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INTERVIEW: M7 Is Not A Joking Subject, We Will Engage, Crush Our Enemies And Defend Our People: ISO Boss Speaks Out On Rwanda/Uganda Standoff And State Of National Security



ISO boss, Col Kaka Bagyenda

Internal Security Organisation (ISO)  boss, Col Kaka Bagyenda has warned that the country’s security apparatus has the capacity to engage and crush any enemies that might habour plans to distabilise the country.

Kaka delivered the current state of security message to Uganda’s enemies and Ugandan at large during an interview with the Grapevine reporter Hadadi Mubiru at ISO offices in Nakasero.

The security boss said that Uganda’s security organs have been planning for the past 25 years and no one can come out of the blue to distabilise peace of Ugandans. Below is his interview:

Grapevine: Mr. Kaka Bagyenda, can you please tell us the current state security amidst tension with our longtime friend and neighbour Rwanda who closed their border?

Kaka: Ugandans are more than safe that I can assure them. In the Pearl of Africa, we warmly welcome every foreigner. Just like the Chief in Command said earlier, no one can distabilise Uganda.

Grapevine: Any security boss can say such statements. How can you really assure Ugandans that you really mean your words.

Kaka: We have been planning and strengthening Uganda’s security and capacity to crash our enemies for a long time, like 25 years ago. Someone can’t come from a bar or local malwa joint and start threatening our people. A book reader can’t understand a book more than its writer. M7 is the chief in command straight from the bush in 1986 and a master of war that’s why he has managed to rule for all that long despite the many enemies that have tried to distabilise the country. What I can tell you is he will crash whoever will try to distablise the country that man he is not a joking subject.

Grapevine: What is the real cause of the standoff between Uganda and Rwanda that caused the later to close its border?

Kaka: The problem comes from believing in rumours, media diversions and exaggerations. it’s like marrying a woman who believes in rumours, believe me, that relationship can’t last and incase it does, the relationship will be on and off.

Grapevine: Don’t you think both countries are currently losing a lot of revenue?

Kaka: We can still do business with our other neighbours, there is market in Congo, Kenya and other neighbouring states.

Grapevine:  Back to the point of Ugandans being safe, why is the army deployed everywhere? At police posts, police stations, they are seen camping on hills and in busy places yet this is the work of police.

Kaka: That’s their work. They are supposed to defend Ugandans that’s all I can say. If I was a doctor, I would say we are taking the prevention is better than cure strategy.

Grapevine: On several occasions we have been promised crime reports by security agencies which at the end are never delivered. This creates suspicion in hearts and minds of Ugandans who pin some agencies on failing to deliver to their mandate.

Kaka: Most reports that have not been delivered are still being investigated. I would urge Ugandans to be patient and allow us to do our work. The full reports will be delivered because our intelligence departments have the capacity to accomplish its work.

Grapevine: But on several occasions you have been spotted delivering positive results in corruption and smuggling scandals, why have you failed to lay better strategies mainly in high profile crime investigations .

Kaka: Every dog has its own day and every crime has different strategies used. its better you leave that to security.

Grapevine: Don’t you think deploying the army in public will make the force lose its credit and dignity?

Kaka: There are many ways of killing a rat. We have our reason which reason I can’t state in media for now but you never know may be sometime in future I will be able to handle your question.

Grapevine: Is it true that you are keeping some Rwanda nationals in custody as allegedly by Rwanda foreign minister Richard Sezibera?

Kaka: Let them prove this. If they have not moved the matter to the East African community that means there is no proof. I don’t really know what’s wrong with that man Sezibera and why he is pinning Uganda over issues he is aware are not right.

Grapevine: What last message can tell Ugandans.

Kaka: Everyone is safe in Uganda provided he/she is not a criminal and does not engage in unlawful acts.


By Hadadi Mubiru



Why Kagame Turned A Deaf Ear To Museveni’s Letter



When president Museveni wrote to his Luweero bush was comrade Paul Kagame, he wanted to open up on the reality concerning the current border row and try to restore the alleged lost relationship between the two states hence he expected a reply.

However, until the publication of this story, Rwanda president Paul Kagame was yet to respond to his counterpart. We have exclusively learnt why Kagame had turned a deaf ear to Museveni’s letter.

It is said that the spark of the row between the two states came with Rwanda’s last letter to Uganda out of the 13 letters that were sent earlier on setting diplomatic means on several issues.

According to our source, the letter was sent to Uganda’s ministry of foreign affairs who instead dumped in the bin without letting president Museveni know hence keeping the president not updated and blind about Kagame’s worries.

Rwanda’s last letter to Uganda that turned Kagame Hostile.

In a strong-worded diplomatic note, the government of Rwanda requested Uganda to remedy “without delay” what it described as injustice.

