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I’ve Personally Seen Three People Raised From The Dead, Including My Own Son: American Preacher Wommack Coming To Kampala For Two-Day Conference



American Bible teacher Andrew Wommack is coming to Uganda for a two-day conference dubbed; the Gospel Truth Seminar this week.

The free event is scheduled for Friday 19th and Saturday 20th October at the Hockey Grounds, Lugogo Sports Complex. It will start from 6pm to 9.30pm each day but gates will be open from 2pm.

Wommack, who is passionate about God’s unconditional love and Grace, is the founder of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College which he started in 1978 and 1994, respectively.

“I’ve personally seen three people raised from the dead, including my own son. He had been dead for almost five hours, and had already turned black. His toe was tagged and he was lying on a slab in the hospital morgue,” Wommack once testified.

He has been described as one of the finest teachers of the Word whose preaching has blessed many people by Rubaga Miracle Centre preacher Pastor Robert Kayanja.

During his meetings, people get healed of several illnesses, including cancers, visual impairments, the lame get out of wheelchairs and demons are cast out.



OPINION: We Have Heard Things Children Will Never Say About Their Parents, Things That Wives Are Not Supposed To Say In Public. Bujjingo Has Not Been Given An Option – Actor Senkubuge Defends Bujjingo



In defense of Pastor Bujjingo.

I am a sinner and have no right whatsoever to comment on the actions of the anointed one of God. But yesterday I read my son Matovu Jr commenting that ” Pr. Bujjingo is a devil” This is why am writing this note. Jesus once said that ‘let that who has never sinned throw the first stone’ and no one dared. We comment and shout but the whites have a sweet remark that ” see who is talking”.

I know what you are going to say that they are not pastors. But Pastors are human beings and Bujjingo has never stopped saying that if you go to Canaan land look for Jesus not Bujjingo. Saying he as a man and bound to disappoint you but Jesus will never.

Ekyo kiwedde.

Bujjingo with his daughter Doreen who has lately become very abusive

2. I have gone through this and I know the best option is to go back home and say sorry but that is only possible when one side has been silent but this time along the Kitende team (and they are my true friends) have not given that allowance they have fought a bad fight.

Alex Ferguson once told his captain Keane that he gave the referee no option. He had given a red card. Keane had acted as a Savage when he jumped and landed on the leg of a defender. We have heard things children will never say about their parents. Things that wives are not supposed to say in public. Bujjingo has not been given an option.

Nakyo nkimaze

3.King Solomon is the wisest King ever because of his judgement about that kid for whom two women were fighting. He just said “we cut it into two” the owner could not stand it. This house of prayer should continue. The last time I was there I cried so much. Because people get salvation and thousands get delivered almost daily. Jesus is on duty there. No one should work for it’s getting divided and no one should celebrate if there problems.


Bujjingo with wife

4 Bujjingo is prayerful. He must have prayed for this. He is a true man of God a referee in Born again community who will never keep quiet when sin is being committed in the House of God anywhere.

When I heard about this Makula saga for the first time I together with Mr Lumu attacked him in his office banged tables advising against it. But he had kept quiet for so long and he had already prayed and made decisions. The Bujjingo I know he is not the type who makes decision without prayer and hard thinking.

Whatever is happening now he anticipated and he asked us and the church of Christ he leads to pray for him. Let us pray that he goes through this alive. Abusive language cause more damages. If Bujjingo wants to be given a second chance let it be.

Pr. Teddy is also a good Pastor who should be given opportunity to continue serving Her Lord.

But not as I wish, as Our Lord and Savior wishes. Anti buli kimu kikolebwa olwobulungi eri abo abamukiriza.

Senkubuge Charles James.


A certain Sabakuristu called me late at night saying, “nebaliza Bujjingo yebare kuvaayo nayogera naye ffena abakazi batusuza KU migomyo.” (losely translated, Thank Bujjingo on my behalf for coming out boldly to speak, the women we married as church leaders are seriously mistreating us)

Some say Pr. Should have put appearances and continued with a broken marriage. That besides many VVIPs in Uganda are like that including the …. And the ….

