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    KCCA FC Contracts Sarjan To Construct MTN – Omondi Stadium, Results Expected Within 2 Years…




    Kampala and Uganda’s traditional football giants, KCCA FC have a moved a step further to development as a football club by pushing for the construction of their Lugogo based home stadium.

    Following the bidding process for the construction of the MTN – Omondi Stadium, KCCA announced that Sarjan Construction was selected as the contractors for the scheduled construction works.

    “The site has been handed over to Sarjan Construction to commence works for the first phase of construction. These works are expected to last a period of 18 months,” KCCA revealed.

    KCCA can live up to the hype if they can compete favorably not only on the pitch but in other aspects as well, like accommodative infrastructure.

    In the recent continental clubs engagement for instance, KCCA had to host a crucial game away from home at Kitende based St. Mary’s Stadium, home to their local rivals Vipers SC.

    In the meantime, KCCA’s offices and all football activities will remain at MTN – Omondi Stadium during the first phase of construction.

    “In this fast-moving environment, we will issue more updates when appropriate,” an official statement from the management of KCCA FC reads in part.


    By Baron Kironde




    Zebra Was Killed By Security Personnel – M7 Recounts How Boxing Champion Mando Was Shot Dead, Says His Killers Will Pay Heavily…



    President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that it’s security personnel that killed former Bombers captain Zebra Ssenyange alias Mando.

    The boxing champion was shot dead yesterday morning.

    “When I heard of the unfortunate death of Isaac Ssenyange alias Mando Zebra, Uganda’s boxer and former captain of the Bombers. I telephoned his wife who narrated to me the events in detail,” Museveni disclosed.

    The president also disclosed that Zebra was an NRM supporter, and was mobilising for his political party so well. The president added that he was also training many youth in the ghetto and giving them hope in their search for meaningful life.

    “Indeed, Zebra was meant to come and see me when he was killed,” the president admitted.

    Museveni intimated that Zebra’s wife told him that people in police uniform came to pick Zebra but he jumped over the wall and could have met another group who shot him.

    “At first I thought they were thugs disguising in uniform, but as I continued investigations, I found out that Zebra was killed by security personnel,” Museveni disclosed.

    Museveni with regret said; “This is sad and devastating and I am very sorry about this. I will keep on this case and will bring every finding to the knowledge of his family and the murderers will be dealt with accordingly.”


    By Baron Kironde


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    Robert “Soldier boy” Mukasa Who Was Abducted On The Night Of Zebra Ssenyange’s Murder Has Also Been Found Dead…



    On Tuesday night, December 30, 2020, yet-to-be identified gunmen shot dead former national boxing team captain Zebra Ssenyange aka Mando in Bugalani zone in Bwaise III, Kawempe Division, Kampala.

    On their way to commit this gruesome murder, the assailants abducted Robert Mukasa alias Soldierboy from a night parking spot he was guarding in Bwaise to direct them to Ssenyange’s home.

    After killing Ssenyange, they drove off with Mukasa to an unknown location and he stayed missing for the bigger part of yesterday.

    Unfortunately, he has been found dead near Bombo Barracks in Luweero District. It is believed that the same assailants that killed his friend Ssenyange the night before killed him.

    Sources say that Mukasa has been living with Ssenyange and that he (Ssenyange) has been his boxing coach.

    Yesterday, Police said that they have started investigating Ssenyange’s murder in order to bring those who killed him to book, but by press time, they have not yet pronounced themselves about Mukasa’s murder.


    By Norman Isaac Mwambazi


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    SHOCKING: Zebra Mando’s Wife Narrates What Happened On The Night Her Husband Was Killed And How He Was Set To Meet President…



    Mando’s wife, Mercy Munkukunsi narrating what happened on the night her husband was killed

    This morning, Uganda woke up to the terrifying news of the gruesome murder of former national boxing team captain Isaac Zebra Ssenyange, popularly known among his peers as Mando.

    He was 39 at the time of his death, and he was in charge of general duties in the Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF).

    After getting this terrible news, we sent our reporters to the scene of crime and to Mando’s house to tell us what really happened.

    One of residents in Bwaise III, who declined to tell us his name told theGrapevine that, two cars of the drone type without number plates branched to a night parking spot in Bwaise, close to the deceased’s house at round 11:30pm.

    They found the parking spot security guard only identified as Soldier boy. They reportedly put him on gunpoint and forced him to direct them to Mando’s house, he was bundled into one of the cars and they drove him to Mando’s house.

    On reaching his house in Bugalani zone, the men never knocked on the door and made their way into the house before Mando’s wife, Mercy Munkukunsi could open for them.

    Mercy told us that inside the house, they put her on gunpoint together with their son identified as Ssenyange Junior, a S.5 student.

    “They were going to kill him, mistaking him for his father due to their striking resemblance,” she said.

    Mercy further told our reporters that she told them her husband was not home, by then, Mando had already escaped through the back door of the house.

    Unfortunately, the corridor he ran through had a dead end and he had to return to find another escape route, but while he was still trying to a way, he killers soon found him and shot him in the head several times until he died.

    “His head was literally destroyed by the bullets,” an eye witness narrated.

    Ssenyange Junior re-counted that, “I went to my bedroom because I was doing some work on my laptop, my dad was watching Museveni’s address where Kiwanda was the translator. Surprisingly, he heard some people breaking the glass windows, and he moved out to find out what was happening. The men were wearing black attires with masks on their faces.”

    He disclosed that upon realising that they were looking for him, his dad ran to the corridor but he was shot, when he went down, they asked him who he was and he told them that he was Zebra Ssenyange.

    Another resident who preferred to stay anonymous told our reporters that she heard lots of bullets being fired but before that, Mando had his hands raised in the air and sat down on the ground begging for mercy from the assailants, he even told them that he is a supporter of President Museveni hoping it would save him.

    All that fell on deaf ears.

    Zebra’s son Ssenyange Junior

    Other targets

    It is reported that two other people were targeted in this murder, but they were saved because they were not in their houses by the time the assailants went there. One is Mando’s young brother Twaibu Mayanja, who is also a boxer, another is boxing coach, Moses Katende.

    Mando’s last days

    When we talked to Councillor Lubega who declined to tell us his full name, he said that the deceased looked unsettled in the previous three days, particularly yesterday.

    Lubega said that yesterday, on his way home in the evening, Mando got out of his car and greeted almost everyone he knew on the road to his home, something he very rarely did.

    It was during this greeting that he jokingly asked him why he acted unusual, Mando told him that he was set to meet President Yoweri Museveni today Wednesday, December 30, 2020, to discuss matters only known to him.

    He said that the fallen boxer told him that he was set to be accompanied to the Fountain of Honour by three other gentlemen, one identified as Nakabaale John and the rest unidentified.

    Lubega also said that Mando was coordinating Emyooga funds for the youths in Bwaise, as well as training Special Forces Command (SFC) officers with boxing and self-defence tactics.

    Links to Bobi Wine

    It is reported that during the campaigns that led to the election of now NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulnyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine to the Kyadondo East parliamentary seat, Mando was part of Bobi Wine’s security detail. It is also reported that he came out publicly and showed his support for Kyagulanyi in the forthcoming 2021 general elections but at the time of his death, he had crossed to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

    Earlier today, Mercy, Mando’s wife, received a call from Museveni to convey his condolences.

    There is currently heavy deployment of military and police at the crime scene and other parts of Bwaise.

    Isaac Zebra’s body has been returned from Mulago National Referral Hospital to his home in Bwaise, and we have learnt that he will be laid to rest tomorrow at his ancestral burial grounds in Masuliita.


    By Juma Ali and Norman Mwambazi


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