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IMPUNITY: How UPDF Reserve Force Commander Lt. Gen Otema, NRM Boss Todwong And City Lawyer Gimara Forced Former IGP Erinayo Family Into Exile Over 6400 Acres Of Land, 4500 Cows…



L-R: Nancy Erinayo, Gen Otema and Todwong

Land probe boss Justice Catherine Bamugemereire asked Ugandans to pray for her as she kicked off investigation on army generals over land grabbing in West Nile.

Nancy Erinayo Oryema, a granddaughter to the first black Inspector General of Police Wilson Erinayo Oryema told Bamugemereire how UPDF Reserve force commandant Lt. Gen Charles Awany Otema connived with NRM deputy secretary General Richard Todwong and former law society president Francis Gimara to force her family into exile over 6400 acres of land and 4500 heads of cattle.

Nancy told the commission at Nebbi health center that General Otema used his office to deploy military men on their family land. They demolished their family home, destroyed their family farm and over 4500 heads of cattle were stolen during the impetuous eviction from their the 6400 acres of land.

Gen. Otema before the land probe last year

“Everybody here understands the way how our grandfather (Erinayo) was murdered by Idi Amin, my Lord our entire family are still traumatized and no one wanted to confront army men. When General Otema came here with military men and started threatening the lives of my relatives, they were forced to join us in United Kingdom where we stay as exiles,” Nancy narrated.

She added that when all her relatives fleed the country, Otema started sub diving their land and giving it to his relatives. Among the beneficiaries was NRM’s Todwong who is a young brother to General Otema, counsel Gimara, top military men in Acholi, police officers and RDC’s who are now using the land for farming and other agricultural business. 

Nancy also surprised the commission when she revealed that general Otema provoked them when he decided to bury his father, the late Mzee Savio Ojok Awany near the very place they buried their grandfather Erinayo. She said that as a family, they tried to seek help from president Museveni, who she said asked his family to come back to Uganda because it was now a peaceful country, to reign in on his General (Otema) in vain.

“My Lord, the only option we had was to seek a court injunction stopping general Otema from burying his father near my grandfather. We succeeded and we were given a court order by Otema violated it and he proceeded with burying his father near our grandfather and even damaged his grave,” Nancy said.  She said that at the moment they don’t have a place to call home.


Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, the chairperson of the commission of inquiry into land matters asked the public to pray for her as kicks off investigations on army generals who grab people’s land. She told the thousands of people from West Nile at Nebbi district that her commission sometimes feels the heat while investigating certain people because they use their offices to sabotage their investigations.

She revealed that when she started investigating Gen. Otema last year over the eviction of 6000 families in Nwoya district, all political leaders especially legislators from West Nile ganged up against the commission and started maligning the commission before the public.

This is not the first time that Gen. Otema is being named in land grabbing acts, last year, he was grilled for grabbing land in Got Okwara in Lungulu sub-county and evicting over 6600 families.

The commission even issued an arrest warrant against Otema but up to now, he has never been arrested even when he failed to appear before the commission. Efforts to speak to general Otema were futile since his known phone numbers were not going through.

By Jamil Lutakome



VIDEO: Minister For Health Dr. Jane Aceng Joins Active Politics, To Contest In Lira…



The Minister for Health Dr. Jane Aceng has declared that she is joining active Politics.

In a video shared by Emmanuel Ainebyona, the Senior Public Relations Officer MOH, Dr. Aceng says, “I want to declare openly that I’m taking up a political position as a representative of the Women in Lira district and I will contest for the position under the Movement ticket. I thank the People of Lango for their great Love and support.”
Currently, Atim Joy Ongom, is the incumbent woman Member of Parliament representing the Lira District.
Below is the full video:

Breaking News:
Minister for Health Dr Jane Aceng joins active Politics, to contest in Lira.
“I want to declare openly…

Posted by UBC TV on Sunday, July 5, 2020


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Mirundi Survives Nasty Accident, Turns Guns On Family Members Who Summoned Him To Stop Attacking Government Officials In Private Meeting….



President Museveni’s advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi has survived a nasty accident along Entebbe Road.

According to his son Mirundi junior, the motor mouthed presidential adviser survived an accident on Friday evening at around 8pm at Zana round about.

Mirundi junior revealed that his father survived with minor injuries but his government car was totally damaged.

