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    I Was Badly Beaten With Electric Wires, Pierced With Needles To Pin Ssegirinya And Ssewanyana –  Masaka Murders Suspect Tells Court, Speaker Among’s Lawyers Join Lukwago To Save Legislators…



    Legislators Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana leaving court today

    Personal lawyers to the Speaker of parliament Annet Anita Among have joined Kampala Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago, Samuel Muyizi and Laudislaus Rwakafuzi in the legal battle to save embattled Kawempe North Member of parliament (MP), Muhammad Ssegirinya and his Makindye West counterpart Allan Ssewanyana.

    Appearing before Justice Elizabeth Jane Alividza, the Judge of the High Court International Crimes War Division in Kampala, on Thursday, for the commencement of the accused’s pre-trial, Caleb Alaka told Court that he is the one to lead a team of over 10 lawyers who are set to represent the controversial legislators.

    Alaka is going to be assisted by his colleague Evans Ochieng, who is also a star in criminal law.

    Both lawyers saved Speaker Among from losing her Bukedea seat when Hallen Akol challenged her unopposed victory claiming that she was fraudulently declared the winner.

    The two are also remembered for putting up a spirited legal fight when they were defending the 2010 Kabalagala and Kyadondo Rugby club bomb suspects.

    They are also currently fighting to save Omusinga of the Rwezururu Charles Weasley Mumbere.

    A close friend to the accused legislators told theGrapevine that Among, who is a close friend to both legislators and has severally visited them from Luzira prison promised to fight and make sure that they receive justice.

    Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana are accused of masterminding the murders in greater Masaka where 28 elderly people were murdered last year.

    Alaka and Ochieng are set again to battle it out with Lino Anguzo, a celebrated State Prosecutor as it was in 2010 bomb trial.

    Lino, is the Assistant Director for Public Prosecution in charge of War Crimes and he is the one who is going to led the State prosecutors in this matter.

    Others are; Joseph Kyomuhendo and Richard Birivubuka who have been following up the matter from Masaka where the accused were charged from before being committed to the High Court.

    In the Pre-Trial today, Lino informed Court that state has disclosed to the accused’s lawyers the evidences which they are set to base on while prosecuting Ssewanyana, SSegirinya, Jackson Kanyike, Jude Muwonge, Bulu Wamala, Mike Ssemanda, who all denied the charges of terrorism, murder and attempted murder.

    Lino promised Court that by 8th August, 2022, they will have concluded the disclosure of all the evidence against the suspects to their lawyers.

    Alaka informed Court that they will file an application for consolidation of all the charges against their clients including those still at Masaka High Court because they don’t want their clients to be exonerated, while they are still charged with what he called stupid criminal charges somewhere else.

    He added that they will also file the application for human rights enforcement because their clients were badly tortured by the state operatives.

    Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana arriving at court led by one of their lawyers Shamim Malende


    When they were given to opportunity address Court, Jackson Kanyike, one of the suspects narrated how he was tortured by state operatives to pin the legislators.

    He said that he was arrested in August 2021 from Masaka by plain clothed operatives who were moving in Toyota  Hiace (Drone), he was handcuffed both hands and legs, his face was covered and he was driven to SIU headquarters in Kireka, Kampala where he was badly tortured.

    He claimed that he was undressed and badly beaten with electric wires.

    He recounted how they used a needle to pierce his feet, fingers and face while they were telling him to admit that he killed people in Masaka at the command of Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana.

    He revealed that when he refused to admit, he was driven back to Kasijjagirwa barracks in Masaka where he was tortured further to the extent that he collapsed, but he refused to admit that he was among those who murdered people in Masaka at the command of the legislators.

    He told Court that after all this unbearable torture, he developed a disease and now has problems easing himself.

    Jude Muwonge, another suspect told Court that he has a heart disease but since his arrest, he has never seen a doctor even though Court ordered prisons authorities to allow him to access treatment.

    Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana also asked court to order prisons bosses to take them to advanced hospitals for further medical attention.

    Ssegirinya said that by the time he was arrested, he was receiving liver treatment from a hospital in Nairobi.

    “Now my stomach is swelling and I constantly feel pain. I need serious medical attention, otherwise I will die from prison,” Ssegirinya said.

    He further told Court to order for the arrest and detention of Richard Birivubuka, the State prosecutor for telling Court lies by branding them as murderers.

    The matter was adjourned to 11th August for Conferencing.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    What Killed Simbamanyo Tycoon Kamya? How Top Lawyer Tried To Use Justice Byabakama’s Electoral Commission Deal To Save His Empire…



    In one of the meetings where the agenda was to strategise on how to save the business empire of the late Peter Kamya, the proprietor of Simbamanyo Estate limited, one of his friends, who is also a seasoned commercial lawyer proposed a multibillion Electoral Commission deal which he was very sure would save the fallen tycoon’s empire.

    Multiple credible sources have revealed to the mighty Grapevine that this happened in 2018 when Equity bank had started threatening to auction Kamya’s properties which he used as security when securing a loan.

    The buildings were Ssimbamanyo House behind Central Police Station in Kampala city and Afrique Suites situated in Mutungo.

    Kamya, who is a brother-in-law to former deputy Prime Minister Muganwa Kajura allowed one of his senior lawyers to negotiate the deal which involved looking for a new home for the Electoral Commission.

    “The lawyer’s idea was for Kamya to rent the entire building to the Electoral Commission and the money collected as rent be used to service the loan which the bank was very comfortable with but out of the blue, when the deal was almost concluded, the old man changed his mind claiming that his friend was working with the bank to impoverish him and that’s how the deal flopped,” a source said.

    He added that the deal was waiting for the greenlight from president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who was a good friend to Kamya.

    The source added that even the Ministry of Gender was ready to shift to another building.

    Another source said that the Electoral Commission was giving Kamya a big deal compared to what he was receiving from the Ministry of Gender and within 3 to 4 years, the bank’s loan would be fully paid.

    The source said that Kamya changed his mind after getting another opinion from another shrewd young city lawyer who convinced him that the loan he got from Equity bank was not favourable and it can be challenged in Court.

    Sources said that when the bank learnt about Kamya’s plan to challenge them in court, they hastily auctioned both securities to controversial city businessman Sudhir Ruperelia’s Meera Investments Limited and Ronald Luwangula’s Luwaluwa Investments Limited, a move that frustrated Kamya’s entire plan to save his empire.

    He tried to save his empire through courts of law by filing an application seeking a temporary injuction stopping the selling of the said property but he lost the application with costs.

    He further petitioned president Museveni to save his empire arguing that it was illegally sold.

    Unfortunately, after making wide consultations, especially from the Attorney General and Bank of Uganda, the big man advised Kamya to challenge the sale of his properties in courts of law.

    He explained to him that he has no alternative to save him since he was advised that his properties were legally sold.

    Without losing hope, Kamya instructed his new lawyers led by Fred Muwema to institute a suit in the High Court Commercial Division against Crane Bank, Meera Investment Limited, Luwaluwa Investment, and lawyers of Katende Ssempebwa Company Advocates were also joined in the suit.

    The matter was allocated to Justice Stephen Mubiru, the head of the Division.

    Kamya hired Kihika Byenkya and Company Advocates to join his legal team which successfully secured an order for discovery against the respondents.

    Justice Mubiru ordered the respondents to allow the petitioner to inspect their email exchange, bank accounts and phone call logs which were made in the period when his properties were sold, an order which raised dust at the commercial court.

    Lawyers from Katende Ssempebwa Advocates petitioned Justice Rubby Opio Aweri, the Chief Inspector of Courts claiming that justice Mubiru was biased and he has to be investigated over the matter.

    He was ordered to refer the entire Ssimbamanyo file to justice Opio which Mubiru refused to do.

