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    I Want My Life Story To Make God Smile – Sheebah Says After Launching Her 4th Business Besides Music…



    As singer Sheebah Karungi gets older, it’s no doubt she’s getting wiser, and she seems to be getting even brighter ideas with which to utilise her money for.

    The “Nakyuuka” hitmaker who is arguably Uganda’s hottest and most sought after female singer at the moment has made so much money from her music career, but she has has lately resorted to investing it in other business entities.

    The singer has officially launched her 4th company under her own Sheebah Investments, called The Red Events.

    Sheebah says The Red Events will be organising all sorts of events ranging from birthday parties, weddings and boat cruises among other such related events.

    “We shall be creating, as our clients will be celebrating,” Sheebah said.

    Sheebah owns a clothing and hair extension bussiness besides a booming Holic pads brand.

    The singer also ventured into Bar business late last year. She opened The Red Bar to supplement on her musical income which had been paralysed by the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic.

    Sheebah disclosed that her new found purpose in the arts industry is not to only make herself better but to also lift other people to live better lives by employing many of them through her new ventures.

    By Baron Kironde



    I Will Dump You And Marry Another Woman If You Also Annoy Me Like Nabatanzi – Tycoon ‘Lu-Wasa’ Assures His New Bride Angel…



    Diana Nabatanzi (L) right is tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa and his new bride Angel

    Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has told his new bride Angel Kawunda, that he will not hesitate to dump her and get another woman if she fails to make him happy, like TV star Diana Nabatanzi did.

    Lwasa aka Lu-Wasa, made the remarks after stunning the nation when he got  introduced by his long-time secret lover over the weekend, who paraded him before  the world at a ceremony that was held at her parents’ home in Luweero.

    “I have been studying Angel for some time now and I am totally satisfied,” Lwasa revealed.

    The loaded groom gifted his new bride with a brand new Mark X car to express his satisfaction with her sweetness.

    Lwasa, who was some time back dating singer Desire Luzinda, is in the habit of donating cars to the TV stars and musicians he dates.

    Before he fell out with Nabatanzi, Lwasa had bought for her a brand new car, had started up for her a boutique in town and rented her an apartment but alas! She didn’t meet his expectations.

    Pals say Lwasa was so frustrated because he had dug so deep into his pockets to impress Nabatanzi but she couldn’t even get pregnant for him so in the end he decided to hook himself a new lover, Angel.

    “What is your purpose as a woman in Buganda if you can’t bear a man a child?” Lwasa ranted.

    However, Lwasa had earlier on refuted claims of their intimacy, referring to their relationship as a business partnership.

    Now we know exactly which kind of ‘business’ Lwasa has been doing with Zahara Totto, Desire Luzinda, Nabantanzi and others.

    Commenting about his affair with NBS TV star Zahara Totto, Lwasa, in his latest interview with Spark TV, referred to her ‘his former ‘business partner’ who just used to give him company while in bars.

    “I can’t marry Zahara Totto because I don’t love her. We just used to transact business in the club. She used to work as an emcee at my Tavern club,” he said.

    But that was the same business with Desire Luzinda, the ‘Ekitone’ singer, who fled to America after shattering Lwasa’s marriage with his wife Faith Kamateneti.

    But that’s not all, pals intimate that singer Winnie Nwagi also appears on Lwasa’s ‘To Do’ list among, many other celebrity women in Kampala.


    By Baron Kironde


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    Angella Katatumba Gets Emotional As She Reminisces About Death Of Her Dad Tycoon Boney Katatumba…



    Boney Katatumba (RIP) with daughter Angella Katatumba

    Four years after tycoon Boney Katatumba’s demise, his daughter singer Angella Katatumba is still struck by the sad reality of the death of her love, hero and best friend.

    According to the singer’s own description, her late father, Prof. Boney Mwebesa Katatumba, was her everything.

    Katatumba died on February 22, 2017  at the age of 70, after suffering health complications related to cancer of the colon.

    Five days after admission at International Hospital Kampala (IHK), Katatumba underwent an operation to rectify a blockage in his colon but by then it had worsened following an infection from pneumonia.

    Twelve hours later, the man who became renowned as a self-made entrepreneur was pronounced dead.

    Today, four years after Katatumba lost her father, she revealed that she has since been completely shattered and remained broken hearted.

    “My sweet Papa. I will never have the words to describe the pain and void you left in my heart. What gives me hope is, we will meet again in Jesus’ name,” a teary Katatumba  wrote on social media.

    Katatumba senior was one of the earliest flamboyant Ugandan businessmen, who, during the 1980s, bought a small fleet of aeroplanes for his tour and travel company.

    His business empire boasted of hotels, a school and several commercial and residential properties around Kampala and its suburbs. He was also the honorary consul of Pakistan to Uganda.

    Although he had two wives and several sons, it is Angella whom he bequeathed the role to manage his business empire.

    She now coordinates some of his businesses and also temporarily inherited her father’s role as the honorary consul of Pakistan in Uganda.

    Sadly however, Angella to date has not child of her own and many of her family members wonder to whom she will bequeath her father’s vast business empire in the event that she passes  on.


    By Baron Kironde


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    Spoilt Rich Kid: Tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero’s Daughter Mastulah Tattoos Her Pum-Pum…



    Mastulah Mutaasa with her tattooed nether region (L) right she poses with her father Mutaasa Kafeero

    City businessman Hajji Mutaasa Kafeero’s daughter Mastulah Nassali Mutaasa aka Marceybarbie, should have been a Hajjat  but the life she is living is completely the opposite of Islamic teachings.

    Mastulah, who is based in America, has since turned herself into the idolised famous Barbie Dole of sorts, complete with  her figure 8 curves  and  she looks very delicious.

    But, as if that is not enough, her pals reveal that she recently paid a renowned tattooist in America to tattoo her nether region, right from the thighs to deep down into her River Between.

    According to some of the snaps that she has since shared on social media, Mastulah, daughter of the much respected Mutasa  Kafeero, is seen exposing her voluptuous Thighland and glaring tattoo that snakes  in between her booty.

    However, our sources close to Mastulah reveal that when her father is around, she hides the Pum-Pum tattoo, whereby she dresses on a Hijab, like a well-respected lady from a Muslim background, only to become wild and kinky when he goes away.

    We have since established that tycoon Mutaasa visited her recently in America and she shared pictures of them together on Instagram, but thanks to God the old man  is not privy to things like social media, otherwise if, and we repeat if, by any chance he landed on his daughter’s photos on social media,  especially the ones that exhibit her tattooed Pum-Pum, he would surely suffer an impromptu heart attack!

    It should be noted that before Mastulah relocated to America, where she underwent plastic surgery that saw her attain that voluptuous booty, she was married to city businessman Hajji Fahad Lugobe.

    However, their marriage failed to work out and they later separated after Hajji Lugobe found it very difficult to cope up with Mastulah’s party animal instincts and drunken style life.

    At the time of their separation, Hajji Lugobe complained that he was tired of opening the gate and doors of their marital home to Mastulah whenever she returned home late at night, drunk from her partying sprees.

    He reached the extent of refusing to open the gate for her one night when she returned home late in the night and she decided to drive through the wall fence by knocking the gate down.


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