He explained that different security agencies are working around the clock to find out the cause of the accident and if there was any foul play, the culprits will be brought to book.

Mirundi recently revealed that there are mafias in government who are after his life for exposing them as corrupt.

He said that he survived poison three times when he was working in State House as the press secretary to the President before being fired and given what he calls a retirement package as the senior presidential adviser.

He added that his tormentors struck again early this year but God saved him when he was quickly admitted to Kisubi hospital where he spent almost a week.

Mirundi revealed that mafias have on several occasions tried to assassinate him and when he briefed his boss the President and the first son Lt Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, he was given extra security to protect him and his three homes which he calls palaces, in Zana, Kyengera and Kabalagala.


Today, when he appeared on Pearl FM radio, Mirundi revealed that there was a bitter exchange between him and some of his family members who were trying to convince him to stop attacking health Minister Dr. Ruth Aceng and PS Dr. Diana Atwine.

Mirundi explained that the verbal war started when one of his sons who is a medical doctor called a family meeting where he wanted to settle issues between their father and the two Ministry of Health heavy weights.

Mirundi revealed that in the meeting, his son asked him to stop attacking Aceng and Atwine because it is putting him in bad light.

Mirundi revealed that he turned tables upside down and warned his son that he has sacrificed a lot for him to become a medical doctor without the help of Aceng and Atwine.

He said that he even reminded his son that the people he is defending recommended that he be posted in up-country hospitals to work from there because he carries the name Mirundi.

He explained to his son that it was through his efforts, when he lobbied different top government officials so that he can be brought back to work in Kampala hospitals.

He said he even reminded his son that when he was recently arrested for violating COVID19 guidelines, he called him as his father to rescue him from Kawempe police station where he was in detention.

Mirundi told his family members that he will never forgive Aceng and Atwine because they reported him to the President.

He sent his son to go and tell Aceng that he is going to use all the tools at his disposal to fight her.

Mirundi insisted that he will never give up the fight against mafias until they compensate him for the humiliation and losses he suffered when they fueled his firing from State House.

Mirundi further explained that upon realizing that his enemies had penetrated his family, he issued tough guidelines to all his family members who wish to join politics.

Among the guidelines, he told them that whoever joins any political party or political pressure group does so in his personal capacity.

He warned them that he has information that his enemies plan to compromise his family members to betray him.

“I told that son of mine who joined Bobi Wine to betray him at his own peril because I know many mafias will approach him with offers to compromise him and put my family in bad light or provoke People Power supporters to attack me because l know the people behind People Power,” Mirundi explained.

He added that he passed the same warning to his wife who joined politics.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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M7 Advised To Fire Secretary To Treasury Keith Muhakanizi For Frustrating Facilitation Of The Newly Created Cities, Town Councils And Municipalities….



Butambala county legislator Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi has revealed that there is a section of politicians who recently held a secret meeting to strategize on how to fire the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance Keith Muhakanizi.

Kivumbi said that Muhakanizi is being accused of frustrating and failing to facilitate the newly created local government units like cities, districts, town councils and municipalities.

Kivumbi disclosed that Muhakanizi has been advising top ministers and Museveni not to create new local government units because the country’s economy cannot afford to facilitate them.

“I know very soon he is going to be fired, because he told them the truth and you know these people only know how to win elections, they don’t care about the national economy.  Now he is a burden and he is going to be fired,” Kivumbi revealed when he appeared on Gasimbaganne ne Bannamawulire on radio Simba.

Kivumbi wondered how a whole government can create new local government units knowing very well that they cannot work sufficiently.

He disclosed that many government units that have previously been created are not working.

He insisted that the newly created local government units are only going to increase government expenditure by bringing in new politicians and public servants.

Kivumbi was supported by Butambala woman Member of Parliament aspirant Aisha Kabanda who warned Ugandans who are celebrating the creation of new cities that they are going to feel the creation of the new cities in their pockets.

She noted that the residents in the new cities are going to start paying a lot of taxes which they have been not paying.

However some credible sources told this website that once Muhakanizi is fired from Finance, he is going to be promoted to the office of the Governor of the Bank of Uganda.

Sources revealed that for a long time, Museveni has been looking for Governor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile’s replacement. Currently, Mutebile looks frail and sickly.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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