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I’m Being Tortured Emotionally Because Of Muzaata, I’ve Spent Two Weeks Without Sleep – Kenzo Plans To Sue Sheikh



Musician Edirisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has threatened to sue Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata over his defamatory statements that he says have tortured him emotionally for 2 weeks.
Kenzo today evening posted on his Facebook page calling for help from his fans who are conversant with court procedures to participate in his new process of opening up a court file against Sheikh Muzaata.
Kenzo yesterday announced a cease fire against Muzaata after interacting with different prominent people.
However, today, Kenzo changed his mind and called upon upon people to come together and sue Muzaata.

Below is Kenzo’s post on his Official page:
Wadde nga tukya gondede okusaba kw’abakulu I’m disturbed with alot of questions its almost 2 weeks now without sleep. N’ebuuza how can someone wrong you and refuse to say one simple sorry.

Ekintu kino mukirowozeko nyo sikitono, Buli alumirirwa obulamu bwange gaziya ekintu kino tokirabira kumpi, kubanga. what’s going on here, Lwaki kituka wano, Imagine omukulembeze w’edini ate y’afuse ow’efujjo, Ate ffe bwetulaga obutali bumativu nga mutuvuma nyo nyo nyo nyo.
What’s going on here banange. Omutwe gunuma nyo because of this issue how can someone refuse to say sorry after doing a mistake!!
I think he wants to use this as advantage to brag around nga yeyita superior, Awono obuzibu webugenda okuva singa Sheikh aganiradala okwetonda Eri e’gwanga, kitegeza we need to think big now, Kirabika ono politics simanyi oba kiva ku kuluyimba nga biwobbe and Volongoto oba sheikh ali just stubborn, I have so many questions my people.
I think waliwo olukwe wano. Kati awo wempitira buli muntu yena gwekikwatako to be alert singa sheikh ayongera embera eno mumaso tubere betegefu okw’erwanako mungeriyona bandiba either banjagala Luzira oba muntana, so this is not something small banange nsaba mumberemu bantu bange.

Singa bakulu banne bamulemwa sikiwa nti ffe abantu bewansi ayinza otulema, agaliwo gali nti sheikh yagambye ayagala kundaba one on one in private room which is not bad but why?? He abused me publicly I do expect him to come out in public and say something that can heal our wounds.
Munansonyiwa for my writing naye nze Musuuza wamwe sasoma era mukimanyi and I don’t believe in hiring PRO on this matter because nobody knows how I feel I have to tell my own story so wenkoze mistake munsonyiwe.

Gwanga muje Gwanga be alert. Temunsurira otherwise mwandimaliraza nga munzise bantu bange, this is not something small. I call upon my well educated fans and friends temutula let’s prepare because twandimalira mu court of low of which njakubetaga nyo mukasera ako.

The all of last night nasuze mu studio nga njiya kayimba kayinza kunyiga biwundu I decided not to sing a sad song about my late mum because I will be crying everyone time I listen to the song and I decided to do a happy song celebrating my mother’s achievement because yazala omuntu omuvumu who can fight for my rights my mother’s dignity someone who fights with life to survive and ended up archiveling big. I think I will always be remembered as agreat musician of all time. That might not be today kubanga Basima ogenze but in future.

I dedicate this song to all hustlers who made their family’s proud for not giving up your so strong and on top of that we congratulate your mother and father bazala omwana atali mutitizi. Ali willing okola aleme kuswaza family sagala genda wala nyo because I’m so emotional right now I have alot to say but let me stop here.

New Song titled Congs maama dropping check my utube channel in 2 hours from now. Send this song to your mom and celebrate instead of crying nga tonafa tewevuma nsi its about time celebrate your life even your mum died no worries she is watching and celebrating life with you.

By Kauma Josephine



I Cannot Allow You To Marry An Old Woman Like Sheebah – Tamale Mirundi Warns Son On Flirting With Musician Sheebah…



No nonsense political commentator Joseph Tamale Mirundi has strongly warned his son to drop his sexual ambitions of bonking celebrated singer Sheebah Karungi.

Speaking immediately after the graduation of his son Joseph Tamale Mirundi junior, Tamale Senior insisted that he cannot allow his son to start flirting with queen dancers like Sheebeh because he has invested millions in him.

