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    INSIDE STORY: Shs. 40 Million ‘Bribe’ Was Manna From Heaven: NUP MPs Defy Bobi Wine Order, Chew M7’s Money…



    Bobi Wine addressing NUP MPs and leaders at Kamwokya recently

    The mighty Grapevine has landed on inside information of how the deal to share Shs.21bn among the 529 Members of Parliament (MP), including those in the opposition was hatched.

    On Tuesday evening, the National Unity Platform (NUP) issued a press statement asking their MPs to return the said money claiming that it was a bribe from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni through the Speaker of parliament Annet Anita Among.

    Credible sources in NUP have told theGrapevine that the decision for MPs to return the money was reached on Monday evening, after a heated emergency meeting of NUP National Executive Committee (NEC).

    Sources disclosed that NEC members were summoned by David Lewis Rubongoya, the party Secretary General on behalf of his boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine, the party president.

    Sources revealed that the meeting was called after efforts from the Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP), Mathias Mpuuga, and opposition Chief Whip John Bapstist Nambeshe, to convince their members to return the contested money failed.

    Two weeks back, government spokesperson, who also doubles as the media center boss Ofwono Opondo revealed that each MP was going to be given Shs.40m which many legislators led by Busiro East MP Medard Lubega Ssegona rubbished and branded as propaganda.


    Kasambya County legislator David Kabanda Ntyazi revealed that it was Kasanda Woman woman MP Flavia Kalule Nabagabe, together with Bbale County legislator Charles Tebandeke who reported their colleagues to the party Principal Bobi Wine that they were picking money from the home of the Speaker of Parliament Among in Nakasero.

    Kabanda claims that both Kalule and Tebandeke reported their friends to their bosses because they wanted to capture Bobi Wine’s attention so that they are considered for juicy parliamentary slots.

    However, other sources revealed that Joel Ssenyonyi, the Nakawa West legislator and also the party spokesperson was the first to brief Bobi Wine on what was going on.


    Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro, the NUP deputy spokesperson told theGrapevine that once the 48 hours given to MPs elapse, disciplinary action will be taken on any member who will not be on the list of those who refunded the money.

    He disclosed that Bobi Wine directed Nambeshe to receive the money, write the names of people who have returned the money and give it to him today.

    This website has established that no NUP Member of Parliament had returned the money by lunchtime today.


    A number of NUP legislators who spoke to the Grapevine on condition of anonymity revealed that the Shs.40m dropped in their pockets like Manna from heaven because they were in serious financial problems.

    One of them told this website that they spent all of it during the weekend so they have nothing to return as per now even it is a Shs.100 coin.

    One of them accused Bobi Wine of trying to fight to frustrate them by putting them in a bad light before their voters that they are selfish.

    “He was the one who instructed his brother Fred Nyanzi to hide behind the People Power Kunga to fight us.

    They has been moving with our opponents in our areas behind our backs claiming that he is mobilizing for the party. Now he is pretending and instructing us expecting us to follow those instructions! No way,” one of the NUP legislators said.

    Some legislators disclosed that before picking the money, they first consulted their boss the LOP Mpuuga who gave them the green light since their colleagues in NRM were receiving their share.

    The legislators wondered why Bobi Wine is on their necks yet he collects Shs.1m from their monthly pay each month for the running of the party secretariat, and billions from the Electoral Commission because of their huge numbers in parliament.

    However, Julius Katongole, one of Bobi Wine’s assistants and the youth chairperson Lubaga Division rubbished the legislators allegations that Bobi Wine instructed his brother Nyanzi to fight them through People Power Kunga.

    He explained that NUP legislators wanted to chair the mobilisation meetings in their constituencies but Nyanzi refused them on the grounds that they have a lot of legislation work to do.

    Nyanzi told them that they will not have time for mobilization for the party that is why they decided to use other members in the different regions as the MPs concentrate on legislation.

    He added that Nyanzi allowed friends and confidants to these MPs to sit on the mobilization committees so that they represent their views and brief them on any actions taken in their areas.

    Herbert Kinobere, the acting NRM Chief Whip, accepted that the Shs.40m was given to their members because they were demanding parliament their salaries and allowances.


    Chris Obore, parliament’s Director for Communication and Public Affairs, blasted the critics advising them to follow the right procedures if they have enough evidence that MPs were bribed.

    Obore later released a statement clarifying, “Parliament distances itself from the alleged payment as claimed by the NUP. and treats it as a deliberate, persistent smear campaign against the leadership of Parliament. Any payment to MPs by the Commission is charged on the Consolidated Account, and remitted to an individual MP’s bank account.

