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I Hold A Gun And I Talk To Museveni: Tycoon Kavuya Pinned For Threatening To Shoot Orphans Over 2 Acres Of Land On Kulambiro Hill



Tycoon Ben Kavuya before the land probe

Legacy Credit company limited Tycoon Ben Kavuya was pined for hiding behind president Yoweri Museveni and threatening to shoot orphans over 2 acres of land on Kulambiro Hill, Nakawa Division.

36-year-old Welder, Nichols Richard Dumba testified before the commission of inquiry into land matters that in 2002, he decided together with his family of the late Benjamin Fenekantine Kityo to sell 25 decimals of their land on Kyadondo block 216 plot 221 to Yusuf Kazibwe. He testified that they decided to sell the land because they needed money to finance the process of acquiring a land title because their father’s land title was stolen.

He told the commission that he made a search in the Ministry of Lands and discovered that the land title was still in their father’s names. He testifieg that   Kazibwe paid them shs12m but when he went to introduce the buyer to Canaan Luboyera, the chairperson Kondogolo village, where the land is located, they found Jamada a land dealer with the chairperson who told them that the land which he sold to Kazibwe belongs to Hajji Zed Kezibira who was a businessman in Kikuubo Kampala. Jamada told him that he had orders from Kezibira to look for the buyers of the land because he needed money urgently.

He said that when he checked on the land title, he discovered that it was registered in names of Kezibira who bought it from David Kizito Ssemambo, who had also bought it from Fredrick Senyonga, a National Resistance Movement (NRM) strong mobilizer in Kampala city who even stood for NRM mayorship but was defeated by Peter Sematimba. He said that he reported the matter to Kira Road police station but he was not assisted. He told the commission that in 2005, Hajji Kezimbira came at night and demolished all the houses they were building on the said land. When the chairperson Luboyera called them for a meeting, Senyonga told them that he bought the land from Semambo who didn’t have time to come back to Uganda because he stays in London. Dumba told the commission that he reported back to Kira police station because he discovered that he was not going to be helped by the local village authority. When he reached Kira poice, he was instead arrested and detained together with Kazibwe on charges of criminal trespass. He was also informed that the land belongs to city tycoon Ben Kavuya. They were however released on police bond.

He said that because they were very sure that the land belonged to them, they again re-built their houses.  He told the commission that when their houses reached the finishing level, he received a telephone call from one of his relatives telling him that there were land surveyors who were trying to open boundaries, he said that he immediately picked his land title and a judgement made by City Hall magistrate Easter Nambayo and took the documents to the surveyors and told them that the land belongs to him not Kavuga who hired them to open boundaries and subdivide it. He stated that when the surveyors saw the judgement and the land title, they left the land. He said that he talked to Oscar security men whom Kavuya had deployed to guard the land. He even gave them Kavuya’s phone number. He revealed that he immediately called Kavuya on phone and explained to him that he was the owner of the land and if he bought it, he bought air.

He said that Kavuya hurled abusive and obscene words at him on phone after assuring him that the land belonged to him. He also warned him that he is very connected to state house and a personal friend to the president. He told the commission that he opened criminal charges of trespass and fraudulent transfer of his father’s land against Kavuya, Kezibira and Senyonga.

He told the commission that state Attorney Alice Kawuka Kyomuhangi sanctioned Kavuya’s file and advised that the three should be charged, she however dropped charges against Dumba because there was no sufficient evidence pinning him.   He said that to his surprise, Kavuya’s name was deleted from the charge sheet and only two were charged by the city hall magistrate by then Easter Nambayo found guilty of forged documents to transfer his father’s land title. She ordered that the land title must be registered in the names of late Kityo’s estate. He told the commission that he tries at many times to talk to Kavuya but he was only boosted to him that he is going to kill him and his entire family if he didn’t leave his land.

He said that one day while he was at work, he received a phone call from her auntie Tereza Nganda Namatovu who told him that there was a group of UPDF soldiers, over 25 policemen commanded by Kira Road DPC Michael Kasigire, over 20 armed men from Oscar security group, security operatives in civilians’ clothes and goons who were holding machetes. He said that he immediately alerted a journalist from Bukedde TV to go with him because he feared being killed. Deputy lead counsel John Bosco Suuza asked him why he thought that he was going to be killed. He said that he was informed that there were many soldiers deployed on his land and he knew Kavuya as someone who was above the law because he always threatened them that he talks to the president. He said that he wanted the public to know through the media that he was killed by Kavuya.  He said that when he reached on the ground, Kavuya ordered Michael Kasigire, the DPC Kiira Road Police station to arrest him. He was brutally arrested after being pepper sprayed, handcuffed and thrown on a police patrol car.

