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I Know Who Will Win 2021 Presidential Elections, Remnants Kiss My Shoes Because They Are Anointed And Expensive – Prophet Mbonye…



Controversial, self-styled perfect man of God, Prophet Elvis Mbonye is in the limelight again following his astonishing claims on live TV.

The flamboyant servant of God said that he is a spiritually graduated prophet certified by the holy spirit, and that he is primarily here to express the mind of God.

Mbonye stressed how one just can’t wake up to say they are a doctor without credentials to prove it. He referred to his previous prophecies to affirm his statement.

Prophet Mbonye, disclosed how he didn’t attend any Bible School which he described as too narrow for him.

Mbonye, who boasts that he correctly predicted American President, Donald Trump’s election to the White House, also revealed that he knows who is going to be the President of Uganda after the 2021 general elections. He however chose to be confidant to himself about that, and promised he would only let it out when the time is right.

“The people who say I’m fake are most probably the people who don’t know me. We worship along with over 8,000 believers every Tuesday, and why have they not left for all these years?” Mbonye asked.

Mbonye admits that there are false prophets, and that it is only a manifestation of the true ones.

Likening it to money, he said the presence of fake money only implies the prevalence of genuine currency. He said he therefore does not exactly understand why people give so much time to fake currency.

“I’m the sharpest prophet, like in football, you don’t say you’re the top scorer, it’s the records to show it. And I don’t like getting involved in speculation, I like facts,” Mbonye claimed.

He dared his doubters to show him any other prophet with a hundred percent fulfilled prophecies like his. He tasked them to search and match all his prophecies and their fulfilment ratio.

For Mbonye, visiting heaven is just a glimpse of his normal kind of life. It is his lifestyle.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye who is on record for claims of having battled and floored Lucifer (Satan) also said that he is not seeking for people to believe him.

“Lucifer is scared of me, I’ve fought him before,” Mbonye narrated.

On presidential aspirant Joseph Kabuleeta kissing his shoe, Mbonye said remnants kiss his shoes because they are anointed and expensive. He however rectified that it’s a mere sign of acknowledgement totally acceptable by what the scriptures say.

He also quickly referred to the Buganda kingdom subjects who kneel and bow down to their Kabaka as a sign of respect and submission, not worship.

Mbonye said he is so rich to know how much he is worth. He said he does not have enough time to asses all his riches.

“We are very rich, powerful and influencial and that is why the government is scared of us, we have no poor person fellowshipping with us,” Mbonye revealed.

The stylish man of God condemned his fellow spiritual leaders for begging a politician to give them permission to open up churches with directives to follow. He referred to it as disrespectful and so demeaning to the Holy Spirit for a man of God to go to his knees to seek for freedom to worship.


By Kironde Baron



Vampires Want To Destroy The Peace M7 Brought, UPDF Taking Red Berets From You Is For Your Own Safety – Musician Rocky Giant Turns Guns On NUP…



Retarded illustrious Hip-hop rapper, Fred Giriya alias Rocky Giant has publicly disclosed his allegiance to president Museveni and his ruling NRM government and attacked the red beret party.

The self-christened King of Hip Hop Force Africa voiced how loyal a servant he is to his nation, its people, the government and its president.

“I serve Lords and Kings. You have your own choice too. It’s my freedom. Learn to respect people’s decisions. Remember that what’s good for you isn’t necessarily good for me,” Ricky Giant stressed, justifying his reason for siding with what has been criticized by many fellow artistes as an oppressive regime steered by a dictatorial leader.

“I know truth hurts, but I will die loyal to H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, My peace keeper. He has offered great services to our nation Uganda, but has been underappreciated,” he added.

“Keep my President out of your childish games. Show some respect to the president,” the ardent ghetto resident warned.

Rocky Giant also sided with the joint action taken by government security agencies to raid, confiscate and arrest individuals found in possession of Attires synonymous with military stores. He specifically noted that the govt’s move to designate the red beret as official military clothing is only appropriate for the civilians safety and we’ll being.

“I see people complaining about the UPDF taking Red berets from Ugandan citizens. This is for their own safety. He recalled that the same red berets were identifiably relevant with the late Milton Obote’s harsh rule where masses were massacred, kingdoms abolished in Uganda and tribalism accelerated,” he stated.

“Today we see the vampires wanting to destroy the peace Museveni brought. Why do you want to put this nation in tribalism in disguise of a federal government?” Rocky Giant queried.


By Baron Kironde


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I’m Not A User – Musician Sasha Brighton Assures Lover Shonga In Lengthy Love Letter….



Former Nu Eagles artists, Sasha Brighton has heaped praises on lover Herbert Shonga, a prominent businessman.

