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    Judgement Is Not For Us, But For The Almighty Who Sent Us Here – Bujjingo Recalls Light Moments With Pastor Yiga, Offers To Give Spiritual Help To His Son Jengo….



    Pastor Bujjingo during a meeting with the late Yiga's son Andrew Jengo

    Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo, the founder and lead pastor of House of Prayers Ministries International, in Makerere Kikoni has paid courtesy visit to mourn with relatives and friends of the late Pastor Augustine Yiga alias Abizaayo.

    Bujjingo on his visit to Revival Church Kawaala handed 2 Million shillings to help with burial arrangements to the late Pastor Yiga’s son Andrew Jengo and promised to render more help when needed.

    Bujjingo who described Yiga’s death as a total shock also intimated that they first met when Yiga was still at Pastor Sserugo’s place in Kazo.

    He fondly recalls how they used to play draft (a board game) together, he expounded that it’s that bond coupled with synonymous Christian values that led to their close friendship.

    Bujjingo narrated that they then formed a formidable evangelism team, and from there is where Yiga started his Revival Church in Kawaala.

    “I’ve encountered Yiga many times, but never have we quarreled. You can testify that I’ve never abused him, and neither has be abused me,” Bugingo said, affirming that him and Yiga have been friends regardless of their scarce communication and Christian doctrinal differences.

    Bujjingo narrated that in his home village Masaka, death is an alarm reminder for unity to prevail, and on such occasions, everything else is set aside in solidarity to go and mourn with the bereaved family, unless only if you’re the killer, maybe, would you contradict the procession.

    “In Masaka where I grew up from, we’d not even go to the gardens but all march to the home of the deceased, to comfort the bereaved family members,” Bujjingo said, asserting a common synonym that a friend in need, is a friend indeed.

    “And I personally respect my principals, in that if at all I have a burning issue about you, I look for you, sit you down and tell you about it while you are still alive, I don’t do it against your lifeless body,” he said.

    Further disregarding those faulting the late Pastor, he added, “I want to tell believers and my fellow evangelists that like this assignment, so is judgement, it is not for us, but for the almighty who sent us.”

    Bujjingo with fondness recalled the last time he came face to face with Augustine Yiga, “We met across the stairs at Bat Valley, we momentarily held hands, and hugged.”

    “I paused for a moment and asked him, are you still saved? He said yes,” Bujjingo emotionally narrated, stressing that him and the late have come so far, from the time they used to preach on the streets as poor young men with only God as their valid possession.

    Bujjingo said that he was at the time renting the place for his ministerial work, and Pastor Yiga’s Revival Band had also staged an event there, since it’s a place typically designed for theatre and drama.

    Youthful Jengo Yiga, son to the late Pastor Yiga has been running his father’s church in his absence. Maidenly setting his eyes on Jengo, Bujjingo comforted him, and reminded him that as preachers, it’s understandable that Yiga’s body has left, but the soul has stayed, pledging to always encourage each other.

    “I’m not going to say sorry for your father’s death, I’ll just praise the Lord’s name. Death is the way for all of us. Yiga has died a young man, I am 4 years his senior, and his children are logically my children. I have therefore come to this house like a father,” he stated.

    “One last thing I want say on air, is that my office is wide open for you, at any time. You can come and we discuss on how best to run the ministry,” Bujjingo added, cutting a fatherly figure.

    The 21-year-old preacher acknowledged Bujjingo’s parenthood over him. Jengo declared alliance with Bugingo’s House of Prayer Ministries International.

    Jengo also lightly reminisced about his father’s draft story with Bujjingo which he identifiably described as synonymous with him because his late father talked about it quite a lot.

    Jengo also expressed his readiness to stitch together broken ties with other pastors, bury the hatchet and move on as a new beginning.

    “Pastor Bugembe called me some time back before my father’s death, while seeking for permission to go check on him in hospital, he explained to me that what he had with my father was a disagreement about mode of preaching, and that does not necessarily imply enmity, and neither will it,” Jengo said.

    He also commended other city pastors like Robert Kayanja, and further justified his father’s public foe, Pastor Jackson Senyonga, who criticised Yiga even after his death.

    Pastor Ssenyonga of the Christian Life Church held a press conference yesterday and outrightly condemned Yiga’s deeds, describing his death as a warning to Ugandans to pick lessons and stop looking for quick money and fame that they haven’t worked for.

    “He has left behind so many children and widows, known and unknown, if there is anyone who has children or was hurt by Pr. Yiga, let them come to Christian Life Church and we help them,” he announced.

    Ssenyonga during the press conference also uttered that he hopes that the deceased pastor used his last days on earth to turn to Christ and become born again.