Damba testifying before the land probe

He was driven at a very high speed to Kira police. He testified that one of the policemen told the suspects in the cell to kill him. He testified that his clothes saved him because they were still smelling pepper spray. He said that he spent over five days without being taken to court. When his lawyers put the police on pressure to tell them the day he was going to be taken to court, the investigating officer Alex Iyetgte told them that it was Kavuya to determine that, they were advised to first talk to him. Dumba revealed that he was later taken to Buganda Road Court without the knowledge of his family and remanded to Luzira prison. While in Luzira, his friend Kazibwe came to prison and told him that Kavuya was going to give him shs10m as compensation for his father’s land.

He said that when he refused the money, Kazibwe told him that he already received compensation for his demolished house. He said that when he was brought back to court, he saw Kavuya laughing with the trial magistrate Beatrice Kayinza.  He said that the trial magistrate advised him and his lawyer Cornelius Mukiibi to negotiate with Kavuya because they have a bad case before even the hearing kicked off.

He said when he petitioned the Judicial Service commission, Kayinza was forced to quit the case and the file was allocated to Moses Mushebebe who acquitted him.  He told the commission that he opened a civil  case against Kavuya but his case file was stolen from the court registry, he was told that even his file number was deleted from the registry computer.

He testified that he pleaded with his lawyer to open another case but he refused and was told by his lawyer’s friend that Kavuya gave his lawyers money to abandoned him.  He told the commission that he hired another lawyer Chrysostom Katumba  from Lukwago and Company Advocates. Katumba re-opened the file but he failed to represent him in court without explaining to him even though he was paid. He said that after being abandoned by Katumba, Kavuya called him on phone boosting that he will never win the case.

He also reported to the commission that he tried to lodge a caveat on his land but the land registrar lied to him that it was already lodged. He said that he tried to report Kavuya to former Attorney General Fredrick Ruhindi but Ruhindi advised him to report Kavuya to General Salim Saleh. He said that when he reported to Saleh, he was advised to take his matter to State House land protection unit.

He testified that when he went to State House, Mariam Namayanja Ssebaggala, an officer who handled his file didn’t help him, he only told him to negotiate with Kavuya. He said that when he ran to president Museveni’s lawyer flora Kiconco for assistance but she also didn’t help him. He revealed to the commission that when he reported to the Commission, Kavuya through Yusuf Kazibwe told him that he was going to give him shs300m and one plot to settle the matter out of the commission. He said that he refused Kavuya’s offer because there was a white man who wanted to buy the land at One million US dollars. He asked the commission to help him because he is living in fear for his life after Kavuya threatened to kill him.



Kavuya also admitted before the commission that he holds a licensed gun but denied all the allegations put on him by Dumba. He said that its true, he knows the president at a business level but not at a personal level as Dumba claims. He said that he bought the land genuinely but he failed to give the commission documents he used to buy the land. He told the commission that the necessary documents got lost when he was moving from his office to the new one. Justice Catherine Bamugemereire the chairperson of the commission was not pleased with Kavuya’s submission and he was given seven working days to produce the necessary documents. The commission is still investigating the matter.



How Gen. Saleh, Capt. Mike Mukula’s Undercover Mobilization Skills Forced Former Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza Out Of Kasese Politics…



L-R: Gen Saleh, Winnie Kizza and Capt. Mukula

On Tuesday afternoon, the country was shocked with the announcement from fearless Kasese district woman Member of Parliament Winnie Kiiza that she had retired from elective politics.

In her statement, Kiiza stated that for the 23 years she has been in politics serving her country in different political offices, she is contented with what she has done.

General Mugisha Muntu, the former President of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) who is now in Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) appointed her as the Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

A number of political commentators gave their opinion on what they think caused Kiiza’s decision to exit elective politics.

Betty Nambooze, the Mukono Municipality legislator boasted that as a well-trained investigative journalist, she smells a rotten rat in Kiiza’s resignation especially at this time when the country is preparing for the general election in 2021.

Charles Rwomushana, a presidential aspirant and a political analyst said that Kiiza’s exit might have been fueled by the political turmoil in Kasese and the stormy internal politics in FDC party.

Rwomushana added that Kizza is not in good books with Patrick Amuriat’s leadership at Najjanakumbi.

