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I Saw Kanyamunyu’s Brother Run Away With The Gun That They Used To Kill Akena – Witness Pin Kanyamunyu And Girlfriend…



Lawyer Kabega defending his clients Cynthia Munwangari and Mathew Kanyamunyu

Robert Mutebi, a third prosecution witness in the murder case of Kenneth Akenna, a social worker has told court today that the weapon that killed the deceased was smuggled out of Nakasero hospital by Joseph Kanyamunyu a brother to Mathew Kanyamunyu the first accused.

Mutebi, the former Nakasero hospital internal security guard told court that on 12 November 2016, in the evening hours, he saw a man standing with Kanyamunyu who had just brought in the hospital a very ill patient in the hospital’s parking yard.

He said that he was monitoring Kanyamunyu’s movements at the hospital because the patient he had brought while crying told them not to allow him together with a woman who was dressed in a short black suit to move out of the hospital because they were the ones who shot him.

Mutebi testified that the light was very clear which enabled him to see whatever was going on, he said that after a few minutes, another man joined Kanyamunyu and the woman in the parking yard.

“He handed him a pistol and a small bag and moved out of the hospital,” Mutebi narrated. He testified that after two days, a police detective who introduced himself as Afande Olal picked him together with his co-worker Moses Ecolas and they were taken to Kira police division in Wakiso district. He said that when they reached police, they were separated, each of them was taken in a different room. 

L-R: The accused Cynthia Munwangari, Joseph Kanyamunyu and Mathew Kanyamunyu

He told court that in the room where he was taken, Afande Olal told him that the reason why he was brought to police was to identify the person he saw moving with a gun. He revealed that they brought to him a number of people but he still remembered the person who went with the pistol, he later identified the man’s name as Joseph Kanyamunyu.

Mutebi further told court that he was around when the deceased was brought to hospital in Kanyamunyu’s car while crying. It was him, Ecolas together with other nurses who moved him from the car. Mutebi said that while taking Akenna to the emergency room, he told them that Kanyamunyu was dressed in a blue suit with glasses and the woman dressed in a black suit.

“I remember very well when we reached in the room, the deceased, who was still talking told us not to allow the people who brought him to the hospital to go because they are the ones who shot him,” Mutebi testified.

He explained that the deceased told them that he was shot after sctratching the suspect’s vehicle as he was trying to reverse his car.

Mutebi testified that in the middle of the conversation, the hospital senior nurses Molly and Persis told them to move out of the room so that they try to save Akena’s life. When they moved out, they started monitoring Kanyamunyu’s movements. They saw him making frequent phone calls in the hospital parking lot.

He testified that after a few minutes, Persis called them as security to come back to the room and listen to what the patient was telling them.

He narrated that when they reached the room, Akena was still asking them not to allow Kanyamunyu to go because they shot him.

Mutebi said that he agreed with his boss, a one Asiimwe to go and report the matter to police and also make a statement.

He said that after reporting the matter to Wandegeya police station, he was given a police officer who he went with to Nakasero hospital and the suspects were arrested. He said that during the arrest, he established that the suspects were Cynthia Munangwari and Mathew Kanyamunyu. The suspects were taken to Wandegeya police station. He testified that at Wandegeya police, he also recorded a statement and narrated whatever he saw. However, defense lawyers led by Evan Ochieng grilled Mutebi on why he was telling court lies because he had earlier told court that he doesn’t understand English, how then did he communicate to the deceased.

Ochieng further asked Mutebi why he didn’t arrest Joseph Kanyamunyu and other suspects while at the hospital.

In defense, Mutebi insisted that the deceased was speaking two languages English and Luganda, which he understands very well. He further testified that as an internal security officer, he was not responsible for making arrests, the security officer at the gate was the one responsible for arresting suspects like Kanyamunyu.

Ochieng tasked Mutebi to produce evidence that he recorded whatever he saw in the hospital’s security book of records.

Ochieng insisted that Mutebi is a drunkard who was telling court lies. Ochieng pinned Mutebi that because of his drunkenness, he has been fired from different security companies including Nakasero hospital.

Mutebi said that he recorded everything that happened that night in the security record book, Ochieng asked court to order Nakasero hospital to bring the said books.

