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    Jakana Nadduli’s Mother Narrates His Last Painful Days, Father Warns; What M7 Said After Getting Information About Death Of His Bush War Colleague….



    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has spoken out of the death of Sulayiman Jakana Nadduli, the son of his former minister and 1980 bush war friend Al-Hajji Abdul Nadduli.

    State Minister for Kampala Metropolitan Affairs Kabuye Kyofatogaba revealed that in the morning, he received a phone call from president Museveni seeking for a confirmation on whether his friend’s son was really dead.

    He added that a few minutes later Museveni made another phone call directing him to make sure that Jakana’s body is first taken to Mulago hospital for postmortem to examine the cause of his death.

    Minister Kabuye said that Museveni grieved over Jakana’s death and told him that he doesn’t want children of his bush war comrades to die like that because they are supposed to be the next leaders.

    Sources at Mulago hospital said that Jakana’s postmortem report is expected to be given to his family within three days from today.

    Jakana Suleiman Nadduli was pronounced dead today morning.

    The deceased was recently arrested by security operatives and later charged in court over promoting sectarianism, a charge he denied. This was after he was involved in an accident that he claimed was staged early this year.

    Jakana’s mother Sarah Najuma said that since his son was release from prison, he has been living a very painful life as a result of the torture he received when he was kidnapped by security operatives.

    She explained that Jakana, who contested for Nakaseke Central MP seat was tortured by operatives when he was kidnapped from his home in Makindye Division, a Kampala suburb and was kept incommunicado for days before being presented in Court.

    Nadduli, the former minister without portfolio in the office of the president said that he was with his son three days back before his death and he looked like he was recovering but on Sunday night, he received a shocking phone call that he was dead.

    However, he warned those who think that killing Jakana will silence the aggrieved voices are wasting their time because other voices are going to come out.

    There was a fight at Jakana’s burial between opposition and NRM members led by a one Sam Majambambere alias Empologoma ya NRM who was accused of threatening mourners with a pistol.

    Jakana was laid to rest today at his ancestral home in Kaddunda village, Kapeeka in Nakaseke.


    The death of Jakana has left many questions with many opposition politicians calling upon government to stop the recent wave of indiscriminatory arrest and torture of their colleagues.

    Earlier today, National Unity Platform (NUP) Lewis Rubongoya, he spoke to him Saturday and he sounded fine.

    “We’ve woken up to the terrible news of the untimely passing of our brother Jakaana Nadduli. The family says he was found dead at his home, a few days after he was released from prison,” he said.

    National Unity Platform boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine said, “Just learnt of the sudden death of our brother Jakana Sulayiman Nadduli, the son of Al Hajj Nadduli. He was abducted a few days back, tortured and spent days under incommunicado detention. In March, he was involved in an accident, which he thinks was staged. Most unfortunate!”

    NUP Spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi said, “Saddened to learn of the passing of Jakana Nadduli, son to Hajj Nadduli.According to family, he was found dead at home. Days ago, he was released from jail, having spent there weeks after he was abducted by gun-wielding men, taken in a drone & tortured.”

    People’s Front for Transition (PFT) boss and four-time presidential candidate Kizza Besigye said, “A while ago, Jakana Nadduli was kidnapped, tortured & kept in illegal detetion for long. He was released in bad condition and today he is dead. The country must demand justice, not just for Jakana, but knowing if you keep quiet, you are sentencing yourself too.”

    Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) deputy Lord Mayor Doreen Nyanjura joked, “The bush war ‘liberators’ are now devouring their own Children! Rest in Peace Suleiman Jakana Nadduli Junior.”

    NUP supporter Motiv Kasagga, who was recently arrested, kept incommunicado and allegedly tortured tweeted, “We shared the same torture story, same Museveni captors of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), same story of being injected with drugs we didn’t know but we were told it was treatment for our ‘recovery.