However, close friends to Kiiza who are conversant with politics in Kasese have told theGrapevine that their friend held lengthy consultations with various stakeholders before deciding to quit.

Kiiza’s friends revealed that she calculated and discovered that she will face an uphill task winning the over 30 aspirants who want her seat given that National Resistance Movement (NRM) popularity is also growing in the area.

A credible source within Kiiza’s camp revealed that NRM has seriously penetrated the area since the 2016 elections.

Others disclosed that FDC in Kasese is sharply divided with many seeing Kiiza as a traitor for dumping Besigye and crossing over to Muntu’s ANT.

Political analysts told this website that immediately after the 2016 General elections and the attack on the palace of Charles Wesley Mumbere, the king of Rwezururu, President Yoweri Museveni dispatched Captain Mike Mukula the party Vice Chairperson Eastern Region to handle the hot Kasese politics.

Source told us that Museveni was very happy with the way Mukula successfully put former Leader of Opposition and veteran celebrated journalist Wafula Oguttu out of action politically.

Mukula was very instrumental in helping Solomon Silwanyi who overwhelmingly defeated Oguttu in Bukoolo Central.

Sources added that Museveni was also very happy with Mukula’s zeal when he politically neutralized Ogenga Latigo also a former Leader of Opposition in the 8th parliament.

Sources explained that Museveni also based on the friendly relationship between Mukula and Lt. Col. Charles Kamya, the Omudinga wa Obundingiya bwa Bamba.

There has been bad blood between Mumbere and Omudinga which led to loss of lives in their tribal fight in 2016.

Mukula was instrumental in making sure that the two tribal leaders unite.

It was established by this website that Mukula is respected in Rwenzori region because of his fight to restore peace in the region after doing a lot of undercover mobilization for his party which threatened Kiiza’s political future.

On Monday, Mukula welcomed hundreds of opposition mobilizers from greater Rwenzori region who defected to NRM from different political parties and pressure groups at the party headquarters on Kyadondo road Kampala.

To help Mukula, Museveni also assigned his brother Gen. Salim Saleh to clean his name and the NRM image in Kasese.

Gen Saleh through Operation Wealth Creation injected billions in Kasese for investment and structural development.

Credible sources told this website that, Gen. Saleh and Mukula have been meeting a number Kasese mobilizers to see how NRM can sweep the region in the coming general elections.


Steven Kabuleta, the NRM deputy chairperson Nakawa Division exclusively told this website that they are preparing to unveil a number of strong supporters from FDC and People Power.

He stated that they were thinking of unveiling them at once but because of the COVID19 pandemic they will unveil them in small numbers.

“I thank Captain Mukula for the tactics he taught us on how to convince other people to join our party. By the close of this week, you will see another team of big fish from other parties join us,” Kabuleta said.

When contacted, Mukula admitted that he has been receiving a lot of phone calls from different opposition members who want to join NRM.

Mukula added that most of those people are coming from Kampala and Busoga regions.

“Our mobilizers on the ground are doing a commendable job to ensure that in the remaining months to the elections, the party gets more new members on top of maintaining the old ones,” Mukula explained.

When asked about the claims that General Mugisha Muntu’s ANT is a division of NRM, Mukula rubbished the allegations saying that both parties have different political ideologies, he blamed FDC for being behind the rumours.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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What You Missed During Age Limit Case: Gov’t Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo Reported For Leaking State Secrets, East African Court Directs MP Nambooze And Others To Pay Billions To Gov’t…



Government spokesperson who also doubles as the Executive Director of the media center is in trouble after being accused of giving vital government secrets to non-government officials.

During the proceedings of the Age limit in the East African courts of Justice, Attorney General William Byaruhanga was shocked to learn that much of the evidence the applicant, city lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi based on was given to him by Ofwono Opondo.

“My Lords Mr. Mabirizi based on baseless evidences which he claims was given to him by a one Ofwono Opondo,  it’s not true, he is  just targeting our officials who are holding sensitive offices on behalf of the Ugandans,” Byaruhanga submitted.

In his submission, Mabirizi told Honorable Lady Justice Monica Mugenyi, Honorable Justice Dr. Charles Nyawello and Honorable Justice Charles Nyachae of the East African Court of Justice that when he was hosted on NBS TV to discuss the Supreme Court judgment on the Age limit Appeal, he met Ofwono who boasted that there was no way he was going to defeat the ruling NRM party when most of the justices on the panel were their cadres.

The flamboyant lawyer revealed that Ofwono also told him that Justice Jotham Tumwesigye, one of the justices who ruled in the favor of the Attorney General was his boss at the NRM secretariat when he was the Director legal.

