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    INTERVIEW: Pastor Bujjingo Opens Up On Makula’s Maternal Status, Their Wedding Plans And Reopening Of Canaan Land…



    Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo and Suzan Makula

    Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo the founder and lead pastor of House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) located at Makerere, Kikoni has cleared the air on reopening Canaanland and his relationship with Suzan Makula.

    In an extensive exclusive conversation with theGrapevine’s Joel Wansaale and Hope B. Nabulime at his Salt Media office in Lungujja, Rubaga Division, Bujjingo expressed his dissatisfaction with fellow pastors and churches that have resolved to holding multiple services to accommodate the maximum 70 congregants as directied by the government on places of worship.

    He likened them to taxi drivers who hastily take multiple trips and over speed terribly in a bid to earn quick money from more trips. He noted that God can’t be allocated time on appointment basis.

    Bujjingo also cleared the air on rumours that his wife to be Suzan Makula is pregnant and will soon give birth. Below is his interview…

    THE GRAPEVINE: Are you contented with the government’s directive to allow only 70 congregants for each church service?

    BUJJINGO: I’m only glad and grateful for the official opening, but I’m bothered by the fact that we can’t peacefully operate like we normally used to. At Canaanland, we brought in experts who measured and established that there’s 4,000 meters in each 1 acre. This implies that we can accommodate up to 2,000 congregants sitting 2 meters apart. But we had resolved that we would facilitate only 1,000 people on the 4000 acres to allow every individual ample space of 3 meters to grant them the freedom to dance if they wish to. We have a total of 8.5 acres whereby we had reserved the half an acre strictly for parking, and we were ready to execute our plans accordingly. Our president only did what he can, now it’s upon us to pray to our God to free us from this COVID19 catastrophe.

    However, the President should revisit his directive on the regulation that provides for a maximum of 70 congregants and at least allow every place of worship to accommodate a number that fits their place provided there’s observation of social distancing.

    We stopped going to Canaanland on the 18th day of March this year, unlike our counterparts who defiantly stayed on the pulpit against the presidential directive. For 6 months now, I’ve been in the studio effectively serving my God and His people, on radio and TV, and that has somehow kept me away from unnecessary ranting. At Canaanland, we have over 100 ground employees who include; praise and worship team, ushers, elders, among other servants of the Lord. We can’t go back to Canaan as that would falsely represent a sense of dictate selfishness. I highly doubt if those churches which have already opened are observing the guidelines set by MoH. Caution is very vital. Read Romans 8:14, it says, those who are led by the soul are the children of God. Such issues call for equity more than equality, now who, and how are you going to send away a believer that fails to make the first 70. We are self meditating and praying that the president heeds and addresses our outcry. We should be allowed to facilitate congregants depending on the physical set up of the worship center, My church is an open space fellowship center that the MoH advocates for.

    Pastor Bujjingo speaking to theGrapevine

    THE GRAPEVINE: How appropriate do you find the fact that some pastors are holding up to 7 services a single day in a bid to accommodate more congregants?

    BUJJINGO: I find such an effort laughable, I can relate such a desperate approach to worship to a business setting where the founder or owner targets more customers to mint more money. Like I’ve said, such church leaders are so similar to taxi drivers who recklessly over speed bidding to complete multiple trips to get more money. I believe holding multiple services is not part of my calling, one for me is just enough. Some of those so called pastors are not in church ministry to serve the Lord but to siphon money from their followers. Because, if you really believe that it’s God who provides for everything, you can’t demean him to that level. It is a total disgrace to compute time for your Almighty God as a shepherd, your sheep gain nothing as a result.

    THE GRAPEVINE: When can a believer expect to return to Canaan?

    BUJJINGO: Until the latest directive on places of worship is revised for us to facilitate a number of congregants we can accommodate in our space, Canaan will remain closed because opening it now unjustly contradicts our soul covenant. For now, we shall fully utilise SALT MEDIA because it is unlimitedly accessible to multitudes at any time, and God is everywhere. God surely cherishes fellowship but we also have to have to terms with the fact that it’s not so possible at the moment.

    THE GRAPEVINE: What is the most appropriate and convenient directive the government should’ve imposed on reopening of churches?

    BUJJINGO: I would prefer to reserve my opinion to myself, because I’m neither a scientist, nor a government advisor, but if my view was to be taken for relevance, I would advise that the government provides for every worship place to allow a number they can accommodate, providing there’s observation of social distancing and other SOPs.