The judge however didn’t allow Ochieng’s application to have the books brought saying that he cannot allow the defense team to ask for evidence in the middle of the hearing of the case yet they had a lot of time from 2016. He advised Ochieng and his team to apply to court to recall Mutebi to testify against the said books after testifying today because he doesn’t know the procedures of getting such documents from the hospital. The matter is still on going before High Court Criminal Division Judge Steven Mubiru.

By Jamil Lutakome



Kabaka Mutebi’s Mother Drags City Lawyer To Nakalema’s State House Anti-corruption Unit For Grabbing Her Inheritance…



Mary Ssimbwa (R) with Buganda Kingdom Katikkiro Mayiga (L)

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s mother has dragged city lawyer Philip Mukhembo to President Museveni and Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema’s State House Anti-Corruption Unity.

Mary Ssimbwa (80) widow to Prince David Alexander Ssimbwa, a young brother to late Sir Edward Mutesa, father to Kabaka Mutebi claims that city Mukhembo grabbed 350 acres of the family estate land at Nantabulirwa in Mukono district.

According to the petition filed at the State house Anti-Corruption Unit, the widow claims that Mukhembo fraudulently grabbed their land in 2014 when she hired him through his law firm of Wameli and Company Advocates to secure for them letters of administration and later land titles in the names of the estate administrators.

She says that according to the agreement they signed, Mukhembo was supposed to get 10% of the land as his legal fees but he decided to take the entire piece of land and even sold off part of it.

In 2018, High Court family division judge Percy Night Tuhaise issued an order directing Commissioner Land Registration, Principal land Registrar Mukono district to process land titles in the names of the administrators of the estate of the deceased.

Ssimbwa’s widow claims that before the issuing of the land titles in the names of the administrators, Mukhembo through his lawyers of Wameli and Company Advocates filed a suit against the administrators of the estate and the land registrar of titles for issuing a land title without considering his legal fees he put in the case.

Efforts to speak to lawyer Mukhembo were futile but one of his learned colleagues at Wameli and Company Advocates told this website that the allegations from Ssimbwa’s family are baseless since they offered legal services to them and they didn’t pay.

When we contacted, Anthony Wameli, Mukhembo’s lawyer told us that he was in the meeting and promised to comment on the matter later.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Top Police Detectives Charged With Stealing Exhibits Worth Shs. 1m And Burning Offices To Hide Their Crime….



Katwe police being burnt

Five top police detectives attached to Katwe police Station have been charged with stealing exhibits worth Shs.1m and burning down the offices.

According to the charge sheet, Assistant Inspector of Police Apollo Kibuuka, Sergeant Maria Nangobi, Constable Moses Okello and Candia Prossy Forsa are being charged with offences related to abuse of office, arson and conspiracy to commit a felon.

The state alleges that Detective Constable Karim Bakole, the officer in charge of exhibits at Katwe police station, intentionally destroyed the exhibits in form of money totaling to Shs.1m.

State claims that the suspects agreed to set the office on fire after stealing the money which was meant to be used as evidence in a theft case.

More evidence on the file states that the money in question was recovered in a robbery case involving Lato milk but they intentionally refused to disclose it as an exhibit.

The trial magistrate Abert Asiimwe of the Anti-Corruption court adjourned the matter to 8th October 2020 for mention.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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1.5 Million Per Gun, 500k Per Man – Prisons Boss Improvises Bounty Hunting In Extensive Efforts To Recapture Moroto Prison Breakers…



The Uganda Prisons Commissioner General, Dr. Johnson Byabashaija has announced a hefty Shs. 500,000 bounty for every Moroto prison escapee and a heavy Shs1.5million reward for every gun recovered.

Byabashaija availed a sum of over Shs100 million to facilitate the tracking of over 200 prisoners in a substantial bid to manhunt and re-arrest escapees of Moroto Central Prison who made away with 14 guns.

All the 14 stolen SMG guns are still missing. By numbers, 198 inmates are still on the run, up to 12 of them have so far been reportedly taken back to the prison while 7 of the initial 207 escapees have been put out of action.

“I want to inform the escapees that it is a matter of time, we’re going to get them. Those who escaped in Arua, we got them, those who escaped in Bukwo we got them back. These ones we shall get them. In Uganda you cannot get lost. Even if you go in the neighbouring country by our corroboration we shall bring back, everyday we’re picking one by one,” Byabashaija warned, giving assurance that the culprits will be handled and held accountable for their multiple crimes.


By Baron Kironde


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