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    Kagame Operatives Accused Of Kidnapping Ugandan Farmer….



    Police in Kigezi is investigating the circumstances under which a Ugandan Farmer has been kidnapped.

    Elly Maate, the Kigezi Regional police spokesperson says that they are investigating how Obed Nicholas Tugumikirize, a resident of Kitojo village Katuna town council at the Uganda- Rwanda boarder disappeared.

    He said that Tugumikirize was kidnapped on Monday this week from his garden where he was with his wife and children by unknown people.

    Other security sources have told the Grapevine that Tugumikirize was kidnapped by Rwanda security operatives.

    This is not the first time Rwanda security operatives are picking Ugandan from their gardens and forcefully taking them to Rwanda and charging them with different offences.

    Security operatives in Uganda claim that many Ugandans are picked by Rwanda security suspecting them of spying on them because most of them cross to Rwanda to sell their food stuff.

    Uganda-Rwanda boarder was closed in 2019 after Rwanda accused Uganda of supporting rebel groups to overthrow President Paul Kagame’s government. Diplomatic talks stalled after the outbreak of COVID19 pandemic in Africa.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    HE IS NOT MAD: Buganda Kingdom Clan Head Assassin Has No Brain Damage, CT-Scan Proves; Grandchildren Protest Process Used To Fish Bbosa’s Successor….



    Noah Derrick Luggya one of the suspected assassins who killed Omutaka Bbosa (R) in hospital

    The mighty Grapevine has exclusively learnt that medical doctors at Mulago hospital X-Ray department and those from different security agencies subjected Noah Derrick Luggya one of the suspected assassins who gunned down Ndiga (Sheep) clan head Eng. Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa to CT-Scan.

    On Sunday evening, Luggya survived being killed by an angry mob at Bulange in Lubaga Division, a Kampala city suburb accusing him of killing Bbosa.

    His colleague Emmanual Sserunkuma was killed on the spot by the mob.

    Luggya was taken to Mulago hospital and sources told theGrapevine that he is positively responding to medication and on Wednesday evening, he was taken for a CT-Scan to examine whether his brain has no damage.

    “His brain has no damage and I can confirm that he is mentally fine. At first we thought that maybe the mob damaged his brain, you know his head was badly beaten,” one of the doctors at Mulago X-Ray department said.

    He added that Luggya first pretended to be mentally unstable and was only looking at doctors without responding to anything they asked him.

    This forced the doctors to carry out a CT-Scan on him to establish whether he was fine.

    Doctor said that Luggya still has difficulty in talking because he lost some of his teeth after his mouth was shattered by the mob.

    Luggya was also taken to an X-Ray machine and his entire body was examined.

    Results showed that none of his bones was damaged and doctors are very sure that by the end of this week, he will be able to talk to the investigators from Maj. Dr. Tom Magambo the police’s Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and those from Brig. Gen. Christopher Ddamulira’s Crime Intelligence Directorate.

    Sources held that detectives tried to talk to Luggya but he was not ready to talk even though he showed that he understood whatever was going on. On Friday, they are going to test him again.

    On the other hand, members of the Endiga clan have started protesting the process their leaders and officials from Buganda Kingdom used to get Bbosa’s successor.

    On Wednesday, Omutaka Ssalongo Augustine Kizito Mutumba the head of Buganda Kingdom clan heads council (Olukiiko lwabajjajja abataka) announced that the council had appointed Edward Lwanga and Kato Lutwama both premiers of Kasimba and Nyonyi Nyange clans to guide Endiga concerned leaders during the process of choosing Bbosa’s successor.

    However this evening, information started circulating that the assigned committee has already chosen Eria Buzaabo Lwasi, the son to late Luggya Lwasi who is a celebrated journalist and teacher.

    Those protesting the process told theGrapevine that a clan head cannot be chosen without first choosing the ‘Ssemusota’ who is supposed to preside over the process of getting Bbosa’s successor.