    “If indeed there has been any such payment by Parliament to MPs outside the known procedures as the NUP claims, wouldn’t it have been the right thing for the party to interest the accountability Committees, chaired by its Members, in the matter with evidence for action?”

    He said that the critics can petition the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to investigate the matter.

    Obore added, “As leaders, the MPs who NUP claims received the money are duty-bound under Section 10 of the Penal Code Act 2002 las amended) to declare the same to the Inspectorate of Government for proper investigation.

    Short of the above, the statement is an effort to tarnish the institution of Parliament where ironically, NUP has representation at the highest decision making organs – the Committees and Commission.”

    Credible sources in parliament disclosed that parliament authorities are very confident that no touchable evidence can be brought against the legislators.

    One source told theGrapevine that since the legislators didn’t sign anywhere, it is only the people who paid and sanctioned the payment who have evidence against the MPs because they were captured on the video.

    One of the legislators revealed that they have been having itchy fingers waiting for the said money and many of his friends even took debts anticipating that the money will come and they pay their lenders.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    How I Saved Gen Saleh From Being Punched By Dr. Kiggundu Over Greenland Bank Closure And Why M7 Banned Mambo Bado – Veteran Radio Talk show Host Nsereko Narrates …



    Radio talk show host Meddie Nsereko. Inset is Gen. Saleh (top L) and President Museveni (bottom L)

    Veteran radio talk show host Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba has narrated how he saved now Operation Wealth Creation boss Gen. Salim Saleh from being punched by the late Dr. Suleiman Kiggundu over the Greenland bank closure.

    The CBS FM Radio presenter disclosed that, “For the last 26 years which I have spent here moderating political talk shows, I have seen a lot of things that have surprised me, but I will never forget the two talk shows which put me in tension. One was when I hosted late Dr. Kiggundu and Gen. Salim Saleh over the closure of Greenland bank, and another is when I hosted President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Mambo Bado.”

    He revealed that in the early 2000s, the closure of Greenland bank was a very big topic of discussion since many business people both big and small were customers to the bank.

    Nsereko re-counted that as words filled with bitterness and anger were being exchanged between Dr. Kiggundu and Gen. Saleh’s camps, he was forced with approval from the producers of ‘Kkiriza oba ggana’ talk show to invite both Saleh and Kiggundu to a debate live on radio to explain their issues.

    Nsereko related that Gen. Saleh was the first to arrive at Bulange Mengo, the headquarters of CBS radio. A few minutes to 7pm, Dr. Kiggundu also arrived. But when he looked at Gen. Saleh he quickly lost his temper and started throwing strong abusive words at him.

    “Kigundu told me, Nsereko, I cannot sit in the same room with that man who has double standards, let me go. The man was very bitter and I understood his bitterness but to calm him down, I greeted him in Islam. I said, Dr. Salaam-Alaikum, let us enter the studio, he accepted and we entered the studio. We found Gen. Saleh already seated inside,” he said.

    He narrated that when Dr. Kiggundu looked at Saleh he lost his temper again and tried to punch him.

    “He grabbed him but I pleaded with him not to fight. When the talk show started, Dr. Kiggundu accused Gen. Saleh of betraying his loyalty because he supported them in the bush and even when they had just captured power, he kept on financially supporting them but it’s a pity that they paid him by taking his bank,” Nsereko divulged.

    Nsereko said that Dr. Kiggundu also accused Gen. Saleh of being bad hearted especially towards Baganda and that’s why he spearheaded the move to impoverish him and fraudulently took his bank.

    Nsereko said that in his defense, Gen. Saleh denied all the allegations insisting that it was Bank of Uganda that sold Greenland bank not him.

    Nsereko asserted that the second show that put him on tension was during the 2006 election.

    He narrated that because Besigye was breathing down President Museveni’s neck, towards the 2006 presidential elections, Museveni decided to appear on CBS’s Mambo Bado political talk show.

    By then, Mambo Bado was the hottest and most listened to political talk show in the country.

    Museveni complained that the show was full of opposition supporters who use the platform to abuse him. However, CBS radio management told him that they are not against him but his people don’t want to appear on talk shows to counteract opposition’s allegations.

    “President Museveni told me, ‘You have been telling me that my people fear these opposition people, now I have come to talk for myself’,” Nsereko quoted Museveni’s opening remarks.

    He said that after Museveni’s long submissions, he invited other people to counter his submissions and among them was a one Nakunda Muwanga who told the president that he is a dictator who is competing for president after tying the hands and legs of those competing against him.

    Nsereko narrated that Museveni was very bitter with Muwanga’s submission and a few days later, Mambo Bado talk show was banned by the Uganda Communication Commission.