The letter was sent to Uganda’s Foreign Affairs Ministry on December 12, 2018 exposing the row between the two countries even as diplomats continued to reassure their citizens of the existence of forever ties.

In the letter, Rwanda also named some of its citizens it says have been held incommunicado and denied consular services in Uganda.

The letter went further and pointed on reports of Uganda housing  the activities of Rwanda National Congress (RNC) political party led by former kagame boy ,  General Kayumba Nyamwasa.

The letter read in part , “the Republic of Rwanda wishes to call the highest attention of Ugandan authorities, and request remedy without delay as per listed in the letter.”

However, reports indicate that Uganda kept a deaf ear and never responded something that reportedly pissed Rwanda president Paul Kagame .

It is reportedly said that Rwanda had written 13 diplomatic letters to Uganda on the said allegations but got no response.

In a twitter post, Rwanda’s minister of State for Foreign Affairs  Olivier Nduhungirehe said that, “Rwanda has written at least 13 diplomatic letters to Uganda but have got no response in regards to the existing allegations then why should one write a letter to someone he earlier ignored . That’s wasting time and i dont think there will be any reply.”

In the same learning however, while in Gabiro on national leadership retreat on Saturday March 9 ,2019, President Paul Kagame said that he had held several meetings with Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni regarding these issues.

He said that he had raised the question of the arrest of Rwandans in Uganda, their detention and torture in illegal or unknown places, and denial of access to family or legal services. In some instances, they had been returned without charge and dumped at the border.

The current situation at the border, according to him, was not the real problem between the two countries. It was simply an excuse. Kagame added that the actual issue was the free movement of people which Uganda was obviously impeding.

However, Besides the Row between the two countries remaining bitter, Ugandan government insists it is innocent pointing on whatever is said as allegations by those who don’t wish the two countries in well.

Today morning, there were rumours that the two presidents are set to meet on Tuesday next week in Uganda. But President Museveni’s Press Secretary Don Wanyama quashed the rumours and said no meeting between Museveni and Kagame has been organized.

By Adadi Mubiru


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OPINION – KAGAME AND MUSEVENI’S BALL GAME: Don’t Accept The Narrative From These Two Suspected Brother Presidents. Ask The Right Hard Questions – Hon. Kyanjo





By Hussein Kyanjo

22 March 2019

Fellow Ugandans and other citizens of the world,

I greet you in the name of the Almighty and allow me to thank you for all your prayers and support of all sorts.

I am now better and positively responding to treatment.

As I lay flat on my bed in this beautiful but rather warm Indian suburb after breakfast today, I felt that there was some thing I was not doing right. That is, keeping silent about everything else on the pretext of strictly following my Doctors’ orders to concentrate on my health. I felt, deep down, that I was being selfish.

I am now out to try and broaden our peoples’ mind on what is going on between presidents Museveni and Kagame.

So, whether by the grace of the Almighty I return home as a passenger or as cargo in a coffin, I will die satisfied with this story out. By the way after penning this letter I found that it was medicine it self. I felt so much relief.

I have been following events regarding the situation between Museveni and Kagame and I discovered that we must demand for an international investigation coz what the two presidents were exchanging are carefully calculated words designed to focus your minds on the small thing of border closure (small because it is as easy to close as it is to open) that you forget or be diverted from the bigger issues.

The Writer Hon. Hussein Kyanjo who is currently receiving treatment in India

Let me start with Mr. Museveni.

When he ventured into fighting alongside African liberators in the 1970s he got convinced that he could fight his own govt and get to power himself. And that’s what happened. At the start he reached out to a selected team of youths mainly Banyankore, Bakiga, Banyoro, Batooro but more Banyarwanda. He then skillfully appointed a few others from the rest of Uganda and he has mastered this game until recently.

Mr Museveni did all what it takes to appoint, train, promote and favor this group until some people from this same previlaged class realised that he was not meaning well. They started parting company with him.

There was a time Bakiga opposed silently then came the time Banyoro left quietly, afterwards Batooro resented.

More intriguingly, some influential Banyankore also realised they were being duped and used too.

We are now witnessing the final penalty kick with Banyarwanda openly throwing off their jerseys at their former purported patron.

Nobody can claim ignorance of how much abuse Mr Museveni has done to Ugandans by giving priority to Banyarwanda. When they came from the bush he placed all of them in the national army and more still promoted them to senior positions right from Rwigyema to Higiro who is now a dissident in Belgium. Over 90% of Rwandas senior military and civil servants and even those in business were former OFFICIAL Ugandans.

Some of us opposed this trend. I personally was branded sectarian and tribalistic. I ignored the voices because I knew they would sooner or later discover what I already had.