Mabirizi further told court that Tumwesigye’s judgment was biased given his closeness to the beneficiary of the lifting of the age limit from the Constitution since they went in the same school and he worked in his government.

He added that it was unethical for retired Chief Justice Bart Katureebe to preside over the age limit case well knowing that he is a close friend to president Museveni having worked in his government as the Attorney General and a Minister who at one time traveled in the same vehicle with Museveni to Tanzania.

He also told court that Justice Arach Amoko was also compromised since her husband was appointed by Museveni as an ambassador.

Lawyers Ssemakadde (L) and Mabirizi

“In the instant case, none of the Justices made an affidavit to rebut the evidence and I have not seen any averment by any other person to controvert my evidence,” Mabirizi insisted.

He further accused the Constitutional court of treating him like an alien before them, he gave an example of statements from the acting Chief Justice who bragged during the hearing of the age limit case that his court was not going to be the first to breach the rules of procedure.

Mabirizi said that in the same court, he was prevented from asking Gen. David Muhoozi, the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Chief of Defence Forces questions especially on who commanded the historical attack on Parliament during the age limit debate.

He also pined the Constitutional court for allowing defective affidavits on the court record.

He said that the Supreme Court also extended time for filling submissions without his application and input.

Mabirizi also told court that he was humiliated when he was told to sit in the dock as if he was attending a criminal trial and when the matter went to the Supreme Court, they assigned him an isolation desk contrary to article 21(1) of the constitution which guarantees equality before and under the law.

He added that the Supreme Court even denied him Shs.20m awarded to each petitioner yet article 126(2) of the constitution requires compensation to be done irrespective of whether a party is represented or not.

He told court that during the delivering of the judgement, the then Chief Justice was suffering from infirmity of the body after losing his sight and was on his way to surgery.

He insisted that there was judicial fraud where after obtaining a majority of 4-3 stating that the constitutional court erred in law in applying the substantiality test, thereby winning the appeal, the Chief Justice announced the opposite declaring him the loser.

“My lords, this is the gravest injustice I have ever seen and heard of. Although a party can agonize over an unfair decision, it is beyond agony for the same court to refuse to declare a party’s win. I have demonstrated how the entire appeal rested on substantiality test and winning it meant winning the appeal but the Chief Justice chose to swindle my win,” Mabirizi stated.

Mabirizi asked the regional court to declare that the decision made by the Ugandan courts violated the East African treaty and declare it false.

However, the Attorney General who represented Ugandan Government insisted that Mabirizi only lacks experience on how court proceedings are handled that’s why he accuses judicial officers of being biased.

He said that the reason why he was evicted from siting in places where Advocates sit is because he didn’t go to Law Development Center for a certificate of legal practice.

He asked court to punish Mabirizi for insulting Uganda’s judicial officers and also dismiss his case with costs.

Earlier, the court dismissed with costs a case where Ugandan lawyers led by Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze the spokesperson of the people’s government, Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Semujju Nganda and others were also challenging the lifting of the age limit in the East African court of Justice.

Donald Omondi Deya, a celebrated Tanzanian lawyer who was representing the petitioners, told court that he was withdrawing his petition because his clients lost interests in it. He prayed to court to withdraw his case without costs but Attorney General Byaruhanga insisted that the government lost a lot of money because of the case and wanted to be compensated.

Mabirizi tried to plead to court not to slap costs on Members of Parliament because they brought the matter as a public interest litigation but not commercial. However, court agreed with the Attorney General and the matter was dismissed with costs.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Speaker Kadaga Directs Mandatory Covid19 Testing Of All MPs After Legislator Allegedly Tests Positive…



Speaker Kadaga

The Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has revealed that all Members of Parliament (MPs) and staff of Parliament will undergo mandatory testing for COVID-19.

While addressing plenary today, the Speaker said that the exercise will be conducted by the Ministry of Health starting on Thursday, 16 July 2020.

The Speaker disclosed that to avoid congestion, Ministry of Health will start with the MPs and the staff will also be screened later.

This comes after unconfirmed reports indicated that a Member of Parliament on Parliament’s COVID-19 Taskforce tested positive for the deadly disease.

Uganda currently has 1,043 confirmed COVID-19 cases. 198 are active cases while 1004 Recoveries (both Ugandans and non-Ugandans) have been registered with no death so far registered.

Uganda is yet to directly record deaths from COVID-19.


By Sandra Mukisa


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