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I WON’T VOMIT THAT LAND: Pepsi Tycoon Nzeyi Defiant On Temangalo Land, Narrates How He Survived Sudhir’s Fraud




Hot loaf and Pepsi franchise in Uganda tycoon Amos Nzeyi has revealed shocking details of how he survived being defrauded by fellow tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia.

Nzeyi testified before the commission of inquiry into land matters that in 1980, Ismael Abdullah, one of the departed Asians approached him to query a building in Nakasero which he was occupying.

“I remember my lord I met that gentleman at speak Hotel Kampala where we had lunch, after, he showed me his repossession certificate of his building. I accepted what he told me, we agreed that he rents me his building at USD 1000,” Nzeyi said.

He revealed that however, in the earlier 2000, he received a letter from Meera Investment tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia informing him that he bought the building which he was renting from Ismael.

“I was surprised. I wondered why my friend Abdullah sold his building without considering me, I was paying his rent well and I helped him to occupy his building. I picked my phone and I called Abdullah who stays in Canada, I asked him about the matter and denied everything, he told me that Sudhir wanted to defraud me,” Nzeyi said.

He said that Sudhir, who was calling himself the new landlord told him that he had raised the rent he was paying from USD 1000 to USD 10000 which was a huge amount compared to the building. He said that Abdullah admitted that Sudhir went to Canada and met him with other Indians who were expelled from Uganda in 1972 but still have properties in Uganda but he never sold his building to him as he told Nzeyi.

When he survived Sudhir’s con, Nzeyi said that he bought an air ticket for his lawyer Isaac Musumba now a minister in Museveni’s government and the two went to Canada to meet Abdullah.  He said that he went to Canda to finalise the purchase of the building because Abdullah had told him that he wanted to sell the building to do other things.

He said that he purchased the building from Abdallah and since then he has been buying buildings from departed Asians around Kampala and helping others to occupy their properties which were confiscated by Amin.  He told the commission that the country is seated on a time bomb because the population is growing at a high rate while the land is not expanding.

He gave an example of his six acres of his land grabbed by the chairperson Temangalo village who he is still battling with in court. He said that his other land is being grabbed by land grabbers who after grabbing it ask him for compensation. He gave another example of a man who grabbed his Kakungulu Golf course playground and is now asking him for compensation.


Even though he was told that the purchase of the 366 acres of land on block 296  plot 20 Busiro in 1988 from a one Abas Mawanda was fraudulently done, Nzeyi told the commission that he is determined not to vomit the land. He said that he is ready to enter into negotiations with the former owners of the land (Temangalo Tea Estate) but stated it clearly that he will escort Mawanda to the meeting because he is innocent of what happened. “My lord Mawanda owns a huge chunk of land why doesn’t he compensate them from the land he owns? I can also hire them some of my land because I also have land which I’m not using but that one of Temangalo, my lord it’s very difficult to return it to them because it has changed ownerships,” Nzeyi noted.

He further revealed that he was misled by his lawyers of Sebalu, Lule and company Advocates who he hired to help him verify the documents concerning the land.  He said that he refused to use his lawyers of Mulenga, Kalemera and Company Advocates because he thought that since he was purchasing land in Buganda, he has to get lawyers from Buganda who are in the know of what it entails to purchase land in Buganda.

He said that the lawyers did everything for him apart from payments, he denied receiving any letter from the complainant’s lawyer Peter Mulira in 1993 to sit down and negotiate with them. “My lord I was very annoyed when I heard those people saying that I’m a big man who is unreachable and who has frustrated them from receiving justice. Surely, I’m a small 70-year-old man with 70kg, I’m known by everybody in this town and my offices are in Nakawa,” Nzeyi noted.

However, justice Bamugemereire the chairperson of the commission told him that even though he took himself as a small person, people are taking him as a big person with that ‘big man syndrome’. She also asked him why he earlier refused to honour the summons issued to him by the commission before his lawyer Fred Muwema wrote to them.

He said that its true he was in Nairobi meeting the Chinese Ambassador but he cut his travel short because he was supposed to meet South African president who was in the country last week to attend his son’s wedding to Amama Mbabazi’s daughter. Nzeyi promised to give his passports to the commission so that they can verify that he was in Nairobi. Nzeyi was seen on Saturday at Mbabazi’s daughter’s wedding in Kololo yet his lawyers had told the commission that he was supposed to come back in the country yesterday.


