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KAWEESI MURDER INVESTIGATION: New Details, Mission To Kill Him Was Coordinated On Conference Calls, 9 Satellite Phones Used



The hunt for the assailants who Gunned down former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi by security agencies has taken a new twist.

Detectives have discovered that besides using heavy guns and ammunition to put Kaweesi out of action, the whole mission was coordinated using nine satellite phones.

According to a source privy to the details of the investigations, Kaweesi’s killers coordinated the plot with all their phones on conference Call.


Sources have told this website that Kaweesi’s assassination mission was commanded by two big people in security. One of the assailant’s bosses is reported to have been in Wandegeya by the time of the assassination while the other was in Naguru.

Detectives have traced that eight assailants with  Statellite phones were in Kulambiro that day, one in Wandegeya while the other in Naguru.


Detectives have also discovered that the satellite phones reportedly used to coordinate the assassination of Kaweesi weren’t switched off at that time until 7pm in the evening.

According to the source, the signals of the said phones indicated that their holders were within Kulambiro, even after security agencies had gathered at the crime scene while others including the late’s personal phone acted as a diversion with tracking signals indicating their movement from the crime scene, Mpererwe, Wandegeya and Naguru.


The source told this website that when the assailants switched off the phones on the eve of Kaweesi’s assasination Day , they were re-activated on November 17, 2017, 8 months past the assassination date. They  spent a few hours on and later they were switched off again.

We have also learnt that the assailants again switched on the phones on 30 November 2017, spent 30 minutes active and later switched off again.

It is said that the activation of the phones for the second time happened after several suspects were arrested and moved to Nalufenya detention centre, currently Nlufenya police station after reports started emerging that the assassination of Kaweesi might have been an inside job.

The assailants switched them off completely and it is said that they might have dismantled them for good.


Police mouthpiece Andrew Felix Kaweesi was assassinated with his bodyguard Cpl Kenneth Erawu and driver Mambewa on 17 March 2017 in Kulambiro a few Meters from his home.


Why would the car lights be on yet it was morning more over on a brighter day and not over taking? Was this a signal by the driver to the assailants that Kawesi was inside the car.

Why didn’t the driver speed off after the first bullet yet he was experienced enough in driving police vehicles? Was he involved in the mission? What task did he have to do as part of the plan and who hired him?


During Kale Kayihura’s tenure as the Inspector General of Police, many suspects were arrested, tortured and detained in former Nalufenya detention centre. They were later set free. Since then, security agencies are scratching heads day and night to expose Kaweesi’s real killers and connect the dots between his murder and other similar high profile murders like that of Kagezi and the Muslim Sheikhs.


By Adadi Kanyike



Police Investigating Mbale High Court Judge For Knocking Dead Traffic Officer In Seeta….



Innocent Ayesigye (inset) and the Toyota Rav4 car that knocked him dead

Multiple Credible sources at the Uganda police department of criminal investigation have told this website that Mbale Resident Judge Jesse Byaruhanga is being investigated for knocking dead Innocent Ayesigye, a police traffic officer at Seeta Mukono and taking off.

Yesterday, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango told the Grapevine that they have arrested a one Police constable Alex Oduku and Aminsi Zimba to help in the investigation.

However, sources have told this website that Oduku is the bodyguard to Mbale resident Judge Byaruhanga and that he was in the vehicle registration number UAS 597U Toyota Rav4 and he was seen on the CCTV cameras and footage captured by an eye witness on the day of the accident.

Source further revealed that when police arrested Zimba, who is a personal driver to Byaruhanga, he told investigators that he was not the one who was driving the said car.

Byaruhanga has not yet been arrested but sources have intimated to us that he was seen at the police headquarters in Naguru on Wednesday and he talked some top police administrator to see how they can settle the matter without facing legal actions.

Detectives who are handling the matter said that UAS 597U is registered in the names of Charity Kamugisha, a staff of world vision Uganda.

Innocent Ayesigye a traffic police officer attached to Seeta Police station was on Sunday evening knocked down by a Toyota RaV4 registration number UAS 597U. The police officer was riding a motorcycle at Namanve along the Kampala-Jinja highway.

Efforts to speak to Byaruhanga were futile since his known phone numbers were off.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Kagame Operatives Accused Of Kidnapping Ugandan Farmer….



Police in Kigezi is investigating the circumstances under which a Ugandan Farmer has been kidnapped.

Elly Maate, the Kigezi Regional police spokesperson says that they are investigating how Obed Nicholas Tugumikirize, a resident of Kitojo village Katuna town council at the Uganda- Rwanda boarder disappeared.

He said that Tugumikirize was kidnapped on Monday this week from his garden where he was with his wife and children by unknown people.

Other security sources have told the Grapevine that Tugumikirize was kidnapped by Rwanda security operatives.

This is not the first time Rwanda security operatives are picking Ugandan from their gardens and forcefully taking them to Rwanda and charging them with different offences.

Security operatives in Uganda claim that many Ugandans are picked by Rwanda security suspecting them of spying on them because most of them cross to Rwanda to sell their food stuff.

Uganda-Rwanda boarder was closed in 2019 after Rwanda accused Uganda of supporting rebel groups to overthrow President Paul Kagame’s government. Diplomatic talks stalled after the outbreak of COVID19 pandemic in Africa.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Chief Justice Katureebe Issues New Guidelines To Judicial Officers On How To Run Court During COVID19….



The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe, the head of the judiciary has issued new guidelines to all judicial officers around the country on how to run courts during the COVID19 pandemic.

Katureebe issued the guidelines through article 133 of the constitution which gives him powers to guide on how court should be run. In the new guidelines, each judicial officer shall handle not less than five cases a day on the cause list.

All judicial officers and non-judicial officers including advocates should put on masks. Below is Chief Justice’s communication.


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