    “We know the people behind Buzaabo, but we can confirm to Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga and his people that bringing his people will not help solve the ongoing fights in our clan,” one Endiga clan member said.

    By the time of Bbosa’s death, Buganda Kingdom cultural court (Kkooti ya Kisekwa) had declared that he was illegally occupying the office of Endiga clan and a one Tabula Bbosa was enthroned as the clan head.

    Bbosa challenged the Kkooti ya Kisekwa judgment before Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi who is the Supreme Court on cultural matters.

    Sources claim that Buzaabu is expected to be introduced to Mayiga who will introduce him to Kabaka Mutebi to confirm or reject him and if the program moves as planned Bbosa will be buried on Sunday this week.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    STANDOFF: We Want To Bury Him In 100 Bark Clothes Not Casket: Buganda Kingdom Bosses, Family Members Of Assassinated Clan Head Clash:  Security Issues Tough Directives To Doctors On Managing Assassin’s Life…



    The late Omutaka Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa the clan head of Endiga (Sheep) Clan

    On Tuesday morning, the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga met a section of the executive members of the Buganda Kingdom clan heads council (Olukiiko lw’abataka) who were led by Ssalongo Augustine Kizito Mutumba the speaker of the Council at Bulange Mengo the headquarters of Buganda Kingdom.

    The meeting was supposed to discuss special issues concerning the council especially the burial arrangements of Omutaka Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa the clan head of Endiga (Sheep) clan who was assassinated by gunmen near his home in Lungujja, Lubaga Division, a Kampala suburb.

    Israel Kazibwe Kitooke the Kingdom Information and Mobilization minister disclosed that the Kingdom plans to take over Bbosa’s burial arrangements and Owekitiibwa Anthony Wamala the Culture, Palace and Security minister in the Kingdom is working with the family of the deceased and the clan heads council to give the deceased a good send off.

    However, highly placed sources in the clan heads council revealed to theGrapevine that in the first meeting that planned the burial of the deceased, a sharp misunderstanding developed between the family and other committee members dominated by clan premiers (bakatikkiro b’ebika) who represented their clan heads.

    The disagreement arose when the widow Gladys Bbosa and the deceased’s son Bruce Bbosa insisted that the late should be buried as a Christian because he was a staunch born again.

    The family wanted the late to be buried in a suit and laid very well in a casket in a normal grave.

    However, some clan premiers protested the proposal insisting that all Buganda clan heads are supposed to be buried in Kiganda traditional style where the body is wrapped in over 100 back clothes, and the body thrown in a 15×15 feet grave and not in a casket.

    One of the committee members informed the representative of the family that when Minge Kasujja the clan head of Engeye clan died, the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte insisted that since he was a staunch Muslim, he should be buried like a Muslim instead of being humiliated as the clan premiers wanted.

    This clan premier further narrated that when Muzaata insisted, they told him that the matter is going to be referred to Kabaka Mutebi for a final decision. Prince Kassim Nakibinge Kakungulu the Titular head of Muslims had to intervene and Minge Kasujja was buried in Kiganda style.

    Bbosa’s widow was assured that her wish to be buried next to her husband will be respected even though he is going to be buried at the deceased’s ancestral home in Mpigi district where his father and mother are also buried.

    Bbosa is expected to be buried next week because the process of choosing his successor is still ongoing.

    They have to first appoint the clan royal chair (Ssemusota) who is going to preside over the processes of choosing his successor.

    After choosing Bbosa’s successor, he will be taken to Mayiga who will introduce him to Kabaka Mutebi to confirm or reject him.

    Once he confirms him, the deceased will be buried.

    By the time of his death, Buganda Kingdom cultural Court (kkooti ya kisekwa) had declared that Bbosa was illegally occupying the office of the head of Endiga clan.

    He however appealed the the judgment to the Supreme Court who is Kabaka Mutebi who was yet to delivered his judgment.

