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    I Was Paid USD100,000 To Kill Museveni



    Issa Arinaitwe Furaha, a CMI operative has written to president Museveni over a plot to assassinate him.

    In a letter dated January 4th 2018 and received by the office of the president on 15th January 2017, Arinaitwe says he was given an assignment to plot an Assassination mission against president Museveni and given a cash payment of USD100, 000, and police chief Kale Kayihura knew about the plot. Arinaitwe says he has decided to run for his life but his family is in danger. The Grapevine is still contacting Kayihura on these allegations.

    Below is an EDITED verbatim of his letter:

    Accept my greetings to Your Excellence and my gratitude towards your selfless efforts to lead Ugandans and to protect their lives and property. However, I beg you

    to pardon me for having communicated to you through a letter whose leakage to the public domain I may not have the ability to halt.

    My name is lssa Furaha Arinaitwe. I am 38 but making 39yrs on February 22nd this year. Until after signing off this letter, I have been a serving officer attached to Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) since 1999. I am a son to Mr. Muhammed Kabayiza and Mrs. Safiina Mukagiahamanyi Kabayiza (separated), of Kyankwanzi, formerly Kiboga District.

    The letter written by Arinaitwe to Museveni

    During the course of my operations around 2007. I got in touch with someone who introduced himself as a Rwandan Intelligence officer via a phone call. He told me they had investigated me thoroughly and vetted me as a person the Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame wanted as his personal contact in Uganda. He told me this was because of my blood connections to Rwanda and my intelligence expertise.

    He further asked me to accept to talk to His Excellency Paul Kagame. I accepted and immediately. I was put on line and the President Kagame spoke to me and told me he wanted me to execute some of his missions in Uganda. He promised me facilitation through Mr. John Ngarambe of the Rwandese Embassy in Uganda and indeed, after a few days I was contacted by Mr. Ngarambe and gave me some good money in dollars.

    I was further given more money to buy a vehicle that would help me execute my operations and to secure a solitary safe house which we would use for operations and as stores for requirements. I secured the house in Buziga. As you may be aware Your Excellence, though I accepted, I chose to respect my Country’s Moto of for God and My Country’ when I successfully sought your audience and gave you some of this information.

    This was after I had been given an assignment to plot an Assassination mission against Your Excellence and given a cash payment of USD1 00, 000. It is after this that I chose to clandestinely part with them though I remained their contact and continued my direct communications with President Kagame through his ADC whom he introduced to me as Tom. He would be the one to put me on standby and we talked directly with the President.

    President Kagame sent me the assassins but whenever he asked me whether I had received them, they had not arrived until when he stopped demanding for the accountability of failure to execute the assassination. I was later informed that the first Contact whom I replaced and the same they had fallen out with, had helped to foil the mission.

    As you may be aware, Your Excellence sensed my life was in danger and you gave me security guards of which I am so grateful to you Sir.nMuch as I had ‘fallen’ out with them, they never realised and they kept giving me more missions and huge facilitations in cash and kind. I regret that I have since failed to get your audience again to pass to you the biggest part of my report about their dangerous and fatal operations in our Country. Until you strongly intervene Your Excellency, our country’s safety is at mercies of Rwanda and their Ugandan moles in security.

    Things fall apart

    Along the way, President Kagame called me and asked me to wait for the next move instructions from his personal assistant in Uganda. Indeed, I received a call from someone I have never met to date. The instructions from this invisible contact gave me a list of 15 Rwandese refugees and asked me to work with lsmael Baguma of Rwanda Embassy to trail and kidnap for repatriation.

    Indeed, lsmael Baguma contacted me and briefed me before giving me facilitation to execute the mission. However, after a few days, he called me with a change of mind.

    He told me that they had discussed with President Kagame and resolved that I only help with the surveillance and identification of the targeted victims and leave the execution to Baguma and police operatives. They said since I was the direct contact of President Kagame, it would be dangerous if any mistake was done and I get exposed.

