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I’m Here To Stay, That Envy Ended With My Father Mutesa – Kabaka Sends Tough Message To Critics Who Pronounced Him Dead….



Buganda’s King (Kabaka) Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has sent a warning message to critics who pronounced him dead in July/August this year.

While officiating Buganda’s Independence at his Palace in Mengo Today, Kabaka Mutebi, who seemed to have lost weight said that, “There are some people who came out saying that I had died but I want to tell them that I’m still here and I will be here…”.

Mutebi wisely equated such people to the 1966 Buganda crisis that saw fallen President Dr. Apollo Milton Obote attack Kabaka Mutesa’s Mengo Palace thus exiling him.

Kabaka Mutebi said that such envy was towards Buganda but ended up affecting other regions in Uganda and is becoming a norm even in modern times.

In 1966, the Obote led government attacked Kabaka Mutebi’s father Mutesa’s palace and forced him into exile in London via Burundi.

Orders From Above’ Will Not Develop Uganda

The Kabaka also criticized some government officials who have made it a habit of not following laws under the excuse that they are following orders from ‘above’.

“We have so many people (acting) with impunity. When do our laws work and on which kind of people?” He asked.

The Kabaka further rallied Buganda to vote for Politicians who understand Buganda norms and ideologies.


By Ronald Kisekka



Traffic Police Boss Musinga Challenges Divorced Wife’s Caveat On His New Marriage, Father-In Law, Former Worker Swear Affidavit Accusing Musinga Of Stealing Divorced Wife’s Wealth…



Musinga and former wife Esther Kyinkuhaire (inset)

Kampala Metropolitan traffic police commander Norman Musinga has challenged the caveat filed by his divorced wife before the Church of Uganda protesting his new marriage.

On Friday evening, Esther Kyinkuhaire, the former wife to Musinga, through her lawyers of Ojok and Company Advocates, filed a marriage caveat at All Saints Church Nakasero, Kampala challenging the set officialization of Musinga’s new marriage with his new wife.

In his caveat, Kyinkuhaire told the church that she is still officially married to Musinga citing a notice of  Appeal she filed in the Court of Appeal challenging Justice Joseph Mulangira’s decision confirming the magistrate court’s judgement which authorizes their divorce.

However, Musinga through his lawyers of Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA) challenged the said caveat, branded it false, malicious, full of jealousy, ill willed and  made in bad faith and needed correction from the court records.

The lawyers stated that Musinga’s marriage with Kyinkuhaire was dissolved in 2019 by his worship Allan Gakyalo basing on the evidence of the applicant Musinga that his divorced wife was very cruel to him and a practitioner of witchcraft.

“On 16th of August 2019, the bonds of matrimony were legally and absolutely dissolved. No appeal has ever been preferred,” KAA’s letter to the church reads. They further explained to court that Musinga solemnized his fresh marriage before the Registrar of marriages and is legally married.

Lawyers noted that the reason why they decided to go to church was to celebrate his already existing marriage in accordance to the church norms and seek the blessings of God.

The lawyers further insisted that when the divorced wife learnt that her former husband was going to celebrate his marriage in church, she filed an application at the High Court Family Division for revision of his worship Gakyalo’s decision which they termed as incompetent, court dismissed it.

They insisted that revision of the judgement does not amount to an appeal since they claimed that the magistrate did not have powers to hear and determine the matter.

“The incompetent application was dismissed by the High Court Judge Justice Joseph Murangira who found that the magistrate acted properly in freeing our client from the bonds of the marriage with Esther Kyinkuhaire,” the lawyers noted.

They said that there is no right to appeal from a revised order, the appeal can only be made with a permission from the court which the divorced wife didn’t do.

However, this website has learnt that Kyinkuhaire is determined to fight for her marriage and she is set to file another civil suit in the High Court protesting Court’s decision of not looking into the wealth she made with her former husband during their good times.

She based on the affidavit of her father who told court that he gave the couple 25 cows when they are getting marriage and he wanted Musinga to return half of it to her daughter since they are separating.

She also based on the affidavit of  Stephen Kamanzi, a former farm manager of Musinga who told court that Musinga took the 25 cows to his farm in Luwero.

Kamanzi added that by the time Musinga fired him, for supporting Kyinkuhaire, the cows had produced over 180 cows.

Kyinkuhaire also challenged Court’s decision of directing Musinga to stay with their three children including their last born.