    Mubiru insisted that Justice Opio didn’t have powers to ask for the said file from him and guided that the matter has to proceed but lawyers challenged his action at the Court of Appeal.

    In October 2022, Justice Cheborion Barishaki of the Court of Appeal issued an order stopping Justice Mubiru from proceeding with the matter until three justices of the Court of Appeal determine the respondent’s grievances.

    Sources who have been close to Kamya revealed that Justice Cheborion’s ruling shocked Kamya and from that time, his life changed and it worsened last month and was rushed to Nairobi where he died on Friday morning.

    Sources said that other Simbamanyo Directors are set to continue with the legal fight to rescue their empire.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Criminal Gang Nabbed Over Robbery Using Motorcycles…



    The territorial Police at Katwe have arrested members of a criminal gang that has been robbing people of properties using motorcycles.

    According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy spokesperson, ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, the suspects were arrested during an operation that took place yesterday 1st December 2022.

    “They have allegedly been snatching bags from Pedestrians, and phones from both motorists and pedestrians before fleeing on motorcycles which were identified by our CCTV cameras,” he said.

    He added that the suspects include; Semakula Sadiq 23, a resident of Ndejje Kanaba, Baguma Wise 19, a resident of Kisenyi social centre, Tumusiime John alias Mutoro a resident of social centre in Kisenyi and Lubega Mustafa alias Ade a resident of Makerere Kivvulu.

    “Our task teams have also established that the suspects got motorcycles on loan in the guise of using them for Boda Boda business, but instead, they ended up using them to rob the Public,” he revealed.

    Owoyesigyire adduced that they have also established where they sell the stolen items and efforts are on to have the promoters arrested.

    “Our efforts to pacify the city from criminals with intelligence-led operations continue.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Why M7 Appointed Trusted Brother Gen. Saleh To Command Fight Against Gunmen Attacks On Security Forces …



    President Museveni and his brother Gen. Salim Saleh

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the Commander in Chief has assigned his young trusted brother and special senior presidential advisor Gen. Salim Saleh to supervise the fight against gunmen who are attacking security installations and forces.

    Credible security sources have intimated to theGrapevine that Museveni was briefed by his confidant intelligence team that security agencies have failed to defeat the armed men who attack police posts and military barracks.

    Internal Affairs State Minister Gen. David Muhoozi briefed parliament that 22 suspects including UPDF soldiers and two police officers were charged before the court martial on offences related to the recent attacks on police stations and military barracks. The minister said that within a period of 12 months, 13 attacks have been reported, 15 guns were stolen and 6 of these have not yet been recovered.

    “According to available intelligence, the motives for these actions are acquisition of arms for subversive activities, as well as for other criminal ends other than subversion,” the minister said.

    However, the minister explained that some of the attacks were as a result of laxity in the security forces and sources have said that it is this laxity that has forced President Museveni to bring back Gen. Saleh after establishing that his security forces were carrying out uncoordinated operations against the said gunmen.

    Sources added that the big man was very bitter with some security bosses for giving uncoordinated statements, he gave an example of the statement issued by police identifying the gunmen as rebels which the army rubbished and insisted that the attackers are criminal gangs.

    Sources said that Museveni directed all security bosses that before an operation is carried out, Gen. Saleh has to be informed and if it is an emergency, he has to be briefed not beyond five hours after the operation.

    “You know these gangs have started using tactics which President Museveni’s NRA rebels used especially when they started attacking security installation with the aim of stealing guns, didn’t you hear that the attackers at Gaddafi barracks in Jinja first strangled the UPDF soldier before firing bullets on his dead body?” a source said.

    He added that Museveni wants Gen. Saleh to use the same tactics they have previously used to fight gunmen.

    Another source said that there is a sharp division within security agencies and the president wants Gen. Saleh to fix it and save the situation.

    Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the special presidential senior advisor on operation, has been the supervisor of all the operations in the country.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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