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    I Won’t Accept Court To Be Turned Into A Theatre Of Politics – Besigye Denied Bail Over Commodity Prices Riots, Lukwago Vows To Run To Higher Court…



    Kizza Besigye (R) and his co-accussed Lubega Mukaku (L) in court today

    People’s Front for Transition (PFT) leader Dr. Kizza Besigye has today been denied bail again.

    Besigye, the Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president was arrested on Tuesday with Samuel Lubega Mukaku after they stormed the city centre to protest against the skyrocketing commodity prices.

    Upon arrest, Besigye was detained at the Kampala Central Police Station before he was driven to Naggalama Police Station.

    Today morning, the four time presidential candidate was brought before Buganda Road Court magistrate Asuman Muhumuza with Mukaku, his co-accused.

    The two were charged with inciting violence.

    While defending the accused, their lawyer Erias Lukwago told the magistrate that much as Besigye and Mukaku have charges against them, they are not serving any sentence and therefore are not guilty. The magistrate concurred with Lukwago.

    However, the State Attorney asked court that if Besigye’s bail was to be granted, he should be asked to pay shs 30 million in cash bail as a measure to restrain him from his “wake up” demonstrations.

    During his ruling, Muhumuza rejected Besigye’s bail application, citing the fact that Besigye and Mukaku were granted bail just a week ago.

    Muhumuza warned Besigye and Mukaku that he will not accept court to be turned into a theatre of their politics.

    He remanded them further until July 1, 2022.

    Besigye’s lawyer Erias Lukwago later told journalists outside court that the magistrate’s decision is purely political.

    “It’s a political decision, the law is very clear, they are innocent until proved otherwise and the fact of the matter is clear, the two have never been convicted of any offence.

    “The magistrate has not addressed himself to matters of law, he is considering a political issue otherwise he knows the foundation of our justice system that one is innocent until proved guilty,” Lukwago said.

    Lukwago vowed to challenge the decision in the Court of Appeal.


    By Grapevine Reporter



    Furious M7 Warns IGP Ochola And Top UPDF Generals He Deployed In Police Over High Crime Rate; CID Boss Maj. Magambo Transfers Junior Detectives In KMP Area…



    IGP Okoth Ochola (L) and CID boss Maj. Dr. Tom Magambo

    Maj. Dr. Tom Magambo, the Commander of police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) through the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Martin Okoth Ochola has fired all junior detectives in Kampala Metropolitan Police area over corruption and incompetence.

    Multiple credible sources at Kibuli, the CID headquarters have intimated to theGrapevine that 47 detective inspectors and 355 detectives at the lower ranks were all transferred to upcountry police stations.

    “The transferred detectives are expected to leave the city this week,” a source said.

    He added that when Dr. Magambo was appointed CID Director, he profiled all senior and junior detectives in Kampala Metropolitan police area and established that many of them have been in their respective stations without being transferred for more than 22 years.

    The source further revealed that Dr. Magambo further noted that his predecessors were only transferring senior detectives and the juniors were left at their stations that is why they ended up allying with criminals.

    “Whenever a senior detective was transferred, the junior officers stayed and often made it hard for the new senior officers at their station to implement police’s policies. They have even been conniving with criminals to beat the system and evade justice,” a source said.

    Sources added that before announcing the changes, Dr. Magambo first made a number of workshops and trainings of all detectives where top security officers from different agencies were educated on modern skills of investigating crime especially in this era where criminals have exhibited advanced skills in committing crime.

    Sources said that the affected junior officers were directed to hand over offices and files which they are still investigating to the new officers transferred from upcountry.

    Magambo made the transfer a few weeks after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, in writing, complained to the IGP and other police leadership for sleeping on the job while criminals are terrorising Ugandans in Kampala Metropolitan area.

    Sources said that the big man wondered how criminals have managed to terrorise Ugandans when his government has invested a lot of money in procuring Cameras to fight crimes in the city.

    Sources said that Museveni threatened to personally intervene in the matter if Ochola and his men fail him this time around.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    M7 Asked To Punish Mwenda For Spoiling Gen. Muhoozi; Parliament Plans To Summon UPDF Leadership Over First Son’s Tweets…



    Mwenda (in suit) in Muhoozi's Office. Inset is MPs Sekikubo (L) and Semujju Nganda (R)

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been asked to strongly punish and stop celebrated investigative journalist Andrew Mwenda from coming nearly to his family claiming that he is the one responsible for spoiling his son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

    Lwemiyaga County Member of Parliament Theodore Ssekikubo revealed that a number of families locally and internationally have been inspired by the way president Museveni grooms his children from the time when they were still in exile til when they came back in 1986 when NRA captured power.

    “One time President Museveni wrote in one of his books that when they were in exile in Sweden, power in his house went off. But when it come back, a young Muhoozi was very excited and jubilated the way children from poor families do. Now the boy is untouchable and doing things which embarrass my president,” Ssekikubo said.

    He added that Museveni has been trying to control his children and stopping them from being involved in public lifestyle especially doing things like taking alcohol, womanizing, fighting in public places just like he advises Ugandans.

    A furious Ssekikubo accused Mwenda of playing a big role in spoiling Gen. Muhoozi because of his personal benefits without thinking about the sacrifices the old man has made to groom his son to succeed him and secure for him public respect.

    “I remember I privately told my good friend President Museveni not to allow my young brother Muhoozi to be guided by wrong people like Mwenda. I feel very bad seeing my president with all the sacrifices he has made for his family publicly apologising for things which would have been controlled early,” he said.