    Many Rwandese were kidnapped, killed here and others were expatriated and killed in Rwanda. This story is now in public domain. Unfortunately, I want to inform you that the missions are still going on even with some of the operatives arrested and imprisoned.

    Threats on my life

    Upon the arrest and imprisonment of some police operatives, I continued carrying out more instructions from Gen. Kagame and his invisible contact. However, it was not for long. The invisible contact called me complaining that they had intelligence that I was always sharing information about their missions with Uganda’s intelligence agencies and with Your Excellence.

    I denied the allegations in entirety and he initially concurred with me, saying that they trusted me so much.

    After a few days, close to a month now, he called me and he sounded very angry. He said all the time they trusted me with their secrets not knowing I was a traitor. He said they were so disappointed with me and that they won’t let me live to regret my traitorous and selfish activities. He warned me never to call him or any of their contacts again but he immediately added that after all, they were all going to block me and it won’t take long before I am dead.

    After this, I got so worried and got a heart attack. I tried to call the people you entrusted me with but they were reluctant to help out. I kept looking for means of getting your audience but all in vain. About two weeks ago, I met some of your close people and asked him to help me reach you. I explained to him and he advised that even if I met you, it won’t stop them from killing me. He advised me to run for my life.

    For about three weeks now, I have been trailed by strange people and on three occasions, I have survived by randomly parking my car at a public place and run through the backyard. They always trail me using motorcycles and vehicles.

    On two occasions, numberless vehicles parked for long hours at my place. At one time, one came and hooted for two hours but thanks to the security you provided me with, they have so far failed to access the interior of my home. About a week ago, a group of operatives claiming to be from Flying Squad came at night and wanted to force their way inside but body guards prevailed over them. The guards told them that I was not around but they insisted that GPS placed me inside the house. They parked at the gate up to morning.

    Confused and crying, I called my bosses and informed them but they never responded. This sent me signals that I was no longer safe even with my immediate bosses. I found my way through the backyard and escaped from my home never to go back. From this time, I bought the idea of the running for my life. Mr. President, at this time, I humbly request you to understand my circumstances. I have made up my mind and by the time you receive this letter, I will have left the country. Never to come back.

    My family security

    As you’re very aware Your Excellency, the time I met you and gave you the first part of this report, you advised that my mother who was staying in Rwanda at the time

    should be returned to Uganda for her protection. Indeed, we returned her and though Rwanda insisted that we take her back, we stealthily refused until they lost it.

    Mr. President, much as I have decided to run for my life, my family is too in danger. You have been a parent to many, me inclusive. I humbly request you to continue with my family’s protection as you had already sensed that my mother wasn’t safe in their hand. I trust and believe you will continue with this gesture until that time when I will be able to secure them myself. I thank you in anticipation.

    Military equipment in my possession Your Excellence and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Uganda, I beg to be pardoned but with my situation and the style in which I am leaving the country, I am not in position conducive enough for an official handover. I have therefore resolved to leave them in my house which is firmly protected by your security and immediately I cross, I will call my boss Brig. Abel Kandiho and direct him the exact place to pick them.

    These include; A pistol-BULL number Ug10033 black in colour with 15 rounds of ammunition, a Micro-garill number 98109767 black in colour with three full magazines each with 35 rounds of ammunition, two pairs of full uniform and a bullet proof.


    Mr. President, in conclusion, I wish to honestly inform you that you’re faced with an uphill task of securing Uganda and her citizens from Rwanda and in particular

    President Kagame’s grip. In this letter, there is a lot that I have left out for security purposes but the mafia has infiltrated Uganda beyond repair.

    This report is backed by more voice call audios that I have left behind with someone whom I have entrusted with the task of looking for you and deliver them by hand.

    Through them, you will be able to uproot the mafia who even roots deep into security organs, public servants and the UPDF at large. I pray that you find them useful for purposes of another round of liberation of our country.

