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I Will Resign As FDC Electoral Commission Boss If They Put A Presidential Candidate Against Bobi Wine – Makerere Law Don Nsibambi



Makerere University Law Don, Yusuf Nsibambi, who also doubles as the chairperson of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Electoral Commission has declared that he is ready to resign if his party makes a mistake and backs a presidential candidate against a people power candidate.

While appearing on ‘Kkiriza oba gaana’, a political talkshow on CBS radio, Yusuf Nsibambi revealed that 2021 is the only opportunity opposition has to take over power and they must use it carefully without bickering against each other. The Kampala land board chairman refuted rumours making rounds that FDC has already appointed people who are going to stand on their ticket. He said that its NEC, the top party organ which can make such a resolution not individuals as per the rumours. He said that he will be very furious if his party especially NEC decided to approve a presidential candidate to stand against the popular president produced by people power.

He called upon all leaders in opposition to join efforts and clean their house before 2021 because many people are now fighting for seats from Local Council level to parliamentary.vBobi Wine has already declared his intentions to stand against president Museveni in 2021.

Nsibambi also warned that many opposition members are already scrambling for places. He gave an example of Kawempe North where Muhammad Segirinya and Suleiman Kidandala, who are all from the opposition but are fighting. Another battle he mentioned is for the Kampala Lord Mayor seat which so far has the incumbent Elias Lukwago, Kawempe North Member of Parliament Latif Ssebaggala and PDP’s Abed Bwanika.

He warned that the opposition has to avoid what is going on in the Makerere Guild president elections where supporters of different candidates put on red colors and are claiming to stand on people power ticket but are fighting each other physically.

Earlier, Abed Bwanika confirmed that he was short listed among by the people power’s movement with Latif Ssebaggala to compete for Kampala lord mayorship.  He said that the people power movement made a resolution to put candidates on a very seat which is going to be voted for in 2021 general elections.  The three-time presidential candidate watered down DFC’S Kizza Besigye’s claim that he can win the 2021 election, Bwanika noted that Besigye is just over spreading historical propaganda which won’t matter in the coming elections.

However, the agriculture minister Vicente Bamulangaki Sempijja, who was also one of the panelists said that divisionism in opposition is going to help NRM defeat opposition in the 2021 elections.

He said that the bickering in different opposition camps shows that the gods are on their side and they are ready to receive their landslide victory in the next election.

He added that it a pity that old opposition politicians are just using  Bobi Wine’s popularity to achieve their failed political goals.


By Jamil Lutakome



What I Want Bobi Wine To Do – Besigye Reveals Why He Regularly Meets People Power Boss….



Bobi Wine (L) at Besigye's home last week

Finally, four-time presidential candidate Rt. Col. Kizza Besigye has cleared the air on the frequent discussions he is having with People Power movement boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

The Former Forum for Democratic (FDC) party president revealed that they have held a series of meetings with Kyagulanyi to see how easily they can oust President Yoweri Museveni from power as a united force.

“You know very well that honorable Kyagulanyi is my village mate he just crosses from Magere and comes to Kasangati, we always meet, unfortunately in our last meeting, our photos leaked to you (media). We have to join all forces of change together to oust the junta. Ugandans have to regain power to control their country,” Besigye said while appearing on Olutindo program on radio Simba.

He revealed that the reason why they always meet is to come up with a single statement to Ugandans who have been yearning for change for a long time.

He disclosed that he is happy that very soon, this is going to happen.

Besigye praised Kyagulanyi for his effort and collaboration to see that they join hands to force change together.

When contacted for comment, the leader of the informal sector in People Power Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu said that their movement welcomes the initiative of all forces of change coming together.

He however insisted that all the other forces of change should stand behind their candidate Kyagulanyi in the 2021 General elections.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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10 Years From Now, Buganda Kingdom Will Be No More, Officials Have Sold It To M7 For Riches, Titles And Cars – Mirundi



Mirundi and Bugnda Katikkiro Mayiga (inset)

President Museveni’s adviser on media Tamale Mirundi has predicted that Buganda Kingdom will be no more 10 years from now.

Appearing on NBS TV, the controversial NRM diehard pointed out that the Kingdom has for several years lost track and is quickly becoming irrelevant in the political, Social and economic affairs of the country.

He explained that for the 34 years of President Museveni’s rule, he has silenced the once mighty Kingdom officials with goodies such as expensive cars, convoys for officials like the Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga and other officials and prestigious irrelevant titles.

Mirundi said that even the return of Kingdom assets and Land commonly referred to as ‘Ebyaffe’ has led to dubious dealing within Buganda Kingdom which has weakened the Kingdom.

Mirundi said that the Buganda officials always think of their stomachs and pockets before thinking of the Kingdom and its people.

Mirundi added that Buganda politicians including Members of Parliament are no longer interested in paying allegiance to Mengo due to its deteriorating position in Uganda Politics.

The motormouthed Mirundi prophesied that it is going to take Buganda kingdom another 40-50 years to get back to its former glory. He gave an example of the return of the Tutsi to Rwanda after 40 years, the changes that led to Germany being United after 50 years and the fall of Soviet Union after 70 years.


By Ronald Kisekka


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SAY NO TO KUJOOGA! I’m Going To Lead The Battle To Save Kampala From M7 Take Over At The Expense Of The Urban Poor – MP Nambooze….



Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke has vowed to lead the battle to stop President Museveni’s takeover of Kampala.

In a post on her Facebook page titled ‘People’s Battle For Kampala n’emiriraano-2020….Temutujoga Kampala City Yaffe…. Tukooye Ejjoogo!’, Nambooze said that, “Mr. Museveni tried to win votes in Kampala and other Metropolitan constituencies but failed. He turned to buying off opposition political leadership of Kampala but the converts failed to influences masses to go with them, the opposition only became stronger.”

She added, “He moved Parliament to amend the Constitution to give himself a law granting him power over the City and brought around a callous woman Jennifer Musisi but the Battle hardened Lord Mayor Lukwago fought this move both legally and politically and soon Museveni got to acknowledge that he was failing….. He bought a machinery in the hence to opposition “Princess” Beti Kamya and a number of councilors to use their expertise in City Affairs made another move to amend the law to abolish the adult suffrage elections for the Lord Mayorship and other issues in relation to extend the boundaries to cover the neighbouring districts of Wakiso, Mpigi and Mukono but lost it in Parliament.”

Now Mr.Museveni through his Ministers has allotted to themselves powers over Kampala thanks to Covd19. Imagine a Central Government Minister taking over the role of assigning taxis stages. Why doesn’t Katumba Wamala if he is really organising public transport also call Gulu, Kabale, Arua, Hoima, Masaka, Mbarara taxis to register and be assigned stages by his Ministry?” Nambooze asked.

She said, “Since the unfortunate outbreak of Covd19, the junta moves day in day out to take over Kampala at the expense of the urban poor, the ordinary city dweller and it seems, they want to see how far they can go before they get anyone to challenge them.”

Nambooze disclosed that on Monday, she is going to address the press in her capacity as the Alternative Minister for Kampala.

“People’s Battle for Kampala 2020. Our Battle is legally correct and politically, socially and economically a must. Our right and justification to declare this battle is in Article one of the Constitution that provides that Power belongs to the People and they will exercise it through their democratically elected leaders,” Nambooze said.


By Sandra Mukisa


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