    He added that he was very bitter with Muhoozi for taking Ugandans like fools and disrespecting the president when he summoned him over his disturbing tweets against Kenya.

    Veteran Journalist Andrew Mwenda and Muhoozi have been tight friends from back in the days

    He explained that the Museveni he knows does not want to reveal the outcome of one-on-one meetings he holds with different people but Muhoozi did it and nothing has been done to him apart from being dropped from commanding the land forces.

    Ssekikubo was supported by Mityana South Member of Parliament Richard Lumu who claimed that Gen. Muhoozi might have put president Museveni on pressure to promote him to the rank of a full General so that he accepts being dropped from the office of the Land Forces Commander over his attack on Kenya.

    Kira Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda accused president Museveni of being responsible for his embarrassment and disclosed that he one time warned him not to involve his family in the country’s governance but he rubbished him.

    He explained that Museveni cannot stop Gen. Muhoozi because he looks at him as a father not a president and it is the reason why he doesn’t respect other organs of the government.

    He gave an example that when parliament summoned him, he sent Gen. Wilson Mbadi, the Chief of Defense Forces and the Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs to represent him.

    Ssemujju said this was disrespecting the legislative arm of government.

    Ssekikubo revealed that as legislators who sit on the parliamentary committee on Defense, they are planning to summon Gen. Muhoozi and the UPDF leadership to explain why they put the president’s reputation in bad light.

    Sekikuubo said they want the army leadership to explain how such regrettable moments can be avoided in future.

    However, Rosemary Nyakikongoro, the Chairperson on Parliamentary Committee of Defense and Internal Affairs told theGrapevine that there is no need for summoning Gen Muhoozi and UPDF leadership to appear before their committee after president Museveni apologiseds in writing as the head of the state.

    On Wednesday, president Museveni apologized to the people of Kenya and Ugandans over Gen. Muhoozi’s regrettable tweets.

    In his tweets, Gen. Muhoozi boasted that his army can capture Nairobi, the capital of Kenya within two weeks.

    His comments raised a lot of dust among Kenyans on the social media.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Not Every Error Requires Legal Punitive Action; UPDF Spokesperson Defends First Son Muhoozi…



    First Son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba and UPDF spokesperson Brog. Felix Kulayigye

    Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) Spokesperson, Brig. Felix Kulayigye has insisted that not every error requires legal punitive action.

    Brig. Kulayigye’s statements follow First son and former Commander Land Forces Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s uncontrolled tweets which angered Uganda’s neighbours in the East.

    In an interview on NTV’s on the spot, Kulayigye noted that one thing he has learned about Uganda’s middle class is that they are quick to compare things even when the ingredients of the issues at play are different.

    He added that when Gen. Tumukunde came out of jail and out of court, he was promoted two ranks from Brigadier to General but no one talked about it.

    Brig. Kulayigye insisted, “Not every error requires legal punitive action. You can use legal methods or administrative methods.

    “Already administrative actions have been taken. You are entitled to your judgement but like Jesus said let whoever has not erred be the first (to cast a stone).”

    Yusuf Serunkuma, a scholar who was part of the discussion also revealed that Muhoozi’s readers, those who read his tweets are too serious yet he was trying to be humorous which is a dilemma.

    “I think Muhoozi was trying to be funny. He could be a terrible comedian.”

    He added, “I think Muhoozi suffers another handicap-his failure to distinguish between him as an individual and the office he handles.”

    Brig. Kulayigye however assured him that for them in the UPDF, they did not take the tweets seriously.

    He divulged, “No general has the power to declare war on another country. It is the president and parliament. Gen Muhoozi knows it.

    “There are only three people whose statements commit the institution: the commander-in-chief, the Chief of Defence Forces and the Spokesperson. Our statements make or break.”

    Kulayigye further assured Serunkuma that if those tweets had been on his (Kulayigye) Twitter handle, tanks would have rolled on the border.

    Serunkuma however disagreed with Kulayigye insisting that this is Museveni’s son and he is being treated differently.

    “You can joke about so many things but with the nature of the jokes he has been tweeting for a long time, it should be criminal in that position to joke like that.”

    He adduced, “Muhoozi must have known this was coming. So, he then goes on rampage in the sense that he attempts to lighten the way events are going to happen by taking us on a rollercoaster of supposedly humorous jokes.”

    Kulayigye assured Serunkuma that UPDF is strong because even when a General errors, they have a mechanism within to deal with these issues.

    “Diplomatically, what Gen. Muhoozi did was an issue but in the military when you attack the Commander in Chief in uniform it is the worst, it is sacrilege.”

    Serunkuma insisted, “I want us to sympathise with Mr. Museveni for dealing with a stubborn son. You cannot be as punitive and lethal against your own son as a father.”

    “Gen Muhoozi’s crime is being the son of the President.”

    Brig. Kulayigye added, “Gen. Muhoozi introduced and trained the paratroopers in this country. He built the presidential guard brigade into the Special Forces Command we have today. Do you want to remove that contribution from him?”

    Serunkuma, laughed at Kulaigye for trying to argue for the presence of order (in the army) even if the public does not see this order.

    He suggested, “What we saw two days ago is someone can be taken from a position and rewarded at the same time.

    “I think Dad and son are hooked on the idea that you have to have control of the military to take over and became president.

    “Muhoozi stands a chance if he held a coup against his dad. I think the chances of doing so are becoming slimmer because he lost the largest wing of the UPDF so he is not likely to retire soon.

    “The public perception we have is that Muhoozi is daddy’s boy so he has to be able to shade off this perception. I think even in the military they do not see him as a man who can stand on his feet. That is Muhoozi’s major dilemma.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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