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    INTERVIEW: Comparing Besigye To Bobi Wine Is An Insult,  Besigye Is A War Lion, Bobi Wine Is A Rabbit – Gashumba Compares All Forces Of Change, Why Muhoozi Will Replace His Father And Sends Strong Message To Haters Beefing His Daughter Sheila…



    Sisimuka Uganda founder and Chief strategist, Frank Gashumba has said that comparing former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, Dr. Kizza Besigye to National Unity Platform President (NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine is an insult.

    In an interview with the Grapevine, Gashumba stressed that Dr. Besigye is a certified war lion whereas Bobi Wine is a certified rabbit.

    Gashumba further noted that until Kyagulanyi comes out to condemn the youth who insult people on social media, he will not leave him to have peace.

    He also emphasized that he wants to show Kyagulanyi’s supporters, especially the young people that Kyagulanyi is not in any struggle to liberate the country, his struggle is for his family and self-empowerment.

    Below is Gashumba’s conversation with theGrapevine;

    Grapevine; What exactly is disorganising you and Bobi Wine?

    Gashumba; This is how it started, I was invited to attend Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s birthday in Lugogo which I attended. Sometime later, NBS inviteed me for their talk show called Barometer and the first question the moderator asked me was, “Gashumba you attended Muhoozi’s party, how was it?” I told him it was beyond a birthday party, it was big and I used a luganda word ‘asimbudde’ but I think that word did not sink in well with the fanatics and talibans of Kyagulanyi.

    Grapevine; Have you ever taken time to talk to Bobi Wine about his supporters who keep insulting people on social media?

    Gashumba; One day I met him (Bobi Wine) in Munyonyo and told him about the Turkey based blogger, Fred Lumbuye because nobody has preached the gospel of hate against Banyarwanda like that man. But he told me he has no control over those people and yet I learned from a close source of Bobi Wine that Lumbuye works for him and is even on his payroll.

    Grapevine; Speaking of Lumbuye, are you still beefing with him?

    Gashumba; I don’t have any beef with Lumbuye because who is he anyway? And another thing, the things he does he cannot even do when he is here in Uganda and if he thinks he is powerful enough let him come and do them from here.

    Grapevine; You talked of NUP being an NRM project, what evidence do you have?

    Gashumba; It is not once or twice that I find Barbie Kyagulanyi at State House, Entebbe. When I go to State House, I go there in broad daylight, so it is not once or twice that I find her there. Let her tell us what she is always doing there. They are saying they are removing a dictator but they are dining with a dictator.

    Grapevine; You normally visit President Museveni, what is the relationship between you and the president and what do you always talk about?

    Gashumba; Normally when the president calls you, he doesn’t tell you why he has called you. And as for me, the many times I have met with the President, it is always something to do with the rights of Banyarwanda in Uganda because he knows how deeply I feel about them.

    Grapevine; How far have you gone with your proposal to rebrand Banyarwanda tribe to Bavandimwe in Uganda so that they are accommodated in the national constitution?

    Gashumba; We are working on it and actually gave in our submission to the select committee in parliament which was compiling those people who wanted to be incorporated in the Constitution of Uganda. We met them shortly before the death of Jacob Oulanyah and I’m still going to Parliament to meet the Speaker Rt. Hon. Anita Among on the same issue. Much as we are pursuing the line of re-branding, we must continue fighting for the rights of our people. The process of re-branding may however take some time but as it takes time, the rights of Banyarwanda living in Uganda must be treated like any other tribes in Uganda.

    Grapevine; So many times, we have seen you dine with the NRM party, FDC and sometimes with NUP, which political party do you belong to?

    Gashumba; I don’t have a political party but I have always voted for Dr.Kizza Besigye, I don’t hold a card for any political party.

    Grapevine; If Besigye came back in the race, would do you go back to him?

    Gashumba; No, unless he is backed by the military. Nobody will ever dislodge this regime using the power of words.

    Grapevine; Which reason would you give for supporting Muhoozi yet you don’t support Museveni?

    Gashumba; Muhoozi is different. I don’t know if he is coming in 2026 but I think if I was the President of Uganda I would allow him to come so that when he makes mistakes am still around to correct him.

    Grapevine; Do you believe Muhoozi is well prepared to succeed his father as president?