    “I thank God that he had a period of sickness which I hope he used to repent and turn to God. I will be happy if I meet Jesus in heaven and I find him there,” he said.


    By Baron Kironde



    30 Things You Didn’t Know About Archbishop Ntagali’s Adultery Scandal With Bummy Married Woman He Snatched From Junior Priest…



    Arch. Stanley Ntagali with his wife (L) right is the Side-dish Judith Tukamuhabwe

    The Church of Uganda was this week hit by a blistering sex scandal after Archbishop Dr. Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu  suspended his predecessor Archbishop Emeritus Stanley Ntagali, for sinning by committing adultery with a married woman.

    Following the scandal, who cast the Church of Uganda and Archbishop Ntagali in bad light, Arch. Kazimba decided to suspend him from all church duties until further notice.

    Arch. Ntagali’s suspension letter from Arch. Kazimba reads in part thus; “It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my predecessor, retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, has been involved in an extra-marital affair with a married woman, which he has acknowledged. This adultery is a grievous betrayal on many levels.

    Retired Archbishop Ntagali has betrayed his Lord and Saviour, his wife and their marriage vows, as well as the faith of many Ugandans and global Christians who looked to him to live the faith he proclaimed.”

    However, it should be noted that although Ntagali is yet to issue an official statement about this sex scandal which has since gone viral on all media platforms, the Grapevine reveals that there are very many things that Ugandans out there don’t know about the adultery scandal, which we bring you today.

    For starters Ntagali is married to Beatrice Ntagali since 1978, and they are the parents of five children.

    He was born in 1955 in Kigezi District, is a graduate of St. Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya, and holds Masters of Arts in Theology from Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, United Kingdom.

    Ntagali was ordained in 1981 and consecrated bishop on

    December 19, 2004 by Henry Luke Orombi.

    It is alleged that he was unhappy in marriage and lacked a feel of some warm blood, reason why he reached out to Judith Tukamuhabwe, who welcomed him with open hands.

    Pals reveal that Judith is a very Waterlogged babe who enchanted Ntagali with her ever-flowing River between, which often over-flooded whenever she drank some Nile Special beer.

    Ntagali’s Side-dish Judith is not only very bummy but also overtly bootylicious, to the extent that she is so irresistible, even to an ordained, married man of God.

    We have since established that  although  it is claimed that she is married, Ntagali side-dish Judith actually separated from her husband, identified as Rev. Christopher Tugumehabwe popularly known as Rev. Chris, of the Church of Uganda.

    This means that Ntagali snatched Judith from a junior priest in the Church of Uganda (Rev. Chris.)

    But fresh details indicate that Judith filed for divorce at Kabale Grade One Magistrates Court through her lawyers of M/s New Mark Advocates, citing cruelty and desertion by her husband.

    Although the divorce hasn’t been granted by court yet, that didn’t stop her from dishing out her Sumbie to Arch. Ntagali.

    The Grapevine has also learnt that Judith is some sort of bedroom tigress because before she hooked up with Ntagali, she had been juggling both Rev. Chris and another man.

    Rev. Chris is a lecturer at Bishop Barham University College Kabale.

    Insiders reveal that Rev. Chris, who is a widower, hooked up but later decided to estrange himself from Judith after learning about her infidelity with another man.

    Judith and Tugumehabwe wed at Rugarama Cathedral in Kabale on December 15, 2018, according to papers filed in court, a few months after his wife had passed on.

    However, their wedding was shrouded in scandals after Judith was linked to another man, an employee of a beverage company in Uganda.

    She told court that as a result of being “assaulted on several occasions”, which matter she reported to police, she decided to stay alone in Mbarara City where she pays her house rent.

    However, information indicates that she fell out with Rev. Chris after he realized that she had conceived yet he was very sure he wasn’t the one who had ballooned her.

    It is also alleged that bills at the apartment she rents in Mbarara City are being catered for with support from Ntagali.

    On top of committing adultery, it is also alleged that the Archbishop emeritus Ntagali sired a child with Judith.

    But the court records do not indicate whether the accused husband filed a response or appeared in court in person or through an agent on December 15, 2020 as the Kabale Grade One Magistrate ordered.

    However, putting the adultery momentarily aside, sources within the Church of Uganda intimate that there is also a long-running feud between Archbishops Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu and his predecessor Ntagali.

    It is because of this feud that Kaziimba rushed to the media to expose Ntagali’s dirty linen in public, yet under normal circumstances he would have handled the matter quietly, like an elder, well-knowing that if it went public it would turn into a full-blown Church of Uganda sex scandal.