    In a related development, theGrapevine has learnt that Brig. Gen. Christopher Ddamulira Sserunjogi the Police Director for Crime Intelligence and Maj. Dr. Tom Magambo the Director for Criminal Investigation Department (CID) are supervising proceedings at Mulago hospital where Derrick Noah Luggya one of the suspected assassins is getting treatment after being thumped to near death by an angry mob.

    Commandos and detectives have been deployed at Mulago hospital to make sure that nothing happens to Luggya and they are changed every six hours.

    This website has been told that the patient is responding positively to medication.

    Luggya was accused of being the one who pulled the trigger that ended Bbosa’s life and his comrade Emmanuel Sserukuma who was riding the motorcycle was killed by the mob at Bulange in Lubaga Division.

    Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that very soon, detectives working on Bbosa’s file are going to take Luggya’s statement.

    Buganda Premier Mayiga asked security to make sure that Luggya gives them all the necessary information which will help bring all suspects to book.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    STINKING CORRUPTION AT CITY HALL: Top KCCA Directors In Trouble Over Shs900m Camera Deal As Two Accountants Are Dismissed…



    Kampala minister Hajjat Minsa Kabanda

    Exclusively speaking to theGrapevine, Hajjat Minsa Kabanda the senior minister for Kampala and Metropolitan confirmed that investigations into the mismanagement of the Shs900m released by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to procure body cameras for the authority’s field officers and enforcement personals is ongoing.

    Hajjat Minsa reported that the decision to buy body cams resulted from the frequent complaints from different sections of the public who were accusing KCCA field officers and enforcement personnel of asking for bribe, engaging in corruption practices, torture, insulting and sexually harassing street vendors and other people who are operating in the city.

    Kabanda explained that every field officer and enforcement personnel was supposed to have a KCCA uniform with a name tag on the chest on their uniform and a body camera which was supposed to be placed on the chest or along the waist area which was supposed to be monitored from KCCA headquarters.

    She revealed that they were supposed to buy 128 cameras but only 60 were procured.

    Hajjat Minsa disclosed that even the few that were procured are unproductive.

    She re-counted that she recently got some complaints but when she summoned the department supervisors to provide evidence, they told the minister that they don’t have footage because the cameras didn’t capture the situation at hand.

    The minister said that she was later told that the supervisors when issuing body cameras to field officers and enforcement personnel advised them to make sure that they don’t get closer to places where there is commotion while others remained at city hall with their cameras instead of going to the field.

    Other sources at City Hall told theGrapevine that Beti Namisango Kamya the Inspector General of Government (IGG) has picked interest into the matter and top officials have recorded statements.

    theGrapevine has further established that Kenneth Ruhwejju who is the head security and enforcement and Grace Akullo the KCCA Director in charge of Human Resource are in trouble after the IGG received complaints that staff in their Directorate and departments are extorting money from people who want to join the enforcement department.

    Sources claim that those who want to join KCCA are asked to pay between Shs300,000 to Shs500,000 yet they are not even sure whether they will get the jobs they have paid for.

    Sources further revealed that KCCA Accountant Ivan Kirya and Godfrey Kateregga were dismissed from the authority on allegation of pocketing bribes from contractors who wanted to be given road construction projects especially those funded by the African Development Bank.

    The duo was fired after they failed to secure the contracts they promised to the contractors.

    The IGG is also investigating a group of people at City Hall who have formed a fraudulent SACCO for KCCA staff.

    These fraudulent individuals told KCCA staff to save money to enable them get loans to facilitate their personal development projects.

    However, when it time came for the savers to ask for their money, they started playing games including telling them that they lost millions of shillings.

    Lubaga Division woman councilor Faridah Nakabugo has told theGrapevine that the KCCA contracts committee is the most corrupt.

    theGrapevine has also established that there are KCCA bosses who formed bodaboda and taxi stages without the knowledge of KCCA and they are collecting millions every day.

    This matter was also brought before the IGG.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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