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It’s Inhuman To Kill Someone’s Daughter At Shs. 30,000: Why High Court Judge Kazibwe Sentenced ISO Boss’ Son To 32 Years In Prison …



Today soft-spoken High Court Criminal Division Judge Moses Kazibwe sentenced Brian Bagyenda, the son to Internal Security Organization (ISO) boss Kaka Bagyenda, Innocent Bainomugisha, a Cleaner and Vincent Rwahwire, a casual laborer to 32 years in prison.

In his judgement, the judge said that there was malice forethought before the commitment of the murder of 22-year-old Enid Twijukye a girlfriend to Bagyenda. He noted that he was very convinced that the state prosecutor led by Joseph Kyomuhendo and Joan Keko proved all the ingredients in this murder case.

The judge said that these ingredients were proved by 15 prosecution witnesses who included Dr. Sam Kalungi a pathologist who examined the deceased’s body and established that she was strangled to death.

Kazibwe further noted that the deceased was unlawfully murdered by the convict.

In his judgement, the judge put emphasis on the testimony of Evas Turigye, the elder sister to Twijukye who told court that on the 3rd January 2017, Bagyenda picked the deceased from their home in Bweyogerere, Wakiso district and drove her to his home in Luzira Kampala and she never returned. He said that the next day, she called her number and she did not pick. However, another person later picked and told her that Enid had left the phone at home.

The judge rubbished Bagyenda’s defense testimony arguing that by the time he committed the crime, he was mentally disturbed, the judge based on the testimony of Turigye who told court that Bagyenda spent the entire Christmas season of 2016 shopping with the deceased and on in turn she spent her nights at Bagyenda’s home.

The judge further noted that Turigye told court that while they were still looking for her sister, she received a telephone call from Bagyenda apologizing to her that he was feeling guilty of killing Twijukye and that he wanted to make a confession.

The judge said that Turigye told court that by the time Bagyenda called her, she had hired a lawyer to join a team of investigators to look for the murderer of their sister. Bagyenda was later arrested after the burial of Twijukye and taken to Jinja road police station.

The judge however said that Turigye didn’t confirm to court that Bagyenda was a boyfriend to Twijukye because she was always telling them that her boyfriend and future husband was staying in USA.

The judge also cited the evidence of Esther Mirembe, the mother to the deceased who told court that she did not know Bagyenda as his son -in law because her daughter always told her that her future husband was in the US.

Kazibwe also based on the charge and caution statement recorded by Innocent Bainomugisha who told police that on the fateful day when the deceased was murdered, Bagyenda told him and Rwehirwa in the morning that she was going to discipline her girlfriend for cheating on him.

They escorted him to his bedroom and killed Twijukye by suffocating her using two pillows which were on their bed until she breathed her last. He further revealed that while they were executing the mission, Bagyenda increased the volume of the tv so that people outside could not hear what was going on in the house. Bagyenda paid them Shs. 30.000 each for the job well done.

The judge wondered why Bagyenda who claims that he is mentally disturbed gave money to his maid to go out and buy a bottle of soda and after that also go to Kalerwe market to buy food.

He wondered why the maid was sent to Kalerwe yet there are very many markets surrounding Luzira.

In sentencing Bagyenda and his co accussed, the judge refused to consider the prayer of Bainomugisha and Rwehirwe’s lawyer that they killed the deceased on orders of their boss Bagyenda, the judge said that they were in their right mind and did not work on the orders of their boss as robots. The judge also explained that there are misunderstanding in most relationships but they are not solved by killing each other.

He noted that the country and the family of the deceased lost a very important person and that court must punish those who cut short the life of the deceased. The judge however advised the convicts that they have the right to appeal if they are not satisfied with his judgement. Nsubuga Mubiru the defense lawyer in this case said that he is still studying the judgement to decide on whether to Appeal or not.

By Ssengooba Alirabaki



Impunity: Indian Investor Uses Quarantine Time To Unleash Despicable Terror On Residents – Sends Goons To Hack, Gang Rape Women In front Of Their Children And Destroy Plantations And Homes….



Abid Alam (C) and some of the properties and plantations that were destroyed by his men

Indian investor Abid Alarm has resumed his acts of terrorising Kasanda County South locals according to the area Member of Parliament (MP) Simeo Nsubuga.

In a post on his Facebook page, Simeo said that on Saturday night, Abid unleashed over 60 goons to raid the home of Mr. Mugyenyi Arthur, a resident of Bukoba village, Nalutuntu  Parish, Nalutuntu Sub-County in Kassanda South Constituency.

During the attack, Abid’s goons hacked Mr. Kyabale Samuel the cattle keeper of Mr. Mugyenyi on the head, gang raped his wife in front of  the children, destroyed two houses, cut down 3 acres of Banana Plantation and took away 200 cows and 50 goats.

“As we are in the quarantine to prevent the spread of covid19, On Saturday night over 60 workers/kanyamas of Abid Alarm an Indian investor attacked the farm of Mr. Mugyenyi Arthur who is a resident of Bukoba village, Nalutuntu  Parish, Nalutuntu Sub-County in Kassanda South Constituency. During the attack they cut the head of Mr. Kyabale Samuel the cattle keeper of Mr. Mugyenyi, gang raped his  wife infront of  the children and the husband, destroyed two houses, cut a 3 acres Banana Plantation, took away 200 cows and 50 goats as you can see the pictures,” Simeo said.

He added, “Before this incident happened, Abid Alarm, his son  and his kanyamas spent the whole of yesterday Saturday 04/4/2020 at the farm planning on how to commit these crimes and he left that place at 6pm. This is not the first time that these serious crimes have been committed against my people. Last year alone about 3 people were killed in Bukoba and Bukompe villages by workers of Abid Alarm, some suspects where arrested and later were set free due to corrupt tendencies.”

