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I Will Fight M7’s Mafias Who Want To Takeover Kampala Until I Breathe My Last – Lukwago Launches Campaigns, Laughs At Chameleone, Latif And Ragga Dee…



Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has vowed to continue fighting President Museveni and what he termed as ‘Mafias’ he is using to take over Kampala.

While launching his campaigns at his home in Wakaliga, Lubaga division, Lukwago said that he has been a shield against Museveni led bad governance, intrigue, corruption and land grabbing.

Lukwago said that he has fought a clique of tycoons who want to own Kampala and chase away Kampala dwellers, “I have fought many battles with people like former KCCA director Jennifer Musisi, city tycoons John Bosco Muwonge, Col. Mugyenyi, Hamis Kiggundu, Kayongo and others.”

He accused one of the tycoons of being a puppet for the Mafias in government.

“He is hiding in authoring books while grabbing Kampala land like Park Yard and Nakivubo stadium,” he said.


Lukwago told his former DP friends Mike Mabikke and Lubaga South MP aspirant Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku who shifted support to his rival Jose Chameleone that, “I will only help Mabikke by teaching him law related issues since he tried being a lawyer and failed.”

He laughed at Jose Chameleone, Dan Kazibwe alias Ragga Dee and Latif Ssebaggala and advised them to borrow a leaf from the many Museveni officials he has defeated who include; Judge Catherine Bamugemereire, Jennifer Musisi, Minister Betty Kamya, Bena Namugwanya among others.

Lukwago said that he is proud to be called a cry baby by many of his critics, “Some of my critics say I’m a cry baby, they give an example of what you all termed as ‘wuuwi wuuwi’ I’m proud of that since I’m the people’s shield…”

Under the title, ‘Synopsis of Lord Mayor’s score card & milestones 2016-2020’, Lukwago listed other achievements which include finalizing 14 KCCA ordinances, fighting for trader’s rights, cooperating with other agencies such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, sponsorship from French to turn Kampala into a smart city among others.


Kawempe South legislator Mubarak Munyagwa ‘Mugaati gwa bbata’ advised Lukwago not to have sleepless nights because of people who want to unseat him.

He jokingly advised him to concentrate on producing more twins with his Nalongo.

“This is a sure win, I fought you while I was still in Social Democratic Party (SDP) but realized you’re an indomitable lion in Kampala,” Munyagwa said.

Munyagwa laughed at musician Jose Chameleone and Latif Ssebaggala Ssengendo (both from Bobi Wine’s NUP party) and advised them not to waste their time and money.

Others in attendance were FDC Spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, Lubaga Mayor Joyce Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo, Hon.Mubarak Munyagwa, Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze, Nakawa MP Mike Kabaziguruka, FDC’s Harold Kaija, Councilors Muhamood Mutazindwa (sweet cake), Olive Namazzi, Moses Okwera from Nakawa, Alice Amony, Mike Ziggwa, Makerere’s Doreen Nyanjura, DP’s Kampala Central Mayor Charles Musoke Sserunjogi, Kawempe’s Rahidah Naluwooza and Kennedy Okello.

Councilors who defected to Bobi Wine’s NUP party did not show up. They include KCCA speaker Abubaker Kawalya, Lubaga South’s Faridah Nakabugo, Ddamba Ismael Kisuze and Ssegirinya Mohammed.


By Ronald Kisekka



Obote Son Beats Up MP Akena Before Their Old Mum Miria Obote At Their Kololo Home…



Jimmy Akena (L) and Miria Obote (R)

The children of Milton Obote are unhappy with Jimmy Akena for dominating everything in the family including the billions they get annually as benefits because their late father was both Prime minister and President of Uganda.

The other two Obote’s sons Eddie Engena Maitum and Tony Akaki are unhappy that Akena and his wife Betty Among are monopolizing all the money without giving them anything. Akena is also politically enjoying all the benefits got from the Obote name in Lango without allowing his brothers to benefit also by shining politically.

When Apac municipality was created, Engena, who is also a pastor in Kenya came home and demanded to stand there on the UPC ticket but Akena blocked him and gave the UPC flag to someone else. Engena went ahead and stood as an independent against Akena’s candidate but lost.