Nzeyi also distanced Amama Mbabazi from Temangalo land fraud. He said that the land Mbabazi sold to National Social Security Fund (NSSF) in 2008, where Nzeyi was given powers of attorney is located in Buyera village not Temangalo

The commission is still investigating the matter


By Jamil Lutakome



Stop Playing Childish Politics, Work For Your People – KCCA ED Musisi Tells Politicians



The Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Jennifer Musisi Ssemakula has urged politicians to stop talking too much but rather copy other people who are not Ugandans but are doing good work for the general public.

Jennifer Musisi has been commissioning a maternity ward at Kitebi Health Centre lll in Rubaga Division built by the Indian Association of Uganda. The Indian Association has spent one hundred sixty million shillings on the Maternity ward and it will be working on about one hundred women per day.

Dr. Okello, the acting director of health in KCCA says that before the Indian Women Association came to their rescue, many women have been delivering on the floor.

“More than 460 deliveries are done at Kitebi Health Centre lll. It’s one of the biggest hospitals that the people in this area use because it’s equivalent to a referral hospital like Mulago. Many people are now running away from the private hospitals to KCCA hospitals because they are now conducive and have all items that are needed by the patients,” Jennifer said.

The high commissioner for the Indian community in the country assured the Musisi that they are going to continue working together with KCCA to see that the health sector develops and they have a plan of constructing a theater to reduce the distance that women move to Mulago .


By Mboowa Nathan


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Bobi Wine Was Found With A Gun, He Is Going To Face Military Court Martial – Gen. Moses Ali



Government through the First Deputy Prime Minister, Gen. Moses Ali has revealed that Kyadondo East Member of Parliament (MP), Robert Kyagulanyi will be aligned before the Gulu Court Martial tomorrow.

Addressing Parliament on Wednesday, Gen. Moses Ali said that Kyagulanyi was found in possession of a fire arm and will thus be aligned before the Court martial. Gen. Ali’s response came after the house was suspended for an hour following demand by legislators on a clear state and whereabouts of their fellow legislators.

“Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu was flown to Gulu Military Hospital for medical care but he is now okay; he was found with a gun and will be found aligned before the General Court martial in Gulu tomorrow,” Gen. Ali said. Moses Ali refuted allegations that the MPs were tortured adding that they are all in good shape.

The other four MPs will appear before the Chief Magistrate Court in Gulu tomorrow and their files are being processed by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).


The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga first suspended the House over what she described as the illegal detention of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, Gerald Karuhanga, Francis Zaake and Paul Mwiru. The Speaker suspended the House for one hour as she waited for an explanation from the responsible ministry. Meanwhile, reliable sources had revealed that Hon Robert Kyagulanyi in bad state.

Reports indicated that his situation had worsened and that his body was lying lifeless! On the other hand, Hon. Zaake is also not doing well. But unlike Kyagulanyi, he can speak and can understand what is going on. The MPs were arrested alongside Kassiano Wadri after the Arua fracas on Monday in which Bobi Wine’s driver Kawuma Yasin was killed.

MP Zaake displays his wounds


By Stella Mugoya



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I Want My Husband Dead Or Alive – Barbie Gives Government 48-Hour Ultimatum



Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi, the wife to incarcerated Kyandondo east member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine has given the government a 48-hour ultimatum to produce
her husband dead or alive.

Addressing a joint news conference with family relatives and Bugiri municipality MP Asuman Basaalirwa this morning, The soft spoken Barbie Itungo says that they will announce the next course of action if her Hubby is not released within 48 hours.

“The honorable member of parliament, representative of Kyadondo East, is missing, the latest we have as a family and his wife is a New Vision headline reading; ‘Bobi Wine held in military barracks’. My husband is not and has never been in the military, he has no military experience, does not even know how to use a gun and he can’t even differentiate the different guns out there. I wonder why he is held in a barracks, what has he done to deserve this?” Barbie said.

Barbie (C) with Asuman Basaalirwa (L)

Kyagulanyi’s elder brother Eddie Yawe also added that Bobi’s family needs to know his where abouts since some reports indicate that he is being held at Pondo barracks in Arua while other media reports show that he is at Bombo barracks.

Kyagulanyi is among the four MPs arrested on Monday over chaos that ensued on the last day of the campaigns for Arua Municipality that left his driver Kawuma Yasin dead. Other MP’s in custody are Francis Zaake, Gerald Karuhanga and Paul Mwiru.


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