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Kayunga Vet Officer Wants Untouchable NRM Boss Karangwa Jailed For Spreading Cow Disease…



Moses Karangwa

Kayunga District Veterinary Officer (DVO) Dr. Ronald Kanakulya has accused area NRM chairman Moses Karangwa of being more dangerous than the Coronavirus itself because of intentionally moving cattle from one place to another and in the process potentially facilitating the spread of the foot & mouth disease.

In a three page dossier dated September 8th 2020 to the police bosses, Dr. Kanakulya asked the Kayunga DPC to ensure that enough policemen are deployed to stop Karangwa from violating the cattle movement quarantine restrictions that were put in place by the Minister of Agriculture demanding that no cattle should move from one place to another within Kayunga district.

Karangwa is one of the powerful NRM officials in Kayunga and is known to own a lot of cattle and land. The DVO says that under the protection of security guards from Star React Security Company, Karangwa’s cows have freely been moving from Kinnamawanga village in Kasokwe parish to other villages and in the process increasing the risk of the spread of F&M disease.

The DVO says that the LC bosses who are supposed to enforce the quarantine rules fear stopping Karangwa’s herdsmen because they think his armed security guards will beat them up or even shoot them dead.

The DVO says the cows belong to Karangwa because they each have the label INL which the area LC leaders say is a serial number used to identify Karangwa’s cattle in Kayunga.

The quarantine has been in force since 28th September 2019.

Dr. Kanakulya travelled to Bbale to investigate this risk after three orphans Mustapha Kiggwe, Yusuf Kiwala and Jennifer Nsubuga who have been fighting Karangwa in court over 540 acres of land in Misanga village filed a case at Kayunga police accusing the NRM tycoon of illegal cattle movement.

The case was filed as SD11/06/09/20. When summoned at police, Karangwa denied responsibility of any wrongdoing and said he had sold the cows to Richard Mushabe, a man considered too broke to buy anything from such a tycoon.

The DVO requests the RDC Kayunga to beef up the DPC to ensure Karangwa’s illegal cattle movement is blocked and stopped because there is high risk of increasing the spread of F&M disease in the area.

He adds that the same cattle movement is also illegal as it’s against the recent court ruling by Justice Margaret Mutonyi from the Mukono High Court where she stated that the land (block 38 plot 2) belongs to the three orphans meaning Karangwa has no right to take his cows there.

The three orphans have decided to report Karangwa back to court and they want him jailed for contempt of court. The land originally belonged to their father Yonadabu Bidandi Nsubuga who died in 1995 leaving two square miles of land and thousands of cattle.

Bidandi left his property in the hands of heir and oldest son Christopher Kikku Nsubuga who the three orphans say they lost trust in after he started working with Karangwa to sell off part of their father’s land to the Madhvani group for sugarcane growing.

The Madhvani group has since become the owner of 900 acres of land from this family after they bought it from Karangwa who at first rented the same from Kikku.

That matter is already in court of appeal where the three orphans want Karangwa’s Madhvani Group to be forced out because the land is theirs and not for Kikku who they say cannot be trusted anymore because he is compromised by Karangwa to betray them through using fake letters of administration and fake land titles.

The three orphans recently wrote to the Principal Judge and complained against Mukono Registrar Ssali Nalukwago who was eventually transferred to Supreme Court. They accused her of being biased in favor of Karangwa, Kikku and other tormentors who are eyeing their father’s land.


By Grapevine Reporter



Always Involve Police In Your Programmes – IGP Ochola Tells Religious Leaders, Apologises To Emeritus JB Kaggwa, The Catholic Church….



Bishop Kaggwa (L) with Kasingye (R)

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola has apologised to Rtd Emeritus John Baptist Kagwa after his men teargassed him and other traditional leaders while attending the Mbogo (Buffalo) clan meeting.

In a message delivered by the police Chief Political Commissar, AIGP Asan Kasingye, Ochola applauded  the Bishop for his resilient and steadfast leadership during the disruptive incident by the territorial Police.

