FIRE: No One, I Repeat, No One Can Silence Me, On Matters I Know Well, Facts, And What I Stand For! – Govt. Spokesperson Warns Bobi Wine Supporters…



The deputy government Spokesperson Rtd. Col. Shaban Bantariza has warned Ugandans who are threatening him over his ‘Kasukaali’ (sugar) comments.

Recently, Bantariza was quoted in the media allegedly telling NRM leaders in Kampala at a meeting at Nakivubo Blue Primary School playground that if Bobi Wine thinks that he has ‘Kasukaali’, the NRM has fire and they will respond to him with the same fire if he continues with his activities which Bantariza said are aimed at distorting peace in the country.

Today, Bantariza, who claimed that his message was somehow distorted took to twitter and warned those who are hurling threats and insults at him.

“Masses”, you said? (laughs) For me, if you didn’t know, no one, I repeat, no one can silence me, on matters I know well, facts, and what I stand for! Social media “masses” are a small minority, but since politics is like money, every cent counts! Let me burn down dt can of worms!” Bantariza responded to a one Ugandan Panther who has earlier threatened him that, “Shameless arrogant out of touch @Bantariza opened a can of worms and is facing the wrath of the mases… too blind to notice and apologize boosting with 3guns against 44m Ugandans. The worst is yet to come after the ignorance you displayed.”

Here are some of the exchanges between Bantariza and Ugandans who were angered by his comment:


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Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You: Expect Traffic Jam In Kampala Tomorrow, The President Is Walking, Police Releases Traffic Guidelines…



Ugandan’s especially those who ply their trade in the dusty city of Kampala should be ready for heavy traffic Jam tomorrow as the president walks, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

According to a traffic management plan for Anti-corruption walk released by Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) Traffic Commander SSP Musinga Norman, most of the cars will not access the main roads in Kampala until the president finishes his assignment.

“On 4th December, 2019, H.E the President of the Republic of Uganda will lead the walk code named Anti- corruption walk. The walk is aimed at intensifying the fight against corruption. The walk will start from Constitutional Square to Kololo and a number of people are expected to participate in this walk,” the message from Musinga reads in part.

According to Musinga, Police has put the following traffic guidelines:

v The main route for the walk will be Buganda Road (Constitutional Square), Square I Road, Lumumba Avenue, High Court Round About, Speke Road, Standard Chartered Round About, Nile Avenue, UBC Round about, Nakumatti (Garden City) Round About, Jinja Traffic Lights, Jinja Road, Wampewo Round About, Wampewo Avenue, up to Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.

v Traffic along Kampala Road will be restricted from Bombo Road at Kyagwe Road and Lugogo Bypass.

v VVIPs with stickers will park inside High Court and Grand Imperial Parking and will access through Kampala Road.

v The participants will be dropped off at City Square along Kampala Road and the vehicles will park at the designated parking areas which include City High School, UMI, Forest Mall Lugogo, Hotel Africana.

v Motorists heading to the City Centre from Wandegeya will be diverted at Nakasero Road; Lumumba Avenue (French Embassy), George Street to Kyagwe Road.

v There will be restricted access to Nile Avenue; hence traffic will be diverted at Pilkington Road (UMEME), Speke Road at Post Office, Saidi Barrie at Parliamentary Avenue, Shimon Road at ABSA Bank.

v Traffic to the City Centre via Accacia Avenue will be diverted at Fairway Traffic Lights to Wandegeya.

v Traffic along Yusuf Lule Road towards Jinja Road Traffic Lights and Garden City Roundabout will be diverted from Mulago Round about to Wandegeya.

v Motorists heading to Jinja will be diverted at Nasser/Nkurumah/Entebbe Road Junction to Clock Tower, Mukwano Road to connect to Industrial Area.

v Traffic to the City Centre via Mukwano Road will be diverted to Clock Tower.

v Traffic to the City Centre along Jinja Road will be diverted to Industrial Area at Fourth Street, Third Street, First Street and access the City Centre via 6th and 7th Streets to connect to Clock Tower.

v There will be restricted access to Kololo Ceremonial Grounds at Lower Kololo Terrace, Upper Kololo Terrace, Elgon Terrace, Philip Drive, Prince Charles Drive, Impala Avenue and Upper Kololo/Wampewo Avenue Traffic Lights.

v All motorists from Eastern route will be diverted at Namboole (Northern Bypass), Kinawataka Road, Spear Motors, Nakawa Traffic lights and Lugogo By pass to take different directions depending on where they are heading.

v The participants are advised to leave behind their personal cars.

v All motor cycles are not allowed to go beyond the cut off points.

v Participants will be allowed to access both venues after going through the security check points.

v The General Public is expected to comply with Traffic guidelines to avoid inconveniences.

By the way, don’t forget to walk as we fight against corruption.

By Josephine Kauma


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