She says he mended her broken heart, and breathed new life into her dieing career.

Herbert Shonga apparently left his Malawian lawful wedded wife and mother of his kids for Sasha Brighton.

“When I left the Nu Eagles, I met this amazing person in my life, He promised to help me musically which he did because he loved my “Kambite” song so much,” she revealed.

Sasha Brighton admittedly disclosed that 2019 was particularly very rough and tough a year for the both of them, but mainly Shonga. She commends her husband of being a brave, spirited fighter who never gives up.

“He lost his cars and businesses because of some reasons some of you know and the rest don’t but he still never gave up on me, neither my career. He could go with me everywhere. To the studio, shows, he supported me whole heartedly because he never wanted anything in return. In short he did everything he could in his capacity,” the singer said, explaining how committed Shonga has been to her and their relationship.

“If he had 1000 in his pockets he gave me the 900 and he remained with 100. Many always reminded him on a mistake he was making they told him how I’m gonna leave him since we musicians like they say we are users, a lot was said about me but words didn’t move him he continued supporting me n the same to me,” The “So Lucky” singer disclosed, flaunting Shonga’s selfless generosity.

She also admits to have been mounted on a lot of pressure from the public, faulting her for publicly flaunting their love affair with Shonga. She recalled, “Many reminded me of how I was making a mistake flashing Shonga in public, and how my career would go down because of loving him so much. But in the end, I’m an artiste, but I’m also a woman who has to get married. And genuine fans will always love me for who I am.”

“Hebert I want to appreciate you in these two years I’ve been with you. I don’t regret a thing but I appreciate the efforts you’ve extended towards mu progress. You’ve really sacrificed a lot for me and for that I’m grateful,” the “Sigabana Musajja” singer wrote.

She added, “You know deep down in your heart that I love you, and I’m not a user. A few people I’ve interacted with know how good you are to me because I never stop talking good about you to them. I tell them about how you love my career more than myself. I’m impressed how badly you want to see me succeed. I have so much to write, but not enough words to describe you. I appreciate you.”


By Baron Kironde


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The Boy Is Busy Feasting On Church Girls, If Pastor Yiga Dies Now, His Property Will Not Last For 2 Months – Side Chick Narrates Abizaayo’s Poor Health After Son Abandons Him In Hospital…



Pastor Yiga (L) and his Son Jengo (R)

Controversial senior Pastor of Kawaala Revival Church Augustine Yiga alias Abizaayo, who is also the ABS TV proprietor is reportedly very sick, and in critical condition.

Family and close associates told theGrapevine that Pastor Yiga, is worryingly so sick that he can’t even talk, and is currently on oxygen at Nsambya hospital where he is being treated for Kidney related complications and intestinal ulcers.

Most recently, Yiga was in prison for a couple of weeks for making statements that the state deemed reckless and endangering to the citizens of the country when he noted that Coronavirus doesn’t exist.

That’s also linked to have worsened his already deteriorating health since he was reportedly subjected to a single improper meal in prison, unlike at home where he was taken good care of.

Pastor Yiga’s side chick, only recognised as Maama Afuswa revealed that there are plans to fly him to India for further treatment, if all goes well.

She also revealed that all visitors are strictly prohibited from seeing the pastor.

Pr. Yiga is famed for complementing his pastoral role with his great sense of humor, as evidenced in his typically comic sermons and statements that have often landed him in trouble.

He ironically took the Media by storm, and has been rocking the entertainment industry as well, but he has now because of his ailing health been reduced to infancy stage because he apparently can’t do anything for himself.

Pastor Yiga’s son, Jengo now runs the ABS TV in absence of his father.

Maama Hafswa however stressed that in Jengo’s hands, Pr. Yiga’s projects are at stake. She refers to him as too proud, arrogant and a womanizer who cannot manage his father’s businesses.

“I don’t think Jengo even cares about what will happen if his father dies, he is so proud, my efforts to reach out to him have been deemed futile because he never picks my calls. Who does he think he is when his father always picked calls when he was in good health? Surprisingly his son keeps referring me to another person,” she furiously stated.

“He is busy feasting on young church girls while his father is dying in hospital. He is a fraud like the people he is associating with,” she stated, referring to a one Kojja Kimbowa, a prominent herbalist who also has shares in ABS TV.

It was at one time reported that Kimbowa attempted to fully take over ABS TV when Pr. Yiga was away in South Africa.

“If Pastor Yiga dies now, his property would be swept away in less than 2 months,” she stated.

Maama Afuswa suspects that Jengo might be in a fishy partnership with Kojja Kimbowa to fraudulently trade ABS TV behind Pr. Yiga’s back.

She further insinuates that his wailing health condition can only be advantageous to them.


By Baron Kironde


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