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    Justice Byaruhanga In Trouble As Attorney General Kiwanuka Protests Orders Against Justice Kiryabwire On Masindi Land Wrangle..



    AG Kiryowa Kiwanuka (L) and Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire (R)

    Masindi Resident Judge Jesse Byaruhanga Rugyema is in trouble after the Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka protested his Court orders against the Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court Judge Geoffrey Kiryabwire on the controversial Masindi land.

    In his December 01, 2021 Ruling, Justice Byaruhanga ignored the recommendations from the Attorney General on the said matter and ordered the Administrators of the estate of the late professor JM Kiryabwire who include; Justice Kiryabwire, Mary Kiryabwire, Sarah Kiryabwire Naswaali, Angela Kiryabwire Kayima to handover the contested land title on Ranch 13, LRV No. 1129, Folio 18 at Kiryandongo for re-survey and boundary opening within 60 days after his ruling.

    Businessman Stephen Wekomba sued the Administrators of the estate of professor Kiryabwire claiming that they had encroached on his land.

    He claimed that he is one of the beneficiaries of the 962 hectares of land that government bought for squatters in Kiryandongo and compensated Justice Kiryabwire’s family, the owners of the land with Shs1.3bn.

    Wekomba insisted that despite being compensated, Justice Kiryabwire’s family through their agents again encroached on his piece of land thus threatening his ownership.

    He noted that even though the Attorney General is part of the matter, Kiryabwire’s family was compensated that is why he wants to see Wekomba and others benefit and enjoy their interests on the said land.

    However, the Attorney General being a party on the matter protested the orders.

    In his letter dated December 03, copied to the Chief Justice Owiny Dollo and his Deputy Richard Buteera,  Attorney General Kiwanuka informed justice Byaruhanga that as chief legal advisor to president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government, he is not satisfied with his orders and asked him to avail his office with a copy of a typed ruling and the record of the proceedings to enable him advise on the way forward on the matter.

    Kiwanuka insisted in his protest letter that there was no formal application seeking Court Orders which he issued. He wondered which grounds he based on to issue the said controversial orders.

    Kiwanuka reminded justice Byaruhanga that it was agreed upon during the last mention of the matter that it will be adjourned to 17th February, 2022.

    Byaruhanga himself even advised the parties to come on that day prepared to discuss the way forward on  the matter.

    He informed Byaruhanga that there is a comprehensive report on the surveying, subdividing and opening of the boundaries of the contested land.

    He wondered why then he ordered for a re-survey.

    Kiwanuka informed the judge that Kiryandongo Local Government Council, who are one of the defendants and Wakomba are not party to the consent Decree which he based on when issuing his orders, meaning that he lacked legal capacity to execute the said court orders.

    Kiwanuka reminded the Judge of the letter which the legal personal secretary to the Chief Justice Dollo wrote on his behalf advising him to consolidate all the pending applications on the said suit and have them heard expeditiously to avoid breach of peace in the area.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    NO MORE MERCY: Shoot And Kill Them – Security Bosses Adopt Policy On Fighting Armed Robbers…



    Some of the police bosses who attended the meeting today

    Security agencies have vowed to take a tougher shoot to kill policy against armed robbers.

    The shoot to kill policy was agreed upon today in a security meeting in Mukono Municipality between Uganda Police, Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), local leaders and the residents of Mukono Municipality.

    The order Follows a rise in armed robberies in the Kampala Metropolitan area.

    “We are going to kill them. I’m not used to these things of writing statements. We shall shoot them and then investigate where they got the gun from. You have to kill these thieves,” UPDF’s Lt. Col. Fred Mwesigye said.

    Edward Ochom, the police Director in Charge of Operations warned, “These robbers have their agents. They are here, I know it. We are discussing Security (and) they want to hear what we are saying. But, if you are their agent, take the message, their days are numbered. We are not going to sympathise with them anymore, enough must be enough.”

    Early this week, Flying Squad Unit and Mukono Police arrested two suspects, highly linked to the aggravated robbery of Spice Supermarket, located at ku Ssatu, in Namubiru ward, Mukono Central Division in Mukono Municipality on June 25th, 2022.

    Spice Supermarket in Mukono which was robbed at gun point

    “The two suspects were sighted on the eve of the robbery, while drinking at Cloud 9 bar, near the supermarket. They include Mugalu William, a 24-year-old resident, of Nasuuti cell, Ntawo ward, Mukono Central and Mbogo Sam, a 23-year-old, resident of Nasuuti cell, Ntawo ward, Mukono municipality. They were clearly identified by one of the witnesses who clearly saw them escaping from the scene,” police mouthpiece Fred Enanga said.

