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INTERVIEW: M7 Is Not A Joking Subject, We Will Engage, Crush Our Enemies And Defend Our People: ISO Boss Speaks Out On Rwanda/Uganda Standoff And State Of National Security



ISO boss, Col Kaka Bagyenda

Internal Security Organisation (ISO)  boss, Col Kaka Bagyenda has warned that the country’s security apparatus has the capacity to engage and crush any enemies that might habour plans to distabilise the country.

Kaka delivered the current state of security message to Uganda’s enemies and Ugandan at large during an interview with the Grapevine reporter Hadadi Mubiru at ISO offices in Nakasero.

The security boss said that Uganda’s security organs have been planning for the past 25 years and no one can come out of the blue to distabilise peace of Ugandans. Below is his interview:

Grapevine: Mr. Kaka Bagyenda, can you please tell us the current state security amidst tension with our longtime friend and neighbour Rwanda who closed their border?

Kaka: Ugandans are more than safe that I can assure them. In the Pearl of Africa, we warmly welcome every foreigner. Just like the Chief in Command said earlier, no one can distabilise Uganda.

Grapevine: Any security boss can say such statements. How can you really assure Ugandans that you really mean your words.

Kaka: We have been planning and strengthening Uganda’s security and capacity to crash our enemies for a long time, like 25 years ago. Someone can’t come from a bar or local malwa joint and start threatening our people. A book reader can’t understand a book more than its writer. M7 is the chief in command straight from the bush in 1986 and a master of war that’s why he has managed to rule for all that long despite the many enemies that have tried to distabilise the country. What I can tell you is he will crash whoever will try to distablise the country that man he is not a joking subject.

Grapevine: What is the real cause of the standoff between Uganda and Rwanda that caused the later to close its border?

Kaka: The problem comes from believing in rumours, media diversions and exaggerations. it’s like marrying a woman who believes in rumours, believe me, that relationship can’t last and incase it does, the relationship will be on and off.

Grapevine: Don’t you think both countries are currently losing a lot of revenue?

Kaka: We can still do business with our other neighbours, there is market in Congo, Kenya and other neighbouring states.

Grapevine:  Back to the point of Ugandans being safe, why is the army deployed everywhere? At police posts, police stations, they are seen camping on hills and in busy places yet this is the work of police.

Kaka: That’s their work. They are supposed to defend Ugandans that’s all I can say. If I was a doctor, I would say we are taking the prevention is better than cure strategy.

Grapevine: On several occasions we have been promised crime reports by security agencies which at the end are never delivered. This creates suspicion in hearts and minds of Ugandans who pin some agencies on failing to deliver to their mandate.

Kaka: Most reports that have not been delivered are still being investigated. I would urge Ugandans to be patient and allow us to do our work. The full reports will be delivered because our intelligence departments have the capacity to accomplish its work.

Grapevine: But on several occasions you have been spotted delivering positive results in corruption and smuggling scandals, why have you failed to lay better strategies mainly in high profile crime investigations .

Kaka: Every dog has its own day and every crime has different strategies used. its better you leave that to security.

Grapevine: Don’t you think deploying the army in public will make the force lose its credit and dignity?

Kaka: There are many ways of killing a rat. We have our reason which reason I can’t state in media for now but you never know may be sometime in future I will be able to handle your question.

Grapevine: Is it true that you are keeping some Rwanda nationals in custody as allegedly by Rwanda foreign minister Richard Sezibera?

Kaka: Let them prove this. If they have not moved the matter to the East African community that means there is no proof. I don’t really know what’s wrong with that man Sezibera and why he is pinning Uganda over issues he is aware are not right.

Grapevine: What last message can tell Ugandans.

Kaka: Everyone is safe in Uganda provided he/she is not a criminal and does not engage in unlawful acts.


By Hadadi Mubiru



Museveni Commissions Wargame Centre At Kimaka…



President Museveni has commissioned a wargame centre at the Uganda Senior Command and Staff College in Kimaka, Jinja District.
Speaking at the occasion, the President thanked the army, the training teams and the Indian Association of Uganda who mobilised to build the center, saying it will definitely contribute to the quality of training.
‘This centre is also a great gesture of the wider cooperation and support we enjoy with the government and the people of India’’
The President hailed the relationship between the UPDF and the Indian army which he said has a lot of knowledge, experience and heroism.
“Our relationship with India has existed for centuries. We were colonised together by a small group of people who came from Europe, but when we all woke up, and the small groups ran away.
During that time, we fought together first against the Japanese in Burma. The heroic Indians are the ones who stopped the westward expansion of Japan at the famous battle of Kohima.