    Gashumba; What I saw in Entebbe last Saturday when Muhoozi invited Generals to say hello to people, over 100 generals attended, meaning the High Command sat in Entebbe. He invited over 270 Members of Parliament the Deputy Speaker inclusive meaning Parliament would also convene from there. So, such actions speak louder than words. And there is a big difference between Museveni and Muhoozi. People want change and they are going to see it.

    Grapevine; You are one of the people who love change in this country, what do you think is failing government?

    Gashumba; First of all we are not in Europe, we are not in America, we are in Africa. Don’t ever dare to think or dream that you can dislodge Museveni through votes. He came came into power using the gun and that is how he will go.

    Grapevine; Can you assess for our readers Dr. Besigye and Bobi Wine in terms of the struggle to remove Museveni?

    Gashumba; That is an insult of the highest level. Besigye is a certified war lion and Bobi Wine is a certified rabbit. Comparing them is like telling me to liken Djibouti and America. They don’t match.

    Grapevine; Did you forgive the Chieftiancy Military Intelligence (CMI) operatives who arrested you and failed to prosecute you?

    Gashumba; No. Actually we are in court, I will never forgive them. Those idiots really destroyed my name. Whatever they did was just to degrade me in the public. I will never forgive them. And this has taken so long because those are the days where the rift between Uganda and Rwanda was at boiling point level.

    Grapevine; Do you believe that Uganda Rwanda problems have been solved and there is no more tension?

    Gashumba; No. What Muhoozi did to reunite Uganda and Rwanda was very good but it has to move beyond Muhoozi to institutions. Muhoozi brokered the deal so let institutions take over. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rwanda should work hand in hand with Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Uganda and other institutions. It beats my understanding how Rwanda and Uganda would end up in a fight.

    Grapevine; Is Sisimuka Uganda still active?

    Gashumba; Activities of Sisimuka Uganda used to often be on Radio one and Akaboozi but I was expelled from the radios. So, we have a radio we are negotiating with but the process requires a lot of money.

    Grapevine; How do you feel that Bobi Wine is not able to respond to your allegations?

    Gashumba; Those are his games, that is his nature. He doesn’t reply he sends his supporters. But am sure he has heard me and I know he is feeling the heat.

    Grapevine; Do you believe that ‘Mwanyi terimba’ will revive Buganda’s lost glory as many claim at Mengo?

    Gashumba; That doesn’t exist. Have you ever seen a country develop on just these small hoes. Countries develop on large scale farming.

    Grapevine; Could you list five big problems Ugandans need to resolve.

    Gashumba; The only problems Ugandans needs to resolve are leadership and mindset change.

    Grapevine; Assess the current Parliament and the previous one.

    Gashumba; The current Parliament is sick. But you see people vote for leaders who look like them.

    Grapevine; Mr. Gashumba, are you happy with the way your daughter behaves and how do you feel about the public criticizing her?

    Gashumba; Those who criticize Sheila are the ones who envy her. First of all, some people hate her because of the name Gashumba and others hate her because she has achieved alot. Sheila is the most highly paid media personality in Uganda. She makes over Shs.50m per month so that is why they criticise her. But my advice to them is let them use the time they spend criticizing her, to raise their children.

    Grapevine; Any last words give to Ugandans as Gashumba?

    Gashumba; There is no politician who is going to change your life. Politics in Uganda changes a leader who has been voted into power therefore if you are to vote, don’t vote thinking that that leader is going to change your life.

    If voting was to be used to change Uganda, we would be more like South Korea or Japan because we vote every after five years.


    By Kalamira Hope



    Why Money Lender Is Auctioning Bitature’s Multibillion Posh Hotels, Tycoon’s Lawyers Reveals Next Step…



    Tycoon Bitature (Top R) and some of the properties that the money lender wants to take

    Vantage Mezzanine Fund 11 Partners, a South Africa money lending company through their lawyers of M/S Kirunda & Wasige Advocates have hired the services of Quickway Auctioneers & Court Bailiffs to auction properties worth billions belonging to city tycoon Patrick Bitature, the proprietor of the Simba Properties Investments Companies Limited.

    In an Advert placed in Wednesday’s Daily Monitor newspaper, the Court Bailiffs informed the debtor Bitature that he has only 30 days to pay the amount of money with interests borrowed from their client otherwise his properties will be sold off through auctioning.

    Among the properties which the set to be sold include Protea Hotel-Naguru (Skyz Hotel), Elizabeth Royal Apartments and Moyo Close Apartments.