    For God and My Country


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    CONFESSION: I Fear Losing My Child – Mother Narrates How His Son Is On Edge Of Death After Being Forcefully Jabbed By School…



    14-year-old Jonah Luyinda in hospital

    Parents of 14-year-old Jonah Luyinda are in tears, pondering on what to do next to save their son who is slowly sliding to his grave after being vaccinated.

    Luyinda, a student of St. Martin Secondary School, Jjanya, Mpigi is suffering from multiple organ failure after allegedly being vaccinated against Covid-19 and he is currently fighting for his dear life at Kiruddu Hospital.

    In an exclusiuve interview with theGrapevine, Luyinda’s parents and relatives narrated what happened to their son.

    Luyinda’s mother Nalwadda Tendo narrated that it all started when they got a call from a friend who studies with Jonah at St. Martin that his health was worsening.

    Jonah’s mother recounted, “In march this year, when students went back to school, we got a call from Luyinda’s female friend that he was in bad health. She told us that Jonah had high fever and was vomiting profusely. The friend however told us that he was receiving treatment from the school.

    “I thought that it is this normal fever that students always get at school and on hearing that he was receiving medication, I was comfortable that he will be fine.

    “But still, I called the deputy headteacher Mr. Mulimira. He assured me that my son was in perfect health and was in class attending his lessons.”

    Nalwadda added that a few days later, a friend of hers who has students in the same school told her that she had taken some school requirements for her children, but while there, her children told her that Jonah’s health was worring and that he needed to be taken out of school for further medical attention.

    “I was very scared because I had not yet received any official communication from the school about my son’s health. I kept calling Mr. Mulimira’s number but he was not picking.

    “Surprisingly, two day later, Mr. Mulimira called me and told me that Jonah’s health was worsening and because the school could no longer handle him, they had written a later permitting him to leave school to seek better medical care.

    “Mr. Mulimira told me that he had instructed Jonah’s female friend, who knew where his family stays (in Buloba) to accompany him home since he barely walked.”

    With tears rolling down her cheeks, Nalwadda told theGrapevine that, “When I looked at my son’s condition, I almost collapsed. His stomach had swollen to the extent that you could think he was pregnant, his legs, arms and face were also swollen.”

    “I quickly organised some money and we drove Jonah to  Kitebi Health Centre III.

    “By just looking at my son, the doctor quickly told me that it seems he has a kidney problem. He gave us a prescription of drugs for Jonah to take and we paid Sh.50,000.”

    A camera shy Nalwadda could not contain her tears, she told Jonah’s elder brother to continue the discussion with us.

    Jonah’s brother Nsubuga Jasper


    Janah’s brother Nsubuga Jasper, who we also found at Kiruddu helping their mother told us that on the night of March 17th  2022, Jonah’s condition worsened.

    “They called me from home that my young brother was going to die. I ran like a mad man to Buloba. When I reached home, I found him in bad shape, vomiting blood. He also could not breath well. We quickly drove him to Kiruddu hospital.

    “It was late in the night at around 2:00am. When we reached Kiruddu, the security people at the gate refused to open for us saying that it was late and all the doctors had left,” he narrated.

    Nsubuga added, “I turned the car and we drove to Rubaga hospital. By this time, Jonah had stopped breathing. The doctors rushed him to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital.

    “They used an Automated External Defibrillators (AED) device to attempt to get his heart to return to its normal pumping rhythm. Meanwhile we were all praying to God to give him a second chance. God heard our prayers and Jonah breathed again.

    “We went through that night and at around midday the next day, the doctor called us in his room and told us that Jonah had water in his lungs that is why he has difficulty in breathing. He recommended that we take him to Kiruddu hospital because they are better equipped to handle his situation.

    “However, while we were leaving his office, he asked us whether Jonah received a Covid19 jab. Because it is something we never asked, and Jonah, who could give us the answer was still unconscious, we told him he has never been vaccinated against Covid19.”

