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I’m Being Tortured Emotionally Because Of Muzaata, I’ve Spent Two Weeks Without Sleep – Kenzo Plans To Sue Sheikh



Musician Edirisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has threatened to sue Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata over his defamatory statements that he says have tortured him emotionally for 2 weeks.
Kenzo today evening posted on his Facebook page calling for help from his fans who are conversant with court procedures to participate in his new process of opening up a court file against Sheikh Muzaata.
Kenzo yesterday announced a cease fire against Muzaata after interacting with different prominent people.
However, today, Kenzo changed his mind and called upon upon people to come together and sue Muzaata.

Below is Kenzo’s post on his Official page:
Wadde nga tukya gondede okusaba kw’abakulu I’m disturbed with alot of questions its almost 2 weeks now without sleep. N’ebuuza how can someone wrong you and refuse to say one simple sorry.

Ekintu kino mukirowozeko nyo sikitono, Buli alumirirwa obulamu bwange gaziya ekintu kino tokirabira kumpi, kubanga. what’s going on here, Lwaki kituka wano, Imagine omukulembeze w’edini ate y’afuse ow’efujjo, Ate ffe bwetulaga obutali bumativu nga mutuvuma nyo nyo nyo nyo.
What’s going on here banange. Omutwe gunuma nyo because of this issue how can someone refuse to say sorry after doing a mistake!!
I think he wants to use this as advantage to brag around nga yeyita superior, Awono obuzibu webugenda okuva singa Sheikh aganiradala okwetonda Eri e’gwanga, kitegeza we need to think big now, Kirabika ono politics simanyi oba kiva ku kuluyimba nga biwobbe and Volongoto oba sheikh ali just stubborn, I have so many questions my people.
I think waliwo olukwe wano. Kati awo wempitira buli muntu yena gwekikwatako to be alert singa sheikh ayongera embera eno mumaso tubere betegefu okw’erwanako mungeriyona bandiba either banjagala Luzira oba muntana, so this is not something small banange nsaba mumberemu bantu bange.

Singa bakulu banne bamulemwa sikiwa nti ffe abantu bewansi ayinza otulema, agaliwo gali nti sheikh yagambye ayagala kundaba one on one in private room which is not bad but why?? He abused me publicly I do expect him to come out in public and say something that can heal our wounds.
Munansonyiwa for my writing naye nze Musuuza wamwe sasoma era mukimanyi and I don’t believe in hiring PRO on this matter because nobody knows how I feel I have to tell my own story so wenkoze mistake munsonyiwe.

Gwanga muje Gwanga be alert. Temunsurira otherwise mwandimaliraza nga munzise bantu bange, this is not something small. I call upon my well educated fans and friends temutula let’s prepare because twandimalira mu court of low of which njakubetaga nyo mukasera ako.

The all of last night nasuze mu studio nga njiya kayimba kayinza kunyiga biwundu I decided not to sing a sad song about my late mum because I will be crying everyone time I listen to the song and I decided to do a happy song celebrating my mother’s achievement because yazala omuntu omuvumu who can fight for my rights my mother’s dignity someone who fights with life to survive and ended up archiveling big. I think I will always be remembered as agreat musician of all time. That might not be today kubanga Basima ogenze but in future.

I dedicate this song to all hustlers who made their family’s proud for not giving up your so strong and on top of that we congratulate your mother and father bazala omwana atali mutitizi. Ali willing okola aleme kuswaza family sagala genda wala nyo because I’m so emotional right now I have alot to say but let me stop here.

New Song titled Congs maama dropping check my utube channel in 2 hours from now. Send this song to your mom and celebrate instead of crying nga tonafa tewevuma nsi its about time celebrate your life even your mum died no worries she is watching and celebrating life with you.

By Kauma Josephine



I Want To Meet Hamza And Officially Handover My Wife And Family To Him – Kenzo…



Musician Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has revealed that he is ready to meet the man who snatched his woman from him so that he can officially hand her and his family over to him.

While appearing on NBS TV’s “Akatebe”, Kenzo said he would like to meet Ssebunya and thank him for caring for his family and officially handover to him.

“I really want to meet Hamza and handover my family to him, it may sound funny but Rema went with my child Amaal so I want to thank him for taking care of her and give him the overall control over my family,” Kenzo said.

Kenzo added that he misses bonding with his daughter as a father. He further revealed that he was aware of Rema’s departure because they discussed it with her earlier.

“I knew that with time Rema will move on because we had our own disagreements so it was not a surprise to me though I was hurt so much,” a disappointed Kenzo said.

When asked why he appointed himself ‘Love Nigga’ president, Kenzo said he was deeply moved by the term and according to him, a ‘Love Nigga’ means a black man with love.

However, Kenzo said he is still waiting for president Museveni’s promise of supporting him and the Ghetto upcoming artists and once the promise is fulfilled, he will be happy and grateful.

“I met president Museveni and I am now waiting for the results from the meeting since he promised to support my career and also those in the Ghetto who have talents but are struggling to breakthrough because of financial hardships,” he added.