    “From the time I left CMI custody, my life has never been the same. I’m not the jolly and healthy lad I used to be. I wake up with internal pain though I keep on trying every medication in my possibility to see myself recovering mentally and physically from what I experienced. Jakana is dead! Who is the next on Museveni’s black list? It can be me; it can be you and it can be everyone out there. None of us is safe!”


    By Sengooba Alirabaki and Kalamira Hope



    Justice Minister Mao To Meet Security Council Over Drone Abductions And Kidnaps…



    Minister Norbert Mao

    Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Nobert Mao revealed that he was appointed as Chairperson of cabinet committee on human rights.

    Mao made these remarks today while appearing at the 27th joint Government of Uganda-Development Access to Justice Annual review at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

    Speaking at the event, Mao revealed that he has been tasked with his committee to look into the recent rise in cases of alleged kidnaps and abductions of people, mostly those leaning on the political opposition.

    He said, “Myself and the Attorney General have been asked to meet the security council over the increased reports of abductions and kidnaps.”

    Mao vowed to reach out on all people with missing relatives or friends to give them more information about the disappearance of their people.

    “Once we have got the details, we shall be presenting them before the Security Council.”

    He added that the committee will institute a human rights desk where all complainants of missing persons will be reported for response.

    Mao adduced that once it comes to their attention, they have the capacity to trace that person using their cameras.

    “The issue shouldn’t be politicized because it is sensitive and touches people’s lives. If it’s true they are abductions, these may be conducted by disgruntled people within government with the view of tainting its good image.”

    Mao contended that they will ensure that they do better so that when they come back for the 28th time they give themselves marks.

    According to Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka, this year’s review is being held against the background of a challenging year. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had probably challenging phenomenon, socially, economically and politically.

    He said, “Most specifically, the pandemic created unprecedented challenges and demands on access to justice community, but also tested the resilience and resolve of our coordination and collaboration model.

    “Our theme of the day is aligned with the national vision 2040 that seeks to consolidate the principles of governance, including constitutional democracy, protection of human rights, the rule of law, govt effectiveness and citizens participation in development processes.

    “President Eisenhower once said, peace and justice are two sides of the same coin. Let’s remember the need for both peace and justice, not just one of them.”

    Kiryowa further emphasized that all people with missing persons should report to them for a proper follow-up because they can’t act on allegations without facts and that he can’t follow up a case basing on rumours posted on social media.

    By Kalamira Hope


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    THE ACCIDENT IS FISHY: Lord Mayor Lukwago Orders Serious Investigations Into Why Subaru Driver Rammed Into His House…



    Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago has ordered for serious investigations into an accident that occurred at his home in Wakaligga, Lubaga division.

    Lukwago has called on the police to investigate the motive behind the driver who rammed into his house, which caused alot of anxiety among members of his family in the night hours of 4th, December, 2022.

    His stand follows an accident by the driver of a Subaru which crushed into the gate and hit one of the pillars of the house.

    “A short while ago, an overhasty and reckless driver of Subaru car registration number UAJ 704K rammed through the main entrance to my house, the gate forcefully flung open and badly damaged it, and the over speeding car then rammed into the pillar at the entrance to the sitting room,” Lukwago said.

    He added that following the accident, everybody was left into disarray since they didn’t know what was happening.

    He adduced, “The driver was either high on something which had intoxicated him or he was on a different mission, that is the reason we want this matter to be investigated.”

    The Subaru driver however defended himself noting that the car lost control and could not brake.

    “I tried to park against the wall but it kept going. I didn’t intend to cause any harm,” he apologized.

    Lukwago was however not convinced with the explanation insisting that if the car was moving by gravitational force, the distance from the gate to the pillar where the car landed is very small.

    “That impact you see on the pole, suggests something ‘fishy’ could have been intended and so that is where we have a problem and that is why we want the matter to be investigated.”