    Nsubuga disclosed that they used the hospital ambulance and at around 3:00pm, they reached Kiruddu hospital and the doctors took Jonah straight to the ICU of the hospital.

    They also carried out multiple tests on him.

    “Afterwards, the doctor called us to his office and asked us the same question the Rubaga hospital doctor asked, “did you vaccinate this child against Covid19”?

    “We told him we didn’t. He showed us Jonah’s X-ray photos and while explaining to us, he castigated us on why we had allowed our child to take a Covid19 jab. But we kept insisting that he was not vaccinated.

    “He explained to us the vaccine had badly affected his two kidneys and because the kidneys and they could no longer cleanse the blood of toxins hence the liver, lungs and heart were also weak.


    Nsubuga told our reporter that they waited for Jonah to regain his cautiousness so that he can tell them whether he was vaccinated.

    When he slowly started improving, he told them that the school told everyone to be vaccinated to attend lessons.

    He added that they were warned that anyone who refuses to be vaccinated will not attend lessons.

    When he was vaccinated, he started feeling unhealthy and so were some of his friends.

    However, Jonah explained that his condition deteriorated. Parts of his body started swelling, he got a high fever and his body started itching so much.

    Nsubuga said that, “When we called the Deputy headteacher, he told us that Jonah’s matter was forwarded to the school board and he could no longer comment about it. After our discussion, he blocked us and totally cut off communication between us and them.”

    He added, “When the new term began, I went to St. Martin Secondary School to talk to the headteacher Mr. Mpagazi Raphael. When I asked him what happened to my brother he refused to answer. I then asked him why they jabbed him without our consent.

    “The headteacher told me that it was an order from the District Health Officer (DHO) and the chairperson of the area to vaccinate all students. He divulged these government officials told them that they were also following an order from the President. He also told me that Jonah’s issue was submitted to the school board so he had nothing much to tell me.”

    Jonah fighting for his life


    Nsubuga told theGrapevine that because his young brother is taking many drugs to keep him alive, he keeps loosing memory.

    “He can recognise us sometimes but after a while he forgets who we are,” a sad Nsubuga narrated.

    He added that Jonah also developed ulcers yet he keeps losing appetite. They fear that they might lose him since they need a lot of money to treat him which they don’t have.

    “Doctors have already warned us that he may soon have multiple organ failure because most of his damaged organs are overworking to keep him alive yet he is on strong medication.

    “We have so far spent over Shs. 25 million on him, but our fear now is we need a lot more to keep him alive, money that we don’t currently have,” he sniveled.


    When our reporter talked to Mr. Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Ministry of Health spokesperson, he said that they got to know about Jonah’s predicament in the press.

    When they got the information, they quickly sent their health experts to examine him and come up with a report which they will present to the ministry and the country will officially be informed.

    On the issue of vaccinating children, Ainebyoona warned that children are not supposed to be vaccinated without the consent of their parents.

    “To vaccinate children, we have to get consent from parents because we even do it for adults above 18. We first give them a consent form which they fill for them to be vaccinated,” he said.

    On Tuesday this week, the Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng, said that any vaccination involving children will only be carried out with the full permission of parents.

    “Nobody should tell you that the Ministry of Health is vaccinating any child,” she said.

    She revealed that the ministry is yet to push the idea with the ministry education and is yet to have a whole task force sit down and discuss this issue.


    By Omulangira Ddembe Jonah


    Continue Reading


    SWORN ENEMIES: Is Pastor Bujjingo Battle With NBS Boss Kin Kariisa Soon Turning ‘Bloody’? And Is His Degree Fake!…



    House of Prayer Ministries lead Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo (L), NEXT media boss Kin Kaliisa (C) and former Vision Group boss Robert Kabushenga (R)

    House of Prayer Ministries International lead pastor Aloysious Bujjingo has fired back and Next Media boss Kin Kariisa for allowing his journalists to use his platforms to attack him.