    Bitature’s troubles started in 2014 when he secured a $10m loan from Vantage Mezzanine and he used the said properties as security.

    However, Bitature’s lawyer Fred Muwema rubbished the said auctioning claiming that it is illegal and violates the laws governing the auctioning process.

    The advert in today’s Daily Monitor auctioning Bitature’s properties

    The furious lawyer even threatened to sue the Daily Monitor for advertising illegal and malicious information against his client claiming that the matter was settled in Justice Musa Ssekaana’s ruling.

    He insisted that High Court judge Ssekana refused to allow the auctioning and advised both parties to wait for the pending judgement before the High Court Commercial Division in Kampala.

    Vantage Mezzanine dragged Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB), Simba Properties Investment Company Limited, Simba Telecom Limited, Linda Properties Limited, Elgon Terrace Hotel Limited to court for failing to transfer the mortgaged properties into their names.

    When Bitature failed to pay his loan, Vantage started the process of transferring the shares of the mortgaged properties but URSB refused to implement the process that is why they were also sued.

    In their suit, Vantage wanted a Court declaration that it was illegal for URSB to refuse to register documents lodged to transfer the mortgage.

    However, Bitature through his lawyers wants Court to declare that it was illegal for Vantage to register the transfer until the completion of the Commercial Court matter.

    An affidavit from Moses Muziki, on behalf of the applicant stated that on 18th June, 2021, the applicant lodged documents relating to the transfer of shares in Simba Properties Investments Company Limited, Simba Properties Limited, Linda Properties Limited and Elgon Terrace Hotel Limited.

    He added that the respondents did not comply with the law and did not provide the applicant with a satisfactory reason for not registering the shares and their lawyers learnt that the respondent’s lawyers were requesting to halt the process.

    “This Court would have issued an order of mandamus compelling the applicant’s request to consider the registration of their documents on merit or advance reasons for denial or refusal to register the same in accordance with the law,” the judge ruled.

    Muwema based on the above ground to protest the process of auctioning their client’s properties.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    She Might Have Squatted Near Dogs And They Raped Her; Sheebah’s Rape Allegations Deepen, CID Boss Sets Tough Conditions For Her Music Shows, NBS Journalist In Trouble …



    Musician Sheebah Karungi (R), Andrew Mwenda (C), Dr. Tom Magambo (top L) and Tamale Mirundi (Below L)

    Maj. Dr. Tom Magambo, the Director Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Uganda Police has set tough conditions for all musical shows where controversial female musician Sheebah Karungi is expected to perform.

    Multiple credible sources revealed to the mighty Grapevine that on Friday afternoon, Dr. Magambo made a phone call to Sheebah summoning her to CID headquarters to help police detectives in investigating and bringing the culprit who sexually assaulted her to book.

    Sources revealed that before calling Sheebah, Dr. Magambo first talked to celebrated investigative journalist Andrew Mwenda who asked Police to force Sheebah to reveal the person who tried to rape her as she alleges because people’s names have been tarnished since she made the controversial video.

    Sources at CID said that Mwenda who was speaking on phone told the CID boss that people wanted to kill him and are accusing him of being a rapist.

    Sources revealed that Magamba made several phone calls to Sheebah but she was not picking until he sent her a text message asking her to pick his calls.

    Sources alleged that Magambo asked Sheebah to reveal to him the person who tried to rape her but she told him that she has to first ask her music management which forced him to summon her next week at the CID headquarters.


    Sources said that immediately after the phone conversation, detectives started strategising on how to corner Sheebah to reveal the person who assaulted her because her allegations have put not only Mwenda in bad light but also the entire UPDF fraternity particularly SFC.

    In her video clip posted on social media, Sheebah alleged that the person who tried to rape her had millitary bodyguards and people on social media claimed that they were SFC.

    Sources divulged that it was agreed to first ban all Sheebah’s music shows until she reports to CID headquarters.


    Sources at the CID headquarters also revealed that among the people detectives want to summon is Daniel Lutaaya the NBS TV investigative journalist.

    Detectives want Lutaaya to elaborate on his social media post on twitter that the person who tried to rape Sheebah was at former Vice President professor Gilbert Bukenya’s birthday party.

    Sources disclosed that Bukenya’s birthday party took place on the same day as Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the commander Land Forces.

    Detectives think that Lutaaya, being an investigative journalist, might have good information to help them arrest the alleged rapist.