    He added, “We are now working towards the recovery of the gun and identifying other members of the gang, who appear to be an amateur group. Such groups are usually desperate, panicky more high risk and willing to use violence.

    “They shot a bullet through the computer, which injured Ssekandi Irene, through the stomach and exited from the back. We wish her quick recovery. A team of counsellors from CID Headquarters has been dispatched to offer counselling services to the victim.”

    Enanga warned that even though attacks on supermarkets have not been so regular, police is anticipating more retail crimes on supermarkets, mobile money points, retail shops and markets due to high levels of unemployment among the youth, use of drugs, change in criminal tactics, where robbers attack softer targets with lesser security, such as supermarkets and the opportunity of get-away.

    Yesterday, the Directorate of Crime Intelligence and Flying Squad Unit recovered a motor vehicle registration number UAD 728Y, a dark grey Toyota Corolla, which was parked at Ham Mukasa-Nasuti junction.

    Upon searching the boot of the vehicle, the scene of crime officers found a sub machine gun loaded with three live ammunition that were wrapped in a yellow polythene sack.

    “The team also found four sharp pangas, a sharp steel knife, two pairs of scissors, two pairs of pliers and two screw drivers. Other equipment that is used in breaking-in were also found in the car. Our teams also recovered items of different types of electronics, which are suspected to be stolen,” ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, the Deputy PRO Kampala Metropolitan Police said.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    Pay Back Time? Minister Ecweru Slapped During Church Service; Man Arrested…



    State Minister for Works Musa Ecweru

    Police in Amuria has arrested a one, Michael Okurut, 39 years who slapped the State Minister for Works Musa Ecweru who also is the area Member of Parliament (MP).

    Okurut slapped the Minister on Sunday, during the morning service at St.Michael Catholic Church in Wera parish, Wera sub-county in Amuria district for unknown reasons.

    According to the East Kyoga Police spokesperson, Oscar Gregg Ageca, Okurut came before the alter like other congregants, knelt down, got his blessings.

    The statement read further, “Okurut was however subdued by the minister’s bodyguards who arrested him and later handed him over to the area police, no harm was occasioned on the minister.”

    He added that a case has since been opened at Wera Police station where statements have been recorded and the suspect is detained as inquiries and investigation into the matter are expedited.

    Ecweru was recently involved in an incident in which, with the help of his bodyguards, he slapped three clergymen last year in May 2021 whom he accused of encroaching on his land located in Wera Town Council.

    Reports then indicated that the incident happened when the minister who was passing by saw the three planting cassava and trees on his land which they claimed belonged to St. John Church of Uganda in Wera.

    It is alleged that when he asked them why they were tilling his land, they started slapping them before they could even answer.

    The clergymen included Rev. Simon Peter Olato, the Parish Priest of Wera Church of Uganda and his two lay readers, Benjamin Otasono and Simon Peter Eriku of Aten and St. John churches respectively.

    However, the minister and the clergymen were reconciled.


    By: Kalamira Hope


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    UHRC Asks Parliament To Pass National Legal Aid Bill In Effort To Fight Torture And Help Victims…



    Security officers arresting a suspected criminal

    The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), together with other organisations fighting against torture has asked parliament of Uganda with immediate effect to pass the National Legal Aid Bill.

    In a joint statement issued together with Coalition Against Torture in Uganda (CAT) and the African Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV), UHRC noted that the passing of the National Legal Aid Bill will guarantee the legal aid services for torture victims survivors.

    They further recommended that parliament should pass the witnesses protection Bill of 2014 as measures to fight torture in the country.

    “We however recognize that a lot needs to be done by all of us in our various capacities to eliminate torture from our country and indeed the world. We therefore call for concerted efforts of all of us to fight torture from our midst,” the statement reads.

    The human rights advocates further recommended that Uganda should ratify the Operational Protocol to the Convention against torture (OPCAT) 2006, to allow access to all places of detention in order to foster prevention of torture.

    The general public was also urged to report all acts of torture the relevant institutions and to ensure professional documentation of their experiences.

    “The fight against torture remains a collective effort and involves a change in attitude, behaviour and perception of both State, non-State actors and individuals.

    “Communities need to continually be empowered to know and fulfil their duties and responsibilities. We urge all stakeholders, on this commemoration event, to take stock of the journey that we have walked in the fight against torture as a country and reflect on our aspirations for the future,” the statement further added.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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