    On Friday, Bujjingo joined 65 other graduands who graduated in different discipline at Kayiwa International University (KINTU).

    KINTU is owned by Professor Simeon Kayiwa, who is also a Pastor at Namirembe Christian Fellowship. It is located along Balintuma Road, in Mengo.

    Bujjingo, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Salt Media, the biggest and most popular Christian founded media house, graduated with a Bachelor of Theology and Integrated Studies.

    After his graduation, some media houses led by NBS and Bukedde newspaper were quick to punch holes in Bujjingo’s degree.

    During his Sunday Service yesterday, Bujjingo said, “I wanted to ask Frank Gashumba, since I always see him on NBS, and he is social, to help me ask his Muvandimwe colleague Kin Kariisa, what beef does he have against me. The true Beef.

    “If I respect his degree, why is his establishments (media house) spreading wrong information that my degree is fake! They are spreading this wrong information ignorantly, not knowing that I’m not looking for a job. I’m an employer. I’m not looking for a job.”

    He added, “When they alleged that I didn’t go to school, they give it publicity, when you go to school and finish studies, they say it is fake. When you get married, they blame you for it, yet we know that the number of women they have cannot be counted.”


    The battle between Bujjingo, Kariisa and Vision Group (under Kabushenga), started when Bujjingo filed for divorce at the High Court family division.

    Bujjingo wanted to divorce his wife Teddy Naluswa citing irreconcilable differences.

    Naluswa denied Bujjingo’s allegations and vowed never to divorce him because it is against her faith.

    During this battle, Naluswa used New Vision and Bukedde, all under Kabushenga by then to write stories that cheered her and castigated Bujjingo.

    Later, Naluswa also got allies from Kin Kariisa’s NBS TV.

    During Uncut Kalakata gossip show on NBS at 7:45pm, before it was shifted to 10:00pm for violating UCC rules, Bujjingo and Naluswa saga was always the lead story.

    At the height of the saga, NBS published a video of the home of Bujjingo’s parents in Rwanda and the presenters of the show accompanied it with statements insinuating that he had failed to take care of his parent who are living in a small ram shacked house in Rwanda while their son is living large in Uganda.

    Bujjingo, his wife Makula, his parents and Prof. Simeon Kayiwa (in red) after his Graduation

    This video and the demeaning statements that accompanied it angered the Salt Media boss and he vowed never to forgive Kariisa for allowing his journalists to invade his parents private space.

    Sensing the trouble their son was in, after the controversial video, Bujjingo’s parents quickly travelled to Uganda (from Rwanda) and apologetically told their son that their grand daughter (Doreen Gift Bujjingo) tricked them and recorded a video of their home in Rwanda without their knowledge which she gave to NBS.

    They told their son that they thought that their grand daughter was recording moments between a ‘Muzzukulu’ (grand daughter) and her grandparents, but they were shocked to hear news that they were on TV and all over social media.

    Bujjingo’s parents further told him that they were ashamed of what their grand daughter did. They told him that they are proud of the simple life they are living in Rwanda and the support he gives them was enough.

    During one of his sermons, a bitter Bujjingo castigated Kariisa and asked him how he would feel if his parents’ private space was invaded and exposed.

    “I can forgive him (Kariisa) for all the wrongs and malice from his media house, but exposing my innocent parents and bringing them into our issues was inhuman,” Bujjingo told a friend.

    Meanwhile, Kariisa’s NBS kept firing in the stories for Naluswa and against Bujjingo supported by New Vision and Bukedde, led by Robert Kabushenga by then.

    When the battle subsided and court started hearing Bujingo’s divorce case, NBS went mute on the matter.

    Along the way, Kabushenga was fired as Vision Group CEO, and later, his colleague Godfrey Kulubya, who was the head at Bukedde newspaper was forced into retirement.

    It looked like the war was over.