After their victory over Uganda’s sitting government, there were two genuine Banyarwanda groups. One led by Rwigyema wanted to go back home through an armed struggle and these were the minority. The second group which included the likes of Gen Muntu, Mr Katutsi, Hon Kayonde and many others felt they were more Ugandan and I hear they were opposed to waging another costly war given the fairly excellent position they held in Uganda.

Remember genuine Banyarwanda have lived safely and with dignity in Uganda as good immigrants for decades just like Obama in the US. I personally found three families of Banyarwanda labourers at my fathers home at birth 59 years ago. In fact we had a prominent Munyarwanda, (Rwabikinga and her wife Kankindi) who measured nearly the same wealth as our parents.

I can’t count how many Banyarwanda married directly into and from my family. That’s why I dismiss and despise any body who wants to lecture me on sectarianism or tribalism especially if such critics have never allowed other tribes to marry their children.

Well, back to story, the Rwigyema group went and got victory while the Kayonde group continue up to now to live with dignity in Uganda. They have never shown any interest in even being dual citizens. Go to Mawogola, Kabula, Singo, Buddu, Kooki, Kyaggwe, Busoga Bugisu and elsewhere. There are Banyarwanda all over and its okay, provided they don’t live above the rest.

I mean there are Indian, Somali, Arab, Chinese, Nigerian even Ugandan towns in Euro America – no fuss.

Note that when the purported Ugandan soldiers invaded and toppled a neighbouring government, they were never charged of treason. Neither did they pay Uganda for all types of ammunitions, net logistics and even cash they used during the war. So we had two neighbouring brotherly governments sharing the same border and other undisclosed facilities.

Even with this image, Mr Museveni continued to insist on favouring Banyarwanda against other Ugandans, despite opposition from many of us. He went an extra mile and forced these Banyarwanda into our constitution as a tribe.

Let me also make my point clear. No strong person besides President Obote has came out to clear the actual ethnicity of Mr Museveni except Museveni him self, but because he is a pathological liar, I have believed Dr Obote that actually Museveni is an ethinic Munyarwanda.

My difference of opinion is that there is nothing wrong with a genuine successful immigrant ethnic Munyarwanda, Sudanes or Muhaya rising to the highest office. What I have resisted is giving such a people preferential treatment over other indigenous Ugandans.

Frank Kalimuzo a one time Vice Chancellor of Makerere was such a decent servant and his family is hapily living here.

Mr Museveni has been overzealous in prefering Banyarwanda. He flooded our security, public service and sponsored business – with these people.

Take a close look at those areas. Go to big super markets, petrol stations, washing bays shopping malls, private security companies even boda boda stages are nearly all managed and populated by Banyarwanda.

Mark you, they are not the business owners but they are forced into management by the powerful arm of the state.

What is happening today is that Mr Museveni is stuck at his own game. He prefered Banyarwanda for obvious reasons but at last they have fallen out.

It is like a wife of a hired murderer who beheads his victims and brings the heads at home. So the wife knows the victims and hears the cries of their relatives. Now she has been caught sleeping with another man and she is not repentant as she knows all the husband’s secrets.

The choice would be clear. Drop the adultery case against the wife and save face, or pursue it and get ready for the big spill of your former atrocities.

Be sure there is alot of silent diplomacy between the two but they are bluffing you with a small item of border closure. Don’t swallow their deception.

Take an example of MTN employees who were deported. Who told you there was any new discovery? These people were recruited with the secondment of the state in the name of protecting Uganda’s security interests. They were specifically outsourced and assigned the duty of spying on Ugandans through their communication and report to government.

This is what they have been doing until maybe they changed loyalty this time in favour of Mr Kagame. Other wise if it were ordinary employees of MTN local or foreign that had been caught in the act of endangering Ugandan security, they would be tried in courts of law for treason.

In the circumstances, these ‘criminals’ who were not diplomats and it was not done on the request of Rwanda or France – were not charged. The cheaper option was arbitrary deportation.

How could something big like this happen without the knowledge of Mr Mbire the super chairman of MTN board. Mbiire is no ordinary Ugandan. He knows every thing. Just look at how Mbire was strategically placed in different positions and tell me how he could fail this small exam.


1. Uganda Representative of Hyundai

2. Chairman of Uganda Inflight Services Ltd

3. Chairman of MTN Uganda since 1998

4. Director Eskom Uganda

5. Chairman/CEO of Invesco Uganda

6. Vice Chairman of Rift Valley Railways

7. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uganda Securities Exchange.

8. In 2009 Mbire was appointed to the Ugandan Presidential Investment Round Table

9. In 2011, became a member of the IMF Regional Advisory Group for Africa.

Can you believe the story that such a man didn’t know what was happening?

It all started with Suzan Magaras murder when the state security broke into MTN servers where they wanted to prove who really killed her with evidence of voice messages. And when they accessed the servers they got shocked. Kayihura had to be fired.