But Pr. Bugembe sung that camera ya Yesu etangaaza. That pretense would be

More sin. And unless to the visitors in Uganda people have actually died in marriage here.

Let us pray.

We pray for our Pastor to go thru this. We have seen you go through deeper waters. Be an intelligent Commander you are and remember you have a large flock belonging to our Lord. Baleme kwesitalako.

We pray for HPMI to stay together and focused and in prayer trusting Jesus and their Pastor.

For PR. Teddy to let Jesus’ will be done

For Doreen to keep quiet.

For Makula to wait upon the Lord.

Basudde yayimba nti ” Kati abakazi ka balekaane nga jazz”

Mbimazeeyo era sisubira kudamu kwogera mangu kuba era siyogerayogera nnyo.



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She Is Violent, Abusive, Cruel And Always Embarrasses Me In The Presence Of My Children, Church Members And Friends – Pastor Bujjingo Finally Files For Divorce, Gives 22 Grounds



Finally, the embattled House of Prayer Ministries International senior pastor Aloysious Bujjingo has set 22 grounds to support his divorce application against his wife Teddy Naluswa Bujjingo.

According to the petition exclusively seen by this website, Bujjingo, through his lawyers of C-O M-S R.M Ruhindi and Company Advocates and Solicitors has made a strong submission praying to Entebbe Chief Magistrate court to allow his application and save his life from a violate wife.

“The marriage was characterized by mistreatment, embarrassment of the petitioner in the presence of his church members, friends and their children and that the respondent exhibited cruelty, selfishness and ungrateful attitude towards the petitioner, despite the petitioner’s loving and kind deeds, general disposition and words towards the respondedent,” part of the petition reads. Bujjngo reveals that he got married to Naluswa in 2003 vide a certificate number 376 through a church marriage at Ndeeba Victory Christian Centre Kampala.

He stated that they have four children, Doreen Gift Bugingo (27), Winnie Treasure Bugingo (22), Jennifer Blessed Bugingo (19), Isaac Bugingo (4). Bugingo states that for fear of his life, he decided to leave their matrimonial home and he has not returned due to the actions of his wife.

The man of God adds that even after they received several counselling from elders and friends, his wife but he keeps on taking care of his family needs.  

He further told court that Naluswa used her daughter Doreen Bujjingo to insult her and use abusive words against him. Bugingo added that Doreen uses social media and stream media especially Bukedde newspaper, New Vision, Red pepper and the sun and promised to adduced that evidence in courts of law when the case proceeds.

“That your petitioner states that the union between the petitioner and the respondent which was brought forth with trust, love and care is irretrievably broken down and cannot be salvaged,” the petition reads.

He explains to court that the conduct of his wife in public and private is intolerable given the position and standing of the petitioner, who is a church pastor. He states that in 2015, when the petitioner presented the agreement of purchasing of the church land to Naluswa, she threw the papers into his face in the presence of their children and called him a mad man. He further revealed that in January 2018, while in a family meeting, the respondent in the presence of his friends’ pastor Edward Kayizi who was mediating the two, terribly abused him to his utter shame.

She adds that Naluswa has been in bed with some of the rivals of his church.  He states that he was living in fear of his life due to the frequent death threats he received from his wife.  Court has not yet set the date to kick off the hearing of the case.