    Fast forward last weekend, when Bujjingo graduated from KINTU, Bukedde ran a front page screaming headline in their Sunday edition saying: “Bugingo: Engeri Kayiwa Gy’amusibye diguli ey’ebicupuli” translated as, “How Kayiwa gave Bujjingo a fake degree”.

    This angered Bujjingo who decided to turn guns on Kabushenga blaming him for nurturing the journalism that only looks for bad things at Vision Group.

    Still in his Sunday sermon yesterday, Bujjingo said, “I see some people like Robert Kabushenga crying in videos on different social media platforms. He is saying he is broke since he is not working, but so many people lost jobs while he was at the helm of New Vision.

    “He will be answerable before the Lord for the people and businesses he killed. You cannot tell me that you head a company but you do not know what is going on.”

    He added, “I manage Salt Media group with a lot of wisdom from God, but if my editorial team is going to air or broadcast some things, they first ask for my opinion.

    “Even when I don’t have too much knowledge about it. They have to ask me and I use my God given knowledge to stop it especially if it will lead to breaking someone’s family or integrity or business. The standard that Kabushenga built at Vision Group was to look out for bad things only.”

    Bujjingo asserted that Kabushega is lying about being broke, “He is not struggling like he says. He made a lot of money soiling our names and even set up a farm, he is ok. But he is now making an alarm to attract the President’s attention.”


    When theGrapevine spoke to Prof. Kayiwa on phone, he declined to comment on the matter until after two days.

    “Get back to me after two days. In two days, I will be able to comment on that matter,” Kayiwa told theGrapevine on phone.

    KINTU was given a stamp of approval by National Council of Higher Education (MCHE) and given an operation license number UIPL027 on 28th September, 2015.

    However, Bukedde newspaper on Sunday quoted an anonymous source saying that NCHE wrote to Kayiwa in 2018 asking him to fulfil some requirements in 6 month.

    The paper further alleged that in March 2020, after failing to fulfill the requirements, NCHE revoked KINTU license.

    However, independent sources at KINTU intimated to theGrapevine that the University is an affiliate of United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCS), a biblical seminary that teaches through E-learning.

    When we searched the internet for UGCS, we finally traced their website. They described themselves as, “A non-traditional, online, biblical, Skills & Philosophy education where your smart phone can be your campus!”

    UGCS has offices in Kenya (under Prof. Jared Akama Onyari) and Mozambique (under Prof. Nathan Kahara).


    By Grapevine Team


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    EXCLUSIVE: I’M READY TO DIE! Gen. Saleh’s Girl Reveals How Her Brother Was Poisoned, Spills Dirty Secrets On How Her Family’s Murderers Are Being Backed By MP Opendi To Finish Her Off….



    OWC boss Sylvia Owori (R) and MP Sarah Opendi (L)

    The Director of Operations at Gen Salim Saleh’s Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Sylvia Owori has unearthed yet another revelation of how her brother John Rakeem Owori was murdered.

    Owori has asserted that her brother Rakeem Owori was killed by the group of people who are now haunting her and being supported by Tororo Woman Member of Parliament (MP), Hon. Sarah Opendi to take the land that rightfully belongs to Owori family.

    In our previous story (here), Owori defended herself against allegations made by Hon. Opendi, accusing her of grabbing land, harassing and intimidating residents of Nyangore sub-county in Tororo district.

    According to Opendi, residents who petitioned her revealed that Owori has been harassing and threatening them under the disguise of Operation Wealth Creation using President Museveni’s name, an allegation Owori has dismissed saying the land under contention belonged to her grandfather and later her father who were both murdered by the same group Opendi is supporting.

    Speaking to theGrapevine, Owori has vowed that now is the time to open up about all the atrocities that have been committed against her family.

    According to Owori, her brother Rakeem was one of the leading music promoters in 2017 and was the owner of RAKS Entertainment which helped promote local musicians like Chameleon and Ragga Dee both here and in London and was mostly remembered for bringing Singer Sean Paul to perform in Uganda.