    As if to shed more light on the beef between the two church leaders, our insiders reveal that Arch. Kaziimba on Thursday held a secret meeting with the cuckolded husband Rev. Chris, although matters that were discussed between them remain a top secret to date.

    What has raised eyebrows however is why Kaziimba secretly med Rev. Chris and why he doesn’t want to make public what they both discussed, yet he was quick to publicly suspend Ntagali from performing all the duties of the Church of Uganda, well knowing that the matter is purely a private, domestic issue.

    It should be noted that by committing adultery, Archbishop Ntagali broke One of the Ten Commandments, because the Book of Exodus in 20:14 teaches that: You shall not commit adultery.

    According to Hebrews 13:4: “Marriage should be honoured by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral,”

    Ntagali and Judith’s adulterous acts have brought to light the fact that there is a lot of adultery happening among prelates of the Church of Uganda.

    For instance, in January 2020, Namirembe Diocese, the first Church of Uganda diocese founded in 1890, suspended Rev. Ronald Kalende of St Stephen’s Church Mwererwe in Gombe sub-county, Wakiso District, a week to his wedding after he admitted fathering a child with a church choir pianist.

    In December 2019, Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba revoked the consecration and enthronement of Rev. Charles Okunya Oode as the second Bishop of Kumi Diocese, following accusations that the latter had fathered a child in an extra-marital affair.

    In May 2018, Luweero Diocese was rocked by allegations of aggravated defilement by high-ranking priests of Church of Uganda and two other lay church leaders.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    Celebrity Gossip ‘King’ Kayz Back To Work With Fresh Wounds After Loss Of His Mother…




    NBS TV’s UnCut Kalakata gossip show presenter, Isaac Kawalya commonly known as Kayz, has carried himself with grief back to the Naguru based station to carry on with work after laying his mother to rest.

    Kayz was emotionally hit so hard by the death of his mother early this month, and the mortar-mouthed gossip reporter hadn’t been strong enough to do his duties since then. His bosses at the station understood his situation and granted him a leave. But the “Gossip King” is back again.

    “Good morning lovely people, as you all may be aware that I lost my lovely mother, the demise has not left me and my family the same. However, I thank everyone that has stood with me through this very tough time,” Kay’s said today upon his return.

    “I thank all my friends, my bosses, family The music and media fraternity who have been supportive and comforting in this hard time. A friend in need is a friend indeed and I trust I made the right choice of friends as your support has hugely been felt,” he added.

    Kayz however admitted that he’s still not strong enough, and requested his comrades to still support and pray with him to stay strong as I have not fully recovered from the loss.


    By Baron Kironde


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    Pallaso Emotional As He Consoles Big Brother Jose Chameleone Who Lost To Lukwago In Kampala Lord  Mayoral Race…



    Jose Chameleone and Pallaso (L) Right is Kampala Lord Mayor Elect Hajji Erias Lukwago

    Musician Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso is in a state of depression following his elder brother Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone’s loss in the Kampala Lord Mayoral elections.

    “Congratulations my brother. We have walked almost every step of this journey together. Thanks to everyone that believed in Joseph Mayanja. I still don’t understand how Uganda will attain change by divisions and disbelief in young leaders. We are stronger together,” Pallaso wrote on social media, to console his brother.

    To express his misery, Pallaso added; “I am also proud of myself as well, I have sang songs, I have risked my life and my career and much more but above all I have done my part. I wish our politics was different. I wish so many things. I wish we were more united that divided, I wish we lift each other more, in the next phase lets love each other more, lets push each other more, let’s be so united that no one can break the bond.”

    He quoted an old African proverb that says; “It’s easy to break one single stick standing alone and harder to break many sticks if combined standing together.”

    Jose Chameleone contested for the Kampala Mayoral Race as an independent candidate after he was denied  the National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket in favour of Latif Sebaggala, who later abandoned it for Nabilah Naggayi Sempala, although she lost to Hajji Erias Lukwago.


    The race had up to 12 candidates, and all the other 11 came behind the incumbent Lord Mayor Lukwago, who reclaimed his supreme seat at the city hall.

    Lukwago will now extend his reign over the capital city to his third term.

    Lukwago beat competition from eleven other contestants including; Jose Chameleone, former Kampala Woman MP Nabilah Naggayi (NUP), Daniel Kazibwe alias Ragga Dee of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), among others.

    “What a historic moment! Praise be to the Almighty. Thank you Kampala! The Statement is unequivocally loud and clear; OMULOODI WAALI. Our love is etched in stone. Asante sana. Mungu awabarik,” Lukwago wrote on social media Wednesday night after winning.


    By Baron Kironde


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