    THE GRAPEVINE: How true is the allegation that some pastors will only allow the “biggest tithers” among the selected 70 to congregate?

    BUJJINGO: First of all, such pastors are an embarrassment to all of us, at House Of Prayer Ministries, I am also a servant like any other, and how do I start sidelining my fellow servant in the house of the Lord? The other pastors and churches can do it, but they’ll be accountable for it in the eyes of the Lord. And if it’s not written anywhere in the scriptures, we shall abide by it, because we can’t encourage and promote segregation. God himself said it that not whoever calls him Lord will not enter heaven, many people more so religious leaders capitalise on using God’s name for their own personal gains. We are trapped in an era where people talk about the God they don’t really know, because they don’t glorify his mighty power anymore.

    It’s shameful to learn that a group of various religious leaders submitted the idea of allowing only a maximum of 70 congregants to the Inter Religious Council which also upon assessment with the task force resolved to it. They will however come to realise it now that we shall not go by such disrespectful ideas.

    THE GRAPEVINE: God is everywhere, would you recommend that your fellow pastors who are holding up to 7 services a day to emulate you to advocate for everyone praying at their homes?

    BUJJINGO: Yes, we’re all servants of the Lord, but we’re still not as equally equipped to efficiently enable that possibility. We have our SALT MEDIA where we don’t have to pay for air time. And we’re only grateful to God that we’re that blessed, and our gospel traverses throughout. But determined servants of the Lord will stop at nothing, let them utilise social media platforms like they’ve been doing.

    THE GRAPEVINE: Did the Inter Religious Council consult from you for your views?

    BUJJINGO: That’s not possible because we’re not even their members, you can’t integrate a Christian with other faiths they abandoned. That’s like contradicting myself to go back to partially subscribe to ideologies I don’t really believe in. The Bible states that if you become born again, you become a new creature, they (Inter Religious Council) don’t have to consult us about anything.

    THE GRAPEVINE: Have you as worship houses with a large accommodation capacity made any formal request to be allowed to congregate according to your significantly substantial dimension like Canaan land is?

    BUJJINGO: If the president uses telecommunication to pass on a message, we in reciprocation reply using the same means to express our dissatisfaction.

    THE GRAPEVINE: Hasn’t the outbreak of COVID19 somehow retaliated the construction progress of Pentagon, the house of the Lord?

    BUJJINGO: No! Not at all, the work of the Lord can never be restrained by anything, or anyone. There’s no hindrance, but only progress. We serve a living God, he can’t let us down. Disregard any reports that the construction process is stagnant.

    THE GRAPEVINE: How are you and your better half Suzan Makula?

    BUJJINGO: We thank God who has given us the Grace to live well. We’re both fine.

    THE GRAPEVINE: But there have been alleged reports making rounds that you are currently conflicting.

    BUJJINGO: Disregard such reports, because me and Makula are just fine, and so deep in love. I know who’s behind all those false allegations.

    THE GRAPEVINE: How true are reports that Makula was pregnant, only for the pregnancy to disappear mysteriously?

    BUJJINGO: That is untrue. We are not falsifiers, that’s only an ill intended and false yet exaggerated allegation. It’s rather humorous how far that joke went, I recall how she was on our trip to South Africa stopped at the airport to ascertain the duration of her pregnancy. Well, me and Makula both decided that we’ll not bear any kids until we wed however much our union has been approved and blessed by our parents. Both our parents’ sides met and reached an agreement, I have proof of photos. I am aware that it’s my daughter and her mom behind all such defamation in connivance with some pastors who want to floor me by soiling my name.

    THE GRAPEVINE: Pastor, when should we expect your wedding with Makula?

    BUJJINGO: It’s only our delayed divorce court case with Teddy that’s hindering my wedding with Makula. We are staunch Christians who wouldn’t wish to attract drama in the church, we’ll have no kids outside wedlock. After our wedding, Makula will surely bear me children.

    THE GRAPEVINE: What is your general conclusive submission?

    BUJINGO: I am grateful to the almighty for gifting this country with a God fearing President. He has held uncountable services in State ouse to pray for our country. We appreciate the President’s efforts to pay attention to our requirements, and we therefore call upon him to give heed to our prayer that places of worship be granted their sole freedom to substantially congregate according to the number they can accommodate provided social distancing and other SOPs are observed.



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