    However, when Rakeem visited his ancestral home in Tororo in 2017, the same people Opendi is fronting poisoned him.

    Owori revealed that his brother who had left his wife and four children in the UK was rushed to international Hospital Kampala (IHK) complaining of excruciating pain, after hanging out with his village mates who bought him food and drinks.

    She revealed, “My brother Rakeem Owori, who was a music promoter in the UK was poisoned days after he returned from the UK when they had just destroyed our father’s house and only left my grandmother and my father’s grave. In fact, we slept in a tent that day.

    “We tried to rush him to a nearby hospital but his situation got worse and we had to drive to IHK where he was admitted and died the following day.”

    Sylvia Owori (2nd line,3rd from L) with her boss Salim Saleh (2nd line,5th from L) in a group photo with OWC officials

    Asked whether she has evidence of the alleged poisoning, Owori told theGrapevine that the post-mortem done after her brother’s death confirmed that he died of multiple organ failure as a result of poisoning.

    Owori added, “After his death, we were very scared to go back to the village to bury him there. I had to bury my own brother in the plot I bought in Matugga here in Kampala and to date his remains are still there, am just planning to relocate them in September this year before his anniversary.

    “Those are memories of things that I have been trying not to talk about because they are so emotional. I have been in the media before, but no one has ever heard that painful story, no one knew where I came from because I was scared to bring out the pain that I was holding. To date, my brother’s children are still terrified, they cannot even come back here, because they think they will also be killed.”

    Asked whether she is not afraid of the same people finishing her off, a determined Owori swore that she is more than ready to die defending her family’s legacy.

    “The day they murdered my father is the day they killed me. In fact, they will be killing me twice, my father was my everything, that’s why I’m using his name. I wanted him to be proud of me, I am what I am today because of him. I am not afraid, at least they will have killed me after I officially buried my father. For the very first time on 7th May 2022, I did his last funeral rights,” she told theGrapevine.

    According to Owori, none of the alleged owners has built a home on the land in question that they claim to be theirs.

    “None of these people has a grave for their alleged grandparents, not even a home within the 90 acres they claim to be theirs. Why didn’t they build properties on the land they claim to have occupied for years? The 240 families that Opendi is claiming do not exist, it’s only 8 families, you can even come and verify,” she noted.

    Sylvia Owori (2nd R) with OWC officials

    Shocking still, Owori told theGrapevine that two weeks ago, the same people beat up her employees who were building the graves and later got hammers and tried to remove her late parents’ graves that were under construction.

    “If this was their land, why are they removing the graves that have been there longer than their age? Where were they to remove the graves when my parents were buried there?” she wondered.

    “I reported this matter to the police, the same people were arrested, put in jail but Opendi bailed them out. She paid for their bond yet this is a criminal case which is still even in courts of law,” she added.

    In her conclusion, Owori noted that after several years of her being afraid and hiding in Kampala, she has decided to seek justice for the death of her father and recover his land.

    “That’s the dilemma, I have had to pick myself up and stop being afraid, and decided to fight, if they kill me, fine, at least I will have tried. I am not giving up; I want justice for my father by reclaiming his land. I have been in a lot of pain with a heavy heart for many years.” the fashionista vowed.

    Owori however noted that her main objective in Tororo is to drive her main cause of Operation Wealth Creation to improve the lives of her people and not politics.

    When contacted for a response on the above allegations, Opendi distanced herself saying she is not the petitioner.

    “I am not the petitioner. The people affected petitioned the Speaker through the area MP DR. Otaala. Let her get her facts also right and stop bringing in politics! That I am panicking because she may stand against me! I have fought bigger battles and won!

    “I am an MP, the people, 15 in number accompanied by their sub-county chairperson, met the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Among. The matter was then placed on the order paper. Parliament is where people’s voices are raised. Let’s wait for the committee to investigate and report back together with the Minister,” Opendi told theGrapevine.


    By Kobusiinge Monica


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