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    It Has Already Ended In Tears? Faridah Nakazibwe’s ‘New Boyfriend’ “Has No Plans Of Marrying Her”, Who Is He?…



    The proposed marriage between TV show host, Faridah Nakazibwe and youthful bussinessman, Kyalema Vincent will not happen as reported, as their purported intimate relationship has ended before starting.

    The internet yesterday was jammed with pictures narrating stories of how the NTV Mwasuzze Mutya show host has finally found herself true love in a youthful and energetic lover after a very long time of searching, finding and being heartbroken back to ground level time and again.

    Local blogs reported that Faridah and Vincent’s new relationship is accelerating at a very high tempo to the extent that within just a few months, the guy has already converted from Christianity to Islam.

    Other rumours also indicated that Vincent and Faridah’s families are tentatively planning to officially make their relationship official and public on a yet to be chosen date in August this year.

    According to Vincent however, he referred to the reports as mere allegations and rumors, accepting the fact that it’s his picture being used in the story making rounds, but wrongly placed because the name attached to it is not even his.

    According to blogs, Faridah’s “new guy” has always gone by birth names of Kabanda Vincent but after switching to Islam he will go by names of Kabanda Hamza henceforth, insinuating that it is Faridah that suggested the “Hamza” name.

    Talking to theGrapevine however, Faridah’s “new guy” strictly introduces and officially addresses himself as Mr. Kyalema Vincent.

    Kyalema maintains that him appearing in a picture with Faridah should not be so alarming because he’s a fan.

    “Faridah is a very attractive woman I know, but I have no plans of marrying her. I just met her once, and I am just a mere fan,” Kyalema insisted, adding that he doesn’t even communicate with Faridah in any way. We don’t even have each others contacts, he argued.

    Briefly, Vincent, is a moderately educated guy in his mid 30’s, and comes from a well off family. Reports indicate that his father is arguably one of the prominent businessmen in Ndeeba. Vincent reportedly spends so much of his time managing his father’s real estate businesses in Kampala and Mityana.

    Faridah So Unlucky With Love

    The calm, soft-spoken media personality has always been so unlucky with love affairs, having hastily moved in and dramatically out of various relationships.

    Faridah was introduced to Ugandans when she hit the airwaves as the beautiful newscaster on ‘NTV Akawungeezi’, the station’s Luganda bulletin. She went on to ‘become the news’ when she was caught between the acrimonious divorce of Moses Kigongo and his wife, Olive Kigongo.

    Faridah left that relationship on not so amicable terms with the NRM national vice chairman and shortly after married Dr Omar Ssali in Dubai, who also turned out to be a fraudster. After tricking her into breaking up with so many of her very close people, he broke her heart and moved on. It was later on established that Omar was working as a security guard and not doctor like he had claimed to impress Faridah.

    Nakazibwe with her ex husband Omar.

    After all the previous relationships ending in tears, Faridah got herself a comfort zone in singer Bruno K who always wipes her tears when she comes crying from relationship stress.

    They became so close, rumours started indicating that they’ve become an item and could move in with each other soon, given the fact that they are spotted together at many times, and the way Bruno oftentimes visits Faridah’s home is so suspecting.

    The two however insist that they are only close friends, and the singer clarified that he usually visits his friend’s home to teach one of her daughters how to play the guitar.

    By Baron Kironde



    Ann Kansiime’s Mother Is Dead…



    Ann Kansiime (R) and her mother

    Ann Kansiime’s mother has died, the popular Ugandan female comedian has announced.

    Kansiime has revealed that her mother has been battling with illness for months now.

    She breathes her last in the wee hours of Sunday morning although details pertaining her death are still scanty.


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    Lwasa Exposes Nabatanzi, Leaks Secret Romance Video In Public…



    Left is Diana Nabatanzi and right is Lwasa with his new wife Angel

    Masaka tycoon, Lwasa Emannuel is not yet done with his ex lover, former TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi even basing on the fact that they broke up and he married someone else. He is still exposing their romantic moments together.

    Lwasa and Nabatanzi had a secret romance which later became public after their bitter breakup. Although Nabatanzi has since decided to remain tight lipped about the whole matter, heart broken Lwasa has constantly used every chance to throw insults at his her.

    And through his Facebook page on Thursday, Lwasa shared a throwback video with Nabatanzi who looked very uncomfortable and ashamed to be seen with the businessman. Hee captioned the video saying that he’s a martyr too.

    “I am also a martyr. As I took my best friend Diana for a business trip worth millions but couldn’t afford having with me a selfie worth nothing. Men, we are strong. But every man should learn from me that Kampala girls are sluts,” he said.

    Link to the video on Lwasa’s post;


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    AK47’s Widow Converts To Islam, Set To Introduce Rabadaba…



    Rabadaba and Nalongo Maggie

    Late AK47, real name Emmanuel Mayanja’s widow, Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi has converted to Islam and been named Salha in preparation for marrying singer Faisal Sseguya a.k.a Raba Daba.

    Sources have confirmed that within a few days, the two will hold am introduction/Nikkah marital ceremony.

    If all goes according to plan, Nalongo Maggie will introduce Rabadaba to her parents in Butamba- Katabi on 11th June, 2021.

    During the conversion, Nalongo narrated that she was just reverting to Islam because she only switched to Christianity during her youthful age.

    She went on to reveal that she is delighted to have reverted to the Islamic religion something that she had taken long yearning to do.


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