    He added that Dr. Kizza Besigye, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde, Gen. David Sejusa are the other prominent people who put him in a difficult position behind the microphone.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    EC’s Justice Byabakama Accused Of Meeting Bobi Wine’s NUP Leaders At Night…



    NUP leader Bobi Wine (R) and EC boss Byabakama (L)

    Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama, the chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) has been accused of meeting Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine’s top National Unity Platform (NUP) Leadership at night.

    Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo disclosed that EC should be investigated over allegation that on Tuesday this week, Byabakama met a team from Kamwokya led by David Lewis Rubongoya, the Secretary General.

    Ofwono added that EC’s behaviour in the ongoing fight between Bobi Wine’s Kamwokya based NUP and Moses Nkonge Kibalama’s Lubaga base over the ownership of the party is questionable and should be probed.

    He wondered why EC bosses were very fast to respond to Kibalama’s letter written to them over the new changes in the leadership of their party when it takes them years to respond to other political parties’ letters.

    Opondo was emphasising allegations made by Gideon Tugume, the Kibalama faction secretary for information on NBS tv’s frontline talkshow.

    Tugume claimed that they have enough evidence that before EC responded to their letter, they first met Rubongoya’s team at night.

    “The Electoral Commission acted on forgeries; we know the things that happened before that letter was released.

    “The good thing cameras are installed at EC, we challenge them to retrieve the footage captured on Tuesday night to dispel rumours that Rubongoya was not at their offices. What did they discuss at night?” Tugume challenged Justice Byabakama.

    He further challenged Justice Byabakama to make NUP’s constitution public like they do to other parties’ constitutions instead of hiding it.

    In defence of Bobi Wine’s NUP faction, Busiro East Member of Parliament, Medard Lubega Ssegona rubbished Tugume’s allegations and branded him a state mercenary.

    He explained that the only route Kibalama can use to take over NUP leadership is through a petition in Court which he vowed to challenge as a lawyer with the help of other party legal brains.

    On Wednesday, EC disowned Kibalama’s NUP faction insisting that Bobi Wine’s faction is the one that is legally recognised.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Prime Minister Nabbanja Orders ISO To Deal With Striking Arts Teachers As UNATU Instructs Lawyers On Education Ministry Statement…



    PM Robinah Nabbanja and UNATU boss Filbert Baguma

    The Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has issued moving orders to all Internal Security Organisation (ISO) operatives to deal with striking arts teachers who refused to obey President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s directives.

    Exclusively speaking to theGrapevine, Nabbanja disclosed that all ISO operatives all over the country have been instructed through their bosses from Kampala  headquarters to make sure that no unpatriotic teacher is playing with the President’s directives to end strikes.

    Yesterday, President Museveni’s government, through Catherine Birakwate, the Ministry of Education and Sports Permanent Secretary issued a statement directing teachers either to go back to class and teach or resign from public service.

    The statement followed an emergency meeting summoned by President Museveni in State House Entebbe which was attended by the Vice President Jesicca Alupo, Minister of Education and Sports  Janet Kataha Museveni, Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka, Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija, Minister of Public Service Muruli Mukasa and other officials from their respective ministries.

    The meeting resolved that Arts teachers should wait for the coming financial year when government will increase the salaries of all government workers.

    Nabanja told theGrapevine that government is going to make sure that the President’s directive is implemented and that no one is defy it.

    “This time is not for joking, this is a government in power and all ISO operatives are directed that from 24th June, 2022, they should be moving around their jurisdiction inspecting all government schools and recording those teachers who think they are bigger than government,” Nabbanja said.

    She added that government is not going to look on as innocent young Ugandans are suffering without studying because of selfish people among teachers under their umbrella body, the Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU).

    “When you see them opening their eyes wide you may think that they are fighting for a common teacher, but no, they should know that they are not the only people who studied education.

    There are many young people who are unemployed and want to be employed by this government, if they cannot wait for government to fulfill their promise in the coming year, let them go,” a furious Nabbanja said.

    She pined UNATU bosses of misleading teachers especially Filbert Baguma, the Union’s Secretary General.

    Nabbanja said that people like Baguma are seeking to benefit personally from teachers strikes.

    Nabbanja insisted that government is going to increase the salaries of its employees in the next fiscal year, “this financial year we have started with scientists.”

    However, Baguma insists that the strike is still ongoing. He warned government, especially people like Nabbanja, to stop using threatening language.

    He rubbished Birakwate’s statement that the teacher’s industrial action is illegal.

    He pleaded with teachers not be intimidated. Baguma revealed that they have instructed their lawyers to study Birakwate’s impugn statement.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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