He has been grassing since that time and one afternoon recently, he stormed his mother’s house in Kololo where he demanded to know why he should live in poverty when his father was a very rich man and former President of Uganda. Akena was there, he confronted him and the two exchanged blows until Miria their mother separated them.

Engena accused Miria of favoring Akena even when he mistreats them by denying them benefits of being Obote’s sons. A tearful Engena cursed Akena and assured Miria he will never come back again. Bishop Engena became so much annoyed that even when his Kenyan wife died recently, he grieved alone without involving Akena and other family members.

The miserable Bishop buried his wife in Luwero where he bought land and says he isn’t interested in the Oyima clan things anymore because Akena has monopolized everything back home in Akokoro.        


By Sandra Mukisa


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M7 Gives Me Everything I Ask For, I Can’t Be Corrupt – State House Anti-Corruption Unit Chief, Col Edith Nakalema Emphasizes She’s Clean…



State House Anti Corruption Unit boss Lt. Col. Nakalema

Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema has applauded the establishment of the State House Anti Corruption Unit, and says it’s a very great work in progress.

Lieutenant Colonel Edith Nakalema, is a Ugandan military officer, who graduated in August 2018, from the Higher Command and Staff Course at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, in Watchfield, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, where she had been admitted in 2017.

The State House Anti Corruption Unit headed by Nakalema was set up to counter overwhelming corruption cases in late 2018 will now make 2 years on 10 in December this year.

Commending herself for a job well done, Nakalema said, “I am grateful to the appointing authority that made me join the rest of the anti-corruption agencies and become the link between State House and other agencies and the public. We all have to work together.”
She disregarded statements that her unit is overshadowing the other anti-corruption agencies, and argued that they instead work together.

Discussing the progress of the barely two year old unit, Nakalema disclosed that they have managed to recover over UGX 1 billion during the execution of their duties.

“We have also managed to bring back Ugandans who were stuck in the Middle East and unfortunately returned some dead bodies. All the companies that export workers abroad that were not licensed have been closed – about 88 of them,” she said.

“For citizens who have paid to meet the president, it is not too late. We are ready to clean up the State House as long as you show us the dirt,” she added.

According to Nakalema, 247 have so far been investigated and arraigned before the courts of law by the unit, plus 24 convictions within two years.

“We are grateful to the judiciary because our cases have special court hearings in different parts of the country,” she said.

Nakalema however admitted that fighting corruption is not easy at all, but a determined team has made it possibly successful to a certain extent.

She said, “Corruption changes face. People are not ready to expose the corrupt because they benefit. A number of the corrupt have been exposed with the help of the media, whistleblowers, and my team, and we have acted.”

“Corruption starts from family. How you bring up the children matters. The schools they go to and what they are taught matters. You find that little children have to buy sweets for their campaigns in schools,” she added, citing that corruption is a rooted evil.

Denying corruption allegations, she said, “I cannot be corrupted when I have a God who can give me anything and also, I can ask for everything I want from President Museveni.”

By Baron Kironde


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M7’s National Address Postponed As Bobi Wine Also Announces Address At Same Time…



NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni (R) and his NUP opponent Bobi Wine

The Presidential Address that was scheduled for 7pm today has been deferred to a new date that will be announced, Museveni’s press secretary, Don Wanyama has revealed.

Museveni was slated starting this Sunday, and every other Sunday during the campaign season to conduct a televised national address.

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate has also announced that he will address the nation today at 7:00 PM via Facebook and all other social media platforms. He added that a wide range of matters of national importance are to be communicated in his address.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has officially written to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) demanding to be enlightened about what President Yoweri Museveni is set to air out this evening.

NAB says that it will not kowtow to UCC’s directive if it finds out that Museveni is among other things slated to also seek for votes instead, or else he pays for the airtime.

According to UCC’s directive, all political aspirants are entitled to equal opportunity to speak to Ugandans to enable voters to choose from an informed perspective. The above directive therefore implies that it is wrong and unfair if Museveni as the president is allowed to freely campaign on TV.


By Baron Kironde


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