By Jamil Lutakome


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SHOCKING UNTOLD STORY: How SFC Commandos Foiled Deadly Plan By Rubaga Pastor And Teddy Bujjingo To Stop What Would Have Been Deadly Bloodshed At Bujjingo’s Church On Sunday



The mighty Grapevine has landed on shocking information revealing how a plan to put down House of Prayers Ministries International Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo was hatched to finally send him into evangelistic limbo.
Security sources at the Makerere Kikoni based church have exclusively told this website that a plan that involved a team of security operatives allegedly from a Rubaga mega church pastor, were given to Teddy Naluswa, the wife to pastor Bujjingo, journalists from big media houses who were well facilitated to storm the church and cover all the action live on camera stormed Bujjingo’s church allegedly to cause havoc and and finally finish off his ministry.
We authoritatively established that the deal was wisely planned by politicians, born again pastors and some members of the press to
finish off the embattled Bujjingo and his ministry. The architects of this mission were very careful in choosing their people to front and implement it; the controversial Teddy Naluswa Bujjingo, who had spent months without stepping on Canaan land was chosen to ignite the fire and bloodshed after being given heavily armed men to storm Bujjingo’s Sunday prayers.

Credible Sources in the security establishment who are routinely part of Bujjingo’s Security detail told this website that all the plans were designed at the famous Rubaga pastor’s church together with his wife, who had earlier vowed that Teddy has to go back to Canaan by all means.

Bujjingo playing cool while greeting Teddy on Sunday


Double sources revealed to the Grapevine that on Thursday last week, a meeting was held at the Rubaga based church and was attended by the senior pastor of the church and his wife, Teddy Naluswa, born again pastors who have held beef with Bujjingo for a long time and security operatives from different security agencies who were paid handsomely to do a clean job.

The security operatives put all the assignments on paper for every character and his role. They all agreed that Naluswa should lead the mission under the guise of claiming her territory and she was comforted by the Rubaga pastor’s wife that she and her husband were very determined to support her spiritually and financially. The plan was to start at exactly 8am and the meeting point was at City Oil Bombo road. Three vehicles were assigned on the mission, one was supposed to transport Naluswa with two security operatives who were armed. Another
vehicle was supposed to collect members of the press from Jinja road to Nile Avenue up to Kamwokya and drive them to the meeting point and another Toyota prado was to transport armed plain clothed security operatives. Before they left for their destination, all the members were briefed and reminded of their roles. They were also told that nothing wrong was going to happen to them because the security
operatives on their team were very prepared.

We established that it was the journalists vehicle in front and the driver was instructed to drop them at Total Bwaise, from there, the journalist were supposed to take positions inside
Canaan. Naluswa’s vehicle was supposed to enter Canaan first followed by that of the operatives.
The attackers were very sure that Bujjimgo and his followers were going to attack Naluswa verbally and physically once she sets foot on Canaan land.

Fortunately, a day earlier, a friend in the security circlas had briefed Bujjingo on tthe whole plot and warned him to be very careful and be on high alert. The ‘Saaba Saba Saaba Saaba’ pastor, born from Buddu also briefed his SFC
guards, who we have established were given to him by the first son Muhoozi, his very close friend to act very careful once Naluswa comes in and contain the situation so that the prayers proceed without any chaos.
When Naluswa finally stormed Canaan land, everyone was peacefully and the no nonsense preacher was going about his business of leading his followers in a praise and worship session. Quickly, the plain clothed operatives prepared a seat for Naluswa, where she usually sat while still attending the prayers and the church service went on.

Meanwhile, the pressman, who were on standby for any activity that would spark chaos were surprised with the way they were welcomed.
One of the journalist told a colleague, “Man
it’s a loss; I don’t see any story here but we shall look for a suitable angle.” The Naluswa teams were expecting a bloody reaction from Bujjingo but unfortunately, it didn’t come, thanks to the field SFC commandos.