Musinga is set to publicly weed her new wife today.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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If You Don’t Conform, We Will Force You Like We Made You Abandon The Red Reret – OO Stings NUP’s Rubongoya, As Opposition Shuns EC’s Program To Witness Ballot Printing…



Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo. Inset is Rubongoya with Bobi Wine

Uganda Media Center (UMC) boss, Ofwono Opondo has asserted that the opposition in Uganda will eventually give up their fight to oust Museveni, he says they are so indisciplined, lack the commitment and are so unfocussed to hit their target.

He also mentioned that the opposition are running away from witnessing the ballot printing because they can’t meet the bill. He further submitted if at all the EC was meeting the bill for them, even presidential candidates would have gone.

“I have been listening to the manifestos of the candidates to see whether they are worth listening to, but the opposition doesn’t have an alternative policy. What is the conduct of some of these candidates,” Opondo stated.

“In some instances, police have not restrained from overreaction. There are instances where the candidates have mobilized and insisted on moving with their crowd. Even where we think the police orders and actions are arbitrary, there is no reason why we should assault a police officer on duty. You can go to their supervisor, to the IGP, or the courts of law,” the government spokesperson further advised.

Ofwono Opondo also noted that with modernity and technology, candidates can now reach massive numbers of people without physical contact.

He also added that the EC shouldn’t be talking about allegations but facts, reffering to the letter issued by the EC is a shy letter.

On witnessing ballot printing abroad, National Unity Platform (NUP) SG David Rubongoya stated that the EC is calling participants to witness the ballot printing to sanitize the process and give it legitimacy.

He mentioned that if need be, they (NUP) shall send representatives in the diaspora to go and witness.

“We were told to send representatives to witness the ballot printing in Dubai. We sent the names, but we heard that the delegation had already gone. We didn’t think it was wise to follow them,” Candidate Henry Tumukunde’s campaign manager, Beatrice Kiraso said.

The other candidates, specifically have highly ignored EC’s call to facilitate a program that would see their agents travel abroad to witness the printing of ballot papers.


By Baron Kironde


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I’m A Muganda Proudly Married To A Munyankole – Bobi Wine Warns Foolish People Promoting Tribalism…



Barbie asking Kyankwanzi voters to vote Bobi Wine

National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has warned people trying to toe the tribalism line.

Kyagulanyi said that he is a Muganda who is proudly married to a Munyankole beauty.

“There are people now trading the foolish line of tribalism, I am a proud Muganda which is not a crime and my wife is from the West, how can I be tribalistic?” Bobi Wine told the people of Kyankwanzi.

When he was travelling to Kyankwanzi via Hoima, the road was blocked by police claiming it was still under construction and therefore unaccessible.

Bobi and his crew members were left with no option but to spend the night in Migeera, Police under the command of DPC Patience Namara and the OC, Byaruhanga allegedly ordered all hotels not to host them.

“We’re now stuck and spending the night on the roadside. The DPC is telling us she will only allow us to stay in her district until 6:00 a.m in the morning.  You can imagine being treated like this in our own country,” Bobi Wine reported.

The youthful presidential aspirant still mantained that the pain he’s going through since he joined active politics less than five years ago is just making him stronger.

He said, “No matter the pain we are going through on a daily,the love and support we get from the people helps us to keep the hope alive . Thank you Kiryandogo.”

Bobi had earlier on been blocked from accessing his scheduled campaign venue in Masindi.

This, just a few hours after Bobi Wine had been blocked from appearing at Spice FM radio station in Hoima District after paying.

“As soon as we got to the station and started introducing ourselves, the police and military cordoned off the building and forcefully ejected us out of the radio station. We asked why they were doing this, and their answer was “orders from above”. We have been blocked from addressing Ugandans on thirteen radio stations across the country before elections, and ever since the campaigns started, we have been blocked from accessing six radio stations,” Bobi Wine reported.

“Mr. Byabakama and the Electoral Commission must tell us what the meaning of a digital campaign is, when we are not allowed on radio stations. Above all, Mr. Tibuhaburwa and his friends are right to be scared. Ugandans who wondered why we have been calling him the worst coward  in history can now see for themselves what we have been saying,” Bobi Wine stated.

NOTE: theGrapevine management and team is against Tribalism, we have decided as a platform to expose this vice and help those fighting it. We may speak different languages but we are all Ugandans, the people in the diaspora trying to create this hate speech will be exposed and fought. We are all Ugandans regardless of tribe.


By Baron Kironde


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