    The regional traffic Officer of Kampala Metropolitan Police North, Bruce Onibye, said that investigations are ongoing but the vehicle seems to have been in poor mechanical condition.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    What Killed Simbamanyo Tycoon Kamya? How Top Lawyer Tried To Use Justice Byabakama’s Electoral Commission Deal To Save His Empire…



    In one of the meetings where the agenda was to strategise on how to save the business empire of the late Peter Kamya, the proprietor of Simbamanyo Estate limited, one of his friends, who is also a seasoned commercial lawyer proposed a multibillion Electoral Commission deal which he was very sure would save the fallen tycoon’s empire.

    Multiple credible sources have revealed to the mighty Grapevine that this happened in 2018 when Equity bank had started threatening to auction Kamya’s properties which he used as security when securing a loan.

    The buildings were Ssimbamanyo House behind Central Police Station in Kampala city and Afrique Suites situated in Mutungo.

    Kamya, who is a brother-in-law to former deputy Prime Minister Muganwa Kajura allowed one of his senior lawyers to negotiate the deal which involved looking for a new home for the Electoral Commission.

    “The lawyer’s idea was for Kamya to rent the entire building to the Electoral Commission and the money collected as rent be used to service the loan which the bank was very comfortable with but out of the blue, when the deal was almost concluded, the old man changed his mind claiming that his friend was working with the bank to impoverish him and that’s how the deal flopped,” a source said.

    He added that the deal was waiting for the greenlight from president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who was a good friend to Kamya.

    The source added that even the Ministry of Gender was ready to shift to another building.

    Another source said that the Electoral Commission was giving Kamya a big deal compared to what he was receiving from the Ministry of Gender and within 3 to 4 years, the bank’s loan would be fully paid.

    The source said that Kamya changed his mind after getting another opinion from another shrewd young city lawyer who convinced him that the loan he got from Equity bank was not favourable and it can be challenged in Court.

    Sources said that when the bank learnt about Kamya’s plan to challenge them in court, they hastily auctioned both securities to controversial city businessman Sudhir Ruperelia’s Meera Investments Limited and Ronald Luwangula’s Luwaluwa Investments Limited, a move that frustrated Kamya’s entire plan to save his empire.

    He tried to save his empire through courts of law by filing an application seeking a temporary injuction stopping the selling of the said property but he lost the application with costs.

    He further petitioned president Museveni to save his empire arguing that it was illegally sold.

    Unfortunately, after making wide consultations, especially from the Attorney General and Bank of Uganda, the big man advised Kamya to challenge the sale of his properties in courts of law.

    He explained to him that he has no alternative to save him since he was advised that his properties were legally sold.

    Without losing hope, Kamya instructed his new lawyers led by Fred Muwema to institute a suit in the High Court Commercial Division against Crane Bank, Meera Investment Limited, Luwaluwa Investment, and lawyers of Katende Ssempebwa Company Advocates were also joined in the suit.

    The matter was allocated to Justice Stephen Mubiru, the head of the Division.

    Kamya hired Kihika Byenkya and Company Advocates to join his legal team which successfully secured an order for discovery against the respondents.

    Justice Mubiru ordered the respondents to allow the petitioner to inspect their email exchange, bank accounts and phone call logs which were made in the period when his properties were sold, an order which raised dust at the commercial court.

    Lawyers from Katende Ssempebwa Advocates petitioned Justice Rubby Opio Aweri, the Chief Inspector of Courts claiming that justice Mubiru was biased and he has to be investigated over the matter.

    He was ordered to refer the entire Ssimbamanyo file to justice Opio which Mubiru refused to do.

    Mubiru insisted that Justice Opio didn’t have powers to ask for the said file from him and guided that the matter has to proceed but lawyers challenged his action at the Court of Appeal.

    In October 2022, Justice Cheborion Barishaki of the Court of Appeal issued an order stopping Justice Mubiru from proceeding with the matter until three justices of the Court of Appeal determine the respondent’s grievances.

    Sources who have been close to Kamya revealed that Justice Cheborion’s ruling shocked Kamya and from that time, his life changed and it worsened last month and was rushed to Nairobi where he died on Friday morning.

    Sources said that other Simbamanyo Directors are set to continue with the legal fight to rescue their empire.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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