Our security sources revealed that in the Thursday meeting, the architects of the mission told the members that they were very sure that after being battered left right and centre by the media, Bujjingo would lose his cool once he sees Naluswa on Canaan land soil.
They had planned that because Bujjingo had previously told his followers that Naluswa and her daughter Doreen wanted to steal church land, the followers would turn rowdy once they see her around.
A scuffle would ensue and some bullets would be fired at some of the followers injuring them. The press would quickly cover the story in their different news bulletins and as breaking news. Government would quickly issue an order to close the church and the church would be sealed off as a crime scene for some good time.
Bujjingo would be hurt financially and his followers would scatter and fear to ever step on Canaan land. The fundraising project for the Pentagon would also immediately be stopped and it would be the talk of town for the next few weeks.
Bujjingo and some of his pastors and elders of the church of were supposed to be arrested after the scuffle and charged just like how the mafias played the same trick to late businessman Charles Muhangi during the Mbarara bus park shooting. The mafias during that time who were
against Muhangi to take over Mbarara Bus Park staged a fight against Muhangi and when he also innocently reacted stupidly, one person was
shot to dead. Immediately Muhangi was jailed with his lawyer Godfrey Nagumya.
By the time Muhangi was acquitted of murder charges, much of his businesses including Bazanyanengo were grabbed and taken by his competitors. This is the very strategy planned by
Rubaga mega church pastor and his wife to finish up Bujjingo.

During the prayers, in the presence of Naluswa, Bujjingo listed all the media houses that had stealthily deployed journalists to Canaan land. He actually wondered what a TV station like NBS, that belonged to a Muslim was doing at Canaan land. He later towards the end of the sermon told them to take back their cameras because they were not going to get what they expected.

President Museveni’s adviser on Media, Joseph Tamale Mirundi and others situation analysts told this website that its not about faith and love that the Rubaga megachurch pastor and his wife have or are showing the embattled Naluswa. They are seeing this as an opportunity to embarrass and insult Bujjingo and finally pull him down. Mirundi said that the Rubaga pastor and his wife are fighting to get back their state house supremacy which Bujjingo has taken.
“It is not a surprise that I see Bujjingo in this situation, I know how mafias work, when I saw Bujjingo praying at the birthday ceremony of my good friend Afande Muhoozi, I immediately understand that he was going to be beaten right, left and center until he is finished. Do you think that woman (the wife to the Rubaga church pastor) his a fool?
Women fight so much to see that their husbands stay on top because they are the number one beneficiaries, she knows that her husband was given a contract together with a big pastor in Ndeeba, who is also Bujjingo’s sworn enemy, to always lead prayers involving the first family. She cannot sit down and watch these young boys taking over their seats.” Mirundi warned.

Teddy was left alone after the foiled plan

He added that Bugingo is a very big threat to other born again pastors when it comes
to the first family especially president Yoweri Museveni who wants to regain his presidential office come 2021.
Political analysts say that come 2021, Museveni will only look for those churches which have youths if he is to out compete his serious competitor Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine. Come 2021, the youths will make up the biggest percentage of voters and the Kyadondo
East legislator has a lot of support from the common youth, those who are ridding boda bodas, taxis, those who sell items in markets and arcades around town and in major upcountry centres, yet these love Bujjingo so much and follow his enjiri and emisingi programmes.
On the other hand, the youths in the Rubaga pastor’s church are mostly from rich and middle class families and university students who don’t give a damn about voting.
Mirundi also argued that this is the reason why Muhoozi carefully chose Bujjingo to lead the prayers at his birthday party.
other multiple sources allege that the Rubaga pastor and his colleague from Ndeeba have been collecting a lot of money from state house during prayers as a token of appreciation.
So they see Naluswa’s grievances with her long time husband as a God given opportunity to finish him off.

Naluswa was born to professor James Naluswa, the famous Makerere university school of forestry academic. He died a disgruntled man after being
frustrated by her wife, the mother to Naluswa. Naluswa is Musoga by tribe even though she is uncomfortable with people who call her by her tribe. Naluswa family sources told this website that the professor refused to forgive his wife and teddy for embarrassing him and stealing all his wealth to the extent that he did not even embrace the marriage of her daughter.
Professor Naluswa wanted to
divorce her Mutooro wife because she was smoking a lot of tobacco and its the very disease that killed her. Family sources told this website that at the time of his death, the professor had cursed the mother and her daughter.

By Jamil Lutakome


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