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    Keep Purses In Between Your Feet Or Chest – Police Warns On Surging Rape And Robbery Cases In Taxis…



    Fred Enanga displaying one of the fake number plates used by criminals

    Police has warned the public, especially women, on surging cases of rape and robbery in taxis and advised them to keep their money purses between their feet and chest.

    The warning was sounded by Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga who disclosed that they have received complaints where criminals conspire with rogue taxi drivers and conductors to rob innocent passengers who board taxis of their valuables like cash, mobile phones, jewelry and ATM cards.

    Enanga revealed that the taxi gangs have been identified along sections that feed into the Kampala Northern bypass, from Busega to Namboole.

    He noted, “Unsuspecting passengers board the taxis, after seeing other occupants in the taxi yet these are criminals disguised as passengers.

    “The victims are attacked as the taxi starts moving and forced to surrender their cash, mobile phones, ATM cards, reveal their pin code numbers and other valuables.”

    He added that the danger with this criminal behaviour is that after robbing the victim, they push, throw or bundle them out of the moving taxi, onto the tarmac or side of the road.

    Enanga divulged that the joint task teams from Kampala Metropolitan Police, are already gathering intelligence and good clues about these criminals, taxi gangs, that are hiring female accomplices to disguise as passengers and also using fake number plates that they remove after every mission.

    Police has further given the public safety tips to follow as they travel using taxis.

    Enanga contended, “Always check the number plates if they are well fixed and appear genuine. Ensure you board your taxis from a gazetted stage.

    “Also observe if the driver has a genuine badge, which is well displayed with names and stage.

    “Avoid seating in the back seat. At least get a seat where you are visible near the door or window. For instance, sitting in the middle puts you in danger, since you can not cry for help.

    “Keep expensive items hidden in your bag, especially smartphones. Then keep your purse close to you, preferably between your feet or chest.

    “Never take a taxi alone, since it may be hard to defend yourself from the taxi gang already inside the taxi. At least board from a gazetted stage with other passengers.

    “Always have emergency numbers to call especially if the taxi is heading in the wrong direction. Be courageous and make an alarm calling for help at the window.”

    He added that all their Territorial Commanders continue to engage with stakeholders in the taxi industry to address the concern.

    “Many taxi drivers are helpful and are sources of information about current events, best restaurants, safe and unsafe neighbourhoods, entertainment places or destinations. The reason why we are concerned when their sector is infiltrated by criminals.”


    Police has also warned passengers about drivers of taxis and bodas who use fake number plates, which are fixed on the empty plate, to enable them carry out robberies and go undetected.

    Police added that after these criminals have committed the crime or robbery, they remove the fake number plates and dispose them off.

    “It therefore becomes difficult to trace for the wanted car with fake number plates under the Automated Number Plate Recognition System,” Enanga maintained.

    “Our task teams and traffic officers, are now required to routinely check registration plates to confirm if they are genuine. Cloned plates are used by criminals to disguise their identity, hide the fact that it is stolen or avoid paying fines generated by camera systems.”


    By Kalamira Hope



    UPDF Kills 22 ADF Rebels



    Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) have killed 22 Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels after a confrontation in the South West direction of Lusulube.

    According to a statement issued by the army spokesperson Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye, the confrontation happened on Saturday March 25.

    “The UPDF Operation Force of two Mountain Battalion came into contact with the ADF terrorists in the South West Direction of Lusulube. During contact, 22 ADF terrorists were killed,”he said.

    During the confrontation, one UPDF soldier RA/234770 Yasir Yasin also lost his life.

    UPDF  recovered several items from the rebels including; four SMGs, 313 SMG rounds, 189PK rounds, five empty magazines, five Walkie Talkie Radios with their charger pots, eight solar panels and five solar batteries, 11 pieces of Quran, nine phones, two UPDF and eight FARDC uniform shirts, three FARDC backpacks and two ponchos.

    UPDF has been on the hunt for ADF rebels since 2021 when they made an attack in Kampala. UPDF says over 400 rebels have been killed since the inception of the operation.


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    Anti-Homosexuality Bill Is Stupid – Andrew Mwenda



    Veteran Journalist cum political analyst Andrew Mwenda has described the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 as stupid and redundant and vowed to petition court if the Bill is signed into law.

    Mwenda, while appearing on NTV on the spot, said the Anti-Homosexuality Bill seeks to regulate morality, but doubts if it is possible for the state to regulate morality.

    “The Anti-Homosexuality Bill is not only redundant but also, in many ways, stupid. Firstly, it is a bill that seeks to regulate morality. I wonder if it is possible for the state to regulate morality,” he said.

    Mwenda argues that homosexuality is done in private and law enforcers cannot visit each and everyone’s bedroom to see who is practicing homosexuality.

    Mwenda says if the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is signed into law, he will petition court again. Mwenda was one of the lead petitioners in a case that saw court nullify the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in 2014.

    The Bill was nullified on grounds that there was no parliamentary quorum at the time of passing the Bill. However, the Bill was brought back into Parliament by MP Asuman Basalirwa.

    The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 was passed by about 73% of the legislators, a number beyond the the required quorum.

    Some human rights activists have come out to castigated the Bill saying it denys homosexuals their rights.

    The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 awaits president Museveni’s signature to be passed into law. The Bill criminalises homosexuality and whoever is convicted risks being jailed for at least 20 years.


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    American Couple Accused Of Child Torture Granted Bail



    American nationals Mackeinze Leing Spencer and husband Nicholas Spencer who are accused of torturing their 10-year-old foster son have been granted a cash bail of shs100 million by Kampala High Court.

    The duo was arraigned before Kampala High Court Justice Isaac Muwata who granted each of them a Shs50 million cash bail on grounds that the duo needed better medication which they cannot get at Luzira prison. Justice Muwata also ordered their four sureties to pay Shs50 million (non-cash).

    Justice Muwata also requested the couple to handover their passports to court and barred them from traveling without court’s consent. The couple will report at the Deputy Registrar High Court International Crimes Division once in a month.

    The two American nationals had through their lawyer David Mpanga asked court to grant them bail so they seek better treatment to their ailing health conditions.

    Spencer and his wife are faced with four offences of aggravated torture, unlawful stay in Uganda, employment without a work permit, and trafficking in persons. If convicted, the couple is likely to face a death penalty.


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