“Now he has finished his studies, he has specialized in psychology, I am sure he is going to be successful in life but I cannot allow him marry an old woman (Nakiyombekede) like that girl Sheebah,” the senior presidential adviser on Media insisted.

The self-claimed media consultant boosted that as long he is still alive, he will never allow a mediocre like Sheebah to penetrate his family.

He further argued that if he allows his sons or daughter to go with jokers, he might end up getting joker grandchildren something he has been fighting against since his childhood.

Mirundi was supported by his wife who said that she also cannot allow their son to go with necked dancers like Sheebah. Mirundi junior recently reveals that he has a crash on musician Sheebah and dreams of being with her one day.

“I love Sheebah so much given the fact that she is even my best local musician of all times. It would have been possible to marry her so easily if we were in the same age brackets,” Mirundi Junior told the media.

Meanwhile, When Mirundi senior was on Pearl FM, he blasted his clanmate who doubles as Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago for parading himself with his daughter who scored 8 points in the recent Primary Leaving Examination (PLE). He said that if his daughter got such grades, he would be worried because no serious secondary school can admit a kid with such grades unless he bribes the school management.

By Jamil Lutakome


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State House Disowns Kusasira, Buchaman: They Are Not Entitled To Salary…



Appearing before the Presidential Affairs Committee, State house comptroller, Lucy Nakyobe has said that musicians Catherine Kusasira and Mark Bugembe alias Buchaman are not Presidential Advisors because the president has not yet put their appointment in writing.

Nakyobe and a team from the State house had appeared before the committee to Present the institution’s budget estimate.

The repport compiled by the State House team shows that there were no changes in the amount estimated for Presidential Advisors’ salaries even though the President had appointed a few more in 2019.

When the MPs on the committee tasked the comptroller on the salaries of presidential advisors, Nakyobe said, “It is for that reason that they are not entitled to salary as State House staff.”

Recently, the Ministry of Public Service made it clear that Kusasira and Buchaman were not civil servants yet and are not entitled to the salary.

“The appointments are based on one’s social standing, it can be on technical competence, but we have not seen Buchaman and Kusasira’s appointments,” David Karubanga the State Minister for Public service said.

Late last year, President Museveni announced the appointment of Catherine Kusasira and Buchaman as advisors.


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Museveni Is The Most Honest Person On Earth, Those Fighting Him Are Selfishness, Chaotic And Violent – Big Eye Praises M7 After Getting Brand New Tundra Car….



Musician Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye has praised president Museveni as the most honest person he has ever seen on the face of the earth.

Big Eye said this after receiving a brand new yellow colored Tundra from president Museveni to be used in the campaigning process.

“Mr Museveni is the most honest person I have ever seen on this earth; he understands every person. In fact, I don’t regret supporting him. He has just gifted me with a brand-new car that is going to be used in the 2020 campaigns,” he said.

In A brief phone interview with the Grapevine, BigEye said that president Museveni is the only person who can understand Ugandans and other people, including people power activists who want to unseat him very selfishness, chaotic and violent.

“Other politicians are selfish; they are working for their families. People Power members are characterized with chaos and violence; they cannot rule our country.  We have to vote for the right person and that is President Museveni,” He emphasised.

Big Eye Is one of the local musicians that have been insulted, pelted with empty battles after expressing their support towards the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) ahead of the 2021 presidential elections.

Others include Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira, Jenifer Nakanguubi alias Full Figure among others. However, Big Eye bragged that he has earned much from the torture he recently experienced, saying Mr. Museveni has compensated him with a lot of things.

“I was tortured, they insulted me and pelted empty bottles at me thinking that I will stop (supporting Museveni) but instead I have gained a lot from it like a brand-new car. I have 30 herds of cattle and am living a good life,” he bragged.

He further urged other youth to leave other parties which have no future and join the ruling party (NRM). “What I can tell other youth across the country is they should do what Hassan Ndugga did, they should join NRM because president Museveni is there to serve them,” a proud Big Eye said.

Recently, Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Ndugga, a former People Power activist crossed to the ruling NRM party and even participated in the Afrika Kwetu Trek.

Ndugga told the media that he crossed to NRM because he never wanted to die poor. “Those criticizing me have never given me even a single penny, including Bobi Wine apart from praising me. I don’t want to die poor, that is why I joined the ruling party,” Ndugga said.

By Josephine Kauma


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