But even then, his case has not gone down through the throat and I suspect that the final position was that Kaihura had to be carefully led out of mock captivity and probably, again probably – sent out to a third country. That process could be ongoing. What is the progress on his case?

Don’t look at the small picture of border closure. Ask hard questions.

1. Who killed presidents Habyarimana and C. Ntaryasmira on 6th April 1994.

2. Who killed a million Rwandans and blamed it majorly on Hutus and selected Tutsis?

3. Who killed Rwigyema?

4. Who killed Dr Bayingana?

5. Who killed Bunyenyezi?

6. Who killed Kayumba?

7. Who killed J. Kagezi?

8. Who killed A.F. Kawesi?

9. Who killed S. Magara?

10. Who killed Kirumira?

11. Who killed Shk Sentamu?

12. Who killed Shk Kirya?

13. Who killed Shk Bahiga?

14. Who killed Shk Muwaya?

15. Who killed Maj Kiggundu?

16.Where is the lady who openly accused her husband for holding planning meetings to kill Maj Kiggundu at her home? The lady said she met Mr Museveni, she met Gen Kaihura and she reported to several police stations in vain.

17. Who killed women in Wakiso and Entebbe?

18. What the truth about the panga wailding gangs?

19. Who killed Dr Kayira?

20. Who killed Robina Kiyingi?

Fellow Ugandans and people of the world, don’t accept the narrative from these two suspected brother presidents. Ask the right hard questions above.

You now know that what dissident Robert Higiro is saying against Mr Kagame is not the whole truth, because he is also guilty. You should also be more interested in his submission where he states that “I SAID WHETHER YOU ACCEPT (to kill Nyamwasa) OR NOT STIL YOU WILL DIE”.

This statement is telling and my conclusion is that they will kill any body except themselves and that he declined the deal to Kill Nyamwasa because Kagame failed to deliver the 1m dollars.

Here you are with him also crafting his survival story and again you are blindly following. No no no.

The speech by Mr Kagame has a secret in it he says openly that he asked M7 to close busines and freeze accounts of one Minyarwanda invester but M7 refused. The interesting bit here is that finally Dr S. Kiggundus cries of closing his bank (Green land) both in Uganda and Tanzania were correct. These people can do many things.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:




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Is Kadaga In A Poison Scare? Speaker Still lying unconscious In Nakasero Hospital



Sources from the corridors of parliament have told this website that last month, the embattled speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga reported death threats to the president.  One of Kadaga’s very close friend, who is a legislator from Eastern Uganda told us that by the end of January, the Speaker started receiving several text messages from strange numbers warning her to stop uttering bitter statements against some security officers especially concerning fishing on lake Victoria.

“By that time, the speaker was not happy with the way the army was manhandling civilians who were carrying out fishing activities on Lake Victoria. She tried to seek the audience of the top military authorities but they were very defiant.

People were crying to her to use her seat as the speaker of parliament to rescue them from brutal arrest and harassment from some officers in uniform. She had nothing to do apart from referring the matter to different parliamentary committees to handle the matter and discipline the culprits,” a friend to Kadaga told this website.

President Museveni during his visit to Nakasero Hospital to see Kadaga

She further said that the speaker made the threats public because she was fearing for her life due to the determination from the people who were sending her threatening messages and warning her that they have the capacity to kill her.

She told us that from then the speaker was very sensitive on her movements and where she ate from. She was advised by her personal security that there are certain elements who are targeting her through poison. “You cannot down play the poison claims because the speaker one time told me that there are certain people who wanted to eliminate her through poisoning. You know it’s not new when it comes to poising especially at parliament, don’t you remember our fellow honorable who is accused of poising one of the parliamentary staff,” the woman member of parliament said.

She further revealed that due to the many death threats, the speaker reported the matter to the president who promised to handle the matter seriously. Our source told us that this was the reason why the president rushed to Nakasero hospital when he learnt that the speaker had been admitted there.

The President was the only visitor allowed to talk to the speaker and according to sources, they spoke for about ten minutes. The president later talked to doctors and Nakasero hospital administration. The source revealed that the president proposed that the speaker be lifted abroad for better medication. However, the doctors working on Kadaga told the President that they cannot lift her out because she was still in a sorry state.

Earlier in the morning, President Museveni discussed Kadaga’s illness with the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah who was also granted permission to see her boss at Nakasero. Oulanyah reported to the president that his boss was ill and she was in pain.

She further revealed that the speaker has difficulties in breathing which started immediately when she landed from United States of America. According to the statement issued by parliament, the speaker was fatigued and jet leg. Many Members of Parliament were denied access to the hospital premises to see the speaker. 

By Jamil Lutakome


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