“Today, I  led a delegation of senior officers on behalf of the Inspector General of Police, to purposely meet the Rtd Emeritus John Baptist Kagwa at his home in Masaka and delivered  apologies to him, his family and the catholic church fraternity, over the disruptions caused during the thanksgiving ceremony of the Mbogo clqan at the clan headquarters in Mugulu village, in Singo,” Kasingye said.

He added, “The IGP carried out a thorough review and evaluation of the incident, and acknowledges the operational lapse which led to the use of teargas that spread and impacted on the congregation and the public.

He extended further apologies in addition to the earlier ones made, regarding this regrettable incident.”

“He applauded the Bishop for his resilient and steadfast leadership during this disruptive incident by the territorial Police.  He further requested that all leaders (including religious leaders) should always involve the Police in programmes such as these for better coordination during this Covid19 pandemic in order to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 transmission among the entire public,” he said.


By Sandra Mukisa


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I HAVE GIVEN YOU 14-DAYS: Buchaman Gives All Ghetto Presidents Ultimatum To Surrender Army Uniforms To Security After Submitting His…



Buchaman and some of the military wear he handed over to police

Musician Mark Bugembe alias Buchaman has submitted a number of military attire that he has been possessing illegally.

The Self-proclaimed presidential advisor on ghetto affairs handed over the attire to the Kampala South Police Commander, James Ruhweza in Makindye, a Kampala suburb today in the company of his wife, kids and other ghetto members.

“I have been on a mission to collect all military attires from my ghetto people. I want to send my voice and appeal to all ghetto members throughout the country that we have only one army, called the UPDF,” Buchaman said.

Buchaman also issued a 14-day ultimatum to anyone with military and any security attires to follow the directive to hand over all the military attires or face the wrath of the law.

“Take all military attires you have any nearby police station. Even those calling themselves ghetto presidents, you need to heed to this directive,” he warned.

The Kampala Metropolitan South Police commander, James Ruhweza applauded Buchaman and his ghetto group for leading by example.

Recently, police spokesperson Fred Enanga warned that security forces will continue with operations on illegal use of armed forces uniforms.

He cautioned that the operations will be targeting illegal manufacture, supply and distribution and selling of the armed uniforms across the country including berets, pips, ranger boots and heavy jackets.

Last week, a combined team of security forces raided National Unity Platform offices in Kamwokya and other parts of the city where several people were arrested and other military attires confiscated.

Shortly after the raid on NUP offices, army spokesperson Brig. Flavia Byekwaso said that a joint operation is ongoing to recover military and police stores and other military/police patented designs from the public.


By Sandra Mukisa


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Kasangati Police Boss In Trouble For  Breaking  Businessman’s Leg Over Curfew Directive…



Bedridden Daniel Muweke and Andrew Angume (inset)

Kasangati Police Division boss in trouble for breaking a civilian’s leg.

Daniel Muweke (31), a businessman in Kasangati accuses Andrew Angume, the commandant of operations at Kasangati police for ordering his officers to beat him and break his leg.

“It was Saturday evening when Angume with his men stormed my working place and started beating me saying that I was violating curfew directives. During the beating, I fell down and Angume rode his police motorcycle on my legs and broke them,” Muweke stated.

He added that when he started screaming, Angume ordered his men to put him on handcuffs and they continued beating him until other people came to his rescue him.

He narrated that when people threatened to fight police, Angume ordered his men to remove handcuffs from his hands and they took off.

Muhammad Saaku father to Muweke

Muweke told us that on Monday morning, he was carried by his relatives to go and open a police file at Kasangati police Station but he was stopped by Angume.

“He gave me Shs200,000 and pleaded with me not to open a police file against him. I took the money but after I was advised to return the money to Angume, I gave it to our area chairperson to return it to him,” Muweke said.

He explained that what he wants is justice, not money. Efforts to speak to Angume were futile since he was not picking our calls.


By Robert Semirimo


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