When asked his political party, Kenzo said he has no political party but he is a supporter of Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s people power movement.

By Josephine Kauma


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Sipapa, Full Figure Are Using M7’s Money To Kill Us: Music Promotors Bajjo, Abitex Cry Out ….



Abitex and Bajjo addressing journalists

Events promoters Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo events and Abbey Musinguzi alias Abitex have pinned socialite Charles Olim alias Sipapa and Jennifer Nakaguubi alias Full Figure of using the millions of money given to them by president Yoweri Museveni to kill them.

Bajjo told journalist in Kampala that on Wednesday evening, he survived being killed by armed hooligans holding machetes at Makindye, a Kampala suburb.

“I have audio recordings of that fool Sipapa and Full Figure strategizing on how to finish our lives. I heard Full figure tipping Sipapa to tell his gangs to locate us and kill us using stones,” Bajjo said.

He revealed that when he received an audio from a friend, they decided to run away from Baba TV where they had been hosted for a talk show. He said that when they reached Makindye, a group of people attacked them with machetes and stoned his car. Abitex said that he received credible information from state house that both Sipapa and Full Figure told Museveni that they know Abitex and Bajjo and that they will help him silence them at all cost.

Abitex warned that the act of giving people free money will increase criminality in the country because people will start thinking that they don’t have to work but can always be given free money. Both promotors filed their complaints at Katwe police station. Full figure was not reached for comment since she was not picking our calls.


Earlier, lawyer Erias Lukwago, who was  representing the two promoters pleaded with High Court judge Lydia Mugambe Ssali to save his clients from losing billions of money and jobs in the coming 2019 festival season. Lukwago submitted that the directive issued by the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola stopping his clients from organizing musical concerts will deny them employment since their source of income are the music shows.

Lukwago told court that his clients lost over Shs200m when Ochola stopped their concerts at Busabala, Gulu Lira and other places yet they had already paid all the necessary requirements including security.

The presiding judge Ssali asked both applicants why they didn’t proceed with organizing concerts of other musicians because it seems the IGP only stopped them from organizing Bobi Wine’s concerts.

Lukwago with people power lawyer Shamim Malende tried to plead to Ssali to accommodate their matter before the Christmas festival because it’s the period when his clients work more.

This was after judge Ssali had told them that she was assigned to go to high court criminal division to handle very serious criminal cases.

However, after Lukwago’s plea, Justice Ssali changed her mind and asked Lukwago to take their file back to the registrar so that it can be allocated to another judge which Lukwago refused. Mugambe further advised the applicants to stop exaggerating their case. The judge ordered both parties to submit written submissions instead of oral as Lukwago was proposing. The matter was adjourned to 13 December.

By Jamil Lutakome


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I Will Not Campaign For Bobi Wine In 2021, I Asked M7 To Pay Me For Campaigning For Him In 2011 – Kenzo Clears The Air On M7 Meeting..



Musician Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has today defended himself against allegations that he joined National Resistance Movement (NRM) party after meeting the party chairman President Museveni.

While addressing the press today at Nsambya based Mestil hotel in Kampala, Kenzo said he was called by the president because of his musical achievements but not for politics reasons.

“I went to the State House because I was called by the president to discuss my personal issues specifically my career achievements and music not politics,” Kenzo said.

“I cannot discuss politics with Mr. Museveni because I am not an NRM member, I am a People power supporter and a fan of Bobi Wine since childhood so I cannot go against him,” Kenzo revealed.

When he was asked his reason for abandoning NRM after campaigning for them in the 2011 elections, he said, “I participated in the stamina pakalast campaigns in 2011 for Museveni but I was not paid, I was dumped after being used so that saga made me hate NRM party but I love my nation,” Kenzo revealed.

He said that in his talks with the president, he asked him to support his career and other upcoming Ghetto musicians who lack financial support to grow their talents.

“I humbly asked Museveni my payment that I worked for while campaigning for him in 2011. I also asked him to support me musically and also support the upcoming Ghetto artistes who cannot afford to finance their talents,” he said.

He further revealed that he will not campaign for Bobi Wine in 2021 elections since he is not a politicians.

“Let me assure you I will not campaign for any one not even Bobi Wine, I no longer trust people who are politicians because they just use others, I say it without fear that I will not campaign for Bobi Wine,” he said.

He denied being a politician and said that all the songs that many of his fans have tagged political such ‘Volongoto, Biwoobe’ are just advising his listeners but don’t carry any political symbolism.

When he was asked his next plan after Rema’s departure, the ‘Sitya Loss’ hitmaker said he is still confused on what to do.

“I cannot tell right now what to do since I am still confused and disappointed but with time I will get what to do and the public will be informed. But right now I need to organise my family, bring back my children and live a simple life,” he said.

He promised to attend Rema’s Kwanjjula ceremony if invited since she is still his friend. “I will attend Rema’s ceremony if given a chance because we have a child, that binds us together no matter what situation, we shall still be friends,” Kenzo said.

He concluded by thanking President Museveni for granting him a chance to meet him and also urged his fans to look at him as a musician not a politician.

By Josephine Kauma


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