    Mwenda revealed that when Sheebah posted her video claiming that a certain public figure was attempting to rape her and people started placing him at the scene of crime, he decided not to respond.

    He explained that a number of his close family friends sent him messages asking him to respond to the allegations. He told them that he cannot respond to rubbish.

    Mwenda said that on Friday morning, his friend Lt. Gen. Muhoozi called him on phone and asked him to explain the rape allegation put on him.

    Mwenda said that Lt. Gen. Muhoozi is the one who informed him that Sheebah performed at his Lugogo Cricket Oval birthday party but he was not aware because he was not the person responsible for organising that party.

    He explained that the Lugogo party was organized by Muhoozi’s uncle Micheal Nzeire Toyota and he is the one who invited the musicians who performed at Lugogo.

    “Let me tell you in all my life I have never tries to rape a woman and I told Muhoozi that I don’t know that person call Sheebah Kalungi, I never meet her and I don’t even listen to her songs,” Mwenda defended himself.

    His defence was confirmed by Muhoozi who posted on his twitter account that, “I have read all your comments about @Ksheebah1. I have seriously interrogated my brother Andrew Mwenda and he says he has never met the lady. So, this is definitely another fake story!!” he said.

    Mwenda added that after talking to Muhoozi, he looked for Sheebah’s number and when it was given to him, he called her several times but she refused to answer which forced him to send her a WhatsApp message.

    He said that he pleaded to Sheebah to name the person who tried to rape her because people are claiming that he is the one.

    Sheebah told Mwenda that her management is working on the issue and she has nothing to do for him.

    Mwenda explained that Kalungi’s response forced him to call Dr. Magambo for assistance and so far by Friday evening, the response was positive.


    Joseph Tamale Mirundi one of the top supporters of Muhoozi revealed that there are people who are behind Sheebah who want to damage Muhoozi’s project for presidency.

    Mirundi strongly defended his known enemy Mwenda that he cannot rape a woman.

    “She might have squatted near dogs and they raped her because she always dresses indecently. We have declared a war on that girl and she is going to feel us I am telling you,” Mirundi vowed.


    Timothy Kalyegira, a celebrated journalist revealed that Sheebah might have opened up on rape allegation to save her life because the rapist might have been threatening her life.

    Kalyegira opined that Sheebah wanted people to know what she was going through.

    He added that security should beef up her security because criminals might use the situation and kill her and dump her body in the forest or in the wetland.

    However, Mwenda revealed that Gen. Muhoozi promised to provide security to Sheebah if she thinks that the rapist is too powerful.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    We Need A President Who Can Speak English To Engage The Necessary Stakeholders- Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool Endorses Cindy Sanyu For UMA Presidency



    Gagamel International boss Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has endorsed Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy as a candidate of his choice in the upcoming polls for Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) presidency.

    Bebe Cool made the endorsement while speaking to journalists on Wednesday saying Cindy is the right candidate for the job.

    “Cindy is the right person for the job. She has all the credentials,” Bebe Cool said.

    According to Bebe Cool, Cindy who is also the incumbent needs to continue her term in office so as to accomplish and consolidate UMA goals further describing her as a full package that the music industry needs.

     Bebe Cool noted that ‘’Cindy has done an incredible job with her team, finally, UMA is now recognized by all the important stakeholders in the country.  Musicians must give her the mandate to accomplish the job she started, she is my candidate, no doubt.

    Being president involves constant lobbying, and interacting with the different stakeholders including the government. We need a president who can speak English for starters. I only see Cindy as the right candidate.

    I’ve always been so passionate about Uganda’s arts, artists, and the Ugandan music industry as a whole. I’ve observed and experienced all the ups and downs the Ugandan industry has faced. I have also witnessed different UMA presidents abandon the ship before their terms of office expire because of challenges within the arts industry.

    But Cindy even in the challenging Covid-19 times withstood the pressure and kept moving. This resilience in her is proof she’s up for the task.

    Some artists might not agree with me because of their differences with Cindy but I believe those same differences forced other presidents to retire prematurely”.

    The elections to select UMA leadership are expected to happen soon and Cindy will be battling her close rival Manisul Ssemanda alias King Saha.

    The Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) is licensed by the National Union of Creative Performing Artists and Allied Workers (NUCPAAW), to represent musicians, producers, and artist managers.

    UMA exists to protect, promote and preserve Ugandan music, and advocate for the interests of its members to the government, the music industry, the media, and the public.

    By Kobusiinge Monica


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