Mahatma Ghandi struggled with our elders against colonialism, Jawaharlal Nehru too struggled with our elders against colonialism and now we are working with Prime Minister Narendera Modi. I salute the Indian political class for choosing to always work with us.
The epitome of India’s importance to Uganda is engraved in the fact that Mahatma Ghandi’s ashes were immersed in Jinja.
President Museveni commended the the Indian Community in Uganda, for its contribution to building Uganda through business and investment.
The Uganda Senior Command and staff college is a training facility for senior commanders in the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF), including the army, air force and Special Forces

War games also known as military simulations are simulations in which theories of warfare can be tested and refined without the need for actual hostilities. Military simulations are seen as a useful way to develop tactical, strategical and doctrinal solutions.
Simulations exist in many different forms, with varying degrees of realism. In recent times, the scope of simulations has widened to include not only military but also political and social factors, which are seen as inextricably entwined in a realistic warfare model.


From: PPU


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Mr. President Parents Have No Money To Pay School Fees For Candidates, Let Us Declare This A Dead Year – Pastors Bujjingo Advises With Museveni….



Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo

House of Prayers Ministries International Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo has advised president Museveni to declare this year a dead year because parents do not have money to pay school fees.

In an interview with the Grapevine, the Salt Media Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  says that if Candidate classes are allowed to resume schooling, many students are going to be sent back to school because their parents cannot afford to pay school fees since they have not been working.

“First of all I want to thank President Museveni for the way he has handled the Covid-19 Pandemic. It’s because of his exceptional guidance that this country has passed with flying colours as far as fighting the pandemic is concerned. Uganda has not lost anyone to the pandemic and those who get the virus are healing and being sent back home,” Bujjingo says.

He adds, “Our people are protected because of the wisdom God gave to President Museveni. However, he mentioned something about allowing students in candidate classes to go back to school. I would like our dear Minister of Education Mama Janet Museveni to think about this; since the day our children returned home on 20th March, many parents have to not been working. All sectors came to a standstill. It is vital to think about candidates but it is also crucial to look at how sustainable this decision is.”

“We need to look at the livelihoods of the parents, Teachers, school leaders and owners. How are they going to sustain operations in these schools? How are they going to pay the teachers? The president advised well that once they allow candidates only, the school will be big enough to maintain social distancing, but the parents have no money to pay school fees,” he says.

He says, “As pastors, we talk to very many people, and I can tell you that 99% of the parents had not completed school fees for first term by the time the schools were closed. Now taking them back to school means paying school fees, it means schools have to feed these students, many of them had not yet even paid registration fees for their children in candidate classes, this means a parent has to look for registration fees also. This is a huge burden on a parent who has not been working.”

He advises, “My question is, can government help parents with school fees and registration fees? And can government also help schools with food to feed these candidates? If government can’t do this, let us accept that this year is dead. If we all agree that it is ok for a senior three student not to go to senior four this year, I think it is also ok for a senior four candidate not to go to Senior five and for a senior six student not to go to University this year.”

“We are all in the same boat. Why should we allow students to go back to school and then they are chased after a few weeks because of school fees? And I can assure you, many are going to be returned home because of school fees. Very few parents can now ably pay school fees,” he says.

Bujjingo also called upon President Museveni to open churches.

“I would also like government to look into opening churches because in times like these, we can only run to God. I thank God for our President who believes in God. The Bible says that ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance (Psalms 33:12). If markets can be open and exercise social distancing, let us allow people to fellowship and worship the LORD but with social distancing in churches,” he says.

He adds, “The good thing people will have masks, churches will provide water and soap so that believers wash hands at the entrance but we need to kneel down before the LORD united as believers. We can put measures like; a church that houses 4000 people can have around 1000 people, we can do it like it’s going to be done with public transport because we need to go back to God, it is only God who will sail us through this. Churches are gazetted places of worship, which is why it’s good to keep them open.”

Today, the State Minister for Higher Education, John Chrysostom Muyingo told parliament that the ministry is working on the guidelines that will be used as schools open for candidate classes.

He added that they are looking into concerns raised by some parents that they cannot raise school fees for their children in candidate classes.

By Sandra Mukisa


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People Are Tired Of Being In Lockdown, Let Them Buy Their Own Masks And Go To Work – Speaker Kadaga….



Speaker Rebecca Kadaga during plenary today

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has asked government to allow people to buy their own standard masks and go to work because they are tired of being in lockdown.

While addressing plenary today, Kadaga said, “The Ministers here in Parliament haven’t understood that the worry of Ugandans is that resumption of public transport has been made contingent upon acquiring masks; & that masks are to be manufactured by Nytil; & until everybody has those masks there will be no public transport.’

She added, “The questions we are asking: when are masks going to be made; if I buy my own mask, will I be allowed to use it? Because people are tired of being in lockdown. The conditions for which they are being asked to wait are beyond their control. Does Nytil have money, materials & expertise?”

The Minister of State for Primary Health Care Hon Joyce Moriku told parliament that Gov’t will follow formal procedure to award contracts to all manufacturing companies that have the capacity to produce the required face masks.

Hon Moriku said that Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) engaged its members who deal in textile and they confirmed that they can produce 800,000 masks per day. She added that in case they are not enough, there is a proposal to mobilize other small scale producers under KCCA and other Local Governments.

Moriku said that manufacturers can only make 11.2 million masks in two weeks. She added that the distribution of masks will be done in phases as the country is divided in zones.


By Sandra Mukisa


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