“As the Area MP, together with my voters we have tried our level best to report these  matters to relevant authorities, we reported to police and several cases files have been opened but none has been successful prosecuted, I have advised my people to go courts of law and open up civil suits against Abid Alarm and there over 5 cases in Mubende High court and Kampala high court (land division) involving Abid Alarm and in fact Mr. Mugyenyi Arthur took him to court and secured a court injunction stopping Abid Alarm from entering into his land, we have reported him to Bamugemeirere Commission of inquiry, I have reported him to the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament and presented the matter on the floor of Parliament and lastly I have reported Abid Alarm to H.E President of the Republic of Uganda and submitted written reports but nothing has been done on him, the man continue to kill our people with impunity,” he said.

He added, “In this particular incident of Saturday night, it was commanded by one of his managers by names of Akim Zirimenya, he has been in police cells on charges of murder and he was released on Police Bond about 3 weeks and Abid Alarm was his surety.

As People’s representative I will continue to use all the available legal avenues to expose the criminal acts of Abid Alarm and his workers/kanyamas against my people and I call upon the security organs of this country to ensure that this time around Abid Alarm and his agents are charged in courts of law.”

The Grapevine tried to talk to Fred Muwema who acts as Abid Alam’s lawyer but all known phone numbers were off.


By Temuseewo Mpoza


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COVID-19 LOCK-DOWN: Museveni Orders Arrest Of Policemen Who Beat, Tortured Pregnant Woman Who Flouted His Directives…



Mercy Nakate who was beaten and tortured by policemen. State House photo

The Police have arrested two of their colleagues and a member of a village defence unit who reportedly beat up a pregnant woman they accused of flouting orders against crowding in bars and public spaces.

The arrest followed a directive by President Museveni today after he received reports of the alleged beating and torture of Ms Mercy Nakate.

Nakate, 23, a resident of Busega, Kibumbiro Village, Busega in Rubaga, Kampala, was reportedly beaten on March 27th by a group of policemen and village defence unit officials who were conducting a patrol.

According to Nakate, who is seven-months pregnant, on the fateful night she had moved out of her house to buy a herb (emumbwa) when rain forced her to seek shelter at a common makeshift socialisation facility used by residents.

“It was then that the policemen who were on patrol found us and immediately began beating us. The other people ran away but given my condition I could not run. They descended on me, hitting and kicking me despite my cries for mercy,” she told our reporter.

Her colleagues later came and helped her get back home. The following day, she went to report the case to the nearby police station, but the officer in charge instead convinced her to drop the matter in exchange for medical support.

However, the President got to learn of the incident and yesterday directed Lt Col Edith Nakalema, the head of the State House Anti-Corruption Unit to investigate the matter.

Subsequently, detectives led by SP Jackson Tweheyo, were dispatched to Kibumbiro Village, causing the arrest of Constables Francis Mpande and Noah Massajjage, who were in charge of the patrol exercise. Also arrested is Asiimwe Junior, a member of a village defence unit.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga confirmed the arrests, saying the suspects are detained at Nateete Police Station as they await to be charged.

A one Edirisa Kitooke, a Parish Intelligence Security Officer (PISO), and another only identified as Ndawula, who were reportedly part of this operation are said to be on the run.

On the directive of President Museveni, Ms Nakate has been taken for further medical examination and care by a team led by the Director Police Health Services, Dr Moses Byaruhanga. They will attend to her until she gives birth.

When we met her at Nsambya Police Health Centre where she was undergoing examination, Ms Nakate thanked President Museveni for picking interest in her matter and supporting her.

“I am very grateful to the President for supporting me. I am actually thinking if my baby is a boy when I produce, I will name him Yoweri,” she said.

Addressing the country yesterday (Friday) on the Covid-19 situation, President Museveni warned law enforcers, especially the local defence units, against assaulting and beating people they found out during curfew hours.

He urged the public to report erring security officials and law enforcers to Lt Col Nakalema, on the toll free number: 0800202500 and 0778202500 for whatsapp.

Today is the country’s fifth day under lockdown and curfew, measures President Museveni announced in a bid to check the spread of the Covid-19 disease, which has become a global pandemic. Uganda has 48 confirmed cases so far with no death.


Source: State House


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Pastor Yiga Charged, Remanded For Spreading Harmful Propaganda On Coronavirus…



Controversial Kawaala based Revival church pastor Augustine Yiga alias Abizaayo has been charged and remanded to prison over uttering harmful propaganda that there is no coronavirus in Uganda and Africa in general.

State alleges that on 27th March 2020, Yiga told different local televisions that there is no coronavirus and African leaders are only sending their citizens in panic for their own personal benefit.

Yiga, who was before Mwanga one grade one magistrate Timothy Lumunye denied the charges and his lawyer Wilberforce Kayiwa applied that their client be released on bail. His lawyer told court that Yiga is suffering from diabates which means he has to see doctors regularly. Kayiwa further told court that his client has over eight children to look after and he is a recognized senior pastor with an address. He presented three sureties to stand for him, however his application was strongly challenged by state prosecutor Safina Bireeke who told court the applicant didn’t produce sufficient evidence like medical documents showing that he is a sick man.

She also protested that the sureties produced by Yiga were just junior pastors in his church who court cannot rely on that they will force him to come back to court when he is needed.

She further submits that police is still investigating the matter and if court releases Yiga on bail, he will intervene with the investigations. The magistrate promised to give her ruling on Yiga’s application on 04th of April this year and remanded him to Kitarya prison. He however advised Yiga’s followers to learn to implement the cautions put in place by the Ministry of Health includes distancing themselves.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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